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  1. Looks like a fair cheap option for spot tinting. But that does not compare to the quality of the jet-shades option.
  2. I don't know if it has made it to this forum yet but there is a new window tint option. It is from a company called Jet-Shades. I have it on my airplane and love it here is a link to a blog I made with some pictures and a discount code I talked them into. And no I do not have any financial interests Of course the discount code doesn't apply to those that bashed me for my video!
  3. I assume you don’t watch movies either. Or tv shows or read a book. It’s called a tease. Just like all stories, you build up suspense. Otherwise all movies and tv would be 5 minutes at best By all means my videos videos aren’t for everyone. But complaining about something you haven’t seen nor are forced to watch doesn’t do anyone, including this forum, any good. Life is way to short to be so angry and bitter.
  4. That's fine. But you have to admit most people turn off after touchdown. I know I often do.
  5. This is a great example of what was mentioned above. Many people want new and fresh videos, then I insert humor and some people complain that it is not my usual tone. As a yo tuber, it is impossible to make and keep everyone happy. Im wrong for not keeping it fresh then I'm wrong for inserting something new/different. But I do appreciate your feedback.
  6. The idea was to create suspense to make the punchline funnier. Lets be honest, If I didn't title it the way I did, even most of my loyal subscribers would have stopped watching before the very end. After all, how would they have even known what to wait for?
  7. It's hard to keep them fresh and to be honest it seems that most people actually want to see the same thing over and over again. For example, when I have posted videos with warbirds, other airplanes or even with other youtubers, those videos seem to receive less interests. With that being said I still try to mix it up. Anyways, thanks for watching!
  8. Thank you Russ! Hope to see you at OSH
  9. I assumed that you would appreciate the humor of what happened. Most of us has been flying long enough to know that ATC would not say "You're in big Trouble" rather they would just say call the tower. So that should have been a clear indication that there was some humor coming. I could have titled it "Mom called the tower" but then I would have given away the punch line in the title. Kinda pointless. Anyways, I joined this forum when I owned my Mooney. At BeechTalk we welcome ALL aircraft owners. If no longer owning a Mooney keeps me or my videos from being welcome on this forum I will gladly unsubscribe without any hard feelings. But I would be surprised as that kinda goes against the "Aviation is a family" mentality".
  10. Did you appreciate the humor? I was hoping most people would find it funny. After all its not everyday Tower announces they received a call from their Mother!! LOL
  11. I keep coming here because I love and miss my Mooney. The only single piston I would ever own.
  12. Wow That's a big assumption. I have never click baited, but thanks for making an opinion about something you haven't even watched!
  13. I swear that's what I did too. Wonder if it's my web browser.
  14. I was referring to what I was doing wrong that didn’t allow my post to show the preview.