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  1. Here are two pictures of the down lock block which I replaced this annual. There is a lip half way down the hole which kept catching the gear lock mechanism. It’s so nice to have it replaced and knowing that the gear will go into locked position every time without having to jiggle it into place. Thanks again to everyone who participated in this effort!
  2. Jim, I just picked up my plane from it’s annual and the new owner produced block works perfectly. Sorry to hear that you’re having problems with yours.
  3. Are there other non electrical parts needed to complete the conversion? Do you have a ballpark estimate for how many hours it would take to complete the conversion? Sorry for all the questions, just interested in how much the whole process would cost if I were to move forward with it. Thank you!
  4. Would it work on the E model or only the F?
  5. Thank you very much. Excellent job! Can’t wait to receive it.
  6. @Jkeene02 and @Indy I’m interested in upgrading my E to a J. Maybe there is an opportunity for all three of us to get what we want. I have a 65 E with about 300hr on the engine, 3300 total time, a few speed mods, older radios with no ADSB or GPS but an STEC 30 with altitude hold. I’d be selling in the $50,000 range. Please let me know if you guys are interested. Thank you!
  7. Sorry misread as an encouragement to message A & S. I’ll wait for their response here as I’m sure others who just see the thread might be interested in their answer.
  8. Looks like I’m late to the party. When the gf page is back up, is it too late to contribute to the drawings and to order a down lock block? Thank you!
  9. I saw that LASAR no longer had them in stock. Are there any other options? I’d like to get mine replaced.
  10. I’m pretty interested in upgrading from my E to a J. This one has everything I’m looking for minus the WAAS. If there is anyone here interested in a good E, I may venture out to the airport, take pictures and post. I understand that there may be too many moving pieces to make it happen though.
  11. Is this J still for sale?
  12. Thank you Ryan! Im going to give the guys at Bandon Aviation a try. They have a great reputation, know Mooneys and very reasonable. I’ll report back with a pirep after the annual.
  13. Happy Super Sunday. My usual A&P is no longer available. Other than Lasar, Troutdale and Tom Kopczynski, do we have other good options for annuals in the greater Oregon area?