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  1. I saw that LASAR no longer had them in stock. Are there any other options? I’d like to get mine replaced.
  2. I’m pretty interested in upgrading from my E to a J. This one has everything I’m looking for minus the WAAS. If there is anyone here interested in a good E, I may venture out to the airport, take pictures and post. I understand that there may be too many moving pieces to make it happen though.
  3. Is this J still for sale?
  4. Thank you Ryan! Im going to give the guys at Bandon Aviation a try. They have a great reputation, know Mooneys and very reasonable. I’ll report back with a pirep after the annual.
  5. Happy Super Sunday. My usual A&P is no longer available. Other than Lasar, Troutdale and Tom Kopczynski, do we have other good options for annuals in the greater Oregon area?
  6. Is it still for sale? I'm in Oregon as well and interested.
  7. Hi Simpson, Have you found your 15 owners yet? I'm interested. Thank you!
  8. Hi Alan, Pardon my ignorance, but is it possible to add gpss and couple the gns480 to an stec-30, and how much would the installation of such a set up typically cost? I already have the stec 30 wit altitude hold already installed. Thank you!
  9. I'm down in EUG. Do you use Corvallis Aero for annuals etc?
  10. Here's a video of N79399 flying to her new home... IMG_4442.MOV.mov
  11. Hi Geoffb, Yes, that's the one. Are you familiar with it? Piotrek
  12. I'm finally picking up the keys to my "new" '65 M20E tomorrow . I'll post pictures as soon as possible. N79399, 3700 TT, 75 SMOH, with a newer instrument panel, older radios, including KNS80 and STEC30. Does anybody know or can recommend a good Mooney instructor in Oregon?