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  1. Problem was the vacuum pump. It was weird that we were getting high vacuum indicators but we took off the pump and the shaft was sheared. When the battery was on and no engine, it indicated low vacuum so I don't think the switches were reversed.
  2. The AI is the only thing that is vacuum driven. The DG/HSI is electric.
  3. I confirmed with the POH and a steady light indicates a high value. My hangar neighbor (A&P) thought it might be the regulator as well, so we will adjust that and see what happens. Not sure why that would cause the AI to completely fail, though, so it may be a bad vacuum pump.
  4. Anybody know what would cause high suction from a vacuum pump? I have a 78J and was flying with my instructor on an instrument flight when we noticed the VAC light indicator on the annunciator panel. A minute later my attitude indicator went dead. The light indication was a steady on so I believe that indicates high suction. I would assume a low suction would indicate a possible vacuum pump failure (or leak), but what would high suction be caused by? Perhaps a blockage somewhere? The filters were replaced at last annual 6 months ago. Thanks for any help.
  5. First time buyer and I have been looking at an airplane that is missing the first set of logs but has all of the rest. '80-'94 are gone but the rest are in good order and all ADs complied with. The current owner says the maintenance shop lost the first logbook and I checked the 337 forms and did not see anything that would indicate any damage history. I am a believer that if 337 forms were not submitted then it probably wouldn't be in the logbooks anyway. The seller seems to be asking a fair price given the missing logbooks, but I just wanted some feedback on how significant older logbooks were and if there would be any hesitation putting money into upgrades on a plane with missing logs. Also, I will definitely get a pre-buy inspection should I proceed. Thanks for any feedback.
  6. Hi Jeff, I am looking at OSU or any of the nearby airports that I could find hangar space in. I haven't checked Bolton, but Marysville and Delaware have told me they are full.
  7. Looking to buy a Mooney (preferably a J) in the Columbus OH area and would like at least one partner. If interested reply or email dave50b@gmail.com.