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  1. LarryAZ


    1969 M-20C
  2. Lowen's Mooney Salvage and Lasar both have them, or can get them. Thanks. Found a nice one and will be putting it back on during the annual next month. -Larry
  3. Does anyone have a fixed step they would part with? (No pun intended). Sometime in the distant past the step was removed from my '69 'C. Tough for my 5'1" tall wife to get up on the wing, and I'm not getting any younger, either. Part number is 840071-000. -Larry M-20C, Benson, AZ
  4. Found a set to borrow locally. Thanks everyone.
  5. Doc, any idea if anyone has them for loan or rent? Some type clubs have tool lending closets (Shorting Wing Piper Club for example). -Larry
  6. Does anyone out there know where one can rent/borough some gear swing tools for C-model, electric gear? ('69 M-20C). In my first annual, and we think the up limit tab has moved a little (<1/16"). The issue is that when the gear come up, I feel a little push in my right butt cheek that seems to indicate that the gear is over rotating just a hair when it comes up. Everything is opened up, and it is not on jacks yet to see the gear swing, gut there are marks on the tube where the tab that hits the limit switch that might indicate that it is not in the right place, or has moved a bit. There are no cracks, rub marks to indicate a problem otherwise.
  7. LarryAZ

    Does it Bother Anybody Else?

    As long as there is a judge involved and a warrant, no issues with FBI aircraft. TSA is another matter. They are simply expensive (in)security theater.