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  1. This may or may not help. Good luck with everything... Mike
  2. The vacuum was checked off of the back of the KI256. I agree increasing the vacuum is probably masking an issue in the KI256 - I have had the plane for almost 22 years and have never worked on the KI256. It is old and probably needs an overhaul. I hope to be able to hold out until an option is available to replace it - like a Garmin G5 driving the KFC200 system - hope that happens... Mike
  3. No panel mounted gauge, just the annunciator lights (HIGH / LOW VAC). Would be a nice additional though... Mike
  4. All, An FYI I wanted to pass along related to the KFC200 A/P in my M20J. After having the engine overhauled (and new vacuum pump installed), I have been experiencing intermittent issues with the pitch control in altitude hold mode. At times, a bank left or right would cause pitch deviations (some quite severe) - and even in level flight, these oscillations could start. The vacuum annunciator lights were never on and the AI showed up and erect quickly with the proper attitude displayed. Decided to check the vacuum last week during a Tachometer installation and had a vacuum gauge hook
  5. Just installed a new Tachometer - the old Tachometer was the issue! Mike
  6. We will be looking at this issue tomorrow. Will let you know what we find. Thanks again all... Regards, Mike
  7. I was able to take a picture of the back of the tachometer - All I can see is the connector going into the back of the case, nothing else. Any other thoughts or ideas? Thanks... Mike
  8. Hello Dave, I am not sure of the manufacturer, but it is the OEM equipment from 1984. I'll see if I can locate the manufacturer on the back of the unit - and also if there is an adjustment pot on the back (which would be great!!!). Thanks much...
  9. Hello All, I recently had the engine, propeller and propeller governor overhauled in my 1984 M20J. Prior to this work, my tachometer (driven by the breaker points in the magneto?) was very close to actual engine RPM. The maximum RPM indicated on the tachometer on the first flights indicated ~2450 RPM's. Today we used 2 different handheld tachometers and both read 2700 RPM - exactly where it needs to be. So the propeller / governor combination seem to be working correctly. Now the question is why is the current tachometer reading off by ~ 250 RPM's, when prior to overhaul / repla
  10. Hello All... PRICE REDUCED T0 $ 1,095.00 USD. Selling my King-KI-525A-066-3046-01-SN-22388-W-MOD-2-Bootstrap HSI PNI. Recently upgraded the panel in my 1984 Mooney M20J. The Bendix King KCS55A Compass System was removed to facilitate the installation of new avionics / equipment. The complete Bendix King KCS55A Compass System was in working condition with no issues when removed from my aircraft. This auction is for the Bendix King KI525A (as shown in the attached photos). The display (face) of this instrument is in excellent condition. Model#: 066-3046-01 Serial#: 22388 Has the "Boo
  11. And check out the AM / FM radio...I actually used that when I first purchased the airplane...high tech back then.
  12. Yes, the "OLD" was super nice as well. It was certainly a top-of-the line panel when it left the factory. Both panels have been great to fly!
  13. Avionics Upgrade...
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