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  1. Previous owner installed 3 blade for Ground Clearance (makes a difference) and climb performance. However the added weight did shift the CG forward to the point that I carry 70 LBS of ballast to keep it in the envelope. Battery is still forward.
  2. I called airpath compass and ordered a new compass, about $200. Leaked solved, Swung compass with IA, problem gone away.
  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but the reg actually says: 91.171 VOR equipment check for IFR operations. (a) No person may operate a civil aircraft under IFR using the VOR system of radio navigation unless the VOR equipment of that aircraft - (1) Is maintained, checked, and inspected under an approved procedure; or (2) Has been operationally checked within the preceding 30 days, and was found to be within the limits of the permissible indicated bearing error set forth in paragraph (b) or (c) of this section. Not using the VOR/flying Airways no check required. If you need to fly VOR approaches/Airways, then do the check. If any part of the approach requires a VOR then do the checks. Mike
  4. "I feel the need, the need for speed" or fly a c172.
  5. All the simulators at KHYI are gone. The building is closed and will reopen as part of Berry AviationCorp. Berry FBO will remain at the west end of the airport. Blackhound Aviation Flight School is still using the building as a place of operations. Sad
  6. luv737s


    Fantastic WX and flying at KHYI this weekend. Thanks Bucko and all the mooney formation safety pilots.
  7. Put them in my 62 C and they are very nice. Works with my overhead dimmer.
  8. Does you Mooney have an AS indicator. Yellow band, green band , red tick for Vne that would be a start. Gear speed Vlo , Vx and Vy are not marked but in the POH verbage. The one speed you should know is Va. Good speed to be at in a mooney in turbulence with our wing loading; it might even be placarded.