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  1. Identify this Mooney?

  2. Like we all said..Push it up,pull it up, clean it up! This horse is dead!!!
  3. I agree with Pinerunner. We seldom do missed approaches/go arounds except for practice so it is not a well memorized procedure, however, It is definitely not an EMERGENCY just were not in a position to land so you are going for another option (hold,divert..etc) don't panic. 1. Establish positive rate of climb and keep power under control (I don't even use full power in the 737). Raise the gear when safe and YOU are ready; the plane flies fine with the gear down! That's the way I teach my instrument students from the start and by the way, my m20c with the gear down/prop full RPM is just a fast Warrior...why switch planes. 2. I seldom use flaps only gear on an ILS approach me an ILS runway that is a short field! On a non precision approach you are normally down to minimums (or should be) by VDP and you have plenty of time for flaps if required. Frankly I land/practice the C no flap a lot and IF flown on speed see very little difference in landing roll, can't speak for newer models. By the third ride my students understand what a stabilized, on speed approach is and landing is not an issue. 3. Just remember, there are techniques and there are procedures. I use techniques to make the procedures work..but not all techniques work, so find your own. My 2c worth
  4. My last student did his Commercial in my 62 C and the only comment from the DPE was raising the gear a bit to early. Student than held the nose high to gain altitude and keep the speed down to 90MPH..DPE didn't like that either. Student than challenged the DPE to try with nose low, runway no longer available and 100MPH..guess what..DPE couldn't raise the gear. DPE (never flew a Johnson Bar Before) told my student to keep doing it the way that works!!! Also, if you only have brakes on one side (like mine) make sure DPE is comfortable with that. BTW I used about 100 mph glide gear up and 110 gear down. There is also a link on the site to a POH that includes 62 models. You are also not required to raise the gear after every takeoff, you only need to demonstrate it once on the check ride!!
  5. Slowing Her Down...

    I do like in the military, if I am tooo fast before entering the pattern I execute a 360 degree turn (ask tower if required). If you keep the nose level and power back you will take the speed off. Try it at altitude and see how much you loose. I think using the flaps like a speed brake is a bad idea especially at high speeds. JMTSW
  6. More Mooney Crap for sale

    still have the cluster Gage, ill take it if you do.
  7. Fuel Gage

    Thanks will look
  8. Fuel Gage

    Left fuel gage shows full all the time when i know the tank is not full. I can tap on gage and it shows correct quantity but goes back to full. Because it shows the correct amount when I tap on it I suspect the sending unit is okay only the gage is faulty. Ideas? I stick my tanks every time I fly, so i know the exact quantity. Irritating to me though. Right tank shows normal. Gage repair?
  9. Shoulder Harness Upgrade

    Best thing I did was change the belts to retractable harness. Did everything myself per FARs but one shoulder harness was tricky. My AI charged me $50 to finish install and sign off entire installation. After 3 years I can tell you it was worth every penny. MD
  10. Basic Annual Costs

    Go to the Dugosh website and they give a pretty good breakdown for Mooney annuals. MD
  11. Another Radio Call Question

    How referring to aim chapter 14 page 4?
  12. ADS-B Resource Thread

    This only proves the technology is available or could be developed at a significantly lower cost than what is currently offered. It may not have all the bells and whistles but all I need is ADS-B out to fulfill FAA mandate. $1900-$3000+install fee is ridiculous. My Stratus does the rest for me.
  13. ADS-B Resource Thread

    How about this innovative solution from the same country. SkyEcho ATT-20B Portable ADS-B In/Out Transceiver CAP-1391 Approved Only $750 not yet approved in the US..but somebody needs to wake up...FAA are you listening
  14. Need advice on this plane

    Resurrected my bird after it sat for about 5 years with occasional engine starts and run ups!!. $8,000 to get it flying only because I had it bore scoped and we found no corrosion in the engine. One cylinder was weak and replaced after 2 more years of flying and vacuum pump failed because it was not used for so long and it needs lubrication. Luckily the original partner ponied up for some expenses, but just about everything else could have been avoided IF the plane was flown regularly according to my A&P. I was lucky and my red rocket is flying great NOW. Even a used 430W and apperro ads-b transponder out set up will be about $12K minimum. I would use the non flying status as a major bargaining chip. Just my humble opinion based on my hanger queen find.