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  1. luv737s


    Fantastic WX and flying at KHYI this weekend. Thanks Bucko and all the mooney formation safety pilots.
  2. Put them in my 62 C and they are very nice. Works with my overhead dimmer.
  3. Does you Mooney have an AS indicator. Yellow band, green band , red tick for Vne that would be a start. Gear speed Vlo , Vx and Vy are not marked but in the POH verbage. The one speed you should know is Va. Good speed to be at in a mooney in turbulence with our wing loading; it might even be placarded.
  4. I keep 60 LBS of Ballast in back because my C is past forward CG limit when I am SOLO. All the new toys up front push the CG forward on many Mooney's. Recheck your W&B.
  5. Aero Comfort in San Antonio has constructed a few Glare shields. I got one for my C there 2 years ago . They had a template and even the snaps were in the right place. I don't know what other models they have done but you might give them a call.
  6. Don't think you need an IA to sign off a light bulb replacement, just make a log book entry.
  7. Every mooney is slightly different including mine. Weight is a big factor. I suggest you do what I do with my students. Go up and fly a practice pattern at altitude, write down all speeds/MPs that work (great to bring a friend.) Fly the simulated pattern, fully configured on final and landing into the stall and note settings, than practice your go arounds. If you fly instruments, do the same for final WITH gear and your favorite flap setting noting the speed/MP combination and write those down. Now you will have a set of numbers for your plane and your normal weight. I fly 100MPH downwind, 80 base and 70-80 on final, full flaps on most days but I also fly no flap on longgg runways. I have a 1962 M20C. Hope this helps.
  8. Had the same problem until I redid the W&B. Plane is 100lbs heavier than the original Factory weight. The T/O trim position (markings) are for a balanced plane at 1570 LBS but mine is nose heavy due to all the electronics over the ages. I use a slight nose up trim setting on Takeoff which I have worked out over the years. Remember most of the weight added or subtracted in our Mooney's is in front of the pilot which shifts the CG forward. I also fly SOLO with 80 Lbs in the aft Baggage to keep the CG in the proper range. Flying an "old" C model. Duck
  9. Had my local A&P put on the shoulder harness. Cost me $150 but worth it.
  10. If the 28 volt bulb is put in instead of the 14 volt it will be dim. Found wrong bulb in my mag compass when I first got it. Don’t know if that’s your problem. mike
  11. You might also look at the article: Mooneys and Crosswinds Factory Flight Tests: Crosswind Landing Characteristics By BobKromer You can download it right here in the forum!!