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  1. N252WD

    Best home study ground school?

    I done Gleim for PP, and King for IR. I prefer King by far.
  2. N252WD

    About time I fessed up

    I like the story, congrats on working as well as you did. I have bounce down a runway before when I trying to find the best landing speed for mine. Found out 80 is the magic number for me. I'm based out of KCXO and I listen to the hanger stories myself and once told that a guy bought a Mooney and landed on rwy 19 at CXO, landed before the rwy and bounced all the way down and stop past the rwy right before the trees. Its a 5000' rwy. Most people I talked to about Mooney's before I got mine was not to do it. My first ride was with David Mcgee in a rocket. I was sold every since. People now ask me about Mooney's, I tell them, you have to stay in front of it and fly by the numbers. Wouldn't change now for any other plane out there.
  3. I used to think I would like to own a turbo prop (like the PC-12, but out of my price range), but after 3 years with the M20k 252, I lost all desire for a different plane. The 252 is one of the best planes I ever flew when you take in the speed, range, fuel, UL, and landing distances. Just amazing plane.
  4. N252WD

    Houston Mooneys

    Im in Montgomery, fly out of KCXO in Conroe. I would be happy to take you up. Im in Mexico now but should be back next week. I should warn you, I have a M20K 252. Hard to go to anything else after it. LOL. Just let me know, PM me and I will send my cell once I get back.
  5. N252WD

    Interior Shop in the North Texas Area

    John at OutRight Avionics in Conroe, Tx. He does good work.
  6. Looks like I will stay put today also due to the Wx. I will be going out to the airport (KCXO) today for the Armed Forces Day today. Looks like Kevin Lacey will be there today.
  7. I'm back from Israel, but this weekend wx looks rough. I would be up for next weekend.
  8. N252WD

    One of These Is Not Like the Other

    I fly into KTYS often, but I never took a tour over there. Next time I come up I will see if you around, maybe go get a bit to eat.
  9. N252WD

    Geographic member locations

    I'm in Montgomery, Tx. Airport KCXO
  10. I was in HS working a summer job clearing pipe lines for ARCO pipe line and I remember see the plane fly over, thinking man that would be nice, but I come from a poor family that could never afford something like that, then I joined the Navy, about 4 years later jumping out of SH-60's, I knew that was for the bird's... Year later I got out of the Navy because they said I would never fly for them, I went and got my PPL. Been flying ever since.
  11. N252WD

    Flat Tire Poll

    Had a Cherokee that the main was low one day when I went over to 11R. I put some air in it before leaving, got to 11R to eat and noticed it was low again. While eat there I decide to call my mechanic, he said just fly it back and he would put a new one on for me. After eating, went to the plane, still low so put more air in it flew it home. Got to KCXO, landed w/ a flat it wasnt easy but didnt damage anything, got off runway, and he came out and put a new one on. After that I put all new tires on.
  12. N252WD

    Aviation humor