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  1. I do that route several times a year and just pick a few NAV AIDS that keep me along the coast and let the controllers tweak it in the air if MOAs light up. I have a family with me who like to eat at the stop so KHSA wins quite often as the stop. Pilot gets a free meal and it’s a nice place. KMEI is another popular stop for us with cheap gas and free hot dogs. They will lend you a car if you want better food. Weather along coast usually determines which of the 2 I actually stop at. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I would look into a Purple Simply Seat cushion. They designed those to help people in wheel chairs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. In addition to high headwind scenarios. It would be pretty easy to stay slow enough to forget the gear when staying in the pattern practicing landings or after a go around. Our J never really gets above 120mph in that scenario as I’m having to back of the throttle to stop climbing. It is also the only scenario (so far #KnockOnWood) that I caught myself not descending correctly and realized I missed it on the downwind. When I’m coming in to an airport visually from cruise speeds, my first step is to slow down over the top or from the diagonal (usually having to climb slightly) and drop
  4. Mine did about the same symptoms until it eventually couldn’t drive my Century AP in a straight line and I was stuck hand flying home from FL to TX. It did turn out to be the Vacuum Pump which had shredded itself internally (hence metal frags on the screen) and was also leaking oil (minor). Maxwell diagnosed and replaced from an East TX shop nearby. It wasn’t THAT expensive to fix. Now that there are other excellent options are out there and more coming, I am planning for a non-vacuum fix in the future if either the ADI or vacuum pump act up again with all money going towards modern options
  5. Me too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Don, I did this with a gallon gas can after tank repair a few years ago. This is on a ‘79 M20J. The stick is the generic stick available from the pilot shops measured from the flat wing bottom. It took 9 gallons to even have anything to measure. It took 33 to fill to the lip. Stick Gauge : Gallons (unusable factored) 1.25 : 9 2 : 11 3 : 13 4 : 16 5 : 19 6.5 : 21 7.5 : 23 8.5 : 25 9 : 27 13.25 : 33 You can see my patience adjusted after I got to the tabs. I didn’t do anything special for grounding since I was
  7. Where are you located? I just had Sal in DFW rebuild my four cylinders. One was the first to show major signs and 2 others also followed soon afterwards. Oil consumption was up. Mag checks were different. Oil traces on bottom plugs and oil on the exhaust side of plane. It still flew Mooney fast out of climb. Have you looked at the plugs on that cylinder? Stuck and shot ring for me. Also when they were previously rebuilt 500 hours prior by a previous owner, Sal was not impressed with several things as he inspected on tear down and the bore was worn to tolerance on the 3 that showed blow
  8. I bought our 201 on eBay before I had a license after 1 hour of student training. I don't recommend that as an example! I didn't quite realize the extent of that abnormal decision until I heard people at the airfield restaurant talking about THIS GUY who... I joined them in the convo for about 15 minutes until I said...I think you are actually talking about ME! Priceless moments in life...they are now the chatty Kathies that are super friendly now. Fortunately, my instructors and now Mooney family friends did everything possible to train, help, challenge decisions, and support. This
  9. Exactly the same thing happens with our '79 J. I emailed our avionics shop last week about it. Easy way to excite everyone by dialing the fuel guages to zero. I impacts our fuel gauges, fuel pressure and oil pressure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I'll try to dig up my panel pics, but did a similar project. Our end result for part 1 was Aspen removing turn bank and hsi's. At the time, Aspen didn't have a certification to control the Century autopilot so I had to have vacuum to the artificial horizon. That has now changed and someday I'll G5 or second Aspen and let the Aspen control the AP. Added 750, flight stream 201, gdl88, GTX transponder and GMA audio while keeping kx155 for secondary radio. All worth it. Had to recently replace my vacuum pump which only controls my auto pilot aka the secondary artificial horizon. Will be h
  11. ^^^^^^ This shutdown process works very well. I do the same every time except I settle to about 1200 RPM when I shut down. Cold Starts are always simple after a 3-5 second mixture full rich Boost. Hot Starts are also very simple with only having to smoothly add mixture when it fires.
  12. I fly my family of 4 from DFW to NY and FL a few times a year in our '79 201. They were adolescent when we started that. They are now full sized young adults. (5'6" daughter and 6' son). The kids still happily climb in and go see Grammy! It has impacted how we pack and fuel load now involves planning vs taking 64 gallons every time we fuel as we used to be able to do. It usually works out since we get hungry too! My first and only trip to Denver with passengers had high DA in the afternoon in September and that was not an experience I enjoyed with the mushy climb. It validated the advice
  13. I'm troubleshooting a similar issue. The UP trim works great. The DOWN trim, I hear a click and the clutch engages which makes the trim wheel stick, but I can overpower it to manually trim down. For a while it only worked in the air...now it is UP only and DOWN has a click. My AP suggested the motor is tired. '79 M20J has a Century II AP no Altitude Axis.
  14. http://wsvn.com/news/local/south-florida-couple-who-crash-landed-in-flagler-county-shares-ordeal/ Here's a follow up interview which was later in a comment on a Facebook post from a witness. Great ending to a scary moment.
  15. My engine comment wasn't specifically saying...you do this...you'll have this happen. There are tons of people on this forum with a wealth of experience and knowledge and history. My point if elaborated further was that moving from a 2 knob plane to a 3 knob plane with a lot more going on and happening faster, I found it very easy to have the engine in the "red box" or areas of temperature my mentors didn't recommend for periods of flights. The JPI helped a lot...the EGT guage on the plane failing did not help... At cruise altitudes, it probably is pretty to close to pull to Rough
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