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  1. Yessir... garmin’s latest conquest is adding several new auto land platforms... raining new stc’s at garmin. These Bk folks still using FAA going too slow and tied up in paperwork excuses?
  2. Maybe Avionics’s will go on sale... their business, while record setting in 2019 has been monkey hammered in the 2020 environment. maybe it’ll get somewhat competitive.
  3. I looked at the g500 in 2018 Oshkosh... the unit needs two G5’s to be fully functional so installed G5’s will come in at an extra 10k. The g500 install will come in around 5k. If you want the 3x touch as well, garmin booth said all in you would be writing a check for 33k fly out. so when folks like av web start carrying water for garmin by saying the autopilot is 7,000 bones, I choke. Misinformation or they just don’t research... doesn’t matter, same result. 2019 Oshkosh, was so excited to be there in anticipation of “the announcement”... all that turned out to be was the sale of the
  4. You’re correct, our maker didn’t give us a universal swivel for an arm... as good as a human arm is, the trio tested our patience a few times... inventing tools. No click bond in that application that I remember. I have a lopresti Landing light and the power supply is mounted on the firewall With click bond. I didn’t think it was a great idea at the time but was thankful it wasn’t necessary to drill etc. that said, I’m not sure I could get it to let go with a hammer. the voltage has to be right at 12v maybe a smidge under for the servo to operate as advertised. While we were ground testin
  5. Two years...? For? i repositioned a C150 for a friend to a different airport... that’s how long it took for my friends to stop making fun of me.
  6. One of my fly buddies has a trio in his 182... it works fine. Took a while to get sensitivity just right. You gotta set it airborne. Also voltage is a big deal. If the servo can drive that tank, it’s not weak. Albeit the Mooney drives like a dump truck... don’t get me wrong, I love my ship, but the controls are heavy. if it’s true what you say about shops not wanting to install trio, it might be because they don’t know how to set it. For a stand alone, I think it’s pretty sh## hot. At least you don’t have to spend 10k extra to put gizmos in the panel to drive it. It’ll cost you about 25k
  7. I had a couple phone conversations with him about the time he was here, mentioned I would give him $10,000 to help with development. He said it wasn’t necessary and went on to say he thought Mooney people are different. Hell, I thought the bo nanzer crowd was different. I use the term different in both cases to be kind. at any rate... I fear the trio ship has sailed, unless @carusoam is willing to send a couple cute lesbian pole dancers and a case of French wine ( California wine kinda sucks I hear) and trio is a cal based company. does carusoam know any lesbian pole dancers? Asking
  8. Sure it will... but you have to turn it off at like 700’ agl. It won’t land for you either. since it won’t fly an ils... you could request the tower allow you to fly the gps LPV approach which typically is the same overlay. Can’t imagine them saying no. Or, you could just fly the gps approach for that runway and they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Im so used to hand flying at least the altitude part of an approach as long as the thing can do lateral guidance, I’d be happy. Hope they get one certified while I’m still young. Well, not very young, so they need get off their bu
  9. Just this week I heard a couple announcements regarding new aircraft certification completions. Maybe someone should give them a call and find out. When the paperwork is turned in, thought the FAA was supposed to respond in a given time frame. Seems like I read 45 days. On another note, I thought they were here to help make flying safer. How does having a 35 yr old, works some or most of the time autopilot help us to be safer? if I didn’t know better, I might be thinking that garmin has preferred consideration... as I doubt they would be made to wait like this. But I’m so cynical
  10. Geez, I wish you guys hadn’t beat down the pro pilot guy when he came here to take our pulse.
  11. I can hear it like it was yesterday... can someone relay to United blah blah? He flew out of my radio range. Hey joe, looks like atc lost another one haha.
  12. A riddle about ifr flight. Solve the riddle. ”In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king”. Who is the one eyed man?
  13. Yeah... keep the baby in the diaper. You’ll get out of babysitting easier.
  14. Aero shell plus doesn’t really have cam guard in it. While it does have anti corrosion additives... it’s not cam guard. In fact, aero shell for whatever reason says that if cam guard was necessary, all aviation engine oils would offer it. in other words, for every advocate, there’s a polar opposite. that said... if mine sat much, I’d probably put it in there. Iron lifters are the reason... they should call it lifter guard lol.
  15. Yeah, I’ve drooled for two (2018,19) years at Oshkosh. I’d love to have one. Have kept a spare dual mag I share with another j owner. We’ve sworn an oath to red label it to wherever the other gets stranded for a quick swap. So if they ever stc an electronic mag... I can think of three dual mags that will come up for sale pronto quick. i kick myself every time I board for not spending the extra 9k to buy a different accessory plate and mags at overhaul. I didn’t get 75hrs run time on the new engine before I had to overhaul the Siamese twins (again) because of condenser failure. Not
  16. Plus I’m cheating... fine wire plugs and power flow exhaust.
  17. Hi guys... I haven’t done anything in terms of composing or dissecting performance spreadsheets ... my stock engine was a little anemic, I’ll admit that. 1600hrs and worn intake lobes. It did however hit full rpms and could pull 800fpm in a takeoff climb in my warm climate near the Texas coast. That said, I guess the only way to put this performance issue to rest is to have a side by side flight. For my part, I think she’s better in every aspect... runs cooler, uses less fuel at any altitude and pulls harder at higher altitudes. a couple months ago, I left mesquite Texas vfr, two men, full
  18. Here’s an update for the firewall forward work I hap performed.
  19. Meh... just trade your plane for a car... or one of those planes with 14 parachutes and a rocket launcher. as for the mooneys, we have the feet dragging authorities to thank for allowing our dual mags on the market in the first place... and now, not allowing a alternative new type. Heck, we can’t even get a decent autopilot! it also doesn’t hurt to get under the cowl, make yourself familiar with what you’re flying. I’m lucky in that no one else flies the ship I use, so no one is abusing or treating it like a rented mule. flying a single motor airplane at night brings some extra
  20. Hopefully, I found the issue... after replacing bushings, the cowl flaps continued to be problematic. After searching for the real problem ( hang from the ankles under the engine deep under and back at the firewall) found the cable had let go at the area where the tube sleeve connects near the linkage. Called lasar and the wanted $775 for cowl flap cable. Geez! So I slipped a 3/8” dia section of hose over the segment and added clamps. Works great and it simply replaced another piece of plastic that married the part of the cable to the steel tube that carried the cable and keeps it stiff.
  21. Running 450 is not ok, even at break in. when an engine is new, it creates heat simply because of all the friction, while the new parts learn to play nice together. Avoid 400 if possible... when my engine was brand new recently, I literally watched the cylinders break in one at a time on the jpi... you could see the temps fall into a less hostile environment. Oil should be below 240 degrees... around 190 to 200 is better. Try pitching the airplane for a higher indicated airspeed before you settle into the climb. Mine does well about 120 and that means around 360’s and 70’s at climb pow
  22. Crummy landings would have an affect on longevity. It can take a while to learn how to get those buttery smooth landings down. High speed roll outs and takeoff runs on rough surfaces can’t help either. So your results may vary.
  23. That turned out to be a joke! I'm about to the point of writing a letter. Our planes could be made safer and they continue to stand in the way.
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