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  1. You gotta be s**tting me! It takes another 90 days to get the autopilot delivered after you order??
  2. After about a dozen studies and at least one set of core samples, the FAA wants get paid 1.5m for re-topping our 3400’ X50 runway. The private sector would be less than $300,000! What a racket! i shoulda gone into poly ticks...
  3. Anyone hear an update on the TT coming online for the Mooney? They mentioned it would be shipping in late 4th quarter if memory serves.
  4. I just can't let this go without adding how important it is to operate the engine frequently and properly based my previous statement on the centrilube stc. Taking for granted, operating the engine regularly as a given. Also, the notion that all cams are created equally may not be accurate. Now and then, there can will be a dink in a bunch of new ones in terms of hardness. At some point I was told that putting trust in a cam that has made it to TBO once and can be used again is a viable option over purchasing new. Just looked at some serious degradation on a couple lifters inside a big continental last week viewing through a bore scope inserted into the oil filler tube. So, while the cam placement is lower in the Conty, they aren't immune to corrosion either. There was one extended period in the mid time engine where it was dormant for an extended period. This is a long way from the intended subject of the OP...sorry for the hijack. I'll go back to sleep now.
  5. I concur... after reading myself to sleep on the subject more than once, watch those oil samples closely for corrosive contamination, water etc, run the engine in flight minimum once a week to operating oil temp 175 degrees or better for at least 15 min. Change oil and filter 25-30hrs... And pray... that should go a long way towards cam and lifter longevity in what seems to be one of the top weakest links in the chain. Certainly one of the most expensive, but preventable issues.
  6. They finally contacted me with directions to buy another sim card. Now I have to look inside to see if I have a 2g, 3g or 4g sim... actually they want me to send a picture of the circuit board so they can identify. Then it’s $25 every three months. I’m no electronics guy so all this is another language.
  7. Ok let's... In my view, the lions share of the market is certainly with the Cirrus...folks love the notion of the parachute in a single engine platform. Imagine the extra sense of well-being while traveling at night, or over crummy topography and forests. It's the next best thing to a second engine in certain conditions. Those are things that nag me while wondering where I would go if the fan motor quit. Also, the gear is down and welded on a cirrus and surely that must help with insurance cost. But, like driving a jeep is for girls ( this should piss someone off), most accomplished pilots might appreciate the retract gear, the complexity and the sporty, masculine, if not down right sexy looks of the Mooney. While the Cirrus looks ok, I'm not getting that wow when I see one. Sheeple do go where sheeple go and translates to sales momentum. I still don't have a clue how some can justify the $800,000 plus for either brand...That's getting close to turbine territory.
  8. I would also like to add, at previous engine overhaul by the former owner...NEY Nozzles were installed. For those unfamiliar, NEY nozzles are oiler nozzles aimed at the cam lobes to facilitate lubrication. Both the intake lobes had substantial wear and for those that don't already know, two intake lobes are double tapped as they carry intake valves of all four cylinders. Ney nozzles in my engine didn't do the trick. The FWF people maintained the centrilube system would afford me the luxury of never having to buy another cam for this engine. I'm hopeful.
  9. My attempt at avoiding future cam spalling was to add the centrilube stc to the new cam at overhaul. Although the old chewed up cam didn’t really become unreliable, it did send metal fragments through the prop governor (ruined that housing $) and oil pump damage $. Those are parts you guarantee at overhaul and mine wouldn’t pass standards. Rollers are probably a good way to go, but can’t weigh in on those since didn’t go that way. Wish I could’ve talked myself into doing a dual mag setup instead of keeping the Siamese twins...research at the time seems like it would be around another 9k and I was already getting my clock cleaned pretty good with the 10.1’s and the new cam stc’s. Been dialing back a bit on the manifold pressure lately as the da in this colder weather has been substantially in the minus and the placards are staring at me. It’s kinda cool to reduce mp back to 28” and it still scooby do’s. IMO, one would probably be pleased with the 390 as long as he or she can live with the cost... I suspect a lot of wholesale changes and hidden costs to make that work where a 360 is supposed to go.
  10. Am I crazy or did I read you’re not supposed to use this type of cleaning process on fine wires.
  11. Does anyone know which inspection plate the roll servo is on the century IIB? How to clean? asking for a friend...hehe
  12. I know you’re not the one in the market... just quoting your wisdom.
  13. Find an accomplished, knowledgeable Mooney guy to help you understand what to look for. Better yet, hire him to look for and with you. Be passionate about’ll be learning a thing or two on the fly, pun. There are many strengths and weaknesses to look for. Not knowing can cost a bundle... no guesses. The art is in the buy, and can be a real fun part of the journey. I see folks try to buy the best price deal possible and while that may work for some, it turns into alligator tears for others. And a huge consideration might be, buy from someone who can afford to own an airplane... stay away from those guys that buy a ship, park it outside and wear everything down to a nub. Look for the best cream puff your budget will allow. Right now you don’t know much, most here have been in your shoes... well, not your shoes, but shoes like yours, me included. Enjoy the Chinese arithmetic.
  14. Your bird doing good... I simply pitch for 120-125Indicated asap after rotate. Every time I take off, conditions are different sometimes I see 1300 fpm and sometimes less. Maybe someday, We’ll meet up somewhere and do a comparison. One of the cool things about 10.1 cr is, it keeps trying above 5,000’ msl.
  15. FWF claims up to 25hp increase with their 10.1 cr pistons stc. Volumetric Cylinder match when new cylinders are used as in my case. I don’t have any provable science to back up my explanation... and my only previous experience with the a3b6d was about 400hrs running around with intake valves that were not opening all the way. I bought this ship with a new cylinder recently installed... I suspect the previous owners got a look at the cam while the cylinder was removed and hung a for sale sign on it. Oh, they conveniently forgot to disclose... And at the time, I had not yet become wise to cams. Whatever, I’m pleased with the cruise and climb numbers... also added a power flow exhaust to diminish the hp loss of a stock muffler. She’s a grin maker now! Just received Blackstone oil analysis at 155hrs smoh and they say everything looks great and engine is healthy. Was asked a week ago to deliver a pilot back to his home town 130nm away and while he was drooling about several things, among others, he mentioned how smooth the engine ran. FWF rocks!
  16. I’m with you brother! I tease my real brother about living in the city... heck, if you run out of toilet paper, just pound on the neighbors bathroom window to mooch a roll. Love those zero lot lines!
  17. Pretty easy fix... stop listening to the tree hugging liberals and clear the easements, then take steps to use spacers and airfoils to keep the lines from touching during high wind events. Or just build it right the first time. Their retail power cost is 2 or 3x more than where I live. Where does does all the money go?
  18. California voters...they could wake up someday couldn’t they? Or just go the way they’re going and pile on that. Pun intended.
  19. It’s just amazing how many places I go, and try to brief the line guys before they tow... it’s pointless because every time they respond with yes yes! We know how to tow... and then you get this dent they won’t take credit for... of course not! I hate going places that insist on towing my ship. We all know how easy it is to over rotate the nose wheel!
  20. I would think heads are gonna roll after this... people are pissed!
  21. Be careful if there are field mice about... they will crawl up the cord and have a great time crapping in the airplane and possibly chewing on wires. I recommend using a shop rag to be stuffed in the opening of the access door. it’s almost time to start using those Engine oil heaters again, winter is approaching. Need something for that cord too. they do offer a spearmint rodent deterrent for inside the fuselage that’s supposed to be a good way to keep em out. Supposedly rodents cannot tolerate the smell of spearmint. Look to your local feed stores for that solution. Am a big fan of battery tenders... a properly maintained lead acid battery should last 5 years... while some go longer, everything past 5 is a bonus.
  22. Ok, after two short flights yesterday, I didn’t see any major differences in performance except as I mentioned before, it starts easier with the fine wires. It’s running good... the gami’s made a nice difference in that the hottest #3 is now a few degrees below the new hottest #2 and the coolest cylinders 1&4 are all much closer. What really has me confused is, while the chts are closer now and hottest down to better match the others, the egts are dramatically lower... in the mid to high 12’s. I’m normally in the mid 13’s. I tried jetdriven’s hot start process after a thirty minute shutdown... happy to report, it’s works better than the usual run for three seconds and die. Thanks jetdriven for your insight. my son in law has a nice j that just had a top overhaul... after he gets to break in, I’m hopeful that he will humor me and allow us to have a matched flight to see how the high compression pistons and the power flow muffler perform next to a stock, fresh, good running j.
  23. A quick preliminary report on what I have so far... Been thinking this ship was at max potential up to this point, or close to it. New plugs at overhaul along with new wires and fresh mags (dual). I'm about 155 smoh and wanted gami's because the #3 on this A3B6D engine runs 30 degrees hotter. Gami say's that's typical. Simply wanted it to be more inline with the others. So, yesterday afternoon and everything back together, did the traditional leak check and mag check. Feeling emboldened, I took her to the runway for a takeoff run (at our little country airport) with a plan to abort of course. With the new setup, I saw a 50 rpm over redline. I'll have to re adjust the prop gov, but think I'm gonna like this. Hopefully, I'll get her in the air today so I can look at the temps across the board as I'm sure there will be some changes. More power, more heat to manage. Only wish the components were changed one at a time so I'd know where the wholesale change came from. Ps...I lost a mag back at 75hrs because of lock tight on the cap threads...there's an SB on that. It states using thread locking substance can cause loss of grounding to the distributor cap...that can cause the condensers to fail (one or both) which causes the points to get hot and melt the plastic follower. So, I had one side fail and now have another mag overhaul at the princely sum of 1300 bones. Yay! It came back from overhaul at 28 btdc...I have it at 25 now because that's legal and easier to start. My plan is to cowl her up and fly today, if I can escape my normal duties. Will report in when I see what's changed aloft.