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  1. Sandman993

    Panel upgrade, looking for opinions

    As it turns out, both the trio and the trutrak will work without a Aspen or insert efis brand here____, but only needs gps for nav guidance. It’s tapped into pitot static system and allows baro to be selected right on the face of the autopilot. Garmin is not only the most expensive, but it comes off the line as the most incomplete. While having an efis onboard would be a nice luxury... it turns out that it’s not necessary to spend an extra 10 grand or more to get a capable digital autopilot at almost 1/3rd of the garmin cost. They almost had me suckered in until I did a little research. So for now, I’ll limp along with the century legacy autopilot and wait while the faa drags their feet for however long it takes.
  2. Sandman993

    Panel upgrade, looking for opinions

    I’ve been told the autopilot is a stand alone... and if that’s not the case, how about the trutrak when they get it on the market. I received an email from trutrak that stated they are working on mooney ... shooting for late spring 19. Altitude select altitude hold and all I need is a gps for nav guidance. to save almost 20k anything but garmin at this point.
  3. Sandman993

    Panel upgrade, looking for opinions

    I’ll buy you lunch if you’ll buy some raffle tix! I’m tired of opening this gate!
  4. Sandman993

    Panel upgrade, looking for opinions

    Lol... we’re having a 8 gun raffle at our little country airport for some improvements... auto opening gate etc. So I asked a good salesman I know to help me out... after a week I called him to see how he was doing with his ticket sales. He said these are very difficult to sell because usually, gun raffles are for for good causes... firemen, police, medical needs, but no one gives a s*** if you Poor pilots are having issues with your automatic gate!
  5. Sandman993

    J model nose cowl mod

    Consider the boom beam at Lo Presti. It’s a game changer where light is concerned. I was considering all the options...but happy with the hid light. Also, it’s easy for the landing light to become mal adjusted for ground ops as the pucks on the mains squat as they get older. Owl hunting comes to mind. I’ll admit, having a second taxi light would be nice, but it sure seems to be a lot of hassle.
  6. Sandman993

    Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    My notion is, 400 degrees is too hot! It is well known that a cylinder loses around half its strength at that temp. My personal goal is to hang out in the 350’s rop albeit that means my #3 reads around 370. Sometimes that means 12gph at lower altitudes on those short hops to lunch or certain segments of training missions. The fella that told me about the 1700 notion was probably trying to convey an important ideal. I played with it for a spell and found that achievement of 1700 usually meant I was taking pretty good care of the engine. Someday I might see that big Pratt poster again that gives expected cylinder life based on temperature where it’s operated and without fail, I’ll snap a picture and share. Another major enemy of engines are those cold starts... I’m lucky to have a good engine pre-heater that I use often. As I understand it, it’s almost criminal to light the engine with the thick oil we use at temps at or below 40f. I now have a switchbox that allows a simple text from the phone to turn on the heater (any number of hours based on ambient) hours before I arrive at the airport. Then start up and immediate taxi for departure instead of wasting 15 minutes waiting for the oil and cylinders to warm up. It drives me nuts to watch folks start up and leave with cold iron. Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t the engine oil achieve min 140f before we enter the runway? Food for thought and maybe pause for any new guys here. hows that for a long winded sidebar?
  7. Sandman993

    Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    Aww man? Now I gotta go do some research! I usually prefer the pull along side and... yeah it’s me, gotta go, see ya, method. However, I’ve seen a picture of your red tail ship and if it looks as good under the cowl as it does on the outside, I might better let you alone.
  8. Sandman993

    Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    Thanks Carusoam... I always enjoy your input. One thing I’ve always noticed is the #3 cylinder runs hotter on cht’s by about 15 to 20 degrees. Always did. Now, there’s the possibility that since 3 is measured by the spark plug and I have read the thread as well as other articles and some mfg input. Lycoming wrote that the cht measured at the spark plug can read 30 degrees hotter than the others. That doesn’t explain why 3 is the hottest egt typically. The guy at the gami counter in Oshkosh literally knew my number 3 was a troublemaker before I said anything. Suffice it to say, I keep a close eye on cht’s. i once knew an old career pilot that introduced me to a Pratt and Whitney poster chart that literally showed how long cylinders would last at given temps. Lower temps of course mean longer life. The salty old pilot gave me a formula for the tbo cylinder... basically it was add the cht and the egt numbers together and don’t go over 1700 and your scrap iron will last as long as the bottom end.
  9. Sandman993

    Panel upgrade, looking for opinions

    If you guys keep posting those great panel pix...I'm gonna have to report y'all for posting avionics porn! Thought mine was pretty hot s**t, but this like bringing a knife to a gunfight!
  10. Sandman993

    Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    I need to buy gami's...spoke to them at Oshkosh and they didn't have any in stock. My JPI is the 700 and therefore doesn't give me anything other than real time which is good enough. I have a few friends with 830's and at night, they pollute the flight deck with unwelcomed light imo. For those that have 830's, good on ya, but since I can see CHT's and EGT's on what I have...I'm ok. That said, I try to keep CHT"s below 370 and only one culprit (#3) has to be watched. The engine seems pretty happy and the LOP numbers are really great and cool. I'm running 25 degrees BTC and it was at 28...albeit powerful, that brings with it, some hard starts. At 25BTC...she has better manors. If you saw my flightaware numbers before and'd see substantial increases across the board in terms of cruise. I know that's not science, but she's doing it. Between the power plant and the avionics, I've managed to buy the plane back last year...actually more than I paid. My ship though and she can take me and a babe anywhere.
  11. Sandman993

    Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    Checking in with y'all at 80hrs SMOH and I'm over the moon happy with this little racehorse. Think overhaul was like mid summer 18...Oil analysis showing so far so good. My hangar mate with the same 201 and 3 blade says I probably have at least 10kts on him in cruise. Kudos to FWF
  12. Sandman993

    Panel upgrade, looking for opinions

    Hi guys... after seeing some of these panel pix...turning a little green with envy. However, I'm doing pretty well with my GTN 750, Flight stream 510, Gtx 345 and a remote garmin audio panel along with a GPSS. Have been looking forward to updating to a new autopilot, so I too can fly around with my hands in my lap like those Cirrus squids on youtube. My major disappointment came with Garmin's "Affordable Autopilot" notion, which as it turns out, is hardly affordable. When they first brought up the possibility of an "Affordable Autopilot" it was supposed to be like 5k and change...then it went up to 7k, plus you have to add their G5 or better yet, 2 G5's if you want the autopilot to do everything it can do...oh, 2 G5's, add about $9800 installed to the 7k garmin autopilot head, in a box sitting on your wing...oh wait! Did I mention the servos you need have to be purchased separately along with misc hardware??? So, now we are in the mid to high 20's...Hardly "Affordable"!!! And I feel like Garmin peed on my leg, and told me it was raining. The FAA seems to have ruined the spirit of the recent part 23 rules too, when they got their booger hooks in it...sorta like what they did to basic med. So, I reached out to Trio inquired about their offering...the Pro Pilot. They aren't moving as fast as Garmin, but say they will have the Mooney autopilot stc in 2019. That seems to be where I'm aiming going forward. Plus, it should work with the Aspen, which is much better than two G5's IMO. Might be wishful thinking, but me thinks you could have a stand alone working autopilot from Trio with altitude select/capture for around 11 to 14k all in. The pro pilot has a built in GPS, as I understand it. Thoughts?
  13. Sandman993

    M20J airspeed indicator for sale.

    It’s been a while since you posted this... you still have the airspeed indicator?
  14. Curt, you guys are awesome! Have been bragging on your HID Boom Beam to all my friends and on another thread! Have been running a competitor’s LED the Parmetheus +... that light can’t hold a candle to a Boom Beam (pun intended). Thanks for making a light to help me land at my dimly lit country Airport. Appreciate y’all!
  15. Sandman993

    Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    I looked at mfg date for the new landing light purchase and it was make about a month prior to the big air show... it also says 60w. I called LoPresti to say how satisfied I am and rate it right up there with the invention of boneless chicken and maybe even, my first bicycle.