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  1. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    Dropped off the airplane... FWF has the bird now. That was a fun trip with 38kt headwinds most of the way. When the winds finally allowed me to pick up some gs... then it got bumpy so I had to reduce airspeed anyway. Gotta love the j, it went up there on about 60gal. About 830nm.
  2. 77 M20J Temps

    I especially like 7) and 8)... well done sir.
  3. Landing Gear Actuator Breaker

    Floor indicator is mechanical ... kinda important to know that and how it works.
  4. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    That’s an awesome notion, but I think it’s too rich for my checkbook. I’m already spending too much. Borderline obscene! Not certain, but almost positive I wouldn’t like cat food.
  5. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    I’m pretty happy with the 201... it has bladder busting endurance and incredible useful load... typical rop Cruise is 10.2 gph... if a 231 is at 12gph like some boast, it’s probably running too hot. My friend just installed a jpi in his 182 that he’s had forever and had to change his mixture settings when he saw the temps. He now runs at 14ish gph with it squirreled back in cruise...
  6. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    Fwf did mention stress on the case and to answer that, they said balance is important and imbalance is the culprit to cracking cases. The tbo remains at 2,000hrs. the compression increases are going to pressure up the combustion chambers from 8.7 to 10... I get that, but with a 4 point monitor, I should be able to manage new, if any, heat issues. Right now, personal maximum cht’s are 350 give or take... at 370, I’m taking steps to trend it down. That’s what makes cylinders last to tbo regardless of whatever redline says in the poh. Egt’s are far less important imo, but important for leaning. Again, I’ll post what the total experience is like here and either affirmation of what the nay sayers have posted or kudos where deserving. I’m hoping she goes like stink! This is my ship, there are many like it, but this one is mine...
  7. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    They brought up power flow, I didn’t have to. I simply asked questions that concerned me with regards to over clocking the already 50hp per cylinder a3b6d. They like power flow, but that’s another 5 g’s+ and I’m already blowing right past the hull value. Spent 31k last February on gpss, gtn 750, flight stream 510, new remote audio panel and gtx 345 Adsb transponder. I simply want to have the ability to get off an 8,000ft da runway without scaring the daylights out of myself or my passenger. If you take one skinny chick on holiday, you know they gonna bring 300lbs of crap while you only brought flip flops and left your underwear behind to save weight! Im pretty much on par with one mooney I fly with from time to time... the other (same yr model as mine) smokes me in takeoff and climb. Maybe we can get some informal measurements to share this week, but I’m planning the trip Monday or Tuesday... drop off the ship and go from there... they said it’s possible to get the plane back in as little as 4 to 6 weeks. Will post the experiences.
  8. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    I had a long conversation with fwf today... there are several Mooney 201’s with these mods in service. After I mentioned some concerns I had after reading the posts here on the mods, he went on about how they balance the new pistons within 1/2 gram while lycoming says within 12 grams is considered in balance. Someone here said or repeated that his engine ran so rough that his instruments were trying to fall out. They said to expect it to be smoother than ever. And most experimental birds have high compression pistons. ive seen many planes advertised for sale with various engine times and they add the engine was overhauled by fwf... like it is a badge of honor. ill be taking the ship up to Loveland from the Victoria Texas area. He said it’s better that way and I’ll be blown away, especially when I look under the cowl.... hence the term fwf. They clean up and paint everything. the fwf basic engine overhaul for the a3b6d is 30,900... that gets the alternator, starter, hoses, silicone baffles, mag overhaul, plugs and wires, prop governor, mechanical fuel pump and injection system plus fuel divider. That’s factory new cylinders, case checked and line bored... and of course, the crank checked and polished or whatever...engine at factory New tolerance. If the cam isn’t serviceable... that would have to be bought separately. I want a new cam anyway. The pistons and cam mods are about another 6k. I ain’t skeered... the ship will be a bonanza hunting predator! Prepare to go fast!
  9. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    Hoping we would get to read about some hands on experiences with the 10/1 stc. If we were lucky, maybe even hear about the cam stc at fwf... carusoam... those guys are based out of Loveland co. The stc is called horse power plus. A true firewall forward overhaul from anywhere is going to kick the sh** out of 30k. New hoses, overhauled starter/alt ... prop gov, mags etc. pretty much soup to nuts. Ouch! Then, add 6 or 7k for the two performance stc’s. This is painful to the checking acct. But I want this stuff and I’m willing to bear the financial pain to wake up the 201 that is already a magical machine. I’ll weigh in as I get more information... one thing that gives me pause is... with a couple of bad experiences (maybe just the one that could have been from a bad break in) posted from years ago and parrots causing it to practically go viral, I wonder if it could hurt my resale value someday when or if I want to sell. To break in a new engine, I believe it’s a must to monitor cht’s via a jpi or some 4 point system. My intended purpose for coming out of the shadows to post in the first place. if I do this, I’ll post the ongoing process and promise, if it doesn’t turn out to be the best thing since boneless chicken, I will share the good, the bad and the ugly, but from a hands on experience.
  10. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    The Porsche engine was pretty good... single lever and smooth as silk... one of the main issues was this crazy up and down economy... they came into a bad time. The Porsche option was expensive too, but it wasn’t because they made junk.
  11. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    Moot point... we can’t even have electronic ignition in our certified aircraft...much less a car engine. Yet. My point was simple, it doesn’t matter how much gas is onboard... that won’t make the propeller gov tell the prop to come off it’s stops in a takeoff run in order to take a bigger bite of molecules, unless you have the ponies to pull harder. That old fwf was still able to load the prop off the stops. That 201 was pulling 1300fpm within 30 seconds after we rotated. In pattern work, he can achieve 1,000ft agl at or before midfield downwind. We were operating at near sea level field... And no, that’s not a jumbo jet size pattern. Suffice it to say, I was impressed that a 2100 hr engine could go along like that. earlier, someone commented that our engines are inherently vibrating... my stock engine runs quite smoothly, but I’m in tune and my prop is balanced...I get comments regularly from other pilots that ride with me with just the occasional blood curdling screams. i do hope to see some other comments from folks that have the hp mod with a proper break in... you cannot manage our engine temps properly without a jpi or equivalent in my view.
  12. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    25 hp added to 200 is more like 12+% increase. altitude is a horsepower bandit... high da’s are too. An extra 25 would certainly be welcomed trying to get off a 5,000+ ft msl runway! Ask anyone. to that other fellas mention of variable timing... I checked in via email with an electronic ignition outfit to pose the question of when they might offer that to our certified birds... the response by a fella named klaus was, buy an rv 10, which would make sense except I don’t want an airplane that was made in someone’s garage by a stranger. Besides, I like my magical Mooney.
  13. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    Sorry, no one said ever that I was diplomatic when expressing a thought. I am however, willing to continue the discussion as I think fwf has had an indelible mark on their work via a few... some from here. I’m in the business of boats and I know all too well that you “can’t please everyone”. That said, I’m not here to say I know everything... except I too was thinking wow, that fwf bunch must be something. Then out of nowhere, an old fwf engine shows up with a timed out engine and smokes me in takeoff climb by 300fpm in what I think is a beater compared to my ship. Simply wanted to mention that. After my new hanger mate wiped the runway with my airplane... I thought maybe I should look into performance enhancements like that. I immediately received an onslaught of warnings from contemporaries on the evils of helicopter pistons!...and basically from info they got from a few peeps on the innerweb. Those helicopters must be falling out of the air by the dozens! Had I not seen it myself... I too would have thunk this 10-1 compression is too good to be true. my 201 runs great, but if there’s something out there that gives it 25hp... I want a closer look. All this bad press seems to perpetuate a maybe myth and it may just not be the case. Thanks for responding to my post.
  14. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    Usually here just lurking, but this bugs me... Y’all are constantly dogging fwf... most have no experience with anything they do. Just about like going to Home Depot and asking the kid in the outside area how to grow a plant... or ask their competitors what they think... wow! i can only weigh in with this,... at the small country Airport in southeast Texas where I come and go, there is a 201 that just showed up recently, a 1978 J... his engine is beyond TBO with over 2100 and hours majored by fwf way back in 1991. I’m here to tell you his engine out performs my stock 201 with ney nozzles that runs like a top! His climb rate beats mine by several hundred fpm. Say what you want, it’s a free country, but in this real life example that I’ve seen for myself, it makes some here seem a bit moronic to keep parroting unverifiable, pass it around input... and I’ve noticed this tendency over almost every topic. Human nature I suppose.