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  1. Received a ping from Garmin today the g3x is now available for your airplanes! price sucks, 10.6” certified = $10,000 “ Experimental = $3,800 three guesses what I think of that
  2. Lots of gas onboard... chance of fire during a crash. no gas on board, high chance of crash, no fire pick one
  3. Although I agree with Carusoam, I’ve found that special attention to the rear jack screw assembly is usually the culprit, when she gets stiff or starts to catch. Also, it doesn’t like wholesale changes to landing configuration at higher speeds. In other words, I find it more difficult to add a lot of nose up when setting up to land until the ship gets a little slower. On a normal landing, also (unrelated) me likes the gear speed to be at the top of the white arc (about 120mph indicated) easier on those doors than the screaming speeds posted in the poh. Not an instructor...just my personal observation after 500+ landings in a mooney. grease is a dirt magnet
  4. That thing looks like a whale shark. They do offer some cowl mods for those. I think, like the older Mooney’s along with the Comanche and other 60’s era planes, might have had cooling issues with those oversized openings. A friend with a Comanche 250 wants a new style cowl... and says that alone is a huge improvement where speed is concerned... probably way better cooling as well. The problem seems to be... the opening is bigger than the exit and causes a pressure build up, that spills some of the cooling air back out... (reminds me of my dear mother n law). Don’t know the first thing about that fancy propeller... but my scientific knee jerk reaction would wager, it has the abilities a piece of tape can only dream about. Haven’t installed prop vortelator, am waiting for first warm weekend. It’s been too cold... stand by for new details. I know everyone is on the edge of their seats.
  5. Ditto!! What’s up with these Mooney peeps?
  6. Haha... I’m bad about the before data as you know. Like a kid, it’s all about that instant gratification. I can give you data on cowl flaps, open vs closed. I’m from Texas and if this little piece of tape adds anything significant to airspeed indicator or rpms, I’ll eat my hat. Hopefully the straw one. But, I’m gonna try it. Another fella here, mentioned possible paint degradation under the tape. Geez, I hope not! I’ve been using a prop boot for a couple years and about to replace. Don’t see anything under it so far, but I’ll know more when it’s removed. The 3m adhesive accelerator worries me. I can definitely give before data for that since the prop was fresh when the film boot was applied. But those nicks are fewer where the boot is. Going for curb feelers next! Trying to avoid those taxiway reflector turtles!!!
  7. No... it’s a piece of zigzag tape that runs along the prop root about 6” and on a cs prop about .3” from the leading edge. They claim it helps the airflow with some mumbo jumbo terms and it brings the rpms up by reducing drag. I’ll let you guys know if it puts me back in my seat.
  8. You got it Carusoam. I bought that... with all these speed mods, I’ll be going for the record soon lol
  9. Anyone tried a propeller vortelator?
  10. Didn’t think our Siamese twin mags had anything... no shower of sparks or nuttin. i did lose a left mag the other day in flight... reading on it from Kelly aerospace was enlightening (pun). Turns out, the condenser was either quits or, the mag cap wasn’t grounded properly to the mag. This causes the points to spark crazy, get hot, and can and did, in my case...cause the nylon cam follower to melt, which causes the timing to drift forward and eventually they won’t open at all...kaput. The P lead wasn’t a part of the discussion. The above is kinda scary to this puny earthling. the moral to the story is... Siamese twin mags suck... and again, I don’t understand why the powers that be don’t fast track an electronic ignition for these models. It’s not like there aren’t a bunch out there! The Cessna 200hp 177rg shares this inferior mag setup as well. Aviation drags along about 75 years behind on this and other matters imo.
  11. IMO, advanced timing causes hard starts on the ground. Perhaps someday, Big brother will approve some sort of electronic ignition for our certified aircraft. The advanced timing comes into play at higher cruise
  12. A pilot walks into the engine shop... Hey! Mr Engine guy, I want my Mooney to go faster! Engine guy replies...hmmm, Speed costs money Sonny, just how fast would you like to go? That was kinda how it went for me... your experience may vary.
  13. Hi Pete while the power flow is a good alternative to the stock exhaust system... as I understand it, power flow doesn’t actually add hp, it just doesn’t waste as much as the stock untuned system by simply allowing the combustion chamber to empty post combustion gases more efficiently. Have around 80 hrs on my power flow.
  14. Lol!!! Says the guy with the 550 cubic inch engine. I just figured that out... so much for picking a race with you! I’ll have to settle for bullying the pipers I can reel in. as I zip by: Hi! Mr Piper...How ya doin? Yeah, it’s me, gotta go, see ya!