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  1. mooniacX

    Any A&Ps near KTRL?

    Hi GoFastPro, Yes please pm me his information. I would really appreciate it!
  2. mooniacX

    Any A&Ps near KTRL?

    Hi Don, Thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately I just can't seem to find anybody to go check this out so I am just going to fly out there and take it to a shop myself. Don Maxwell, did not do the last few annuals, I would feel so much better if he did.
  3. mooniacX

    Any A&Ps near KTRL?

    Hi guys, does anyone know of an a&p near Terrel Tx to have a look at a C for me? I am located in Nevada and want to hire someone to look at a few items before I fly out there. I would love to do a PPI, but unfortunately the owner lost his medical and has nobody to fly the plane. it just completed an annual in Feb. It also just had both tanks sealed at Don Maxwell. Thanks so much!
  4. mooniacX

    A&P recommendation in bay area

    There is a really good shop that just opened at Columbia for avionics. Only one experience with them and they were fantastic. I also go to Troy (owner) at Carson Aviation in Carson City Nevada which is a full service shop. Excellent rates and very good service. I have never been disappointed with them or their prices. I am thinking they were right around that $85 hr but maybe they just gave me good rates because I am a return customer. Good Luck!
  5. mooniacX

    First Annual

    As for radio noise close to towers. I spent months trying to solve that issue. It got so bad that I couldn't make out what tower was even saying. After looking at both radios, antennas and the wiring, It turned out to be panel mounted usb ports. Luckily I had a switch to turn them off and the problem was gone.
  6. mooniacX

    dynon in Mooney's

    I spoke with Dynon yesterday. They said they have had lots of requests for Mooney's, but it is up to EAA as they are the owners of the STC.
  7. mooniacX

    Sudden Engine Failure

    Hi Speedbrakes22 Just wondering if you ever found the problem?