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  1. I did the flush mount in order to make it work. I really prefer the left side. I have had both. I know the panel looks a little rough, but I am waiting to complete the panel depending on the certification of the AV30 units and the ability to drive the s-tec. Hoping to not have to go the Garmin route..... but that's a whole different topic
  2. I also have the electric step. Awesome set up. Easy install and works great!
  3. Jim, It is a little slow, but works well. After I land I have turn off nav lights on my check list and it lowers while I am taxiing. I lowers in less than a minute.
  4. I got tired of pretending my step didn't exist. I installed the electric from Rob at Flight enhancements. Pretty easy job and works great!!
  5. Thanks for the Pirep DBX. Did you notice any difference on the CHT's during climb? I have been hearing that they run hotter on the C's. Did you notice anything?
  6. I am curious as to if you fixed the darting issue? if so what did you do?
  7. Sorry, I should have been more clear. They raised the price by $400 to $1995 (was $1595) yes that is alarming. It's up there with the G5 overnight
  8. Well it looks like Uavionix just upped the price of the AV30 $400 to $1995.
  9. Looks like The AV30 belongs to Uavionix now. I wonder if this will speed up the STC?
  10. Troy Creeks Carson Aviation CXP. He is a Mooney guy. Has been doing my service and PPI's for years.
  11. I have been considering this option as well. What was the install time?
  12. @takair is the only one I have seen on here running advanced timing so far. Any updates as to how it is performing?
  13. Yes, with the flush screws it is removable in about 30 seconds.
  14. Kerry, not sure if you got it working yet...but here is a quick tutorial. 1.Go to Wifi settings and find Beacon. Log into it using your password which came with the skybeacon 2. close wifi and go to your skybeacon app (available at the app store if you have not downloaded it) It will not come up automatically. You have to go to the app manually 3. Enter in your information and follow the directions. Once in and configured you should be good to go. Good luck!
  15. I had to show proof of purchase as well.