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  1. I just read an article about Military testing the use of gps jammers over the next few weeks. AOPA called the Federal Aviation Administration's response to flight safety risk unacceptable. Not sure if this is in your area or not.
  2. Great information!. That was kinda the way I interpreted it, but was still unsure if I had to ask for a squawk code. I was also trying to decide if just the above 10,000 feet rule was enough. Thanks again everyone for helping out!
  3. I did a EDM900 upgrade a few months ago. I have a fuel manifold pressure gauge from a 64C if interested.
  4. Excellent! Thank you for the advice. I will go skirt around class C and see what happens.
  5. Stupid question.....When you went up, did you have to get a squawk code or did you just go 1200? I am at an uncontrolled airport. Thanks!!
  6. Thank you for sharing that! I am installing mine tomorrow.
  7. There a a few places like Chief and few on EBay who have them in stock. I finally cancelled my pre order and got it shipped out today. They didn't respond to me either until I asked to cancel the order. Received a response in 3 minutes. Good luck!
  8. Does your Mooney have the round rear windows or the rectanglish?
  9. Hi Paul, Please add me as well when you get a chance. Very cool project!
  10. I use FlyQ as well. I really like it and can't recommend it enough!
  11. Just always remember, when approaching mountains, go over them at a 45 degree angle, just in case you encounter wind sheer. You can safely turn out of it. So many people without mountain experience go straight over and can't do a 180 which leads to problems. Good luck with your flight and have a safe trip!!
  12. I do the Mooney dip. After positive climb I tip the nose down at the exact same time as I release the gear and start the swing motion. It is really simple with very minimal effort. Once locked, I resume normal climb out. Hope you start feeling better!
  13. I had to walk on this plane. unfortunately, the engine is past TBO (over 12 years and sat a lot in a high humid area) it was too much of a risk. it cant pass an IFR..has a pito leak + a few other issues with alt reporting and compass heading is 40 deg off. There are a few issues with radio and audio panel still going on. I asked the owner to take care of some of the issues that had come up and he refused. He is a very nice close attention to logs..he did a lot of work on it himself. He has a friend who would sign it off. Way too many risky issues so I passed. It will need sb208 done as well which is pretty expensive.Be sure to pull the side panels to inspect for corrosion. Good Luck!
  14. Hi GoFastPro, Yes please pm me his information. I would really appreciate it!