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  1. Troy Creeks Carson Aviation CXP. He is a Mooney guy. Has been doing my service and PPI's for years.
  2. I have been considering this option as well. What was the install time?
  3. @takair is the only one I have seen on here running advanced timing so far. Any updates as to how it is performing?
  4. Yes, with the flush screws it is removable in about 30 seconds.
  5. Kerry, not sure if you got it working yet...but here is a quick tutorial. 1.Go to Wifi settings and find Beacon. Log into it using your password which came with the skybeacon 2. close wifi and go to your skybeacon app (available at the app store if you have not downloaded it) It will not come up automatically. You have to go to the app manually 3. Enter in your information and follow the directions. Once in and configured you should be good to go. Good luck!
  6. I had to show proof of purchase as well.
  7. I have this picture. Its not the best, as we were putting in a new alternator and not all the screws were put back in. Sorry for the sideways shot..
  8. My plane uses flush screws installed by previous owner. It makes it much easier to access the alternator and starter. It looks pretty good, but not a nice as the sandwich installation.
  9. Donated via paypal. Thanks!!
  10. I am finding the Skybeacon to be a little finicky. I am constantly having to adjust the transponder threshold in order to get a squawk code to display. Some days are perfect, most require adjustments. May have something to do with the tail beacon delays?
  11. Actually they said they are seeing a decrease in CHT temperatures on climb
  12. Talked to them today. Expecting advance timing soon on our engines/ models..very soon. They do not use advance timing above 24.5 MAP which will keep us C Pilots cool on climb.looking forward to certification and I am in!
  13. Carson Aviation (Troy) in Carson City is an authorized Garmin dealer. They do great work with great prices. May want to check them out.
  14. Thanks for all the great info. I am looking forward to hearing from you when you flip the switch. I have a C and I am really considering putting this in. So please post as soon as you make the change! Thanks
  15. I just read an article about Military testing the use of gps jammers over the next few weeks. AOPA called the Federal Aviation Administration's response to flight safety risk unacceptable. Not sure if this is in your area or not.