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  1. I just saw this thread. I am in Carson City and have a C - If you still want to see one send me a message.
  2. I installed my AV30 yesterday. The installation was pretty straight forward. I only installed the AI and will wait to install the DG until they have it ready to drive my STEC. The installation was fairly simple and should have only taken a few hours at most, but I was waiting on my IA to inspect before I could go any further so it ended up a most of the day project. Basically ran a power line from the circuit breaker, put in a couple T's for the pitot and the static, run the OAT. Put it all back together and everything fired right up! Since I had my panel apart, I ran the second power line and
  3. I have one out of a 64C. I put in a EDM900 and still have everything that was replaced.
  4. Do you have a part # for the sleeve and spacer? Glad you found the fix!!
  5. I did the flush mount in order to make it work. I really prefer the left side. I have had both. I know the panel looks a little rough, but I am waiting to complete the panel depending on the certification of the AV30 units and the ability to drive the s-tec. Hoping to not have to go the Garmin route..... but that's a whole different topic
  6. I also have the electric step. Awesome set up. Easy install and works great!
  7. Jim, It is a little slow, but works well. After I land I have turn off nav lights on my check list and it lowers while I am taxiing. I lowers in less than a minute.
  8. I got tired of pretending my step didn't exist. I installed the electric from Rob at Flight enhancements. Pretty easy job and works great!!
  9. Thanks for the Pirep DBX. Did you notice any difference on the CHT's during climb? I have been hearing that they run hotter on the C's. Did you notice anything?
  10. I am curious as to if you fixed the darting issue? if so what did you do?
  11. Sorry, I should have been more clear. They raised the price by $400 to $1995 (was $1595) yes that is alarming. It's up there with the G5 overnight
  12. Well it looks like Uavionix just upped the price of the AV30 $400 to $1995.
  13. Looks like The AV30 belongs to Uavionix now. I wonder if this will speed up the STC?
  14. Troy Creeks Carson Aviation CXP. He is a Mooney guy. Has been doing my service and PPI's for years.
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