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  1. fauskie

    So, what's next?

    Opens the door for your instruction certificate and grooming/molding of future pilots.
  2. fauskie

    Welcome all!

    Lol fantom, my mother in law is a fantastic cook and treats me like royalty. I am truly blessed as I realize this scenario is extremely rare and somewhat undocumented!
  3. fauskie

    Welcome all!

    Thanks Marauder! I have only my solo cross country and night flight requirements to meet before the practical flight. Point being, may not be too long til flying to an outside airport to meet up would be an option as well.
  4. fauskie

    Welcome all!

    Wanted to introduce myself to Mooneyspace. Student pilot currently training in a 150, although a good bit of my training started in a 172 at KTMB. I moved back to PA and am hoping to wrap up my training by end of year at small grass strip in Halifax, PA about 25 miles north of Harrisburg. I'm intrigued by Mooneys although I never flew in one. After my PPL, I envision myself flying to/from FL quite a bit to visit inlaws, and the speed, operating costs, efficiency of Mooney is what has me intrigued and thinking it'd be a good choice for me and my (at current time) small family. If anyone is around my area and would be willing to let me tag along on a flight, I'd help wash the plane down afterwards, lol! Cheers! Brian