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  1. Bahamas

    Please see my trip recount in the vacation section!
  2. low priced flying m20c

    That would be your opinion. If it is signed off-followed by a test flight. Then why not?
  3. Bahamas

    Excellent info!!! Thank you!
  4. Bahamas

    Excellent info! We are looking at clearing in Freeport then going over to Walker Cay explore for a bit, then staying on Spanish Cay. I am approaching this as be fully self sufficient. Bring my own chocks, ropes, oil, and I am only counting on fuel at the larger ports of call (Marsh Harbor, Freeport, Nassau) anywhere else I am considering a bonus. Planning on typical “island” info as I call it. The guide as you mentioned will state one thing but I am sure it is going to be something else when we get there, already encountered that with pricing at Spanish Cay.
  5. Bahamas

    Great thanks for the reply! I have done a lot of Caribbean flying in corporate jets. First time in a SE. looking forward to it. I am seeing a boat is very important at some locations.
  6. Bahamas

    Planning a trip to The Bahamas next month in the F. Targeting Great Abaco/ Grand Bahama specifically. Was hoping for some recent experiences,gotchas, and stories that are not listed in the Bahamas guide book from AOPA. Merry Christmas
  7. Find your comfort power settings that make the plane do what you want it to do. Do not get wrapped up in exact settings, you will do more harm to yourself than good. Ball park works better
  8. 1970 M20F for sale with REBATE

    Can I ask where you got the yokes?
  9. 1967 M20F Interior Project

    Beautiful! My F is getting her new interior in the spring, can not wait
  10. service ceiling

    The 747 -200/300 was 100k lbs of thrust total (25k per engine). Could easily move out of its own way empty, but heavy just lumbered along.
  11. service ceiling

    My personal record. SL to FL400 in 20 minutes! Disclaimer, I did have 3 engines pushing.
  12. Take it gear down to a MSC. Then send the bill to the guy who screwed up your plane!
  13. Speed Mods

    I am in the 152-154 range. My 67F has: brake reversal, wheel well liner, lower cowl enclosure, aileron gap seal, and the dorsal fin vertical seal. Still to go are the flap gap seal and the elevator/rudder hinge covers.