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  1. Mooney1

    Summmer Leaning on Approach

    I am more of a big picture person. BTW I do not have a carburetor. :-) Just find this talk entertaining
  2. Mooney1

    Summmer Leaning on Approach

    Always shake my head at the people that use carb heat in the summer. Or in conditions that do not require it. WHY???!!!
  3. Best way to start cold? Preheat!
  4. Mooney1

    Mooney stuck in Carlisle PA

    Call Tom at Aero Engines if Winchester 540 678-1661
  5. Mooney1

    New Glass

    I purchased the windows from Great Lakes Aero. The storm window on the right was an option I chose
  6. Mooney1

    New Glass

    My GPS antenna is on top of the cabin. Tha is a cover from a previous installation.
  7. Mooney1

    New Glass

    I think what you are looking at is the track (top/bottom) for the window curtains.
  8. Mooney1

    New Glass

    Picked it up today! To say I am happy is an understatement!
  9. Mooney1

    New Glass

    Weber is installing all new glass on the F. Pickup is Tuesday! Can not wait
  10. Mooney1


    Please see my trip recount in the vacation section!
  11. Mooney1

    low priced flying m20c

    That would be your opinion. If it is signed off-followed by a test flight. Then why not?
  12. Mooney1


    Excellent info!!! Thank you!
  13. Mooney1


    Excellent info! We are looking at clearing in Freeport then going over to Walker Cay explore for a bit, then staying on Spanish Cay. I am approaching this as be fully self sufficient. Bring my own chocks, ropes, oil, and I am only counting on fuel at the larger ports of call (Marsh Harbor, Freeport, Nassau) anywhere else I am considering a bonus. Planning on typical “island” info as I call it. The guide as you mentioned will state one thing but I am sure it is going to be something else when we get there, already encountered that with pricing at Spanish Cay.
  14. Mooney1


    Great thanks for the reply! I have done a lot of Caribbean flying in corporate jets. First time in a SE. looking forward to it. I am seeing a boat is very important at some locations.
  15. Mooney1


    Planning a trip to The Bahamas next month in the F. Targeting Great Abaco/ Grand Bahama specifically. Was hoping for some recent experiences,gotchas, and stories that are not listed in the Bahamas guide book from AOPA. Merry Christmas