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  1. acpartswhse

    Need 201 Prop Spinner for my M20C

    few of the many spinners in all the disarray here
  2. acpartswhse

    any help would be appreciated

    lots of reasonable reasons also. There is a new Aero Commander 112 sitting in upper mid tennessee that was flown from the factory and parked. First the wheels and then the axles sunk into the tarmac. Years ago I tried to buy it but he said he uses it with the bank for security for a line of credit for his business. Works for him i suppose.
  3. when you decide what you need let me know as i have a couple 75's i am parting. probably have it jerry presslry 423 231 3491
  4. acpartswhse

    Need 201 Prop Spinner for my M20C

    i have a number of the longer spinners jerry pressley 423 231 3491
  5. acpartswhse

    any help would be appreciated

    Most of the time there is a thought that he will be fixing it up when he gets time. Or expect to get able to feel better later and fly again.
  6. acpartswhse

    Garmin GNS 430 and GI 106A

    sold gns kx155 still available
  7. acpartswhse

    Wish me luck...

    Matt. I have a couple sets either installed already on the inspection panels or ones to install on your current panels.
  8. GNS 430 14/28 volt, datacards, with all wiring and antenna. already wired to the GI 106A G/S INDICATOR. non waas. Guaranteed in good working condition. Removed from late model plane. Was connected to autopilot and P/S ENGINEERING PMA 6000 with 3lmb. and a KX155 navcom. all available with cables, trays and plugs. GNS 430 AND GI 106 A $4500.00 KX155 no g/s $1350. PMA 6000 $495 WE WILL PAY SHIPPING.
  9. acpartswhse

    any help would be appreciated

    i am, i am just want to ease into retirement instead of jumping out at 30,000 ft
  10. acpartswhse

    any help would be appreciated

    Thanks guys for the info. Made a deal on it and will be picking it up on the trailer on the way back from oregon. jerry P
  11. acpartswhse

    WTB 40-200 mph airspeed indicator

    HAVE ONE . NO TAS $100.00
  12. acpartswhse

    Cross the Atlantic with a Mooney

    Ditching in the lake is much different than ditching in the North Atlantic. Anyone know of an instance of someone ditching between greenland and iceland and making it back? Even if you get into the raft the water is so turbulent and cold that it is impossible o stay dry enough to survive. Guess you just have to look at it from a few hundred feet to actually visualize
  13. acpartswhse

    Cross the Atlantic with a Mooney

    unless you land on an iceburg. some are big enough to land an airliner