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  1. Rayjay Turbo.

    Selling the rajay off my 66E. Low time on turbo since overhaul. When it was installed it was not n number specific. Simply bolt on and do 337. Complete with cowling and all hoses and such. $2900.00 jerry 423 231 3491
  2. Yoke upgrade

    Got nice set of shafts from a late 201. $300? jerry 423 231 3491
  3. Stall warner inop

    OOOOOOHH sorry but I would suppose most of the guys here are around 60 or older. Some of us are in our 70s or 80s and have enough time that we feel that stall warning horns are for you younger inexperienced wannabees. LOL now with that said call me and I will send you a horn and vane to try. jerry pressley 423 231 3491. And if you need a little extra time in Mooneys come with me to deliver A 231 to Bakersfield Ca and fly back that super with the jacks thru the wings and a Comanche from iowa to tn and a Cherokee 140 from Houston and a 66 super from Chino. then the week after.............
  4. WTB M20C Airspeed indicator

    call me at 423 231 3491 jerry
  5. Hybrid Mooney?

    Coy Jacobs was at sun and fun last year and is pretty well gone. I sold his partner their first Mooney to mod when he was out in St. Louis area. Wamauma Fl. is the new place for the brains behind Coy. They no longer deal together.
  6. parts parts

    i am pretty sure i still have a couple. i couldn't find then link to $50. if you could copy it to me. jerry
  7. I'm just complaining

    forklift blades can penetrate most boxes

    Kinda lucked into some help. I have a house in the Dominican republic full of throw away kids. Many there. One kid, when he was six or seven would disappear early in the morning. Gone all day and come home about dark starved to death. Had been playing baseball. All the rest of his life was same. school then baseball. He become pretty good at it and now is 18 and high school is finished. He signed here is USA as a Pitcher for the majors. He has a couple months free and is staying with me and loves airplanes. WOWWW. MAYBE GET SOMETHING DONE ON 68q

    Got the interior of the wings cleaned up and applied ACf50 and covers back on. New tires, tubes and brake discs and gear greased. next rusted rods and bell cranks. Ripped out the full Brittain panel mounted autopilot. tail cone interior finished. engine cylinders removed for inspection. crank, cam and all inside look new. 1200 since factory reman. Lots and Lots to go. Almost sorry i started because of lack of time to devote to it.
  10. Look what showed up at our field today

    We do lots of Mooneys where the wing tip touches down. Puts a wrinkle fore and aft about where aileron and flap join. Replace the second skin, beef up the spar and stringers and go fly. We also did a Cirrus wit the same problem. Wrinkles the rear floorboard and Cirrus charges thousands for a piece of paper telling you the approved method of repair. Of course you are into thousands and thousands to do repairs to the wing and an expensive trip to an approved dealer for his blessing. And of course everyone is familiar with the joke of Cirrus brakes and what is required if you get on them while landing. Built more like a boat than an airplane. But of course there is the parachute so some will be suckered into overlooking the side............
  11. Tie down ring stripped

    The tie down does not go thru the spar so using a tie down ring with longer threads with a nut on top applied thru the access panel takes a few minutes.
  12. Left Elevator

  13. I'm just complaining

    I put a new hartzell on my black 6068Q first time I owned it. mid 70s cost was $850.00 receipt is still in the paperwork and it is still on the plane. 1200 since new.
  14. Window Screws

    mine are original and are nuts with attached exterior star washers. once tightened the nuts don't loosen
  15. perfect mooneys can have problems too

    Guvviment ain't they?