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  1. faa says get a dar for ferry permit dar says 1500 for permit. guess house rent is higher there.
  2. Just got this thing ferry-able. Damage did not get into the fuel tank. spliced stringers and rib and capped with .032 and ready to go. Had other damage of course but now the problem is getting a ferry permit. FAA says get a DAR. Dar wants $1500 to look and write out the special flight permit. Now ADS B is in effect but someone familiar with the area around JFK would have no problem navigating around that. Anyone open for ferrying to NJ? Just finishing when the Missle went in off the end of the runway.
  3. Looks like you are an accomplished pilot but I noticed one thing that you may want to consider. I have bought a number of Mooneys that had gear collapse because not fully locked. I noticed you push down on the handle when putting down the gear. That is great but a better more secure way is to slide your thumb nail in the slot between handle and uplock. I am sure other people here have other tricks and probably better than mine. Just works for me. JerryP
  4. When someone buys it there is a quickie repair for the wing. The second skin from the inboard out is the closeout skin. The spar couples under that skin. Just remove that skin and Mooney sells what they call a wingtip that consists of the entire wing section from there to the end of the wing. ( I have a few of those pieces if you decide not to go new) Splice in the new tip and replace the skin. Don Maxwell has a Sheet Metal man who has done many of them. If you remove it I get $1800 for the tip
  5. Next time you are stranded and no tubes available....a lawn mower or wheel borrow tube fits snugly in the 600 x 6 or smaller one for nose. perfectly safe and gets you home. Seen a pilot lock wheels on a Cherokee at Bryson City NC and burned holes in both mans. No ac parts within any reasonable distance. two wheel borrow tubes and a couple inside boots and safely gone home.
  6. Not a debate. Just what I have learned from selling. When a potential buyer is disgruntled because he didn't get enough freebies he distorts the conversations we have and see the results. If it seems like a good deal to you then look at it rather than let someone else decide if you want it. then inspect thoroughly by prebuy etc.
  7. Got a lot of flaq lately on my quirks on selling Mooney. Some think I should upload all the logs and send those to prospective buyers. Others think it is normal practice to fly to him for his inspection and prebuy. Nonrefundable deposits are totally taboo. So let me once again lay out the method that works for many years for me. Exceptions as always of course. Include in the original ad the necessary times etc. 2. answer questions but with my opinions of the plane. Is it a 6 or 7? My 8 may be your 2 so is difficult. 3. If it sounds like a good deal to buyer have him come look before going further. 4. If he decides it is his dependent on a prebuy then take a 10% (not $10,000 as claimed by another tire kicker) deposit dependent on the prebuy. Lots of good shops around but I prefer D. Maxwell. I will fly it for prebuy at buyers expense. If it passes or if descriptiveness can be taken care of immediately then the deposit is non refundable. Otherwise the 10% is returned. Most planes I have sold I have delivered. Since the time spent in the air does not count on ones lifetime, at my age I need all the air time i can get. As far as gear ups etc, just ask. Those of us that have been around for a longer time know correctly repaired damage means the plane has been into and thoroughly inspected which means other potential problems have been addressed. so first look and decide if you like it, then inspect, inspect, inspect
  8. it did sell and buyer removed so will know how to
  9. Hi,

    Is your M20F still for sale?



    1. acpartswhse


      it is    423 231 3491   kerry   in morristown tn

  10. Local IA with 40 years experience let the blade slip while doing a compression check and lost an ear. Afterwards he believed the thing about needing two men to do comp check.
  11. have an inquiry about rh brakes i have but never seen a set sell so anyone have a wild idea on value?