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  1. they have had long enough to check it out you may have to check with them. I would rather you check so they don't think I am trying to influence them. They are good people in all the dealings I have had with them. especially as opposed to western propeller in Troutville Oregon.
  2. WTB Landing gear airspeed switch

    glad you could get it. jerry
  3. WTB Landing gear airspeed switch

    if you cant find the original I would be happy to send you the 503 to use till you find one. ask don if it will work even temporarily. parts books says it will. when you find the original just return mine jerry pressley
  4. WTB Landing gear airspeed switch

    I will send photos today
  5. WTB Landing gear airspeed switch

    almost home. if it is ok it will be in the morning before I get back to you but will go out tomorrow. where are you? Egypt takes 1 day. US takes 2 to 3 usps priority
  6. WTB Landing gear airspeed switch

    and of that 1337 how much can I have? go easy on yoiurself
  7. WTB Landing gear airspeed switch

    880013-503 let me get to the parts and dig one out
  8. WTB Landing gear airspeed switch

    ok I can look in partrs ask him what uit is worth also please
  9. WTB Landing gear airspeed switch

    I have a variety since there are more than one. a photo would help
  10. Eastcoast Propeller Service Inc Directions Website Address: 2079 Main St, Lititz, PA 17543 Phone: (717) 627-7407
  11. Best to send to a large prop shop such Eastern Propeller or such. Are you ready to install or??? I can send this week to them. When shall I tell them you will be ready?
  12. offer is good and probably best to send hub to the shop and if they say ok then you can pay me. also since I am using the blades from this one in my prop I will not need the internals such as tree etc. will include those as well
  13. The overhaul shop you use will check it to make sure they want to sign their name to the overhaul. How soon do you need it. I have a couple damaged mooneys mo ferry. couple weeks? jerry and it has 62 hours since new