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  1. yours are 231? aren't they bigger and improvement over earlier ones? only curious jerryP
  2. misting acf50

    thanks much mine is cleaned up after sitting for 25 years but needs this step. jerry
  3. misting acf50

    Sorry to be so dumb but I pulled up tricon sprayer and they make loads of different ones. does yours look like a paint gun or gartden sorayer?
  4. misting acf50

    anyone know how to "mist" acf 50 into the wings etc? too thick to use a garden sprayer. possibly to mix with something that will evaporate and leave the acf50? "mist" ascvf 50 into the wings etc?
  5. Want to add Hat Rack

    I have the parts you need 423 231 3491
  6. removing brittain autopilit for sale

    This B4 gives the PC heading and radio psg couplers
  7. removing brittain autopilit for sale

    it does but I have a few new ones for $100. ALSO STEB SERVOS FOR 300
  8. Left Elevator

    got a few
  9. Towbar or control lock, or something else?

    Biggen Hill brings back some great memories. I delivered a single engine Meyers 200D to John Hull there from Knoxville, Tn. There Was an old antique twin engine used for sightseeing then. For extra fuel I tried lots of things including PT boat tanks which were manufactured by Meyers during the war. inch too wide. Ended up with a 55 gal drum in the back seat strapped in. Frobisher YFK to Godthab NUUK to Rejevic KEF to biggen hill. this was before GPS or Loran C small enough to fit in a small cockpit. I thought I knew how to fly ADF until 800 miles from Frobisher at midnight in a snowstorm. jerryP
  10. tail tiedown weight

    Bill Wheats directive. a salvage operator I know pulled the lift point u along with a chunk of the case out of a Lycoming by trying to lift the plane during a salvage retrieval. Don't think Mooney thought this one out very well.
  11. tail tiedown weight

    who in mooney said not to tie down the tail for lifting? In later life Bill Wheat was not as informative as earlier. Initially if you needed advice on how to do something out of the ordinary He had a reasonable Solution. Later nothing was ever approved. I knew him for lots of years (my first mooney was a woodwing just after the B come out) and dearly loved the guy but as with all of us, including myself now, we are not as sharp when older. He as the man who showed me how to jack a Mooney .
  12. tail tiedown weight

    am I correct in assuming that while the plane is flying, the tail holds the nose up? even when the plane is in awkward positions the pressure is on the middle (tailcone)? seems like there is more pressure on the tail when the nose is abruptly pulled up than would be by tying down the tail on jacks. No?
  13. someone was looking for the parts to install a hat rack in their earlier mooney. I just cut the forward part of a tailcone that has all the parts needed. $100.00??? jerry 423 231 3491
  14. removing brittain autopilit for sale

    you have one with altitude. any idea what this one is worth? jerryP
  15. removing brittain autopilit for sale

    sitting yes under water no