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  1. No Prop Drop

    Mine was the result of the freeze plug becoming dislodged in the crankshaft. that allowed oil to leak back into internal of engine.
  2. Turbulence.

    The K that you mentioned supposedly pulled out so hard that it crushed the pilots seat. We picked that one up and the seat back for the rh seat was missing. also the bottom was not articulating. Someone stole a good rh articulating seat and replaced with an odd seat bottom. The left seat was still there and in perfect condition. Remember the arm rests making it impossible to move the rh into the lh position? Also when we picked it up it had already been signed off as airworthy. There were small wrinkles on each wing inboard from stress. We drilled the rivets on both sides of the wrinkles and they went away. FAA wouldn't accept that until approved by the Mooney factory. Their big concern was not with the wrinkles but the possibility that the retract rods had stretched. After measuring the rods all was approved to return to service. We kept it for some time flying a lot and passed it on with all in the logs and it is still out there less articulating on rh side. Jerry P
  3. Rayjay Turbo STC

    Still have the low smoh system from my 200 hp for sale if anyone interested. Jerry 423 231 3491
  4. for those that want the easy way out i still have 4 step servos . jerry 423 231 3491
  5. brittain servos

    sold all except one of the new servos. Have two more that were removed from my mooney in good shape. Have 4 elevator or step servos jerry
  6. brittain servos

    still have half a dozen ap servos and 3 step servos. jerry 423 231 3491
  7. Repaint Cost

    Cheapest and best paint job is Manual Mora. Full strip. controls removed and balanced etc phone 809 762 8581. can paint at home or usa English perfect. I have used him for over 20 years.
  8. cross country hotel stop

    Anyone travel cross country east/west along the I-40 route and have a suggestion for fuel/hotel stop. For more years than I care to remember I have stopped at Gallup, NM where the hotel restaurant is a short 5 minute walk from the airport. Always friendly helpful FBO with fuel trucks and mechanics if needed. Some of the planes I move may need a mechanics help so is important. Lately things have gone to pot there. I stopped recently and lost a tire. The current FBO now closes the doors at 5 according to the signs. I was there well before 5 and no one around. there is a note on the door to call after hours in order to get thru the man gate to leave the airport. The plane was off the runway so was safe till morning. Next morning I arrived at the 7 opening time. No one showed up till after 8 and I learned it would be three days before a mechanic with a tire could arrive from the FBO's other office in Flagstaff. Fuel has gone to over $6. Thanks to another pilot based there I was able to borrow a tire capable of making the rest of the trip to Bakersfield. On the return leg a few days later I was again able to arrive well before 5. No one again. and this one no one answered the phone to permit leaving ther airport. I called the local police department who were very helpful. So does anyone have a suggestion of a place with handy hotel and restaurant?
  9. Prop for sale

    banjo, who is that sitting beside you?
  10. Rayjay Turbo.

    Hey Banjo. Not avoiding you my phone is the pitts. email is best I suppose.
  11. brittain servos

    yes I do. send me an address to ship to. the day you receive them -lease send mea personal check. will include my address
  12. Manual step conversion

    I have servos for autopilot and for the step jerry 423 231 3491 any idea what brittain gets for them?
  13. spinner bulkhead for 201 for sale.

    sold it jerry
  14. Hello Jerry,

    A member here who is a client of mine has asked that I contact you about the turbo system for your E model.  Can you tell me if the system is complete?  Can you send pictures? Do you have the paperwork for it? STC’s installation instructions etc.




    1. acpartswhse


      Clarence, Jerry here.  I installed this turbo on my 66E in mid seventies.  At that time the STC was owned by Rajay and was not serial or n number specific. It was approved for installation on Lycoming IOI-360.  I installed it using STC32WE.  on 3-24-77.  it has less than 1200 hours since new and 15 hours on turbo  and ex system smoh.  I just pulled the engine and removed the system from the engine.  the controls are still in the plane which is at the Morristown TN airport. KMOR.  The turbo for the injected engines are different than for the carbureted one.  The injected ones have altitude compensation whereas the carb do not.  I have paperwork showing installation etc.   A good source for information and he has systems is John Breda on this site. Mine must be a bargain as he wants to buy it.  I am told that a new installation now id over $30,000 but that may be hearsay.  couple on here just had it done. my phone 423 231 3491




  15. brittain servos

    have a variety of new brittain servos including step servo. jerry 423 231 3491