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  1. got a Bellanca Viking with 140 smoh if you would like to buy that and change the engine then sell the plane. IO-520K jerry pressley 423 231 v3491
  2. if you dont find them other places send me a pm jerry pressley
  3. member is changing from electric to manual and wonders if the spring loaded ones are usable
  4. JB I have a set of speed brakes for sale and they use this exact servo. so you are ok in buying it. JerryP
  5. anyone have problems with using spring loaded nose gear rods on early J-bar gear?
  6. We get lots of ferry permits and no two alike. Depends on the fsdo. And the shop in GA cannot get the permit for a plane in MD. Has to come from the fsdo in your area. Your FSDO is pretty good. Be glad you are not a mechanic from another area attempting to get a ferry permit n Florida. We have been told that " WE DO NOT ISSUE PERMITS TO A MECHANIC FROM ANOTHER AREA TO FLY OUT OVER THE GOOD PEOPLE OF FLORIDA. If the fsdo wants to inspect it as do most areas anymore as there are too many inspectors now as compared to the number of airplanes it seems, just hope for an old head as opposed to a newby with FAA. Best to fill out thew request and mail, fax, or email ti your fsdo. Covers all the questions they will ask. 8130 is referenced above from shiny moose
  7. Ones on Ebay are 2200 a set as opposed to 1600 or so new.
  8. I may have a new door panel that I got with N5800Q. A photo and what you think it is worth and how to ship? 423 231 3491
  9. will be at airport tomorrow and check

  10. If you dont find something I have an electric trim from a 201. It sits in the tailcone and connects to the elevator tube. Can send photos if interested. Jerry Pressley
  11. is aero trim still in business?
  12. Sorry but i guess I didn't really know what our problem was. I thought you meant some parts were missing. Now I realize You meant that I did not include a current STC for your specific airplane, Again I tell you that at the time I installed this on My Mooney the STC was owned by Rajay and only a log book entry was required for installation. It was not N number specific. Lots has changed during those 40 or so years. Now someone else owns the STC and even if i were inclined to buy that for you it is not available so is impossible. All that was made as clear as I possibly could at the time of your purchase. As you can see by the ad you sent above With all this are we on the same page again?