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  1. That Looks like N2987T If so and you pull up the N number on web you will see that I sold it to Art Daly of El Paso. Super nice guy. Have owned quite a few of these. Including the one Susan Oliver had. Flew that from Knoxville to Marysville CA with zero radios. Jerry Pressley
  2. The Chinese tried to buy it before they bought Mooney but the present owners of the rights and loads of parts thought it was worth way more than realistic. In 1959 the first 4 place was built. n485c Peter Gluckman had them extend the fuel and become the first solo pilot/ single engine. He did 18 hour legs. Landed in the wrong airport twice. Of course he did it with an old/new Narco Omnigator. I still have that. Tried the same flight a year or so later in a V tail Bonanza. That come apart out of Manila. If you look at the rollcage and center section extending out Past the gear and compare Beech pushing the wing up against the fuselage and sticking 4 bolts from spar to center section with washers and nuts. Loss of one nut (forward lower) means loss of airplane. Before the flac starts I have worked lots of these planes over the last 60 years and it's not that unusual. I use one of those extra tanks to ferry Mooneys with bad fuel tanks so if someone needs to borrow it to get to a place to repair tanks let me know. Jerry Pressley 423 231 3491
  3. I sold one of these, N5SE, to a buyer with somewhat of a different accent. Said he would buy it if I would deliver it. I had flown to California so couldn't be any further than that so I agreed. He sent the funds and return address. Kent England. Either send money back or deliver. Lots of prep for that trip. Meyers built PT boat fuel tanks during WW2 and had some left. After hauling them home i found them an inch too wide to fit in the cabin. Eventually had a 55 gal drum sitting in the back seat plumbed into fuel lines. This was way before GPS and Loran C required a big screen and huge charts. Knoxville TN to Goose Bay where no room at the inn. On to Frobisher (the place to learn proficiency in ADF nav is not 500 miles from next airport at 11 pm in a snowstorm). Fuel in Greenland, to Keflavik for the night and down to Biggen Hill. # days but in bed every night. Brought it back a few years later using same Drum
  4. ALAN, what is the number of that green grease it is leaking so badly. JerryP
  5. sorry i sent the fuselage to Australia and it is very possible there was one. strangest thing. the fuselage was on a trailer going down I-40 by Oklahoma city and the faa inspectors from Dallas area pulled him over and tore the data plate off he side of it. Never heard of that before or since and been doing thirty 50 years
  6. One is 34 inche, other 54 inch long
  7. Have a two piece fiberglass belly for a porsche. Anyone know if it is same as other models?
  8. my last post on flying and pumping didnt work
  9. 930 smoh, B hub, May annual, 423 231 3491 located KMOR
  10. Have an empennage complete less control surfaces for $950 if that is a cheaper way to go. Pressley 423 231 3491
  11. 67 F fresh annual 900 smoh 36,500 delivered
  12. tried flying today holding just off stall with gear up then down. Steep climbing turns, straight and level with gear up and down, when cramps sat in from pumping, landed and breaks goos but will they still be good tomorrow? will add then.