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  1. If anyone has a problem as hers I have a new type trim wheel and whole system from an MSE 1991 if you want to upgrade 423 231 3491
  2. Mini's plane was almost repaired last time I was at Don Maxwells place. Did she rep[lace it yet? Next 231 I ferried had the same problem as hers
  3. got a complete spinner including the difficult to find deep dish bulkhead. Offer? 423 231 3491
  4. The problem we have found along this line lately is binding on the trim box. Electric trim forces the box into a bind when trimmed for landing. Amelia's was so tight it took a pair of vice grips to free ti. We have another 231 here now with a similar problem. When I landed it I used the elec trim to trim nose up and when taking off again it was near impossible to retrim. I wonder if it would be possible to adjust more nose up and less nose down into the system. I never had a problem with too much nose down trim. Of course if it were loaded nose heavy>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  5. Do you have a Brittain system for sale ? I might be interested 

  6. got one that needs cleaning up. $150 complete or I will clean it up and remove extra parts for $200.00 guaranteed of course send me a mailing address and pay me after checking it over jerry 423 231 3491
  7. have one new style step. Yes clara there is a new style. also have the older ones jerry 423 231 3491
  8. If it is a metal belly the skins/fairings are sooo simple to make.
  9. I have a single piece j belly
  10. if you will text me a photo to 4232313491 I will send photos of what I have a few hundred
  11. have a one piece belly
  12. with BI-805? jerry 423 231 3491
  13. Alan, are you sure this takes the place of bi805? If so I am a rich man as have these. BI805 is the scarce one.
  14. I have a few 201 spinners complete with the difficult bulkhead. Is $500.00 too much for the whole setup?
  15. Have a good one from an F My phone is 423 231 3491 jerry pressley acpartswhse send me an address and I will send for inspection. If you like it pay me