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  1. acpartswhse

    KX 165 is failing

    I believe the 155 will slide in where the 165 was removed. if both have glide slope or both without glide slope. I have one of each and have interchanged them.
  2. acpartswhse

    KX 165 is failing display repair display lense
  3. acpartswhse

    Mooney has been sitting

    Most of the things posted here are for after you get it home. washing waxing, tires gear swing elt battery etc. You are getting it ready for ferry, not doing an annual. Let your mechanic decide what needs to be done for ferry. He is signing the ferry permit. Too bad you are so far away. Would be a nice afternoon flight moving it to your plave
  4. Daniel delivered his to ok city 

  5. acpartswhse

    CO2 cartridge life vest or raft

    have a one way trip ti San Juan. will rent a raft in Miami. How to get it back? Normally go round trip to Santo Domingo for painting \.
  6. OOOOPS< mine does not have altitude as shown in photo.
  7. I have this complete system out of a 66E which fits all mooneys with PC. Also manuals to repair and install. $950 jerry pressley 423 231 3491
  8. acpartswhse

    Seat Cam Chewed Up - Replacement Needed

    any idea what would be a good price?
  9. acpartswhse

    Seat Cam Chewed Up - Replacement Needed

    i have some seats disassembled with usable cams
  10. your downturned one is not the normal pipe we see on most mooneys soooooooooooooo. i dont have one turned down like yours but i do have half a dozen normal ones for $150
  11. I have a tailpipe for the 180 but in en emergency you can cut off the damaged part and still have a pipe similar to other type 180 pipe. jerryr p 4232313491
  12. acpartswhse

    parts parts

    is a wingtip mounted power supply?
  13. acpartswhse

    2004-10-14 AD

    Anyone familiar with the prop strike AD? I have used the 1004-10-14 C1 for years but now the FAA says no C1.. Even the AD lists show 1004-10-14 was superseded by 1004-10-14c1
  14. acpartswhse

    M20C turbo

    I IO-360 Power Charts (1).pdf