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  1. Have a good one from an F My phone is 423 231 3491 jerry pressley acpartswhse send me an address and I will send for inspection. If you like it pay me
  2. got a low time Weldon removed from a 201 if anyone is interested. Offer?
  3. 52D254M model 4000c-6 part no iu262-015-5 off century 41 M20K
  4. Yours has the larger holes and bearings as opposed to the smaller ones on pre 69. it is in a fuselage so photo is difficult. Both ears for ng retract rods are good.
  5. still don't see how the one in the photo can bolt on that way. Look at the photo
  6. think if it gets welded it has to be heat treated. Anyone know the process Mooney uses?
  7. Have a friend here with a good one. what shall I offer him for it?
  8. Don't mean to sound dumb but isn't that for a McCauley? No way to attach it to the flywheel according to the photos you have
  9. no corrosion and good tanks price lowered to 35
  10. got an extra 214 or two $95.00 including shipping jerry pressley send me an address and as always with mooneyspace I will send it to you and if you are happy with it send me a personal check
  11. sold the entire interior. Thanks much
  12. 65C with 310 smoh and 0 smoh B hub prop. fresh annual $37500 423 231 3491 Deliver for fuel and send me back home. jerryP
  13. oooops didn't see Canada. thought you were in Atlanta. my email Jackson county 24A
  14. my phone 423 231 3491 jerryP
  15. If you will wander up to Jackson County NC, there is a very nice 65C with most of what you are looking for. Make me a halfway sane offer. Jerry Pressley