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  1. CHT's were above 300°( 305-310°) except one which was just below 300°.
  2. Hello, During last flight on my Ovation (more than 1 hour at 65% power and even more) oil temperature was not higher that 145°F ! Outside was at 34°F. What could be the reason ? Thanks
  3. Hello, The hobbs on my Ovation (1999 model) doesn't work anymore. Can anyone tell me what is the wiring used for this instrument and how to repair it. Many thanks Jean-Claude
  4. Hello, I'm looking for such Moritz Gauges for my ovation; Are they still for sale?
  5. Thanks a lot. Do you have the reference of the part at Shadin ?
  6. I will discuss this option with my mechanic. Thanks a lot
  7. Hello All, I have problems with the fuel flow on my Ovation (1999 with Moritz Gauges) that sometimes stops working for some time and then restarts and runs again. I think i need to replace it (the plane has 1850 hours). Price at Mooney center is 1400 USD + VAT and transport for France (around 1900 $ in total !!!) No need to say that i want to find another solution. Can anybody help me ? What is the reference of the original transducer used on the Ovation ? Thanks Jean-Claude
  8. An idea of the cost of this 4 bladed MT prop ?
  9. Hi All, I intend to change my McCauley three blades for an Hartzell. I'm sure you already discussed this but didn't found information in the forum. Can you tell me what should be the new performance ( climbing i know, seems to be 1250 fpm at max weight ) but what about speed. Actually 145 KIAS at 8000 ft. Thanks a lot Jean-Claude