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  1. I moved from WV to NC in 2012 and kept a car in WV until I retired a couple months ago. It was driven monthly, give or take. Kept in a parking garage as an "airline employee" for about $200/year. Sitting is hard on batteries and tires. I found that those jump pack start units (Blue Fuel) work well if the battery is not totally flat. Flat enough to not turn the car over, but not like 2V flat. Mine were taken home every few months either by weather requirements or by state inspection requirements, so the batteries were recharged fully on occasion. Another good tool is a 12V compressor for flat tires. Not as big of a deal if at an FBO - can always bum a little air from the mx guys. It was nice to have wheels when I needed them there. Not perfect, but better than walking.
  2. Took the big book on a deployment for a couple of months. Actually learned some stuff. Took the test when I came home. It worked for me, but it's an extreme way and I don't recommend the deployment end of it if you don't have to...
  3. ... Many of my access panels below the wing have somehow become concave... I have no idea how this has occurred, but I cant help but think they are causing extra drag. Would it be worth replacing these panels with ones that are not concave OR removing and working the existing ones so that they are flush with the wing.? i brought this up a few months back and made a slight change to my ugly paint 65C. I purchased some 4" wide 3M 471 and taped up all the forward inspection covers, doing away with those gaps. I haven't put in a doubler yet to get rid of the concave feature, but found that the plane flew noticeably smoother after the unsightly addition. I have some ideas on how to proceed with a more permanent solution, but all require time, which is in short supply in my life at the moment. I also wonder whether modifying the larger, rear panels would be as effective due to their position on the wing, aft of the spar. Open to criticism or improvements of my idea. Patrick
  4. Anybody ever used a fire extinguisher inflight? Just curious.
  5. So a nice gentleman on here has set up a GoFundMe account for Don and his wife in this, their challenging time. Use it if you want to. Don't if you don't. Why does something like this even warrant negative comments? Just curious. None here.
  6. Similar to these, I bought a couple of the bright orange triangular shaped marshaling wands and they work great as transient chocks. Don't weigh a thing either. Good luck, Patrick WND DAY16
  7. You missed the part where I mentioned that I already have it, but that's okay. I am not a hater of the tech, but you have pointed out two pretty small areas compared to the rest of the country where the equipment will be "required". Uncle Sam taught me to fly about 20 years ago now - and for the record, I have flown into all the USAF bases in FL - and I just don't feel that the benefit is there for me in the Charlotte or surrounding airspace. Oh well, opinions, I guess... To each their own. And in the end, it's just $$.
  8. So there were lots of midairs before this technology in Florida and Phoenix? I really didn't hear about it being epidemic. But you are right, I don't fly in those areas VFR. Perhaps though, the technology has changed the way we fly VFR - used to be we looked outside, not at our tablets.
  9. While I understand your viewpoint, and am equipped myself, I think that the number of midairs shows your lifesaving claim to contain a bit of drama.
  10. Sure is, until you fly around it a time or two. First trip out of the country was with Bill. We went to a small dirt strip in Germany with a day off in England. He and I and our engineer spent the down time at the Air Museum at Duxford. It was a great way to start out my career!
  11. Bill Peters, perhaps? My former wing commander.
  12. I would, but it might turn some heads and I'm not sure how well we'd fit in the pattern doing low approaches in the Herk...
  13. Back in 1998 for me, and I still find myself at HTS every now and then...but only for a few more months.
  14. Yes. Contract MX by Delta. Perhaps more than "routine" maintenance, as they have local guys at their base of ops for that, but Delta has many such contracts.
  15. A bag of tricks was mentioned. My advice is to add to yours EVERY TIME YOU FLY. Don't limit learning or practicing to when you are supervised. Know your limits and stick to them but try to stretch them at every opportunity. Just did the dreaded 180 in my RV-4 a couple weeks ago. Apples and oranges compared to the Mooney, but it was surprisingly easy. Sounds not nearly as dramatic as Pete's. 10,000 hours and a bag of tricks I've been working on for 20 years though. simple thoughts...