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  1. A bag of tricks was mentioned. My advice is to add to yours EVERY TIME YOU FLY. Don't limit learning or practicing to when you are supervised. Know your limits and stick to them but try to stretch them at every opportunity. Just did the dreaded 180 in my RV-4 a couple weeks ago. Apples and oranges compared to the Mooney, but it was surprisingly easy. Sounds not nearly as dramatic as Pete's. 10,000 hours and a bag of tricks I've been working on for 20 years though. simple thoughts...
  2. Sounds like Steingar and I use the same publisher.
  3. While I love the 300XL, I'm a one point-direct user because of the clunky user interface.
  4. Give yourself plenty of time and use it, if necessary. My bIggest concern would be getting sucked into a leg you should not try weather-wise due to a need to be home in a day or two or three. Always float the caps and plan to land with 2 hours in the tanks until you get an idea on real world fuel burn. Does your new bird have a modern fuel flow computer? That will be valuable, if so equipped, but I'd still verify it religiously by good old math for the first few flights. I personally wouldn't bother with O2, but that is more a personal preference. I don't usually fly my C at altitudes where it is required. Will you go faster W-E at altitude? Generally, yes. Again though, we're figuring out a new plane, so time in the seat, even at cruise, is not wasted. Just plan the route to not need it and enjoy the ride. It'll be a long one either way. Finally, where in Virginia? I grew up in the western mountains. Keep us posted and congratulations on finding the one for you! Patrick
  5. I have used PeeDee Avionics at Cheraw a few times, most recently for an ADSB install. Shannon and the guys are professional and timely in their availability and have done nice work for me. Patrick
  6. The thing I find interesting is that my RV-4 has one inspection portal under each wing and it is a beautifully flush mounted, handmade piece. No need for tape there. is there only one under the -7 also?
  7. I was an engineer before a pilot and so the testing part is interesting to me. Don't mind the effort, which is actually nil. The 3M tape leaves no residue. And I have had no tape lift over 5.5 hours of flying. Thanks too for the alignment advice.
  8. I did it, and it seems faster. Problem is I had never done the fancy 3-way tests to determine speed. I did put in the AV-20S and was surprised to see 153kts TAS the past 2 days while flying. I have an overhauled engine and am breaking it in, so not going easy on it, but this number surprised me. I have no speed mods, to speak of, except the brake reversal STC. Well, and the lower cowl closure, which isn't really a speed thing. More testing to follow. So far I have only taped up cowl seams and the forward set of underwing ports. Open to ideas on how to test my pitot system for accuracy. I suppose that avionics guys have a tester they use to pressurize and test it, right?
  9. This is the discussion I hoped to learn from. I've "heard " lots of things over my 22 years of flying, but I've "heard" many things from politicians too. I was hoping to hear some science and we may be on the verge of it. That said, I taped, carefully, but didn't get to fly. Tomorrow...
  10. Yes, Clarence. Dave Anders, in his beautiful and FAST RV-4 has been the impetus for my buying stock in 3M. My -4 has a couple of seams that are bare and my Mooney is beginning to look that way too. I'll tape and fly today and see if there are any noticable differences. I didn't know of the Piper mods. I am curious to know from a theoretical standpoint if the under surface is as important flow-wise as the upper wing surface. Patrick
  11. ...thought that the myriad under-wing inspection panels and their corresponding transitions add drag as the air flows under the wing? I just bought some 4" wide 3M471 tape and will smooth those transitions, first on the forward inspection panels, and see if there is a noticable difference in feel or smoothness of the airframe throughout the flight regime. I know that my C has 16-20 of those single-thickness panels - except at the wing root where there is one with a doubler that has much less indentation/drag. That one is put on with panhead screws though... Curious if 1) there are as many on the newer models and 2) if they are single thickness or double, so as to minimize the transition. Chime in if this is a silly project from a scientific perspective. I am not an aerodynamics-trained guy. Patrick
  12. Let's just talk about Mooney airplanes. In the context of this forum I don't care what any of you you think about other topics.