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  1. Price reduction / Make offer! Joe@77O - 776 - 9OO7
  2. Only hardware not included are pushrods, your pushrods will need to be shortened(main)/lengthened(nose) or replaced because the manual gear bellcrank mounts further forward than the electric gear bellcrank does. Probably 30 hrs, the tough part is where do you stop with the extras once you get started. I stripped/primed/painted all control and gear linkages. Super-cleaned and lubed all the rod ends. Removed old wiring that was from avionics shops long ago... I’d be happy to provide a detailed step by step to complete the conversion.
  3. According to the parts manual theses components are not model specific, I'd expect no surprises installing in an 'E'
  4. Yep, you’re doing the right thing. There no light illuminating that area so a flashlight is required at night.
  5. Guys, the green/white indicator is a different part than what his airplane has. He has a tube with a line painted on it, that’s how it was before your bellcranks came to be.
  6. 53 years after conversion to electric, converted back to manual. Maybe the airplane will be converted back to electric in 2073, but it won't be by me! Everything must go, cleaning out the hangar sale!
  7. Hi Ross, My bellcrank was gray with a single white line on it, you can see it in the picture listed here: If yours is the same as mine was, taking that cover off to clean the window is a 2 person job with the underbelly panel removed. There are locknuts on the other side of those screws! -Joe
  8. Here are all of the electric gear components removed from my M20F when converted back to j-bar, it’s probably been a few years since such a kit has been available and who knows if it ever will be available again! $3500 plus shipping Price reduction / Make offer!
  9. I should be seeing the current owner again tomorrow, I’ll ask him to join the site and share some Mite activity!
  10. First thing I would inspect is the fuselage tubing just below the nose gear hump, to make sure that the pivot points are there for the Johnson bar, the bellcrank for the electric gear is located about 5” aft of where the Johnson bar bellcrank goes. My airplane had both pivot bushings in place and it appeared that was from new, not added on at the conversion to electric. Maybe they are all that way.
  11. Here is a better teaser video of the Fokker. This footage is from a passenger's iphone from the backseat of the Mooney, they are still working on the video from the Triplane cameras.
  12. Some of you may remember that I toyed with the idea of converting my M20F back to Johnson bar about a year ago. It was produced as a J-bar in December of ‘66, converted to electric for the first owner in ‘67, and stayed that way until the Coronavirus lockdown. The conversion back to j-bar went well, very straightforward operation and was a great opportunity to strip and repaint the control and gear pushrods, clean and lube all the rod ends so they are like new, and also super clean any oil and dirt from the underside floor. It was a really satisfying annual with gear conversion that stirred up lots of comments and questions from the airport drive by experts. I’m really enjoying the manual gear, it’s a big enough change that the airplane feels ‘new’ and exciting to me. Such a simple and wonderful design and the old girl dropped a few pounds as well. You all know what a Johnson bar looks like but I’ll post some pictures later because I’m really proud of the work. If anyone is interested in a complete conversion kit to electric gear, everything you need will be posting in the classified area soon!
  13. I had to shake off a Fokker Triplane the other day. The full video will be posted soon, he is still editing all the footage (we had 4 cameras on the Triplane, 2 go-pros and 2 360's):