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  1. Congratulations Dgira23, Don’t worry about fast floaty landings or any other rumors you hear about in a Mooney, fantastic airplane and you’ll have no issues at all if you fly it by the numbers. For a Mooney cfi in FL you may want to talk to @MooneyPoor. He is a professional pilot, multiple Mooney owner and all around nice guy. If your schedules line up it I’d recommend flying with him. If you need assistance on the ferry flight I’d love the opportunity to do it for you. I just completed a trip moving @Stephan‘s M20F to KOAK for new owner @johnnyu, I think they’ll both say I’m
  2. For me, the decision to convert back over to manual gear was based on: lighter weight, less complexity, elimination of the reoccurring 100hr/200hr electric gear AD, and a general appreciation for the simplicity of the j-bar design.
  3. Yes, absolutely! Originally produced a J bar M20F in '67, converted to electric gear by Dugosh in '68 for the first owner, I converted mine back to J bar last year. I do have the entire conversion kit of parts as removed boxed up on a shelf in the hangar. There have been a few inquires on individual gear parts but I hesitate to break it up for situations exactly like this where someone may want to do a conversion to electric. It is difficult to give you an accurate estimate on the conversion cost as it will depend on many factors. In my case, I provided my own labor and over restor
  4. Well, it's a little difficult to explain to people that don't live in an airplane community. I mean, what is there to say, why wouldn't you live with instant access to your airplane and have a runway in your backyard? I'm at Brook Bridge Aerodrome 8GA9 2970' Grass (small community but we have 2 Mooneys here, a G and a F)
  5. Thanks Stephen, it was a great trip! Thank you so much for being such a great host. Once that weather cleared in Missouri it really all came together quickly. It’s hard to believe we are able to cross the country by Mooney in 2 days (even with the headwinds!) and now I’m waiting for my Delta ride home tonight. You did a great job interviewing the next caretakers of N9150V. I really wish I could have spent more time here in Oakland with Johnny! We did get a quick flight in around the bay which I enjoyed! So beautiful
  6. Sure would be nice to fly the other direction! Headwinds were brutal but the goal for today was Belen NM, so that was achieved. Airplane is flying great. If the weather allows, I should be able to make Oakland tomorrow afternoon.
  7. Already have a Multi? Seriously, I would find out what the delay is with the FAA. Before making phone calls you can go here: https://amsrvs.registry.faa.gov/amsrvs/Logon.asp and then on the right column under Certificate select Request Verification of Certificate Privileges. They will send you an immediate email with what their records currently show for you as far as pilot certificate and medical.
  8. You all are going about this the wrong way, just go take another checkride and get another temporary ticket. Why stop at commercial?
  9. I don't know if the same crew is still there but I bought my Mooney out of Michigan a few years ago and had the pre-purchase inspection completed at Lapeer airport D95. There was a Mooney service center (not sure if they still are?) there and the guys were really accommodating during the inspection allowing my Mooney friend and I access to everything while the airplane was opened up. I had a real good feeling about them and really appreciated how welcoming they were allowing us in the workshop. Hopefully that is an option as it is just north of Detroit. Where is it located exactly?
  10. I’m at 196.4hrs last 12 months, this airplane is dialed in and an absolutely a joy to fly. Plenty of trips, and Instrument, Commercial and Multi-engine rating achieved. A good aviation year for me!
  11. Saw this one sitting pretty on the ramp as I departed Hampton GA this evening. He travelled Dallas TX to Hampton GA in 3:26. Hopefully the winds calm down for his trip back home
  12. I love seeing other Mooney’s on the ramp. A few weeks ago in Nashville we were walking out to my F to head home and I saw this one parked next to me! I actually forgot I took this picture until I saw this post. Anybody from here?
  13. That is the RV pump shroud sold on Spruce. This is the one I used to replace my worn out Mooney original. A couple minutes work with a few cuts here and there. Shorten the skirt so nothing rubs and elongate the holes so you can slide the cover over the top of the pump (instead of trying to fit the lines through the holes into the pump). Highly recommended.
  14. Hi Frank @MooneyPoor, How about I fly Johnny's Mooney to California and then yours back to Georgia Hard to believe you found one better than that beauty you sold, seller's remorse got you shopping?
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