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  1. Culver LFA

    Cirrus Delivery

    Hey! What’s wrong with the VW Beetle? It’s one of the best cars I’ve ever owned. People smile at you and tell fun stories of when they had a Beetle. Waves and thumbs up everyday. Bullet proof reliable and easy to maintain. If it only had wings it would be one of the best commuters out there!
  2. Culver LFA

    IO-360 A1A

    This one is going in my airplane as soon as Ron has it assembled. Thanks for the lead!
  3. Culver LFA

    Engine trouble on takeoff-I was lucky.

    Mine had not been overhauled since 1989. The system seemed to operate fine but it looked terrible and the linkage was getting sloppy. I sent the components off to Russ at D&G Supply and he did a great job. The servo and divider now look brand new.
  4. Maybe the issue was that the “Mooney Museum” name was already taken. In reality, Mooneyspace is the Mooney museum. Keeping them flying!
  5. Culver LFA

    Mooney + Porsche

    Yes, many did. This is a true statement.
  6. Culver LFA

    Mooney + Porsche

    Porsche going to water cooling had more to do with noise and exhaust emissions than power, look at their competitive history and you will see that Porsche did not struggle to produce extreme amounts of reliable power with turbocharged air cooled engines. Just couldn’t continue to do air cooled and meet the federal noise and exhaust emissions. (993 was last of the air cooled. Not counting the 944/968, the 9x6 Boxster & 911 started the ‘modern’ production water cooled cars)
  7. I’d call @Alan Fox 856 419 5209 I think he has an engine from an M20E, see listing in the classified section
  8. Culver LFA

    Best Cheap ADSB Solution

    I think the tailbeacon is what I'm interested in as well, I think I read somewhere that it is expected to be approved in the Fall 2018
  9. Culver LFA

    Fly with a bad fuel pump?

    I saw that they have a Tempest overhauled pump listed at a much more reasonable CB price: Call and ask for Nick Wood at the counter, he’s a good guy and will make sure you get the right part.
  10. Culver LFA

    Fly with a bad fuel pump?

    My opinion, the question is do you go with a 62B26931 pump or find a LW-15473 before flying the airplane? I was recently reading on here that the 62B26931 pressures are a bit over Mooney spec.
  11. This is the brochure that Brittain sent me when I inquired about adding altitude hold to my PC system. It says the entire Brittain Pitch Altitude Control System consist of four elements: (1) Function Panel…to engage and monitor the system via a miniaturized pitch trim indicator which visually references the position of the elevator trim taps. (2) Sensor-Computer Amplifier…the remotely located “sensing” device which is the heart of the system. (3) Altitude Hold Chamber. (4) Pneumatic Servos…connected to aircraft elevator mechanism.
  12. Brittain Pitch Stabilization & Altitude Hold brochure View File This brochure was provided by Brittain when I inquired about adding altitude to my PC system. Submitter Culver LFA Submitted 07/19/2018 Category Avionics  
  13. I inquired about this time last year and was quoted a bit over $3000 for the parts. They said it would probably take 18-24 months to collect and tag the parts and they could put me on the waiting list. While it would be nice to have, I couldn’t justify the expense when the airplane holds altitude so well. ‘Saving’ that money will buy a lot of fuel!
  14. Culver LFA

    New PCU5000 ATH-1 Prop governor

    Hi Alan, I'll take it! Let's add that on to the J-bar parts we are discussing. Joe
  15. Culver LFA

    Home & hangar for sale near Atlanta

    That's a big one right there, I pay 100/quarter for Road Dues alone. The size of your community must help reduce the costs per lot pretty significantly as well.