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  1. I just made one of these using your pdf, after 2hrs of flight on each tank today I checked the levels with the stick when I landed and it shows around 13 a side. That’s about perfect! That scrap wood and sharpie I used to make this was the best money I ever spent in aviation.
  2. Like the title says, anyone in the area want to meet up and grab some dinner? Tomorrow (5/23) or Sunday evening would be best for me. @gsxrpilot I’ve lost my link for the Mooney member map, can you send it to me again please?
  3. Yep, that’s why I bought 2. I’m hoping some other missing things may show up as well!
  4. Thank you Alan, I’ll send you $25 through PayPal
  5. Yep, adding the picture was probably over the top. So can you help me out with a cover?
  6. I took one off to color match and now have no idea where I put it, I probably put it on the roof of my car before I drove off... Anyone have a spare? @Alan Fox @acpartswhse
  7. Nope. There were no questions asked, completed the reservation, installation, validation flight and then got the rebate.
  8. Shoot, ya’ll must be rich. I have good ol’ KMA24 with a Sigtronics RES-400 intercom and a RES-401 stereo retrofit system (I got it off eBay new in the box for $60). Plug a $10 Bluetooth receiver into the RES-401 audio input and bam, your listening to your iTunes with 1980 technology! iPad/Foreflight, all that Jazz... If I wanted to call somebody that’d have to go through the Bose A20 but I don’t do that. Now if I could only figure out how to get the music through the cabin speaker for my daughter while we’re on the ground before we get rolling.
  9. Sometimes the wisdom here on Mooneyspace amazes me, and sometimes I just shake my head and whisper “please stop this thread” (before the people that are new learning about the capability of a Mooney regurgitate the garbage that spews from our mouths). I have no experience with long-body, but I can assure you a mid/short body Mooney does very very well on short fields and turf.
  10. Weren't you the REAL reason we were getting together for lunch? I'm still planning on being there tomorrow, we'll just have to do it again when you are available! If anyone is interested in doing something before or after lunch, WWII Heritage Days will be going on this weekend at Falcon Field/Peachtree City. "That's All Brother", P-51 rides, stuff like that.
  11. Who did the prop balancing for you? I'm planning on having it done and was hoping for someone fairly local
  12. @Kris_Adams How's this Saturday look for you?
  13. Saturday is looking good for me!
  14. Any chance that would be Dr. Greenwald? I haven't talked to him in over 10 years but if you keep in touch with him please tell him Joe Burley said "Hello!". I always enjoyed seeing him, super nice guy and always smiling (he'd remember me from Reeves).
  15. Still raining here, terrible soggy weather... Who’s in for KPIM next Saturday the 27th, 11:30?