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  1. @Mooneymite check our this Mite restoration going on not far from us at PDK. It’s a beauty!
  2. I will be attending. Looking forward to it! Joe Burley
  3. Wait for your first HOA meeting, that’s when the honeymoon is over! Just joking, that’s a great update to hear and living at the Aerodrome with your airplane close by is truly living the dream!
  4. So exactly what altitude are you cruising at
  5. The 27th of July is competing with a pretty big aviation event. (2019 EAA AirVenture Oshkosh will begin Monday, July 22 and ends on Sunday, July 28)
  6. Welcome Pasturepilot, Nice looking Mooney! Looks like we are pretty close to each other, lots of Mooneys popping up in the ATL area! -Joe
  7. That is a pretty slick setup, I think I may put this on my Christmas list (or maybe get one at Oshkosh if I can't wait)
  8. Welcome to the group pilotrider, I'm 20 or so minutes (by Mooney) NW of you, I'd be happy to come down and meet you sometime and we can do a flight together in my M20F. Good luck with your search! Joe
  9. You guys flying off pavement probably don’t kill as many bugs as us turf guys but I find that a little spritz of WD40 on the prop blades after each flight and then a quick wipe with a paper towel takes the bugs right off. They don’t seem to stick very well to the treated surface.
  10. I just made one of these using your pdf, after 2hrs of flight on each tank today I checked the levels with the stick when I landed and it shows around 13 a side. That’s about perfect! That scrap wood and sharpie I used to make this was the best money I ever spent in aviation.
  11. Like the title says, anyone in the area want to meet up and grab some dinner? Tomorrow (5/23) or Sunday evening would be best for me. @gsxrpilot I’ve lost my link for the Mooney member map, can you send it to me again please?
  12. Yep, that’s why I bought 2. I’m hoping some other missing things may show up as well!
  13. Thank you Alan, I’ll send you $25 through PayPal