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  1. If you look at your aircraft settings, what is your maximum ceiling set at? This will change what altitudes are displayed for winds aloft
  2. I believe it is based off of the aircraft you have selected, my M20F shows the winds aloft down low but if I change to the CJ it goes up into the flight levels
  3. This is what my wife and daughter have for the airplane: https://www.oxo.com/oxo-tot-2-in-1-go-potty.html#gray-gray
  4. We have one in the airplane, it’s a folding travel potty thing (it’s like a small toilet seat with a folding base). I think my wife found it on Amazon but I’ll have to ask her, hopefully I can post a link. The thing gets packed on the hat shelf and she says just having it in the airplane calms her nerves enough that it is normally not needed. Traveling with 2 girls I plan stops around 2.5hrs for relief/stretch breaks, but even with that planning sometimes the folding potty gets utilized.
  5. I do this pretty often, usually end up going east of the Windsor airspace heading up to Sandusky MI, talking to Approach when VFR or IFR, and have not been billed for any transitioning of the Canadian airspace. Detroit usually needs to move you east of their airspace for the arrivals and down to 5000' over Lake St Clair when heading north, going south I usually start a climb up to 10'000 which is where I want to be anyway heading home, it seems to work for their incoming traffic and I'm more comfortable crossing the lakes. Detroit controllers are some of the best I've ever worked with, they really seem to understand the challenges of weather (like needing to get low early or staying high longer to prevent icing going through clouds) and working the traffic flow between the slow guys (us) and the fast traffic arriving and departing. Enjoy your flight! Just one more thought, I'm always with Detroit/Great Lakes approach when doing this, not sure if that matters billing wise but they never hand me over to Canadian ATC?
  6. I'm #670221, a '67 F produced 12/66. Just walked out to the airplane and took a look, there are no signs of cracking, corrosion or plugs on either one of my elevator counterweights. No logbook entries for elevator repairs or replacement from birth to today so I have no reason to suspect replacement in the past.
  7. Avidyne is out of the office due to the approaching hurricane in Florida, I’m sure they’ll get back with you as soon as they are able.
  8. @Austintatious, I’ve been flying to work lately living the dream. Out my living room door into the hangar, over the Atlanta traffic and arrive at work in 20 minutes. Sure beats a hour plus drive! On topic, the other airplanes in my hangar are a Culver Cadet, a Sonerai 1, and there is a 1950 PA20 hanging from the rafters waiting for attention.
  9. I do resemble that remark, as well as @Keith20EH who also owns a Cadet and M20E. The PQ-14 is a larger/faster evolution of the PQ-8 which was based off of the Culver Cadet, Al Mooney designs. I do have archive materials on Culver PQ8 and PQ-14 aircraft but would have to do some research to see how involved Al Mooney was in the redesign work for these aircraft, pure speculation but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a much larger team of engineers available to Culver around the time of the PQ-14 due to the war effort.
  10. The cardboard box that the Aerocreeper comes in is really heavy duty. I use it in the back of my truck to keep the loose items from sliding around in the bed and I can easily slide it out to retrieve things when needed!
  11. I feel left out, he didn’t mail one to me and he probably should have. I’ve had twin fever for a while now but the thought of going through the tire kickin’ sales process of selling mine has kept me flying the Mooney (which is probably for the best)
  12. I borrowed one from a friend once and when I returned it to him I found out that he had ordered one for me as a gift. I was shocked, he is so generous. You really don’t realize how good of a product it is until you put it to use.
  13. I attempted to install a Powerflow on my M20F but ran into an issue where the muffler was interfering with the alternate air door. Powerflow was fantastic to work with offering to pickup my airplane in Atlanta GA and fly it back to their factory in FL to make a system for my airplane. While I appreciated the offer I declined and reinstalled my worn stock exhaust. A year and a half later the old exhaust system was finally shot so I sent it in to AWI and guess what, absolutely even cht/egts and noticeably better performance all around. I’m very happy with AWI. I think the stock vs. Powerflow comparison really needs to be apples to apples not old/worn out vs new.
  14. Plus it would be a great opportunity for us to show our great appreciation to the Mooney employees, past and present. They have had some ups and downs over the years, I bet they would like to see the fruits of their labor
  15. Hello Jonny, Your update is exciting to hear, thank you for your direct contact with the community. Just a low priority idea to add to your huge list of more important things to do, Maule has been hosting an annual fly-in at the factory for the last 10 years or so, it seems to be a pretty popular event. I can tell you I would be excited to have more Mooney specific events to attend and having something at the Mooney factory would be pretty great. I think if forum members here saw what you have going on and what the factory has to offer it would be a big boost in moral and the word would spread fast that Mooney is still in the game. Do I even dare suggest a $100 cover charge per person to help keep the lights on? I'd be happy to pay it. I think it would be a great experience and worth it for the Mooney fellowship (and maybe some lunch).
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