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  1. I'd like to see the 'Mark site read' button on the top right next to the 'Unread content', but otherwise I think the site is great!
  2. Hi Cogboxer, As I'm sure you know the camping spots are first come, first serve. If you sign up for their text message updates (which I'd recommend), you will get arrival, campground and weather information. Tough to say if spots will be available when you arrive but I think you'll be ok. Thursday AM is a big turnover, the people that arrived earlier in the week stay for the Wednesday night show then pack up Thursday AM, and if the weather is favorable there will be a flow of new people to fill those spots so the place is always busy. I'll be camping with my airplane in the Vintage area and hosting a table in the Vintage Hangar for the Culver Cadet, should be arriving Saturday or Sunday. I'll keep an eye out for you and other fellow Mooneyspacers! Oh, and the judging, they will encourage you to participate no matter what condition your airplane is in.
  3. Please offer these for sale, I'd really like a set for mine!
  4. @Mkruger2021 I still have all the electric gear components that were removed from my F, $2500 for everything and you'll have all the spare parts a guy could ever need!
  5. Carusoam, I flew my Mooney for years with a bad speaker having no idea what I was missing. Since replacement a few years ago I now find that speaker extremely beneficial. It gets hot down here in Atlanta so when I taxi around my home drome the overhead speaker is monitoring the frequency. At airports with AWOS I’ll dial that in on the speaker before startup. There are times it’s nice to not have a headset on while in the airplane. Edit: I just thought of another "feature" that a pro on this forum shared with me - When on an ILS/LOC approach you select the NAV audio on the overhead speaker, the Morse code identifier can be heard in the background providing confirmation that it is working all the way down the chute. It's not too distracting since it is not in your headset but can still be heard slightly muted since the sound is in the cabin. Just an easy way to confirm the ILS/LOC is operating while your going down to mins.
  6. Clarence - Please say Hello to Ron and let him know that IO-360 I bought from him 2 year ago is running great. He builds a smooth and powerful engine!
  7. I'll be down that way next week with my M20F and will be parking at X39 or KCLW. Should be in FL for 2 or so weeks, I would be happy to do some flying around with you.
  8. There are some ferry pilots here on Mooneyspace to consider that are Mooney owners and also supporters of the group. I’d be happy to send you a detailed quote to complete the trip, PM sent. Best regards, Joe
  9. What part do you need, maybe one of us has it and can ship to you?
  10. I kept my daughter unplugged from birth to about 3-4, she wore Peltor youth ear muffs. 4-6 she was in a used kids headset I bought from a guy at the airport. At 7, my Bose A20 fits her well so it’s hers now.
  11. Oh no! Who was this with? I'm with Global this year flying off grass
  12. I have been to Sun n Fun 15-20 times and Oshkosh 3 times. Sure, they are very different events but both are great in their own way and I'm glad there are two big airshow events like this. Your impression of SnF has not been my experience, you really should try it before you get 'old'
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