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  1. It’s been a while, if I remember correctly we ended up using a Spruce cable that has 1/2” housing and cut the window for the gear switch.
  2. They’d still do, word on the street is that it’s 2 VFR and 2 IFR at a time. If you’re IFR and they don’t send you over the top it may be worth asking if VFR will shorten your trip (weather permitting).
  3. I believe you misspelled “President”
  4. @Browncbr1 the Surefly is timed at TDC and the ignition timing set with the dip switches inside the unit.
  5. John, I just tried to measure mine at the flap release lever but it's too tight to get in there. Appears to be the same size as the parking brake cable piano wire which measures 0.0625"
  6. If you’ve not travelled across this country by GA, you absolutely must do it. Don’t worry about weather, how long it will take, or how much it will cost, it will be worth it all. Stop in small town airports, visit with the locals and see the local sights and sounds. You’ll talk about that trip for years and you’ll dream about doing it again.
  7. I just updated mine with an update off of ebay, full update for $60
  8. Going to have to get you guys signed up on the FB Culver Cadet group with all this Culver interest! The Cadet has a throttle interconnect to the gear preventing idle power with the gear still up. Throttle landing gear interlock .docx
  9. It hurts to see Keith having so much fun with his Cadet, mine has been apart for a couple years now. When I had to re-engine the M20F the Cadet went down on the priority list! I can tell you Keith is an amazing guy and probably the most active Culver Cadet pilot in the USA!
  10. There is over 10.5" of clearance between the prop tip and the ground, how big of a hole (or how soft of ground) are you guys operating out of? Keep it on the mains as long as possible, roll your trim full nose up/keep the yoke hauled back when taxiing, and then roll slow like you have an open ice tea in the cupholder, you'll be fine.
  11. I’d love to see a picture of an E/F model properly installed. I spent a lot of time and effort when I installed my engine, w/new mounts, trying to get that sucker to line up better. It’s probably one of the most jacked up intake designs I’ve ever seen.
  12. @RobertGary1 Aircraft Spruce East is showing Tuesday, June 2nd for availability now. In my past experience with Chief, the price is usually quite low compared to others but they do not stock the items so it's always a wait to get the part.
  13. I use it in my prop. Im sure that I have an extra tube or two, let me know if you need one.
  14. It’s possible that there is more effort due to the reduced handle/block clearance friction (where the old block was worn the new block is not), a shot of triflow on the top of the handle may help but this should really be corrected with proper adjustment. Sounds like the gear preload is set a little high, and while all should be checked this issue could be caused by only one of the four rods being adjusted too long. The final adjustments takes a fine touch, 1/2 turn of a rod end makes quite a difference in preload and down latching effort. If pushing the bar forward while engaging the down block helps, some minor adjustments may be needed.