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  1. Culver LFA

    MooneyMite Pics

    I did almost 1900 miles in 23.8 hrs (3 days) in my Cadet, another great Mooney design!
  2. Culver LFA

    Stratus 2S 400.00

    @FFpilotChris There is a Stratus 1S that was just posted on 'Mooney Pilots' Facebook page, says make offer. Are you that group?
  3. Actually your plate/bracket is correctly oriented, I found a picture to refresh my memory which I’ve attached. There are pins installed on the other side that lock into the two holes in the cable housing, you should not be able to move the bracket fore/aft when the clamps are tightened. If you have moved the bracket to adjust the switch then the bracket is no longer locked into the cable housing. The bracket needs to be installed correctly then the switch adjusted.
  4. Culver LFA

    Pre-201 Value Guide is ready

    Thank you and really great job Jimmy! It looks like a ton of work and experience went into creating this, thanks for sharing.
  5. OK, (looking at your picture and judging from the screws on the clamps holding the throttle housing to the bracket pointing in different directions, also the missing washers on all the fasteners), I think that someone has been in there and it is likely that the problem is how your throttle switch/bracket is mounted to the cable. I can't tell exactly what it is especially only seeing the back side of the bracket. Can you get a picture from under the panel, down where the ram air cable is, pointing up towards the throttle cable/gear switch? Some questions I have are: 1) The bracket seems to be installed in the correct orientation but it appears that the dimples are facing the wrong direction (out instead of in)? Not sure how this is possible but something does not look correct there. 2) Can you determine if the throttle cable has been replaced before? If so, is it a McFarlane, a modified Aircraft Spruce cable, or what is it? It is possible that the "window" for the switch was cut in the wrong location which has exceeded the limits of the switch adjustment (slots). 3) It's late and I have to think about this some more, but if you attempted to correct this by adjusting the throttle cable at the fuel injection servo as you suggested, you would be lengthening the cable end at the servo to move the cable back at the handle end. This may then line up the throttle switch (which is currently adjusted to the limit) but I think you will then run into an issue where the throttle knob will not be all the way to the panel when you go 100% wide open throttle. This does not seem like a good solution to me, it's backwards thinking. I think that the cable end at the fuel injection servo should be adjusted to length with the throttle knob all the way in for full travel first, then idle will fall where it will when the throttle is pulled all the way back, and finally the gear switch can then be adjusted.
  6. The top cowl/avionics panel won’t help unless you have Go go gadget arms. You’ll have to reach up from under the panel with your other hand. Having the seats out will help tremendously so you can at least be semi comfortable laying in the cabin floor with the trim wheel in your xyz while your left hand cramps up into a knot. I love it so much I’m laying there now! Here is a video for those that want to see what they are hearing behind the panel when they pull the throttle back. 026EA042-7B66-4F18-9897-1880D7B8C7FC.MOV
  7. Technically I suppose you could call it that since the switch is mounted to it, but it is made of steel.
  8. That is correct, the adjustment is with the switch. Once clamped the switch bracket is securely anchored to the cable housing; two dimples in the bracket match two holes in the cable housing.
  9. The 2 throttle switch nuts are 1/4” on my ‘67 F. Pulling avionics from the rack may help so you can slide a hand in from the top/middle and the other from below the panel. Something will cramp up, guaranteed.
  10. Culver LFA

    M20 F - T Complete Install

    You know all it takes is money, and time, and then some more money, and some more time...
  11. Culver LFA

    M20 F - T Complete Install

    Looks great, nicely sealed. I’m working on the same project today, looks like you are a few hours ahead of me with the baffling material. I have a fairly large gap between the case and the tin, along the case half from behind the prop flange around to the area of the prop oil line. Any suggestions to close that up? (It looks like you have the same gap, just to the right of your blue painters tape behind the prop flange) @GEE-BEE
  12. Culver LFA

    Basing a J on Grass

    From the picture this appears to be a very well manicured grass strip with clean approach and departures, I would have no hesitation operating my F out of there. Not having tall obstructions will make landing there a joy, there is nothing better than a good landing on a smooth grass runway.
  13. Culver LFA

    Today's flight in 2019

    I really miss being in Tampa, what a great "big" little city.
  14. Culver LFA

    Mystery Tube - Fuel Dripping When Flooded

    Yes! And a massive fuel leak. As a matter of fact it is, should be converting 100LL to noise real soon.