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  1. Braided cable from the top of the right side/co-pilot foot well to the accessory case of the engine (If I remember correctly, mine goes to one of the studs for the gov. adapter plate)
  2. @macanimal 20 7/8” from the fuel selector drain to the ground (67 F)
  3. There is a Mooney Mite based there, I think your C will be ok with prop clearance.
  4. The Mooney handles Peachstate beautifully, you’ll find mine there several times a week! The fuel prices can’t be beat. Come by for some great food, airplanes, people and 100LL!
  5. I found the email response on the landing light STC from Dan at Lasar, it was 7/23/2018: Joe, at this time all we can offer is the STC’d kit relocating the oil cooler. Kit is in stock. Please call to order 800-954-5619 LASAR Parts I like the ‘at this time’ possibility, maybe things have changed since so I would give them a call and inquire.
  6. Lasar STC SA2513NM allowed the installation of a 2nd light with relocation of the oil cooler. I inquired about it a little over a year ago and was told they are no longer offering this. Bob’s E has this and I liked his idea of a spot and a flood led
  7. Looks like the mounting bracket for an ADF sense antenna with the wire removed (and mounted backwards)? Normally found on the top of the fuselage with the wire going to the top of the vertical stabilizer. Maybe it’s being used as a cooling duct for the emergency gear extension crank.
  8. The gear mechanism is attached to a bracket which is riveted to the pilots right (inner) seat rail, so it’s the panel directly below the front seats
  9. This airspeed switch, and all the other electric gear components you could ever need are available as a complete kit in the classified section, get some quotes on that switch and then me make offer on the whole kit and caboodle!
  10. That lever should not be floppy loose, sounds like it may be disconnected (either at the lever or under the belly at the actuator) or the cable itself is broken (which is unlikely as it is very under stressed). If you end up needing any electric gear parts, I know a guy that has the entire electric gear conversion kit for sale .
  11. Use the private call sign/flight ID
  12. Take a look at the FAA’s Privacy ICAO Address (PIA) program, it's really not difficult and registration can be completed in one day. The PIA program allows you to change your aircraft’s ICAO address to one associated only with the call sign, severing the link to your aircraft's actual registration. If you search my real N#, I haven't flown since the 4th of July. My ADSB-out no longer transmits my real N# but my private N# or flight ID, so someone can't easily put the pieces together without physically being at the airport with a radio and binoculars. If your neighbor could go to a
  13. New owner could be flying with a private call sign/flight ID
  14. Maybe Mooney should have got into the mask business, the trademark logo is probably their most valuable asset and it’s being used by others...
  15. It’s been a while, if I remember correctly we ended up using a Spruce cable that has 1/2” housing and cut the window for the gear switch.
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