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  1. I kept my daughter unplugged from birth to about 3-4, she wore Peltor youth ear muffs. 4-6 she was in a used kids headset I bought from a guy at the airport. At 7, my Bose A20 fits her well so it’s hers now.
  2. Oh no! Who was this with? I'm with Global this year flying off grass
  3. I have been to Sun n Fun 15-20 times and Oshkosh 3 times. Sure, they are very different events but both are great in their own way and I'm glad there are two big airshow events like this. Your impression of SnF has not been my experience, you really should try it before you get 'old'
  4. I would love to make that trip, so cool
  5. We have power lines across the street on the south side of our runway. When the power company replaced the orange ball that had faded they put the new ball on the lower wire #2 and removed the old ball from the upper wire. This is probably worse than no line ball at all
  6. Distance is no factor for a Mooney, I would be happy to connect you with your new airplane! @Gagarin’s long range fuel tanks make pretty much any place in the country a non-stop flight! Good luck with your search, it’s out there! -Joe (Mooney ferry pilot for hire)
  7. Good to have @Mike Sarsfield here, he brings not only a cool Mooney to the group but a bunch of class as well!
  8. There is a lot of interest in Peachstate, I think the next Georgia Mooney lunch meetup should be there. What do you think @201Steve @MooneyPoor @ManGar @williamrchilds @Mooneymite?
  9. I know several ATPs that are also A&P IA, I can think of 4 people right away.
  10. It's here in Georgia, Peachstate Aerodrome GA2
  11. It's really a beautiful little airplane, probably one of the nicest Mites flying. The tail is off because we found excessive play in the pivots (we found the pivot bolts that were installed are too short, the bolt threads are resting on pivot bracket rather than the shank of the bolt). The engine came off so we can install the new starter and alternator. While it's off we will replace fuel hoses, touch up the paint on the firewall and mount, touch up the paint on the engine, etc, etc, etc.
  12. We are completing an annual inspection on a Mite right now and adding a lightweight starter and alternator. Simple, right? I think that things are getting out of hand...
  13. Congratulations Dgira23, Don’t worry about fast floaty landings or any other rumors you hear about in a Mooney, fantastic airplane and you’ll have no issues at all if you fly it by the numbers. For a Mooney cfi in FL you may want to talk to @MooneyPoor. He is a professional pilot, multiple Mooney owner and all around nice guy. If your schedules line up it I’d recommend flying with him. If you need assistance on the ferry flight I’d love the opportunity to do it for you. I just completed a trip moving @Stephan‘s M20F to KOAK for new owner @johnnyu, I think they’ll both say I’m
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