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  1. Culver LFA

    Thinking about airpark property

    Come on, no instrument approach there? What are you going to say next, that your using a turf runway??? You can't fly a Mooney off grass, it will ruin the airplane ;-)
  2. Culver LFA

    First E dies next week......

    It was, I think it was back in 1967 for the first owner Found the 337, it was converted Jan 30, 1967 by Dugosh. The conversion added 13#
  3. Culver LFA

    First E dies next week......

    How about J-bar and associated components to convert electric back to manual gear?
  4. Culver LFA

    Hurricane Irma

    Hi everyone, I have a pastor friend in Sebring that is trying to help his local community, my Mooney is down so I was trying to find another airplane to make a supply run down there. He just responded that he really needs fuel for generators to keep food cold/frozen. Does anyone have a trailer/mobile fuel tank in the area that would be willing to loan it to him for the next 7-10 days until power is restored? I'd be happy to reimburse for the fuel that is used. Thank you, Joe
  5. Culver LFA

    Fly-in at LASAR! Who's Coming?

    I'd love to but unfortunately I won't be able to make it this year
  6. Culver LFA

    Good installer in southeast.

    I'll second that, David is a great guy!
  7. Culver LFA

    Hearing Protection for infant

    My daughter has been wearing children's Peltor shooting ear muffs since she was born, she is 4 now. The shooting ear muffs are really adjustable from new born to toddler head sizes. She likes to sit in the plane wearing my headset and play 'pilot' when we are down at the hangar, recently I powered up the intercom and she was shocked that she could hear herself talking in the microphone! I think it might be time to switch her over to an aviation headset now, now that she knows we can talk to each other I don't have a choice!
  8. Culver LFA

    For sale

    Do you have the rest of the steering horn (the bracket/stud part that mounts to the fuselage) and would you sell it separate from the gear?
  9. Culver LFA

    Look what I found!

    I think I would approach this differently, keep the engine together until it is absolutely determined that it must come apart (and thus disabled). It would be a good idea to remove the propeller governor so that the gasket screen could be examined for debris. If there is no debris in the governor gasket then the oil strainer caught it and the oil circuit should then be clean. The question then would be, how long has it been since the strainer was last inspected? If cleaned and inspected recently put it back together, do a ground run and reinspect the screen again. There is a Lycoming bulletin on this procedure, I think it was mentioned here on MS not too long ago? Just some non-A&P thoughts based off my past professional experience, I think it is more important to know if debris has passed through the oil circuit or not.
  10. Culver LFA

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Please add me to the list
  11. Culver LFA

    Today's flight for 2017

    Here is a picture from Guntersville AL (8A1) and was from a flight last Friday, when I see an airport that is being completely renovated I try to get a picture of the original FBO (if it's still there). I wish I had pictures of the pattern and approach, it is one of the most beautiful airports I've flown into with foothills and water all around.
  12. Culver LFA

    Hearing protection plus headset

    I have been flying with the Bose A20 since it came out, in many different aircraft for hours on end cross country trips, I have never had any ringing in my ears after a flight (or discomfort in flight due to noise). Now when the batteries get low, that is a different story. It always seems to happen about 45 minutes into a trip and there are no spare batteries within reach!
  13. Culver LFA

    Sensorcon CO Group Buy

    Mine seems to be on every time I get in the airplane, I don't know why as I am careful to turn it off after each use. Must be those dang hangar elves playing with the new toys...
  14. Culver LFA

    Nose Wheel Part

    Ugh, not a good item for the CB club. Which one from Laser is the deal, anyone have experience with one over the other? $850 or $1075.00
  15. Culver LFA

    VFR flying is it right?

    Sorry, the text (the whole reason for my post) got lost. I'll give the condensed version: This was from a 23.8hr/3 day trip cross country (Idaho to Georgia) a few years ago, the airplane is a '41 Culver Cadet (Al Mooney design), and I was in a different much place in my life (I wasn't a father at the time). The next morning after these pictures, on the 3rd leg of the trip, I left Graham Texas with clear skies and the engine started running rough as I climbed through 5,000 feet. I tried carb heat, mixture, no help. I turned back around and when within gliding distance of the airport checked the mags and found the issue. Turns out the mags had an AD for green coils cracking from way back when and it was never completed on this one. Glad that didn't happen the day before when I was flying over those clouds! I'm still flying VFR-only but learned a lot of lessons on that trip that changed how I fly, especially now with my little family.