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  1. golfpilot

    Icing event.

    Ya I got a little carried away with my exaggeration Just trying to say ADM and following the “law” isn’t the tell all sign of saftey Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. golfpilot

    Icing event.

    Airline flights are one of the most safe ways to travel. That’s my point. Just because you can put a check next to a faa saftey acronym, doesn’t mean it isn’t safe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. golfpilot

    Icing event.

    Reality is airline pilots don’t follow the ADM as often as people think. When was the last time you heard a commercial airliner not flying because the pilots didn’t think it was safe? Invulnerability check Macho check Resignation check Impulsiveness check ADM applies to GA pilot. Pilots who actually have a choice to fly or not fly. Luckily those planes are built to withstand greedy flying. Everybody breaks rules. Airplanes, cars, where you cross the street, file your taxes, I’d bet the house you break a rule somewhere. The mere thought that you are completely compliant with anything is in and of itself not following the ADM checklist Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. golfpilot

    Icing event.

    I find those who think they are most compliant to the ADM rubric and regulations to be the most dangerous pilots out there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. golfpilot

    Century IIB Autopilot

    I know this is an old thread but maybe you are still around to help me. My autopilot is doing the "Lazy wondering" you mention to back out to. Which of the 4 adjustments do I need to turn in to fix that?
  6. Yes, since I have been going up there quite a bit, all flights have been backed with southwest tickets out of Oakland. Takes longer to get to Oakland and board the plane than it does to fly straight north though... maybe I'm ignorant, but flying in ice in ANY single GA airplane isn't something I want to do
  7. The actual mission is modesto to Tacoma. The actual distance is only about 630 miles, IFR. The 800 leaves for 1 hour of reserves. We did it last week in a friends t210 so I know the t210 can do it. Ran high power there had 15 gallons left. Ran at a lower power setting on the way back, with a headwind, taking 4 hours 15 mins. Had 15 gallons left. I thought a mooney may be able too do the same trip but at slightly less fuel burn (due to efficiency). Maybe even one that uses the same engine as a t210... turns out a t210 or even a 182rg can carry 800 pounds of people and junk from modesto to Tacoma faster than even the fastest of mooneys because, it turns out, all mooney's need to stop.
  8. Its two guys, two gals and all the stuff. This past weekend in a friends T210 it was right at the 800 pound number. I'll be making this trip often so I'm curious if there is something better. I know some of the Mooney's claim to have 1500ish + mile range, figuring about half that would allow about 800 pounds of people and stuff. T210 took 75 gallons to make the trip there and about the same coming back (4 hours 15 mins with headwind...). KMOD-KTIW Thought maybe there was a mooney that could do it, maybe i'm just dreaming.
  9. Any mooneys that can carry 800 pounds 800 miles (no reserve) while staying below 15k and above 160 knots? Nonstop..
  10. golfpilot

    1987 205 SE / M20J For Sale - NY KPOU

    Something about the front of the SE model makes it look extra special
  11. A wonderful gentleman from Mooneyspace took me for a ride in his E once. Dreamed about them for a few years, then two days before my commercial checkride the plane I was supposed to fly went down and I was introduced to a M20C, 2 days, 10 mooney hours and a comm rating later, I really want one now.
  12. I have conditioned myself to always physically look out the window and say gear down on final, but getting distracted is absolutely a real thing. I forget to put gear down on my Flight sim at home more often than I'd like to admit. Usually a plane I'm not used too and one without a gear horn programmed I and usually following some weird sort of maneuver, but it has taught me I CAN forget. So it's just become habit to look and say enough times where my passengers start to think I'm worried about them magically going back up.
  13. golfpilot

    Wanted: 1967 M-20F

    There is a guy near me with an all original 67' m20F except for a RayJay Turbo, it gets its yearly annual but never flies. Has the ORIGINAL engine 4000 hours on it.... I offered the guy 25k for it which I thought was more than fair (I figured I would drop 40-50k or more in engine and GPS install) and and the response was a letter from his attorney telling me to never contact him again or he would sue me for harassment.... Worst part is he told me he wanted to sell
  14. golfpilot

    1979 Mooney M20J 201 $48,900

    I currently have a property in Redding listed to sale, so I can buy a plane... in the rare event this is still around in a month or so I am going to drive around the mountain from concord to take a look...
  15. golfpilot

    FAF name not in GPS approaches?

    When I was doing my IR training El Paso would give me "vectors to final" followed by direct to a way point. The 430 wouldn't have the waypoint if I clicked vectors to final but if I plugged in a full version of the approach that waypoint would pop up. 650/750 may not show the intermediate points if doing a vector to final. Because of that experience in training I have gotten into the habit of loading an entire approach and not pressing vector to final until I am told to intercept. That way when they give you direct to a fix that isn't on the vectors to final game, you can just hit direct to and join from there. (I use a 750)