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  1. Feature that would be cool to add to the search - distance from my house - cost of transporting a plane from east to west coast for example should be factored into buying an airplane.
  2. mccdeuce

    Any Attorney based in FL?

    As a J owner has thought it would be nice to have turbo normalization (and to quote a classic poet...) Let it Go.... to add a turbo today it would cost at least $30k in parts and $10k in labor. Cost of acquiring the STC will add to this cost. It’s just not worth it. When I bought my J there were comparable K models for not a lot more - I chose not to have a turbo charged model. If someone wants a turbo charger they are better going with one designed for it or looking at Missiles/Rockets.
  3. I have a Stratus 2S that I just got back from SPORTY's. My STRATUS 2 was broken and Sporty's took it in and replaced with a 2S, just got it from them about 2 weeks ago. I use non Foreflight products for work and would like to get the Stratus 3 so that I can stop taking both an iPad and an Android into the cockpit. (Yes I know there are other products out there, but they do not work for my usage).
  4. mccdeuce

    Help finding the right 201

    Matt - give me a few days. I had been unsure of what I was planning with my Mooney, found out I am moving to japan this afternoon so will probably sell her. Just need a couple days to process.
  5. mccdeuce

    WTB Spare Data Card for Garmin 430 WAAS

    Either of these would be free if they are useful.
  6. It is closed. Tuesday morning the X’s went up on the runway and the approaches were deleted. Developers have already started the process of tall buildings. sad story. I am disappointed. Just need to win the lottery now so I can open another airport!
  7. I’d like to go. But just can’t plan that far in advance. Will keep it on the radar.
  8. Interesting angle. Worth a shot.
  9. Unfortunately there isn’t much AOPA can do. Its a private airport and they did not take FAA funding. (I looked into that when they would not allow me to open a monthly tie down or hangar contract) it is going to be left to the state legislature. I would love the opportunity to help rebuild this airport so I am trying to keep hope.
  10. mccdeuce

    What do you think of this crazy J??

    Another item that really stands out to me is the useful load. I have close to 1000# in my 78 J and I like knowing I could put that much in even though I don’t usually. Also as PTK says there is currently noupgrade for the Aspens and the avionics world is not very clear at the moment. There is nothing to say that with Dynon getting their STC that Garmin won’t follow suit with G3 and Aspens will be worth only half their current value. At the end of the day the value the plane is worth is only what you are willing to spend on her.
  11. The university has been trying to close it for quite some time. In fact I believe they actually voted to close it 2005. So they drove away almost all of the base customers. Their effort is to drive people away so they can say it’s not being used therefore why keep it open. On game day/night it’s often hard to find parking - but a lot of those planes don’t buy fuel. So simply saying “hey there’s a small landing fee waived with fuel purchase, all proceeds go back to improving airport infrastructure” - it would go a long way. Alas the university leadership would rather use the space for something else. To me there is a lot of potential to inspire and work with students but non aviators just done see it. Thanks for for those that have signed. I’m not sure there’s much we can do at this point but here is to keeping a positive attitude.
  13. mccdeuce

    Cirrus pilots...

    I really like the idea of a hangar roomba!
  14. mccdeuce

    Electronic Ignition

    Hmmm. I have had a completely different experience with mine installed Feb 2017 and I have over a 100 hours on it. My point I have made before if we start with electronic ignition as is and continue to develop we can get better. We need to improve the ignition. Just like we needed to improve from my vacuum powered gyro. Development must go on.
  15. mccdeuce

    Electronic Ignition

    The FAA first and foremost says there has to be a magneto for certified setups. So there is not currently a setup to build a half mag half electronic ignition. I personally think the electronic ignition is far superior to a magneto and the mentality of "magnetos are reliable because they don't require electricity" has kept aviation engine configuration stalled. But not everyone agrees. And that to me is why we have experimental aircraft and certified aircraft. I just wish there was a way to take a certified airframe and put experimental engine and avionics into it and call it good (for more than a year). I could do some pretty cool stuff with a M20 frame.