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  1. Online pseudonyms and aliases.

    I'm doing my best to hide all my aliases... Gotta keep that world hidden...
  2. Hi Tony - Plans for me changed. I'll be flying South this weekend instead of to the airshow in Maine. Have fun, if you go. Let us know how it was. Regards, Lance
  3. Thanks again. Will definitely try to make. I'll let you know as it gets closer and which day, etc. Regards, Lance
  4. Thanks for mentioning. I'm interested although a bit day to day at the moment. It's only 40 minutes flight for me. I assume they've got fly-in directing/parking sorted? Nothing on the website covers that. You'd think I would have had enough just having done Oshkosh, but I left before the Blue Angels so this would be good to catch them now.
  5. Mooney Caravan 2017 - Who's going?

    Hi Oscar, Sure, but I'm on vacation without computer so will send when I get back this weekend. Regards, Lance
  6. Mooney Caravan 2017 - Who's going?

    I didn't get the opportunity to fly with the Caravan so hopefully next year. Took some poor video, though, of some of the arrivals. Seems more like a Mooney ground drag race. Wished I had just done one long video. I was coming from the North 40 so didn't get far enough down to capture the landings a bit closer. Sorry, no editing:
  7. Anit-Collision Systems.pdf
  8. Hi Yves, i think you missed me +1. Thanks, Lance
  9. Thanks Anthony. Will download and review Notams. I'm not sure if the Ipad Mini I carry will be big enough to read for the ground grew from a distance. Maybe the full sized Ipad, if my passenger has one. I'll probably print a couple/few out just in case.
  10. Thanks Bob. With my flexibility, I could shoot for getting to the region a couple days early if needed to hopefully increase my chances then.
  11. Thanks Yves. Will keep that in mind too.
  12. Very helpful Ned. Thank you! Regards, Lance
  13. I'm planning on coming (flying). First time. Looking at the EAA Airventure site now. I'll be bringing one other person. I'd like to camp, next to the plane, ideally near/with the other Mooneys, however, is that possible without going with the Caravan? I assume the Caravan is doing the N40 Group Camping (North Corral) Being VFR still, I'll be heading out as early (Sat/Sun) as possible, depending on the weather, so will hopefully be there at the beginning. (I have a lot of flexibility) Do I use the VAC sign or other for camping? Is GAC the North 40? Would that be my best bet if not going with the Caravan? Apologies for the newbie questions. I know I've seen partial mention of these things, but just trying to piece together the complete logistics. Thanks for any guidance/answers. Lance
  14. What to get

    I met Tim and his wife yesterday at Beverly airport and would like to say they are both fantastic people that we need to help get into a Mooney of some sort. There wasn't time for a ride, however, the offer is open for any other time. They looked at my E, my hangar mate's E, and a J on the line. We discussed some points, but only scratched the surface. Tim - Let me know if I can fill in any more gaps in info. I know I thought of a few other things to mention after we separated yesterday. Of course MooneySpace has an incredible amount of historical posts with lots of helpful information too. Regards, Lance