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  1. Lance Keve


    New Years Day 2016. Heading back home (MA)KBVY from NJ. Wife says "I hope we don't have to turn right".
  2. Lance Keve

    Passed my Instrument written today!

    Congrats! Let me piggyback...I passed mine last Friday. Excited to get started in the air.
  3. Thank you very much Ross. It's a G80, 500cc. I also have a '49 G80S that's half restored (when will I finish that one...). That's the first year of the swingarm / rear suspension for Matchless and also the year they had their first post-war vertical 500cc twin (G9). Tank is chrome plated but the gearbox and mag drive covers are polished aluminum. I went quite nutty with the restoration to get as exact as original as possible. The only deviation that a purist would see is that the rim center paint and the tank paint would have been red. I preferred the badge engineered AJS version of using black. Every single piece was gone through and all engine internals are new or NOS. Not one "bodge" in this rebuild. Had to get British taps/dies as well as all correct hardware to match, and then had them cadmium plated. Spokes are stainless, but used a trick of bead blasting them to have a cadmium plated look. You're right about the gearbox. You hear about a 'neutral' between each gear but as long as I'm deliberate and not too fast shifting, it isn't an issue. Think it was around '76 where internationally all moved to the left foot shift. Not only is it on the other side, but the gearing is upside down (one up, three down). I used to have a bunch of bikes (now I have a Mooney) of which were a mix of left side shift, right side standard shift, and then the Matchless right side upside down. Used to ride them back to back on the same day when getting them all inspected. Talk about a brain/foot exercise. It's not the fastest (top speed 85mph but I don't have a death wish), but plenty fast to enjoy all the back roads. Used to have a '64 T120 UK spec Bonneville so I know that comparison. It is so well balanced that it handles great barely moving or at speed. And surprisingly comfortable like riding along in a chair. But, with that rigid rear I'm definitely avoiding big potholes. Shares at least two things with Mooney...magneto ignition, and excellent gas mileage. Taking it easy and lumbering around can see 75mpg! Anyway, thanks again. Regards, Lance
  4. Thank you. A blast to ride. Has been rock solid reliable.
  5. Thanks Don. Yes, restored myself (nearly killed you might imagine from the before picture), except for some things that were farmed out (Chroming, etc.). Yes, chrono speedo only.
  6. When my 66E is feeling old I bring my ‘48 Matchless by to make it feel better... Before: After: They’ve met but I don’t have any pictures of them together.
  7. Lance Keve

    Online pseudonyms and aliases.

    I'm doing my best to hide all my aliases... Gotta keep that world hidden...
  8. Hi Tony - Plans for me changed. I'll be flying South this weekend instead of to the airshow in Maine. Have fun, if you go. Let us know how it was. Regards, Lance
  9. Thanks again. Will definitely try to make. I'll let you know as it gets closer and which day, etc. Regards, Lance
  10. Thanks for mentioning. I'm interested although a bit day to day at the moment. It's only 40 minutes flight for me. I assume they've got fly-in directing/parking sorted? Nothing on the website covers that. You'd think I would have had enough just having done Oshkosh, but I left before the Blue Angels so this would be good to catch them now.
  11. Lance Keve

    Mooney Caravan 2017 - Who's going?

    Hi Oscar, Sure, but I'm on vacation without computer so will send when I get back this weekend. Regards, Lance
  12. Lance Keve

    Mooney Caravan 2017 - Who's going?

    I didn't get the opportunity to fly with the Caravan so hopefully next year. Took some poor video, though, of some of the arrivals. Seems more like a Mooney ground drag race. Wished I had just done one long video. I was coming from the North 40 so didn't get far enough down to capture the landings a bit closer. Sorry, no editing: