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  1. I had meetings for a week in Overland Park, KS last June so called KOJC (Johnson County Executive) ahead and asked about hangar space as I was worried about storms. They laughed and said the storms/tornadoes are all in the Western part of the state. I went and although there were no storms, it was 95-102 degree for daytime high temperatures.
  2. Just ordered. Thanks for this! Can't wait to switch out my card dot type, which was due to be changed in April anyway.
  3. Landing is easy. You just have to feel comfortable using whatever is at your disposal for slowing you down. Like this first fellow very skillfully using......well.... Sorry, I was just at Alton Bay this past weekend and then someone sent this to me.
  4. Alton Bay Ice Runway (B18) - What a great day.
  5. I'll share a parking brake scare. I was at an away airport and pulled to a pump that had a slight decline leaving my nose pointing to the up side as the pump was off to my left. I pushed the toe brakes, pulled the parking brake, got out and proceeded to get things ready to refuel. It was a very windy day....and there was nobody around. Just as I was pulling the fuel line out I noticed the plane starting to creep backwards. There was maybe 120 feet before the tail would strike a line of parked aircraft. It was picking up speed and there was no way I could get to a loose chock and back to throw it under a wheel before it would be too late. If there was an Olympic sport for speed of starting at the front of your plane, while it is rolling backwards, and getting into the left seat and with feet to brakes, I would have earned the gold. Launched up on to the wing front, pirouetted around the door, and shot myself into the cockpit like a Duke boy expeditiously getting into the General Lee as if Rosco P. Coltrane was coming. Full force on the brakes slowed the plane to a stop over 10 more feet leaving roughly 25 feet before impact with another plane. Phew. Started plane, pulled up to the pumps a bit further, brakes, parking brake, got out and chocked immediately. Was all fine after that. The plane had new brake pads at annual and they seemed stiffer in actuation but didn't hold as well as before replacement. Re-bleeding was the cure. Parking brake had always worked well before that. Got lucky that day.
  6. Exactly. I went through a lot of flurries and heard and saw the icing reports too.
  7. Thanks. He handled the flight like a champ. Only whined a couple times. He's a GSP. Nine weeks old. I'll look to get him some Mutt Muffs as I'd like to fly with him more.
  8. Yesterdays flight was horrible. KBVY (Beverly, MA) to 39N (Princeton, NJ). Normally about 1:25, it took just over 2 hours due to a direct headwind of 30mph+. The turbulence was also quite bad so I had pulled the power back a bit too. Had the seatbelt so tight yet still managed smacking my head off the ceiling, knocking headset off and hurting my neck. Today's first flight was a short one from 39N to KMIV (Millville, NJ) to pick up a new puppy and have my own little pilots n paws flight. Flew right over KVAY, where the NJ Mooney lunch was supposed to be today. Did anyone go? I didn't have time as I was on a strict mission from the wife and kids to get the puppy home asap. Solid overcast so had to remain low for the whole trip. KMIV to KBVY (2 hours). Some turbulence but less than yesterday. Pup handled it like a champ. Here he is right before I put him in crate and departed Millville.
  9. Just fooling around locally yesterday, I flew into Hampton Airfield (7B3) for fun and shorter field practice (2100ft). The ATIS leaving Beverly was winds 330 at 12 and it was gusting too. On short final to runway 2, my passenger noticed something out his window. He said, "there's a plane in the trees down there". Of course, I was focused and didn't bother to look. I landed and when taxiing back to departure end of 2, we could see the plane off that end with yellow tape around it and lots of people standing around. Clearly it happened earlier that day. Turned out the plane (an experimental biplane) was from Beverly, my home airport and was relocating to be based at 7B3. I had never seen that plane in Beverly but did see it in North Carolina when stopping for fuel on the way to Florida. At that time it was being ferried to Massachusetts from Florida. Pilot walked away, as the article states. Glad for that. Close to home...
  10. That's hilarious Bob. Makes me want to dig out my Ventures albums, though, and pick up a Mosrite guitar...
  11. Yes, I saw that infamous ditch and his crippled plane sitting there awaiting the engine tear-down. I had taken one of my three boys there for a Young Eagles event back before I started flying again and before I got my Mooney of course. While the organizer was showing the kids some planes, I looked over and saw Bob's E. I couldn't look at any other plane on the field at that point. I remember saying to myself "THAT is exactly what I'm looking for!". Then, because I was lurking on MooneySpace I sadly discovered why it was there. The taxiways are still in bad shape but the runway was repaved and is nice. Funny that I ended up with a '66E.
  12. Late entry for 2016 I just found looking through a folder. From back in February. Appropriate as getting ready for the winter here in New England. Love the climb performance in the cool crisp winter air. This was an early morning breakfast run to Nancy's Airfield Cafe at Minute Man Air Field (6B6) with my youngest, Will (10). Great food there and, yes, he finished both plates. (To clarify, the flying pics are departure and landing from home airport (KBVY - Beverly, MA).
  13. Hi Chris. Thanks. Two bulbs? I haven't taken a close look but I'm thinking you mean 180 degrees from each other therefore one might be out. I'll take a look next time I'm over at the hangar.
  14. Thanks. And that light sure does earn it's coffee grinder nickname with how loud it is when on before the engine start.
  15. Thanks. It is one of the sticky mounts for a gopro. Mounted on the front part of the tail skid.