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  1. I met Tim and his wife yesterday at Beverly airport and would like to say they are both fantastic people that we need to help get into a Mooney of some sort. There wasn't time for a ride, however, the offer is open for any other time. They looked at my E, my hangar mate's E, and a J on the line. We discussed some points, but only scratched the surface. Tim - Let me know if I can fill in any more gaps in info. I know I thought of a few other things to mention after we separated yesterday. Of course MooneySpace has an incredible amount of historical posts with lots of helpful information too. Regards, Lance
  2. Welcome Tim! Not much to add that the others haven't said. But, message me when you get to BVY, or before, as I live in Beverly and my '66E is based there. I regularly flew to central Jersey and it was, to me, a quick trip, so FRG would be even quicker. There a number of other Mooney's on the field, not all on MooneySpace (that I know of). Regards, Lance
  3. Skip to 4:00. Or enjoy the whole demo.
  4. Thank you. Looks like they are required either under the wings, or the side, if not under the wings.
  5. Thanks Gents! Will look into those.
  6. I'm looking to fly to Canada this summer and will need temporary letters/numbers as I have small ones currently and don't want to paint on new ones. Can anyone recommend the best supplier of these types? Any first hand experiences? Looking generally for easy on, easy off, but won't end up on the tail. Thanks, Lance
  7. Got it. Cool. Thanks!
  8. Hi Paul - PM'd you on Monday about adding me but you may have missed it. Or, my PM's aren't working, which is a possibility as some other folks I've PM'd recently also hadn't responded. Or, I've annoyed folks and they aren't responding... Regards, Lance
  9. Hello Northern Mooniac - I've seen others post here that if you repeatedly press a button many many times (100?), it will start to work better. Some of mine are similar to yours and the more I use them, the easier they are to use. Probably some oxidation on contacts that cleans up a bit from repeated contact.
  10. Hi Chris - Late forgotten update. Yes, there are two bulbs in being out. Oddly, the one bulb has been out since I got the plane and even through it's first annual without anyone noticing. An annual at an MSC even. Best to look over everything yourself too.. I guess technically it's not needed with the wingtip and rear position lights/strobes.
  11. Sincerest thank you for all your comments. I found one more picture this morning. Fitting it's the Mooney again. OK, that's enough before I short out my keyboard.
  12. Hello All, I'm really too gutted to write anything of substance at the moment, but I wanted to share a few pictures of my father, the first one of him sitting in his Mooney Mite sometime between '69 and '71, when he owned the Mite. We laid him to rest yesterday far ahead of when it should have been. For the past two years he'd battled a brain injury from a freak accident. I had been searching for a Mooney when the accident occurred. He and I had been talking multiple times a week, planning all the trips we'd take, including Oshkosh. After the accident I could no longer call him and to visit meant a 5 hour drive, which I did many times until I found the Mooney. That helped shorten that trip to 1.5 hours which meant I could see him more frequently. He was so thrilled to hear of the plane and tried his best to overcome his challenges so he could go flying. It just wasn't meant to be. However, trying to make the most of the situation and give him some good days back, I managed, with the help of some good friends, to take a field trip away from the facility he was in and get him into my E this past November for a flight. He had a great day. To the staff at the facility, or anyone that visited, he talked about it for weeks and weeks afterwards. Throughout his life, he was so humble, quiet and kind. And so incredible. He did so much for me, I could never repay. Although he was a home builder by trade, his love of aviation was immense. He owned an Aeronca and a Mooney Mite, built a Rotorway Scorpion Too (II) in our garage when I was a kid, and was a Hot Air Balloon pilot flying second balloon for two of his friends businesses (I chased as a new teenage driver). He earned his Private, Instrument, Multi, Commercial and was hired by Eastern Airlines two seconds before they put a freeze on the incoming hires and it never materialized after that. He had a host of other incredible hobbies too, but this is an aviation forum and I've gone on long enough. Thanks Dad for, everything. Everything! Thanks MS'ers for letting me share this.
  13. Thanks Bob. I was going to say "who's bouncing on their landings? " I'll probably give it a try dialing it back to the lower pressure and enjoy the extra cushion. Hey, at least you got "Mooney, excellent job" from the controller.
  14. Hi Folks - Just to clear it out, apologies for misleading info, there is no documentation saying the mains should be other than 30 on the short bodies, however, the MSC got back to me and confirmed they run there's at 40 on the mains and 49 on the nose. When I inquired as to why then, if the POH says 30 mains, 30 nose for short bodies, and 30 mains, 49 nose for F, J...etc., the highly technical answer was: "30 is to squishy". Above I mentioned they had told me 42 for mains, which they might have, just spitting it out one day. I'm not OCD about it and generally if they are in the mid-upper 30's I'm not adding and feel that is a good compromise for helping the roll without being too firm to jostle fillings.
  15. Rang the MSC but A/P was offsite and in the middle of something. Will check in with me tomorrow. If I'm high on the mains, I'll concede. Don't want any misleading info out there.