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  1. Took my Commercial Multi w/ Instrument check ride this morning. Flew to the test airport site and landed at 11 degrees F at 7:30am. Winds were whipping too. This picture, from a week ago, shows (in the background) the twin Mooney that I trained in and used for the exam.
  2. Had the momentum coming off the new Instrument rating and going into the Commercial. Plus down to FL and back, NC and back, VA/WVA and back, NJ and back (back is MA) and all over the Northeast frequently.
  3. 2018 - Completed Instrument and Commercial. Just started Multi which may cross over to Jan 2019. 2019...?
  4. Thanks. Playing catch up and making up for a sparser past.
  5. ~240 in the Mooney of which ~155 have been in the last 90 days.
  6. Good timing. Just changed my oil today, outside, in 33 degrees. Used to go to our beloved Air-Mods, but they charge $, my task now. Isn’t a big deal.
  7. Massachusetts: based on max certified takeoff weight 0-2000 lbs. - $100 2001-3500 - $165 (for me) 3501-12,500 - $230 Over 12,000 - $300 There are Use and Sales taxes on the books but in 2002 full exemptions were made for aircraft in both cases. A positive.
  8. Thank you. Seven! Wow. I'm just glad I got the IR done before this icing season started. Didn't do it for skill, not that I didn't need improvement, but rather to allow the possibility of options...
  9. passed my Commercial practical today... badum dum. Ok, I may have ripped that title and punch line from POA, but oh well. Poor weather in the NE had today be the third attempt at getting this accomplished. Umm, now what? On to Multi. Where can I get a twin Mooney from? Yes, I know about the original M22 twin prototype.
  10. Hi Bob - All - I've had the privilege of flying in Bob's plane recently and we discussed the speed and paint issues mentioned here. I'm no expert in the airflow or amount those stripe ridges may affect speed, however, when we were in level flight, the right aileron was deflected up an inch at the trailing edge while the left one was level. Again, on the ground, both taxiing straight and then parked straight, the right one was up the same amount and the left was still level. I would think that would have some affect on performance, regardless of ball being centered. In Bob's picture, although, from the opposite side, you can see the aileron deflected up. Bob, I think you took a picture from the other side showing that deflection and were going to have Lynn take a look. If you have one taken from the fuselage side facing out and can post that, it's quite prevalent. Any update on that front? Regards, Lance
  11. Following. I have same issue but only 3 degrees off.
  12. Cool video. If you pan up to the blue when you break out you can see some sky writing... See those numbers? Time stamp? Stitching info?