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  1. Lance Keve

    Stec 30 DG Heading Bug

    Following. I have same issue but only 3 degrees off.
  2. Lance Keve

    Rylo 360 degree camera

    Cool video. If you pan up to the blue when you break out you can see some sky writing... See those numbers? Time stamp? Stitching info?
  3. Lance Keve

    Instrument practical today...

    Thanks Anthony. Well, I have a sister in Florida and it's just starting to get colder up here... I've done that flight a few times VFR and the weather has been cooperative. Be good to route and fly it IFR, though. Always wanted to try KNEW / New Orleans. Been by motorcycle, car and airline. Personal airline should be next. Oh, and definitely Eastern Newfoundland, maybe via PEI. Could have gone VFR but better with Instrument capabilities. Almost forgot. I've got my annual due in October so will be paying AGL in N.C. a visit at the end of Oct. There's another one.
  4. Lance Keve

    Instrument practical today...

    Thank you.
  5. Lance Keve

    Instrument practical today...

    Thank you. Will do.
  6. Lance Keve

    Instrument practical today...

    Thanks Hank.
  7. Lance Keve

    Instrument practical today...

    Thanks Alex. Will message you on your compass progress.
  8. Lance Keve

    Instrument practical today...

    Thank you. Indeed.
  9. Lance Keve

    Instrument practical today...

    That’s exactly what I did. Laughed, pointed to VCC, then one click switched off map page to DTK/TRK, and chucked again. It’s all fair game of what to use. His words too.
  10. Lance Keve

    Instrument practical today...

    Ha, yes, very briefly. And then when he covered the DG, I laughed and pointed to the other, new DG, I mean VCC. It’s too easy.
  11. Lance Keve

    Instrument practical today...

    Ah, yes. Forgot to mention having GPSS too so GPS approaches are easy. Saw the other thread discussion regarding the old Stec instruction manuals and confusion about usage on approaches when having GPSS. I initially found the same thing until looking more closely at the GPSS one. I believe Marauder was saying the same thing, based on the GPSS one being later than the AP one.
  12. Lance Keve

    Oil Change Tool

    Having the same issue...once...I found some angled pieces from some old project in my garage and learned from others. Put right under oil filter seam and loosened a bit. Didn’t take too long but not one drop was spilled. Vid from last weeks change. (Was sending to a friend who helped clean up a previous oil spill) 3F1EAA11-86E3-42CA-92CE-2BCD398686F3.MOV
  13. Lance Keve

    Instrument practical today...

    Accelerated. Ha, you’re probably right I passed my Commercial written last week and will probably be taking that practical mid-October. DPE’s are really getting booked far out. Just need the night VFR 2-hour, 100nm with Instructor flight to complete requirements. Oh, and something about mastering manuevers. We all know how to do that with our Mooneys already, yes? VOR/LOC/ILS/RNAV. No NDB. I have 430W, 6-pack, and Stec-30 w/ Alt Hold. So, tested to ACS for that equip. although all was hand flown. I trained using AP after manual was good but we didn’t use it on the test. Could have but didn’t come up. Did the AP ground check during run-up so it could have been fair game. Wouldn’t have been an issue. No surprises. Just planned a x-country, explained as part of oral, departed, intercepted first airway, then unusual attitudes, then ILS to missed to VOR hold to VOR partial panel approach with DG and AI both covered. Missed again, to RNAV ending in Circling approach. All approches were to 3 different runways at non-towered airport. DPE acted as ATC which was a little less easy (different) because I was used to training with ATC. Only hit the mic button once, late on the last approach, to respond to a heading vector assignment. I laughed, he smiled. I wasn’t the first. Anyway, that’s all I remember at the moment. Long morning...
  14. Lance Keve

    Instrument practical today...

    Thanks Dan.