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  1. Thanks, Tom. Both the 231 and 252 (and Encore) share the M20K designation. I'm looking to find a 252 or Encore that's pretty well equipped and has a respectable useful load. I made an offer yesterday on one but someone beat me to it so I'll keep looking. -Brett
  2. Hi Tom, Welcome back to aviation! You'll be in good hands at Latitude. I'm an owner in the flight club you mentioned and you are right - it's a '65 M20C. We also own a 182 as well. I'll actually be selling my share shortly if you're interested, they go for $5,000 (IIRC, we've changed the ownership structure since I bought in) and the rates are very reasonable. I'm in the process now of finding an M20K to call my own otherwise I'd stay in the club. I've been on the ground due to personal commitments the last 1.5 years but let me know if you have any questions about flying in the area. Jeff, the owner of Latitude, has quite a bit of Mooney experience. Take care, Brett
  3. Very cool, looks like it was a great trip! I recognize the last picture - based out of KCOE as well.