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  1. Several A&P's from Savvy including @kortopates weighed in. The system is still functional but placarded as a CYA, I used Advanced Aircraft (MSC) in Troutdale for the annual where this came up.
  2. I have vacuum speed brakes on my 252 and recently removed the failed engine driven vacuum pump and replaced it with a B&C standby alternator. However, during annual the question was raised whether it's allowed to use the vacuum operated speed brakes with only the electric backup vacuum pump driving it. Precise Flight said "no", it's not allowed - so my speed brakes are currently placarded INOP. Perhaps in the future I'll replace the speed brakes with the electric version but it's not too much of a priority.
  3. I'm reviving this post as my standby apparently failed as well (getting power but nothing runs). Anyone still have a 24V standby they'd like to get rid of? Thanks, Brett
  4. Thanks for the feedback Paul & David. Climb performance is good but I'll be conservative with shorter runways until I can have an A&P make adjustments. -Brett
  5. Hi all, I took delivery of a '88 M20K with the Encore conversion last month, quite the jump from the M20C I've flown for a number of years in a flying club. It's been running great but something I have noticed is a lower than spec maximum manifold pressure on takeoff/climb and maximum RPM. I usually see around 37.2" of maximum MP (spec is 39") and 2560 RPM (spec is 2600). The engine was rebuilt about 18 months ago and was serviced last October by Top Gun Aviation with the following entries: "Completed fuel flow set up IAW Mooney maintenance manual. RPM 2560 fuel flow 26 gal and MP 37
  6. Thanks, Tom. Both the 231 and 252 (and Encore) share the M20K designation. I'm looking to find a 252 or Encore that's pretty well equipped and has a respectable useful load. I made an offer yesterday on one but someone beat me to it so I'll keep looking. -Brett
  7. Hi Tom, Welcome back to aviation! You'll be in good hands at Latitude. I'm an owner in the flight club you mentioned and you are right - it's a '65 M20C. We also own a 182 as well. I'll actually be selling my share shortly if you're interested, they go for $5,000 (IIRC, we've changed the ownership structure since I bought in) and the rates are very reasonable. I'm in the process now of finding an M20K to call my own otherwise I'd stay in the club. I've been on the ground due to personal commitments the last 1.5 years but let me know if you have any questions about flying in the area.
  8. Very cool, looks like it was a great trip! I recognize the last picture - based out of KCOE as well.
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