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  1. What is the name and location of the shop? Thanks.
  2. This is what I went with when I installed my SAL-70
  3. Thanks Matt. I received a callback from Plane Power and they recommended a Gates 9335XL. That belt number is only 33.5 inches versus the 37.5 Inch belt I have now. The size you mentioned seems to a better fit.
  4. Thanks Raptor. The belt on my plane is apparently is the one used for generators. I broke a couple of belts when I first bought the plane with the InterAv installed. After several tries, my IA put on the belt that is on it, that was over 25 years ago. I suspect that I need the Lycoming Alternator belt. I can not get a response from Plane Power, perhaps they took today's holiday.
  5. OK, I have finally gotten fed up with my old InterAv alternator eating brushes and am going with a Plane Power. The belt I used with the InterAv was a 37B19774-374 but it seems too short for the Plane Power Alternator. What are you guys using?
  6. Check out this SB:
  7. I had my plane painted at a very reputable shop in Maine. When I picked the plane up, the engine ran rough until I had a backfire then smoothed out. I performed a through run-up and attempted to depart, as I reached rotation speed, the engine died. I got the plane started again and taxied back to the ramp to sort things out. When I removed the air filter a piece of upholstery foam fell out of the air box. They used the foam to prevent paint over-spray from going up through the ram air door hole in the top of the air box and forgot to remove it. The backfire probably blew the foam out and it lied in the bottom of the air box until the engine suction pulled in during my take-off roll. If the foam got sucked in a few seconds later, I would have been in the pines at the end of the runway. The shop was very nonchalant about my near-death experience. All I can say is do a extremely detailed preflight before departing.