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  1. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
  2. If you do check the filter on the fuel selector valve, be sure to note the following:
  3. Check out this Mike Busch article on the subject:
  4. I had a similar long-term issue with my Inter-Av acting up. I replaced the regulator, overhauled the alternator, and replaced circuit breakers. The only thing left was the over-voltage relay, which Inter-av told me never goes bad. I even tested the over-voltage relay with a variable power supply, and it cut out at 16VDC as it should. Finally I replaced the over-voltage relay and the problem was solved. I believe the contacts of the relay were chattering during flight due to vibration since it was mounted on the interior firewall. Perhaps as a test you could remove the OV relay from the firewall to isolate it from vibrations and see if that cleans up your electric. I got rid of the Inter-Av several years ago and went with Plane Power after the Motorola alternator began to eat brushes, I have been happy ever since.
  5. What is the name and location of the shop? Thanks.
  6. This is what I went with when I installed my SAL-70
  7. Thanks Matt. I received a callback from Plane Power and they recommended a Gates 9335XL. That belt number is only 33.5 inches versus the 37.5 Inch belt I have now. The size you mentioned seems to a better fit.
  8. Thanks Raptor. The belt on my plane is apparently is the one used for generators. I broke a couple of belts when I first bought the plane with the InterAv installed. After several tries, my IA put on the belt that is on it, that was over 25 years ago. I suspect that I need the Lycoming Alternator belt. I can not get a response from Plane Power, perhaps they took today's holiday.
  9. OK, I have finally gotten fed up with my old InterAv alternator eating brushes and am going with a Plane Power. The belt I used with the InterAv was a 37B19774-374 but it seems too short for the Plane Power Alternator. What are you guys using?