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  1. Our 6th annual Wings and Wheels event is this Saturday, October 27th from 10:00AM to 4:00PM at (L31) St. Tammany Regional Airport. 3000' runway in good condition with plenty of parking. Great Southern Hospitality. Clean air condition rest rooms, great music, lots of door prizes and a 50/50 raffle. We are expecting a crowd! We have several Mooney's in the area and three on the field. If your flying over to KJKA to the AOPA event stop by and see us.
  2. Releew

    Nashville Recommendations

    John Tune work for me on several hops. There is a lot of private jet traffic and be sure to review the approach procedures. Right downwind landing south. Really nice people at the FBO (under green tin roof) and Hertz will drop of a car there. Rick
  3. Releew

    Touch Up Painting

  4. Releew

    Touch Up Painting

    For dime size leading edge opportunities I have successfully taped the surrounding area and filled the void with multiple coats of paint. When you have enough build up (chip filled) remove the tape, wet sand with 800 Grit then cut and buff. This ONLY works with solid colors, NO Metallics! A little trick I learned was to activate the paint and allow it to start to thicken. If you wait long enough you can use a plastic or rubber squeegee and literally spread it on. Remember you are trying to get the surfaces even. Don't worry too much about what it looks like because you are going to sand, cut and buff it...... Like I mentioned earlier, before making the decision to fill a lot of Dime Size chips it may be a good idea to paint to a panel. On my Mooney I had a lot of paint splintering. Too much flying in the rain!!! I taped a hard line to the second row of rivets and painted the entire leading edge. This worked very well. Almost looks like protective wing tape. I will look for some pictures.... Rick
  5. Releew

    Touch Up Painting

    Use a Harbor Freight HVLP feed. OK for a few jobs. By far not a good solution for multiple uses or to paint an entire plane Set for 40 PSI at the tip Use a filter at the gun Quarter size chip can be feathered and blended Removing the paint completely from the belly takes care, as it is fiberglass. Solvent stripping is not recommended. Remember painting on aluminum takes additional prep steps as in an etching primer on the raw aluminum then followed by a build primer for filling. Rick
  6. Releew

    Touch Up Painting

    I've been painting for a while.... Lacquers, Acrylics, Epoxy, Poly.....Color Coat/Clear Coat so you can take my advise or go to the next guy. First determine what is a touch up and what is a panel spray out. Sometime enough of the dings = painting the panel! For a novice you will be more successful painting a panel with a hard stop (a panel line or a separate part like a cowl. Remember a control surface requires balancing on a full spray out. I do not recommend color coating a control surface. Too heavy! On a chip, the paint needs to be feather edged. Meaning there is no HARD STOP to the edge of the paint. The can be done by water sanding with 320 Grit paper in a circular motion using a rubber sanding block. Once feathered, spray some primer to build the surface back and lightly sand again. If you do not see a dimple, chances are you did it correctly. With the chip feathered and filled with primer, wet sand the entire area with 600 Grit paper. Wipe the are clean with PrepSol to eliminate painting atop of any oil residue. Apply one light tack coat , wait 5 minutes followed but two additional consecutive coats sprayed in different directions. Why still tacky, lightly spray a chemical called Blend or FADE. This is a HIGH level reducer that will melt the edge of the new paint and the old paint together. Try to apply this product on the spray line between the wet and dry paint. If you apply too much too fast your new paint will run off the surface. When dry for 24 hours, wet sand again with 800 Grit paper then use a cutting compound and buffer to polish the entire surface. I recommend you use a polypropylene based two part paint. If you screw up it will be hard enough to sand smooth in 24 hours. If you need a verbal explanation you can email me and I will give you my contact information. Rick
  7. Releew

    Gear Relay Breaker Tripping

    Thanks..... Each time in the air, a manual deployment was done to get the gear down. On jacks, the gear cycles perfect with the BYPASS switch depressed..... We just put a blower on the pitot tube to replicate airspeed and the problem was duplicated.....tripped the gear relay breaker when deploying the gear to down. Could be the switch is bleeding to ground when it sees airspeed and the gear down switch is triggered. Will focus on that in the morning.
  8. Hello all..... Got a Mooney buddy who has a 1985 J model with a gear actuation problem. Gear goes up normally. In the air, when switching gear to the down position the Gear Relay breaker trips On the ground, on stands the gear cycles perfectly. Has anyone heard of the permissive Airspeed switch shorting? Appreciate any input..... Thanks, Rick
  9. This is our 6th year for the Wings and Wheels venue and it is growing into a very well attended gathering of cars, motorcycles and aircraft. There is plenty of parking available to provide separation of the aircraft and cars. The event is free of charge, no entry fee of any sort. There are multiple door prizes available including a free Sky Dive, City Flight Sunset Tour and even a Flying Lesson. Airplane rides are available for $25.00/ person. Great BBQ with Sides and Soda are reasonably priced. The event is well organized with EMT and Fire Department on site. All we ask is no glass bottles, as we are on a taxiway. St. Tammany Regional, L31 (Located North of Lake Pontchartrain or ~30m North of KNEW) If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at.... Hope to see you there! Rick
  10. Releew

    any help would be appreciated

    Just curious...... Why would anyone, even a non-pilot with no interest in aviation let an aircraft sit on the ramp to rot away. Too bad! There are lots of interested "want to be"... and existing pilots who would have really appreciated that gift as an inheritance! What a pitty! Rick
  11. Releew

    Flap problem on my Ovation

    Could be the End Travel Switch on the down position is bad and not seeing the travel limit. If this happens, there is nothing to stop the motor from an over-current situation and pop the breaker. Rick
  12. Releew

    Cleaning the engine

    I get the engine warm and use the Foamy Gunk as a grease remover. Let it sit till the foam is gone.... Wash with a regular hose with normal pressure.... Has worked well for years! Rick
  13. I didn't use a rattle can but went with the tried and true Nason Polyurthene and it looks great! I taped and sprayed all my leading edge surfaces with about a 3" cut back. Holding up very well. Rick
  14. Releew

    LED lighting Poll

    Has anyone offered LED wingtip recognition lights yet? Something Plug and a reasonable price..... Rick
  15. Releew

    Cracked Alternator Housing

    Thanks! Do you have a part #