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  1. Releew

    any help would be appreciated

    Just curious...... Why would anyone, even a non-pilot with no interest in aviation let an aircraft sit on the ramp to rot away. Too bad! There are lots of interested "want to be"... and existing pilots who would have really appreciated that gift as an inheritance! What a pitty! Rick
  2. Releew

    Flap problem on my Ovation

    Could be the End Travel Switch on the down position is bad and not seeing the travel limit. If this happens, there is nothing to stop the motor from an over-current situation and pop the breaker. Rick
  3. Releew

    Cleaning the engine

    I get the engine warm and use the Foamy Gunk as a grease remover. Let it sit till the foam is gone.... Wash with a regular hose with normal pressure.... Has worked well for years! Rick
  4. I didn't use a rattle can but went with the tried and true Nason Polyurthene and it looks great! I taped and sprayed all my leading edge surfaces with about a 3" cut back. Holding up very well. Rick
  5. Releew

    LED lighting Poll

    Has anyone offered LED wingtip recognition lights yet? Something Plug and a reasonable price..... Rick
  6. Releew

    Cracked Alternator Housing

    Thanks! Do you have a part #
  7. Down for the Annual and the APIA spotted two cracks in the bolt hole of the alternator at the Pivot Bracket. This is a Kelly Alt. 70Amp. Does anyone prefer one brand over another? Is it best to replace with a higher output (90Amp) unit? Thanks, Rick
  8. Releew

    Mooney must be selling some

    I sincerely hope they are selling airplanes. Has there been anyone to sign up on this site indicating they just purchased a new Mooney? Has anyone been on a tour of the facility and seen planes lined up in assembly? I also hope their sales is better than their service. Has anyone at Mooney ever picked up or returned your calls.......? If so, good for you because I've never received a return call or had anyone pick up the technical support line.
  9. Releew

    Used Flap available

    I have a damaged flap for sale. (Right Side) Definitely skin-able. I decided to go new for a replacement and I am trying to recoup some of the costs. 1992 M-20J Contact me at Wooden crate is ready to repack and send out or pick it up! Thanks, Rick
  10. Releew

    3 coats of wax but no residue

    That is a topical wax.....meaning it has no cleaning agent (pumas) to cut. It sits on the surface. If it beads water it worked..... For a cutting wax look a the label for Wax/Cleaner. The logic is that it cuts the surface of the paint, removes grime/oxidation and fills the pores with wax. Kind a like buffing and polishing in one step. For the best possible result to restore a finish is to use a Dual Action Buffer with a light duty compound then come back with a good wax, like you just used. Keep in mind when you are cutting, (buffing with compound) you are actually removing a microscopic layer of paint, so don't get carried away or its going to get too shiny as in aluminum shiny...... If you are experienced with a buffer they now have circular buffers with an offset shank that rotates and oscillates. Like a Dual Action but more in a circular mode. If you use one of these, STAY OFF the PROTRUDING RIVETS..... Paint will come right off! Rick
  11. Releew

    Skin surface corrosion?

    Do yourself a favor..... If you purchase the Soda Blaster, also purchase the BEST air filter available. I personally like the Paper Filters to completely eliminate water in the line and mixing with the Soda. When it does, its a PITA to clear out. These blasters utilize a pressurized tank so the air pushes the blast media out. Its not like the old hopper sand blasters that pull the blast media through a venturie. Another trick I found is to take a garden hose and adjust it to a cone spray. Place the Blaster Nozzle in the middle of the cone and the residual atomized soda will dissolve eliminating the dust storm. Works really well and your hangar neighbors will be thankful...! It takes ~90psi at 15CFM to get a good cut at the tip of the blaster. You can do it in less but it will be in short spurts. Rick
  12. Releew

    Damaged Flap

  13. Releew

    Damaged Flap

    Had a mishap in the hangar today. To make it short, I need a Right Side Flap. (passenger) I would appropriate any contacts to either refurbish or supply a used one that has been parted out. 1992 M20J MSE Thanks in Advance!!! Rick
  14. Releew

    Skin surface corrosion?

    Yep..... But you can get it in an aerosol can too. One can will last a LONG time!!!