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  1. Stormscope

    The unit is a WX-1000. I spoke to the folks at L3 and they don't even recommend sending it in. Quoted a min of 3K. Said the problem could be in the display but more likely in the processor based on the slow starts I was experiencing. Thanks for the input. Rick
  2. Stormscope

    Looking for some opinions..... My Stormscope has failed. Its had a very slow power up since I got the plane but seemed to be very accurate once operational. With summer on the horizon in the deep south this instrument along with the ADSB weather has made dodging thunderstorms, tolerable.... Tried turning it on today and it did not power up. Breaker was fine. Any suggestions other than the Avionics shop? Just curious..... Whats your opinion on having this instrument in the aircraft? As mentioned, I do find it helpful but I do not know if I would consider it a necessity. Thanks, Rick
  3. Autopilot Central...... Ask for Steve. They are sincerely not after your money. Steve has helped me numerous times by phone. Great advice by a very experienced person who can walk anyone (well maybe not anyone) through a series of troubleshooting test to determine exactly what the problem is. Rick
  4. How does Mooney handle the Stall?

    A Mooney stalls like every other plane...... Its how deep you get into the stall that get pilots in trouble. With the ball out of the middle and continuing to hold back on the yoke can get anybody into trouble really fast. Practicing Approach and or Departure stalls without the hard wing break should be review by anyone providing a check ride with the advise on applying "quick recovery" techniques and not getting to the point of the wing drop. What I see in new Mooney pilots is the Hard Tight bank when trying to fly a pattern after coming from a 172. I'd bet the downwind to base and base to final get more pilots into trouble then the typical departure and approach stalls. Rick
  5. Flaps

    Plane has pre-selected positions, Up, Takeoff and Landing as depicted in the schematic. And THANK YOU! Best Regards, Rick
  6. Flaps

    I have two relays in the system mounted on the plate with the "Flaps Up" switches. Looks like Mooney made an effort to make this very complicated. Does anyone have a schematic? Would be great to see the logic of the relays. They must use them for circuit isolation or latching because they limits could be wired directly for permissive and position logic. (up-take off-landing) My concern is I went from not able to retract the flaps to working perfectly with a little squirt of electronics cleaner and a screwdriver. Its never that easy!! Rick
  7. Flaps

    Hello All..... On today's flight I could not get the flaps to retract upon landing. They were stuck in the landing position (full down, no movement up at all). Removed the belly and took a hard look at the switches. Nothing loose or obvious. There are two micro limits on the Tube (Motor) that appear to be for Full Down and Take off positions and two on the Flap mechanism contacted by a striker that appears to be an indicator for flaps fully retracted. I was working with very limited tools so we could not do a complete voltage check so I did the typical shake the switch and listen for the click as I manually triggered each switch. After making ZERO progress I simply rotated the motor manually (LOTS OF TURNS) until manually retracting the flaps. It was enough to get the bird home. Seeing nothing wrong with any of the switches in the belly I took the flap switch out of it mount in the console. The terminals were slightly oxidized so I cleaned it up and shot some cleaner on the terminals, re-tightened and the flaps appear to be working fine. The switch looks like a sealed unit so I doubt squirting cleaning fluid in the switch did any good. But.... the back end was oxidized and needed some attention. My concern is the flaps working again was a fluke....and there really is a bad switch somewhere in the system. Any input would be very much appreciated! Thanks! Rick
  8. Get the rating.

    Earning the rating is one thing....using it is entirely another. I know several fellow pilots who have the IR and have never shot an actual approach, tp actual or personal minimums. The training alone makes you have a better understanding of IMC flying but I do not think it necessarily makes you a "better pilot." Practice is the net result of proficiency. So if you use the aircraft as a must go machine, no doubt the IR ticket with practice is a must have. If not, there are so many tools available for the PP to utilize for cross country flying. Rick
  9. Camera Mounts / Location?????

    I used the sticky mount with a 10-32 screw and Ny-lock attached to the Right Lower wing outboard inspection panel. I could not get myself to trust the suction cup or even the adhesive mount alone. See the video at eleewr on you-tube. The 172 video used a custom strut mount. Rick
  10. dip stick tube gasket 72059

    Whatever gasket material you choose sandwich it between thin layers of red RTV. Hand tight and a good safety wire job to keep it secure. No Leaky!
  11. 9 Mooney Formation over VA

    Excellent! Thank you..... Rick
  12. Shocks

    Thanks everyone for the input.... Got them from Aviall for $88 each. Let the fun begin! Rick

    Search You Tube for Don Maxwell's hot start procedure..... Never failed me yet. Hot starting is has more to do with how you shut it down previously..... Rick
  14. Shocks

    Getting ready to change the shock disks. Is there one manufacturer of this part, or, is there more than one manufacturer, with one better in quality than the other? Thanks in advance for any input. Rick
  15. Gear Doughnuts

    You are correct.... I was wrong. Bottom line is they need to be replaced. They can be rotated with no compression load on them. Thanks for your input. Rick