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  1. My experience with Rocket Engineering has also been very positive over the few years I've been a Missile owner. Last year at annual some cracks were found in the exhaust. The Exhaust was removed and shipped to Rocket Engineering. It was overhauled by them, shipped back and then reinstalled. No big deal and they were easy to work with.
  2. I have a 1984 Mooney Missile that is at KFFZ currently and would be happy to meet you there sometime to take a look or take a flight. I've done all the good eating airports nearby including Marana, Payson and Sedona. I fly back and forth from San Angelo Texas to KFFZ regularly and could fill you in on what a flight from the phoenix area to San Antonio would be like in a Mooney. It's awesome and lots of fun.
  3. Russ, I'd love to take you up on your offer. Please let me know how to send you the shipping costs and information. Lance
  4. I have meet many that work at the plant, but nobody that I have known well. Lance
  5. Jeff, I purchased a 1984 M20J Missile 2 years ago and would be happy to help you anyway I can. I'm also in Texas not too far from you. I'm sure you will love the missile as I have. Lance Skidmore