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  1. Can anyone figure out where I am at this moment?
  2. Too bad. There are thousands of Mooney's flying around with out-dated AP's. Seems like low hanging fruit to be sure.
  3. I have an Aspen PFD and C31 auto-pilot. I’d love to upgrade to the DFC90! I’d do it tomorrow if it were available.
  4. Yeah, you could probably add in a couple hundred or so for a 5 hour flight if you worry about that sort of thing. I'd fly the J if it was twice as much.
  5. I've got one. I have homes in Idaho Falls, ID and San Diego. 5 Hours in my J at 155kts and 11gph. 60 * $5 = $300. Delta from Idaho Falls - Salt lake - San Diego. Cost $400-700 for two people. Time including flight, drive time and waiting for flight: 5 hours min, most times 7 to 9. My J is quicker and cheaper and way more fun!
  6. One thing is for sure, once you compromise and purchase that J, a week later the holy grail of great deals will go on the market ;0) Good luck with your search.
  7. Skates97 - I've been flying UT and ID for a long time and have never encountered a wave like the one cnoe describes. Not that we don't have waves, I just don't fly if wind at ridge level is over 35kts. Up to 25kts I'll fly over ridges 2,000+ agl. Over 25kts I'll stick to the valleys at lower alt. Bear Lake is a wonderful flight, nothing else like it in the west.
  8. Thanks guys, I was pretty sure it is normal in a J. Good to hear other J owners experience the same phenomenon. I'd sure like to know why however, seems like the additional drag under the plane would pull the nose down. The reason I'm interested in this now is that I'm starting my IR. When putting the gear down at the FAF I have to be prepared to push the yoke until cycle is complete and the nose up effect goes away. VFR it never phased me but when flying IFR I'm more conscious of altitude gain during the gear down cycle.
  9. The only Mooney I've flown is my own J. So I'm not sure if this is normal or not. When I lower my gear, the plane will pitch up. Eventually once it slows the nose will come back down. I'm in the habit of pushing the yoke while the gear comes down to maintain pitch. Is this what you experience as well?
  10. It's not the em gear release, I learned that lesson shortly after buying my J. Added checking the release as part of my pre-flight.
  11. Thanks for responding everyone. I'll print this out and give it to my mech.
  12. My M20J has been popping the gear breaker on gear up when it's under 30F. Never happens when it's warm. The breaker pops just before the gear is full up. Resetting the breaker completes the cycle and all is well. ideas?