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  1. When a two-bladed propeller is mounted on a flat four, it is known that the explosions of the cylinders are never coordinated with the horizontal position of the propeller. It is one of the sources of vibration and sometimes we forget this detail.
  2. Small tip, so as not to hear the nut and washer fall... Put a little grease on the eye of the key...
  3. It seems to me that the clubs this is just for the cooling flow in the old facilities with mechanical froude brake. Today, the installation is often an electric (generator) or hydraulic froude brake, the cooling installation is specific and there is no longer a club.
  4. The mechanical speed gauge is driven from a cascade of sprockets with decimal transmission ratios, with a more or less used flex, more or less homokinetic. The RPM indication is approximately good, since the aircraft left the factory. By the way, it is certified with this approximate indication. What is the point of knowing that your engine runs exactly at 2700 rpm rather than at the indicated 2700 rpm + or-50 rpm ?. What is accepted is that the mechanical instrument is verifiable, that there is a calendar of verification for it, so that its indication is good with the tolerance defined from the start. Also, with this mechanical instrument, it is quite possible to obtain the correct setting as certified and also the performance of the certificate. In itself, it is enough.
  5. Does it happen to some to derogate from the POH and take off with the regime chosen for the climb... On long track with more investigations than normal... But for nuisance problems ?
  6. Difficult day for her yesterday, with significant bypasses(she only does VFR), and therefore the constraint of the night in addition to sometimes flying very low. So well deserved rest today in the Virgin islands. FlyZolo Team Update - Day 13 After yet another diversion due to weather, Zara spent the night not in #Jacksonville as planned, but Washington Warren. Jacksonville couldn't be skipped, though, as there was someone of exceptional importance to be met: Shaesta Waiz, the current record holder for the #GuinnessWorldRecord of "Youngest Woman flying solo around the world". She was 30 when she broke it. Zara is just 19. The current youngest male record holder, Travis Ludlow, is 18. She is therefore trying to reduce the gap by more than 11 years. May we present to you, shoulder to shoulder, the Current and the Aspiring Record Holder! Come on, girls! Who is next? Give us some ! Yesterday I flew to Jacksonville first to meet Shaesta Waiz (check out previous post) which was amazing! Then straight to Miami yesterday evening. This morning I was hoping to get to the British Virgin Islands but didn’t quite make it due to weather again. That makes 3 diversions in 3 days. Tomorrow morning I’m leaving just after sunrise to get to BVI early and take a break in the afternoon
  7. A lot of guesses... But there were only 9-11 seconds according to someone's calculations here, which is little for making an outfielder free program...
  8. Zinc chromate is the yellow color anticorrosion primer, it is used only on aluminum alloys. Mooney used this treatment on the internal parts subjected to condensation... Oddly, the inside of the wing is not treated with this while the tail cone is. For steel, zinc phosphate is used, it is a primer of dark green color, the same color as the primer found in the engine compartment of some Mooney, on the inner part of the aluminum alloy engine cowling. But don't get me wrong because you could order zinc chromate in this color too. The application of zinc chromate it is very toxic, hence the replacement by allodine which is miscible with water for the application. Our Mooney's are treated with that where there is no zinc chromate. In its manufacturing process, Mooney does not have operations dedicated to pre-assembly surface treatment (of assemblies or subassemblies). For this manufacturer, both surface treatment and corrosion protection is a final finishing operation. This is not criticable in itself because this design of the manufacturing range finds arguments when one is in a short assembly process with a reduced cycle time. In aviation, this is not really the case, except in 1943 when some factories released 1 B24 liberator per hour or a Me 109 in 2h30 see an Avro Lancaster in 2h50... Personally, I think this design of the manufacturing range was justified when Mooney assembled several aircraft in the day as was the case in the 60s... That this design of the range is no longer valid when increasing the cycle time and exposure of bare surfaces to the effects of time. For a long time, manufacturers of metal aircraft have known about the influence of condensation in factories, the effects of soluble cutting oils on machined parts... At Dassault as at Daher or Airbus, we monitor the basicity / acidity of the cutting oils, the hygrometry of the buildings and we have included in the manufacturing range the finishing operations before the final assembly. I suspect that on the other side of the lake it is the same for Boeing, Northrop, Cessna, Bombardier Canadair... I don't know if that was the case at Mooney in the ' 80s. In France, the company Reims aviation manufactured Cessnas under license, you can see that the French Cessnas are not affected by certain AD "corrosion" thanks to this manufacturing process.
  9. Mooney's have no established reputation for corrosion. From my experience, I imagine that the choice of alloys and assembly techniques were wise, even though the financial strength of a company can sometimes compromise the process. As far as I was concerned, I chose to control the main spar by ultrasound, since there was no surface treatment that could create discontinuity between the soles of the splices. I found a very healthy spar. I worked for a few years at the manufacturer Dassault Aviation, my job was airframe adjuster, I realized the manual forming of the wings of the Falcons, also the assembly of the plane center (where the wings are joined to the fuselage). What saddens me in the construction of Mooney's are the steel fittings, without special protections other than zinc phosphate, like the one visible in the main cargo hold.
  10. At first there was a stop at Teterboro and then a Teterboro-JFK flight. Eventually she got a VFR direct clearance at JFK, which is amazing to us Europeans... But also the proof that in America everything is possible, included the reception of an LSA in VFR on an international hub(not sure that in Paris it would have had the same authorization for Charles de Gaulle under class A). So congratulations Gentlemen for this welcome and for your sense of hospitality.
  11. She just landed in Narsarsuaq after two days of waiting for bad weather. Several Rotax have done this, including one on autogyro.
  12. I took advantage of the great visit to do a penetrant check of mine, which had already been strengthened according to the SB in 1986.
  13. Yes, it's Zara, a young girl who is the pride of a few here. Tonight she arrived without problems in Kulusuk, her little Rotax is wonderful and the UL "Shark" holds the performances.
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