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  1. prflyer

    Holy Yikes!

    Glad you are safe and were able to put it down. Nice job handling the emergency!
  2. Looking great Bob! Question, did your 66E come out of the factory with baffles or did you convert it? Mine is a 65 model (manufactured in December 1964) but has the doghouse. Really looking forward to your tests with the new cowling. Fernando
  3. prflyer

    Attitude Indicator Question

    Thanks everyone for their suggestions. We will keep exploring and see what we find. Fernando
  4. Thanks. We will consider it in the future after we see how things go, but for now we are keeping it at 2.
  5. Bob, please keep us updated! Looks great! I would not mind looking at 160kts instead of 150kts . . .
  6. prflyer

    Attitude Indicator Question

    Byron, if that is the case, what is the fix? Some type of install bracket that gets you the right tilt?
  7. prflyer

    Attitude Indicator Question

    Let me try this again, here is the picture:
  8. Question for the group: My new partner noticed that our attitude indicator is not aligned with the sides of the indicator. It seems to operate normally and responds appropriately, but the interior part of the indicator is always above the indicator on the side. See the picture below as it is easier to see than explain. I wonder if when the panel was redone the tilt in the panel was not quite right. I looked back through pictures taken during the past year, and the attitude indicator shows this indication back then. The airplane was flown IFR regularly during this period. IMG_1853 copy.tiff In any event, do you think it is ok to fly with this instrument? If it is off tilt, how can this be corrected? Thanks. Fernando
  9. I replied on the other post, but sorry, the partnership is no longer available. I got a partner a couple of months ago. Thank you for the interest.
  10. Hi BAFlyer. Sorry, no. Found a partner a couple of months ago. Thank you for your interest. Fernando
  11. prflyer

    New M20E Owner!

    Thanks Alex. Good looking birds!
  12. prflyer

    New M20E Owner!

    Thanks Jerry. I look forward to meeting you in person as well in the near future. Regards, Fernando
  13. prflyer

    New M20E Owner!

    Thanks Bob. You are too kind. Your panel is a work of art, with great equipment. Thank you also about your comments regarding the cables. I will check the logs and if I don't see any notation about that I will certainly take a close look at them and will consider changing them at annual time. Hopefully I will get to meet you in the near future. Regards, Fernando
  14. prflyer

    New M20E Owner!

    Thanks Dan. Look forward to it!
  15. prflyer

    New M20E Owner!

    Thanks Paul. No, unfortunately, no engine monitor. That is high on my list, and I hope that I get a partner soon and that we accomplish this for the next annual. My next immediate expense -- aside from attending MAPA's Pilot Proficiency Program next weekend at Frederick MD -- is to upgrade the 330 transponder to ADSB out and get the $500 back from the government, which will substantially reduce the upgrade cost. You still reccommend the G2 as the best stand alone monitor? How much do you figure installed? Fernando