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  1. New M20E Owner!

    Thanks Alex. Good looking birds!
  2. New M20E Owner!

    Thanks Jerry. I look forward to meeting you in person as well in the near future. Regards, Fernando
  3. New M20E Owner!

    Thanks Bob. You are too kind. Your panel is a work of art, with great equipment. Thank you also about your comments regarding the cables. I will check the logs and if I don't see any notation about that I will certainly take a close look at them and will consider changing them at annual time. Hopefully I will get to meet you in the near future. Regards, Fernando
  4. New M20E Owner!

    Thanks Dan. Look forward to it!
  5. New M20E Owner!

    Thanks Paul. No, unfortunately, no engine monitor. That is high on my list, and I hope that I get a partner soon and that we accomplish this for the next annual. My next immediate expense -- aside from attending MAPA's Pilot Proficiency Program next weekend at Frederick MD -- is to upgrade the 330 transponder to ADSB out and get the $500 back from the government, which will substantially reduce the upgrade cost. You still reccommend the G2 as the best stand alone monitor? How much do you figure installed? Fernando
  6. Well, after a few years of looking, I'm finally a Mooney owner! I bought a friend's airplane, and I have been lucky to fly with him in this airplane for the past few years, so I'm intimately familiar with its history and maintenance. I'm very excited to be its next caretaker and learning more about it. I'm also looking forward to the hopefully many trips that I will take with this wonderful machine. For those who have been following my posts, I am still looking for a partner for this airplane, but I could not pass on the opportunity to buy the airplane while I look for the partner. So, if anyone is interested, please let me know. The airplane is hangared at Gaithersburg, Maryland (KGAI). Here are a couple of pictures of the new airplane! Fernando
  7. ISO ADSB Suggestions

    Thanks again everyone. I will go for the ES upgrade to the 330. I was also told by the avionics shop that the transponder will be set so that the relevant towers are alerted and I can get the information on my iPad with the Stratus.
  8. ISO ADSB Suggestions

    Thanks everyone! Sounds like I will explore the 330ES first. Does anyone know approximately how much the upgrade is from the 330 to the 330ES? Kortoplates - sorry about the abbreviation. As Lancecasper said, I meant to say that I was "in search of" of ADSB suggestions for my current set up. Please keep the suggestions coming! Fernando
  9. We are considering an ADSB upgrade for a 1965 M20E. The airplane is currently equipped with a Garmin 650 WAAS navigator and a Garmin 330 transponder that already has the traffic on which displays on the 650. With this setup, what would you guys recommend? We are looking for the most economical upgrade path that makes sense. Thanks. Fernando
  10. Moving assistance KVKX

    Congrats! Enjoy the new location!
  11. 6b6 Minute man airport MA

    Very nice little airport. I flew in there a couple of years ago with my daughter to take a look at colleges in the Boston area. The manager gave us a ride to the rental car place in town. Very nice service. Unfortunately, did not get to try the cafe as the day we were there it was closed. Fernando
  12. Broke the SFRA and FRZ

    Welcome to the area. I used to fly out of College Park (now out of Gaithersburg) but fly in and out of Potomac from time to time. Great small field. Marianne Buckley flies a nice Citabria out of there that she gives instruction in; tail wheel and aerobatic. I rent her Citabria from time to time. You will get used to the FRZ in no time. It's really just like having to file IFR every time you fly - but you have to talk on the phone and use the code. Did you get a hanger there by any chance? Regards, Fernando
  13. C Models not IFR?

    I would not worry about that comment. Some pilots do not like flying IFR in a carburated engine, and I suspect that is the reason behind his statement. There are many experienced pilots that fly IFR regularly in C models and many other carburated models without any issues. Enjoy your C (IFR and VFR) and your hangar. Fernando
  14. I posted previously in the Vintage Mooney section about my interest in a partnership. I will post the link below. The quick version is as follows: It is an excellent 1965 Mooney M20E. Great maintenance by local Mooney experts, including Freeway MSC; mid time engine; IFR certified with Garmin 650; updated 6 pack panel; 330 transponder with traffic; fuel bladders; no AD prop. Very good paint and interior as the aircraft has been hangared for a long time. Aircraft will be hangared at KGAI. The aircraft currently belongs to my friend, and I have known the airplane and flown it and it in for the past three years. Turn key ready. I'm looking for a 50-50 partnership. I'm an 800 + hours private pilot, instrument rated. Looking to get my commercial ticket. I have previous partnership experience, and it has always worked well. If someone near me (Washington, DC area) is looking for a Vintage mooney, this is an excellent opportunity. Please PM me. Thanks. Fernando
  15. Anthony, Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not comfortable sharing photos and logs of my friend's airplane unless someone is seriously interested in becoming partners in that type of airplane and that person is near me. As Seth indicated, it is a very nice example of a vintage 1965 M20E, its IFR certified with a Garmin 650, bladders, and a very strong mid time engine. In some ways, I'm selling myself as a partner instead of the airplane. I'm IFR rated, with over 800 hours total time and no incidents or accidents. I have been a pilot for almost 25 years. I have also previously owned a number of different airplanes including a Piper Warrior, a Grumman Cheetah, a Grumman Tiger, and an RV-6. I have also had two prior successful airplane partnerships. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM. Thanks again. Fernando