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  1. Tony, Jerry just called me back to let me know he is out on a job and will be back home Sunday or Monday. He said that he had several so you should be in luck. Bill Manley
  2. Jerry, I spoke to you earlier this week about purchasing two of the New Brittian Wing Servo's for $100 each. If you still have them, I am needing the 2980-3's. I can pay you via Pay Pal or credit card. Please call me at (817) 374-9655 or respond to me when you get a chance via email at the below email account. Jerry, thanks for calling me back. Hope you get that wing patched up without too many complications! Here is my address that you can ship the two Wing Servo's to: William Manley 133 Tamarron Dr. Lakeside Texas 76135 Email address: Thank you, Bill
  3. Thank you for the input. I drove up to Denton Tx to meet with a certified Mooney AP this afternoon. I described the situation to him as well as the actions I had taken. After very little thought, he said that if I flew it up to their shop he would put it on jacks, drop the belly pan and check the two switches for freedom of movement and electrical current. He felt that it is more than likely a bad switch or broke wire. So, I will purchase a can of triflow and put it back on the jacks to get a look at them this weekend. I will update my findings as soon as possible. Many thanks Bill
  4. It 's a 1970 model. The donuts are new however I didn't drop thr belly pan to check the limit switches. This will by my next area of focus. If the throttle switch was out of tolerance I wouldn't think that they would engineer it to not allow the gear to deploy. Thank all of you for the quick response on this! What a great group of folks. Bill
  5. Assistance requested. I fly a 1970 M20E that for the first time decided to refuse my command to raise the gear after takeoff. I selected gear up and nothing happened. The light remained green and no other actions taken by the plane to heal itself of the landing configuration setup. I landed, placed it on jacks, checked the weight on wheels switch to no avail. I am not certain if the switch is working or not however before I replaced it, I wanted to make sure I checked all other possible areas that could have also caused the gear to remain down and locked. I have reset the breakers for the gear however, I am not sure I fully understand what other switches may also need to be checked. Any suggestions? I don't think it is the gear switch however, I am not even sure about that. I will take guidance from anyone who has any suggestions that don't require me to drop the belly pan! Thanks, Bill