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  1. This is almost entirely due to the hobby trackers that feed those sites not having 978/UAT receivers yet.
  2. Alan and I have already spoken, it's a bit too far away to make sense for him.
  3. For those of you who have been following the saga the last of the paperwork has arrived so my gear collapsed 1994 M20J is now for sale. As you might expect this is a 100% as-is sale. Airframe(N925JH, 1994 M20J, KAP-150) and Engine(IO-360-A3B6D), would prefer to sell together. Aircraft is at KONP(Newport, OR) Engine is at KTTD(Troutdale, Portland Area, OR) The engine was overhauled by an engine shop then fell out of the mechanics pickup while being transported and is back at the engine shop. The aircraft suffered a gear collapse, right main and nose due to a very very bad landing. The JPI pictured is included but only partially installed and will come with all the sensors that were going to be installed. Similarly the install for the RC Allen attitude indicator and battery has not been inspected or signed off. The 28v 530W and 430W can be included. Also all the instruments removed when the JPI was installed are available. Digital logs are available. Many photos are here: I'm happy to take any additional photos that don't require disassembly, also happy to provide access for inspection in person. Email: or here.
  4. We know. It won't. The GFC 'brains' are mostly in the G5/G3x/Eventually GI 275 with some smarts in the servos themselves. The Autopilot Box is simply a control interface.
  5. AC 91-75 says you can replace the TC with an Attitude Indicator with a Ball, but does require different power sources. In my case that was going to be an RC Allen 2610 with their backup battery and screw-on ball. Now they have an updated 2610 with an internal battery, digital ball and digital rate of turn indicator and I think that's what I'd go with(honestly finding a place to put the external battery was a pain)
  6. Relay? There is no relay. It's directly powering the servos. It's under-rated and almost certainly getting the inductive kickback when it disengages the servos. If they had actually used a relay we'd not have this thread, especially if they put a diode on it. I'd have put a scope on it but I really didn't care that much. In mine the Autopilot(KAP-150) wouldn't power up and would just beep repeatedly until you pulled the breaker. Sometimes it would re-engage when the breaker was reconnected but eventually that even stopped working.
  7. All mine to do with as I please, and by that I mean sell. The additional amount they offered to take care of it themselves was way less than I hope it's worth.
  8. And to expand on this you should report the change in value as soon as you write the check not once the engine/plane is back in your hands(and certainly not 30 days later at insurance renewal time)... for obvious reasons. Well, unless you use one of those fancy shops that has their own insurance then maybe it's less of a concern.
  9. I/the plane are at Newport, OR(KONP) the engine is still up in the Portland area(but no longer in a ditch on the side of the road)
  10. Here's the statement in my policy: What is an aircraft? Your aircraft includes your airplane or rotorcraft and any operating, navigating or radio equipment that's usually attached to the aircraft. Parts of your aircraft that are temporarily removed are also included even if replaced by similar parts.
  11. For those of you who have been playing along at home, this is the final wrap-up of my Mooney saga. In February 2018 my 1994 M20J suffered a pilot caused gear collapse and that turned out to be the least of my problems. I obtained quotes from a reputable MSC as well as a semi-local well respected Mooney mechanic who the insurance adjuster recommended. The Mechanic was chosen to do the work, received an initial payment to purchase parts and proceeded to get the aircraft in my hangar(the incident occurred at my home field), then removed the engine and took it to the local well-known engine shop. A few months in the slightly over mid-time engine was found to have some issues not related to the prop strike so I elected to upgrade to a full overhaul. The Mechanic picked up the engine in mid March 2019 and at some point between picking it up and getting it to his shop to re-attach the accessories he suffered an auto accident which involved his pickup flipping and my engine ending up in the ditch. The engine was returned to the engine shop where they quoted basically another prop strike teardown, Lycoming also had no other guidance on "So your engine fell out of the back of a truck." It was found that the Mechanic had no insurance on his 'shop' and his personal auto insurance would not cover it. Luckily my aircraft insurance did agree that my policy did cover it as part of the "parts removed from the aircraft" coverage. At this point I had retained a lawyer to see if there was any recourse against the Mechanic's auto insurance but there was nothing there. About this time(June-ish 2019) the Mechanic died. Subsequent inquiries by myself, my lawyer and the insurance company into the parts that were supposed to have been purchased found that other than the original prop tear-down inspection payment to the engine shop there were no parts purchased and the Mechanic's Estate(he was a 1 man operation) had no assets. I got another repair quote from an on-field mechanic who appeared to be in better health, but was not a Mooney expert. This quote was sent to insurance who then tried to claim that the initial payment to the previous mechanic would be deducted. After some legal intervention using lots of big legal words including the word "lawsuit" my lawyer finally convinced the insurance company that they should probably just call that a loss and pay for the repair. The problem was that both my new Mechanic and Engine shop both had the usual caveat of "Initial estimate only, was not disassembled, may be further hidden damage" Which the Insurance Company was not happy with as the number was already my policy limit. So at the end of the day I told the insurance company to just write the check, paid off the lien on the aircraft, and deposited the rest. And now I have an almost certainly repairable/project Mooney for sale. I'll list it officially as soon as the lien release shows up.
  12. My gear collapse, on a 1994 M20J which was probably a bit more damaging than yours since it was in-motion ranged from about $80k from the guy who got the job and then failed at it up to $120k from a reputable MSC. No one knows what the final bill would have been because I and the insurance finally just gave up and had them send me a check.
  13. Mine was about 10% additional premium 2 years ago(and then 10%, and then 10% again) I'd sure have rather had a working plane than the insurance check 2 years later, provided it arrives one of these days.
  14. I believe that's the KFC 200, not the 150. The 150 just has a normal button on the autopilot control head.
  15. Things I miss about the office when I work from home: noisy coworkers, noisy HVAC systems, poor temperature control, a view of other concrete buildings, cubicles, way too bright fluorescent lights, hellish commutes. Admittedly I've been working from home for years now. And except for when a customer needs me on-site for a few days I have no intention to ever go back to an office on a regular basis.