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  1. And you're not going to get a G5 to display an ADF pointer unless it's a 'fake' GPS derived ADF. No analog inputs at all on the G5.
  2. I suspect you're gonna need an ACU 2 either way. The RMI only takes analog inputs and the only way to get analog out of an Aspen is an ACU. It appears the RMI uses ARINC 407. Obviously the other option would be an un-slaved ADF head.
  3. Exactly, if they assign 2 of you with similar speeds the same heading they're going to expect you to drift together. Otherwise you're going to get "Mooney 12345 Confirm Heading XYZ" You don't want to try and outsmart ATC.
  4. Nope, that's the one, it's sort of a press fit unless it vibrates and the bulb wears down, then you stick some silicone on it to keep it in place or bend it slightly as previously mentioned. It physically can't disappear since the wires go through it, worst case it slides down the wires when it comes off. It really is a horrible system, but at least it doesn't weigh much.
  5. I've carried hand sanitizer in my car for years and it picked a lousy time to start getting low. Mostly it cuts the diesel smell when I fuel up, but it's also nice to have when I have to venture into the unwashed masses. Luckily I invested in masks for my drywall sanding before the virus hit.
  6. That light was part of a service bulletin a while back when Mooney put out a retrofit kit from the old pin base to the new wedge base, I suspect most planes were changed over. In case anyone is curious, that wedge base just happens to be the same as many automotive LEDs, the trick would be to get one small enough to fit in there and meet the required brightness and angle since that's one of the lights that is required to meet specific standards unlike taxi or recognition lights. (And in the case of my plane, getting the stupid glass part off after some previous replacement used half a tube of RTV to hold it in place....)
  7. It's gonna be a while before I can update what I'm flying, it's still in pieces on the floor of my hangar, along with the single alternator.
  8. The parts manual is unclear on the resistor location, as I recall on mine it's a few inches back riveted(or screwed) to the last metal rib on the wing, which makes sense as it's gonna get hot and you need it on a good heatsink. The only good reason to keep the recognition lights on steady is to make sure you melt the plastic covers if you land without turning them off...Ok, I'm a bit cynical there. Whoever added my pulse controller did have 2 switches one for steady and one for pulse, but I don't see much need for steady. The Mooney Avionics master is a 'fail safe-ish' design, if the relay fails it should fail in the on position. Personally I'd not bother with dual busses unless I was going to also go all the way and get a standby alternator added(now, if someone would get one approved that'd be great) and make a true emergency bus. With the hand-held GPS devices today along with the retrofit avionics having their own batteries I'm less worried than maybe I should be.
  9. My best guess is that Whelen didn't have a 28v version at the time, they do now, but it's a filmstrip projector bulb that they took a Dremel to. Alternately, they got the first 28v aircraft built, turned on the recognition lights, which promptly blew and realized they probably should fix that. The good news is that if there is a 1 for 1 LED replacement there should be no need to remove it. It won't drop to 14v any more with the lower current but most (decent) LEDs should handle the higher voltage fine. In other news my 1 for 1 LED replacement idea still hasn't gotten any farther along. Another note for anyone if your bulb blows and you measure the voltage it will be 28V since your meter doesn't present enough of a load for the resistor to drop any voltage, you need to measure it with the bulb in the circuit and working to verify the voltage. I've heard stories about people measuring them, assuming the resistor was bad and buying the 28v version, not that it really matters as it doesn't have any FAA regulations around required brightness.
  10. In aviation we call the 'chaos monkey' a 'Flight Instructor'. There's nothing less reliable than a plane with a flight instructor in the right seat.
  11. It means that you can replace the vacuum powered spinny Attitude-Indicator gyro(For the KAP 150 this is the KG 258) in your panel with a GI275. The existing gyro provides electrical signals to the autopilot to tell it the attitude of the plane. This was not possible with the G5 or G3x, but could be done with the G500+adapter or Aspen+adapter. It won't add any new features(except maybe GPSS) so if you don't already have a preselect unit, you still won't have that. Similarly nothing will go away, so if you can fly a glideslope today you'll continue to be able to fly a glideslope.
  12. Some of the M20Js of this vintage have an interesting hybrid system. The electric tachometer provides an output signal to the 'Hobbs' meter at a frequency related to the RPM which the meter at the copilots knee records as 'hours' but like a mechanical tach it is actually recording revolutions of the engine(lower RPM==lower time accrual), so this is 'engine time' or 'tach time' and not 'Hobbs time' even though the meter may be made by 'Hobbs' An actual real-time meter is an option and would be in addition to that meter.
  13. Yes, but you can't change the laws of physics. Since the product is asymmetrical if you're like me(and apparently others) where you want the mounting portion on the bottom so the display extends over stuff above the hole instead of below AND the buttons on the right for the aesthetics or improved viewing angle they have to physically move the screen. And having them do it is way cheaper than cutting a new panel to move the hole if you're using an existing hole. Edit, helpful diagram:
  14. Finally, a use for my laser 'cutter'... I could make a new logo to go there.
  15. JPI actually recommends this change due to viewing angles(portrait with the buttons on the right). I sent mine back and they flipped the display for free.