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  1. Not on the 430/530 series. My serial number in Garmin's system for updates those 2 were: 1 and 2 as it's the serial numbers on the cards that mattered(but didn't have to be entered).
  2. If you have Internet(or like me, borrowing it from the FBO via a directional antenna and a repeater) there are a boatload of Wifi outlets that would do the same thing.
  3. They're not 'Loopholes' they're simply the rules. Also watch people's heads explode when you can tell them a non instrument rated pilot can log PIC in actual. (And even better, the Instrument rated non-instructor-rated 'safety pilot' acting as PIC doesn't get to log anything.)
  4. Looks like mine took about 7 weeks. August 18th to October 7th.
  5. One thing that strikes me is that even the G1000 equipped planes still have mechanical Airspeed and Altimeter(and attitude indicator).
  6. The analog glideslope output from the 430 or 750 go straight to the KFC computer just like today. The G5 is not involved(neither is your current HSI, it's wired in parallel to just display the GS). The G5 displays the same glideslope data from a digital output from the 430/750 which is why it can't be used with legacy analog only radios. The G5 interface(GAD 29B) to the KFC is to emulate the old HSI lateral modes which is the course pointer selection and heading bug and provide GPSS. The wiring diagram for the G5 and KFC 200 doesn't include glideslope wires as they're unchanged from your curr
  7. Your Avionics tech is half right. The G5 does not provide pitch information in that it can't replace the AI on the KFC. But your current HSI also doesn't provide pitch information to the autopilot. The glideslope information comes directly to the Autopilot from the analog outputs on your GPS or NAV source and it doesn't matter if you have a King HSI, a G5 or no HSI at all.
  8. I expect the zerobreeze does the same for condensation as all the other 'portable' units, fling/spray it onto the coil and let it evaporate and go out the exhaust pipe. Looks like a pretty bog-standard 2 tube portable unit just smaller.
  9. There are plenty of airports with no tower at all that are allowed as planned alternates, there's no protection there.
  10. Eh, it's fine... To be fair this was a week ago, the central Oregon coast only had 2 days of 'hazardous' due to a rare off-shore flow condition.
  11. If you want a fully customizable experience you can always look at these guys... and if you thought the Helix was expensive... https://www.bikefriday.com/folding-bikes/ They've got a 15lb(without E-Assist) for only $4k... and yes, they have much more affordable models as well.
  12. Correct. Like many things BK 'builds' these days the KI-300 is just a relabel of the SAI-340A.
  13. Congratulations, you qualify to work at Sandia and/or Bendix/King.
  14. Seems like a good time for Garmin etc to make a trade-in offer.
  15. I'm going to let the buyer reveal themselves if they choose to. Finish remodeling the bathroom. Turns out I'm not flying for work as much as I expected so I may step down to a slower plane.
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