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  1. My current Amazon purchase that shouldn't work as well as it does is these IC clips, sure Pomona sells a set of 10 for $600 with much better ergonomics, but for my purposes $20 is a much more useful price. Now if I can just get the bootloader loaded so I can stop with the clips.
  2. Obviously this is not approved by anyone and should never be used for anything important. I finally finished my power supply to replace my previous 30V 30A adjustable supply(which really wasn't fond of both 30V and 30A at the same time) Contents: 1 x 27V 37A 1000W power supply 1 Inlet/Switch/Fuse 1 Amp/Volt Meter, 50A 2 Binding Posts 1 Horribly designed 3d printed 'case' 4 3D Printed Feet 1 Of the Finest Pelican Clone Cases(From Harbor Freight) There isn't enough room for ventilation, it can't be used in this small of a case it's just for transport. The previous cables from the adjustable supply(which is a couple lugs to a SB175 connector, designed to let me use a single plane side connector and swap the other end between this supply and battery clamps and anything else I might need) The SB175 to Ground Power cable is not pictured, as it's still at the hangar. So far, initial testing puts the half load ripple at 500mV, not great but decent enough. Takeaways: took way too long to get the stupid case right, should have added another inch or so for wiring. Should probably have used PowerPole or something else instead of binding posts.
  3. I'd also settle for the G5 feeding OAT to the 430 feeding to the JPI. Alternatively, if I had gotten an experimental I could have designed an interface so one OAT probe can feed multiple devices. Well, I could, but after FAA approval no one would want to pay $10,000 for it.
  4. Last time I asked the answer was 'no'. That would make things too easy I guess.
  5. I first learned this when I was out as a solo student doing pattern work at my home airport. As I was about to turn base another plane abeam the numbers said they were doing a short approach. I didn't descend and we would have ended up at the end of the runway at the exact same time. It was a student pilot with a CFI from the same place I flew, so I know the CFI knew I was a student as well. And that's how I (first) learned everyone else is trying to kill me.
  6. Mine is only about 5' above the fridge. On the other hand I have an open ocean view, so I regularly pick up stuff over 200 miles away.
  7. The offset thingy is just PVC, but so far has weathered all of our 70MPH+ winds, even when the weather station didn't. But we also get 0 snow, and only about 60-70 inches of rain, which is why I didn't go with a roof penetration.
  8. I had to build my own and then set it to feed all the things, not sure 978 is working right though, too little traffic to be sure. Then I had to build one for AIS too. Then I had to build a GPS time server so I know what time it is. And the weather station needs to come down and be replaced, it only survived our winds for one season.
  9. And things like the $200 disconnect switch($20 at an electronic parts store) The $1100 trim switch(3 x $15 in parts I think).
  10. Any time you have to coordinate with more than 0 other people it's going to be problematic. Some prefer the Caravan way with the inherent possible complications from the huge number of planes and people. Some prefer finding their way on their own and being able to not have to worry about anyones schedule or plans but their own. Some people look at the chart and wonder if they can find an airport to camp at with no other people around.
  11. All the purchasers of the new King AeroCruze 230 Hahahahahaahahaaha Sorry.
  12. I feel much more comfortable with 1+ mile spacing between me and any other planes piloted by humans, computers, robots, or lizard people.
  13. Yea, that works so well for Facebook...
  14. Along with the stupid AP Disconnect on the KAP/KFC devices. Although a TVSS might help there too... Guess I should add dragging the scope out to the plane to the list of 32,768 projects on the list.
  15. No. But they do have an OAT probe and adapter for the G5 now, and a USB panel power outlet.