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  1. Steve W

    Oil Change Tool

    I hung a cut-down funnel(or a small funnel to begin with) on the filter with safety wire with a tube running out the cowl flap on it into the same bucket as the quick drain, poked a hole in one side of the filter, turned it 90 degrees so the hole was down, poked a hole in the top and then went away for a while while the filter and engine drained.Then still wrapped it in rags when I removed it.
  2. I'm still hopeful that the rumored, eventual app for getting and closing clearances at any airport eventually exists.
  3. Steve W


    I've thought a bit about this, there's one chip that has a 40 km range but no bearing capabilities, but really, with modern tech we should be able to build something that fits into the size of a current antenna and provides all the same data. All it would take is money and probably lots of it. Possibly another interesting idea might just be to get the latency reduced. If there were a way to get ground based data to aircraft with under a minute delay and handled both cloud to ground and intra-cloud this would probably cover 95% of the current in-cockpit users. Also, just needs money, and probably lots of it.
  4. Steve W

    Drop and Replace LED Landing Light

    I just noticed that Aircraft Spruce has now mentioned LoPresti is doing a LED lights now(LOPRESTI ILLUMIVATION LAZR PAR 36 LED WITH STC FOR GA AIRCRAFT and a $1000 PAR46 as well). No specs listed just '60% Brighter', nothing useful on their website yet either. Looks like it will cover anything that currently has an STC, so Mooney will be included.
  5. Steve W

    Frugal Mooney Owners Rejoice!

    It's safe, but it's like one of those people who insist on posting a screenshot instead of just typing stuff into the box.
  6. Yes, it looks like there is a private receiver somewhere picking you up when you're high but nothing near your home airport so down low you're at the mercy of the FAA. Not sure if you can see it on the free account, but if you view a flight and click "View Track Log" you can see the source for each data point.
  7. Steve W

    Insurance woes

    I had to renew after my incident this spring, about $60-70k in work on a $130k hull. Went up from $2500 to $2700 with USAIG.
  8. Steve W

    Fire extinguishers

    Call the local fire extinguisher people, most cities have them, they should be able to point you to someone who can service it if they can't. Then compare the quote to a replacement.
  9. Steve W

    Dynon Certified thread

    I feel bad now that I got my instrument rating 15 years ago... Had 2 of the funny things with the lines that go left and right, one of them had the thing that went up and down and there was a third instrument had a pointy bit that just went in circles. It's a wonder I survived.
  10. Steve W

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    The difference is you always have a G5(in the certified version, I believe Experimentals can use the G3x Touch as the autopilot computer) so Marauder wanting integration without having to install a G5 isn't going to happen on the GFC500. For the GFC500 the 'autopilot computer' that talks to the servos is the G5.
  11. Steve W

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    One thing to note is that the G5 is the GFC500 controller. Sure it has a control panel but all the brains. AHRS, Air Data, etc are all the G5. If you want a GFC500 with the G500Txi you'll still have to install at least one G5. I suspect if there were Aspen integration that it would be the same. The GFC600 is more of the STEC stand-alone autopilot competitor.
  12. Steve W

    Christmas time in August

    Hmm, guess I should have thought of that, my incident crushed part of my exhaust, might have been able to cover part of the upgrade cost. Oh well, already doing too many upgrades.
  13. Looks like the flight I did in my M20J to test up to 17,500 I was doing about 200FPM at 0C, 30.15. Garmin was saying a DA of 19240ft and 128 KTAS once I was level. I did it as a step climb so I didn't really keep track of how long to get up there. I was solo with about 3/4 tanks of fuel.
  14. Steve W

    JPI EDM Questions

    Well, yea, just get small one the size of an RS-232 cable and you'll be fine. The bigger problem is even the cheap tablets are USB-C now so you need a tiny adapter for that as well. Oh, hey, they do make a direct USB-C to RS-232, that doesn't look too horrible.
  15. Steve W

    JPI EDM Questions

    You could get a tiny cheap Windows tablet. I had one for Garmin Database updates, but it would work just as well for other things. I finally switched to a cheap 10" Laptop instead so I can use it for other things, the tablet didn't have much other use.