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  1. Autopilot avionics update.

    Saying the KFC150 is digital is a bit like saying my first Timex watch was digital, sure it's true but it doesn't come near the functionality of the new autopilots. Envelope protection, vertical speed and altitude preselect(sure, an option on the 150 but doesn't seem to be common in the fleet), new vertical speed modes like airspeed and VNAV profiles, fully integrated with your glass displays, GPSS built in. The good news is for people who continue using the King autopilots is that all the folks upgrading should make parts availability very good for the future so you don't end up with multi-thousand dollar bills when something goes out.
  2. Dual G5 + GAD29B

    The G5 is not an attitude source for any autopilot except the GFC 500. The GAD29b allows it to be a navigation/heading source for the listed autopilots(HSI Replacement). For those of us with King Autopilots and KI256 or KG258 we have to keep those with the G5, similarly with the Century or other attitude based autopilots.
  3. Porpoising leads to gear collapse accident

    So, for anyone interested, the current status of the aircraft is that the Insurance company wants a more complete inspection before they commit to repair, so hopefully in the next week or two we'll get it off the ground and in a hangar so the wing inspection plates can be opened, and the belly, nose and gear can be seen to make a more accurate repair quote and the insurance company can make their determination. Personally, weather permitting, I'm going to be going up with a CFI starting next week in a 172 to work on the basics.
  4. Autopilot avionics update.

    The KI300 is basically the Sandia SAI340 with a converter to hook it to your King Autopilot. So, I'd consider it old crufty technology... Better than nothing if you want to keep your KAP/KFC working and don't want to switch to an Aspen or G500.
  5. G5 with KFC 150

    Sounds like the shop knocked off a wire or didn't reconnect something. There should be no reason the G5 install had any impact on the FD.
  6. Update on Avidyne DFC 90?

    Using the Dual G5 pricing with magnetometer and GAD29b(the b isn't needed with the GFC 500, so subtract a bit) and the 182 kit with 3 servos comes to $13500 for equipment.
  7. Aspen prices

    The local avionics shop said they'd give me a KI-256 for just the installation cost if I need one to keep me running until the GFC500 gets approved, they're basically just sitting on the shelf.
  8. Porpoising leads to gear collapse accident

    I can say that's one kind of flying I have no desire to ever do. When I go to Oshkosh I'm gonna be the guy who arrives a day or 2 or more early to miss all the traffic.
  9. Porpoising leads to gear collapse accident

    At present, that's several months out. Once I deal with getting the fixing started my tentative plan is to go do some back-to-stick-and-rudder training, perhaps find a tail wheel and a CFI and go work on the basics and then maybe move back up to a 172 for a while. Obviously the FAA may have some opinions on the matter as well.
  10. Porpoising leads to gear collapse accident

    I won't comment on the incident due to the investigation, but I'm fine, the plane is currently not, talking to shops now. If anyone has any suggestions in Oregon of who I should talk to about potential repairs please let me know so I can add them to my list.
  11. DME question.

    Because this topic was apparently asked on every pilot forum I monitor I did do the math on another site: Just for fun I did the math on a 20DME arc(as mentioned in another post on this same stupid subject) at 6000' above the station:When your GPS reads: 20.0NM your DME will read: 20.0NM, the difference is 149 feet.3 miles out on the localizer at 1000': GPS: 3.0NM, DME: 3.0NM, the difference being 27 feet.You're never going to be using DME to identify station passing so I don't think the 0 DME case is very relevant.
  12. King Autopilot Disconnect Switch

    Luckily the FAA Approved Repair station reviewed the part and based on their findings that it was identical to the original part used it to do the repair and then did the necessary testing to determine the system was functional and signed it off for return to service. And really, NKK who makes the switches didn't have a PMA when they made the original part, and don't have a PMA now.
  13. So, as it apparently happens frequently my King AP disconnect switch went out on my KAP 150. This is not asking for help, it's been replaced, but I wanted to provide the part number that might have been used for the replacement and what the old one looked like. If I were to have ordered the replacement part from it would have been part number 633-MB2061SS1W01CC and it would have looked like the below(new switch on the left). (check the cap size before ordering, there is a large cap -CC and a small cap -BC, some other sites have reported the small cap, in reality it doesn't matter as you can reuse the cap) But the most telling thing is what the old one looked like when disassembled. Notice the contact for the trim power side of the switch is basically totally gone as they run way too much power through it and using it to disconnect causes an arc. So, I've now learned(about $300 too late) to never use the Yoke disconnect switch except in an emergency and just disconnect from the autopilot front panel or by engaging the manual electric trim which might also be safe for the switches, although that unit is even more expensive to replace or rebuild. Edit: and one other thing I learned is that it's a fully sealed switch, so spraying it with contact cleaner probably won't hurt to try and make it work again, but if it still doesn't work the problem still may be the switch as there's a good chance none of the cleaner actually got inside.
  14. S-TEC Looking for 15 Mooney owners

    As I understand it the problem isn't that Garmin won't play with others, it's that the brains and display for the GFC500 are the G5 units(or for the experimental version the G3x touch). Whereas the GFC600 is the stand-alone version designed to integrate with Aspen, Garmin, etc. From what I've seen the GFC600 price is basically going to match the 3100 and the new King whatever(whenever it exists). I've spoken with at least one shop who seemed to have some concerns with the build quality and repair capability for some of the other formerly-experimental autopilots, but since there are barely any of the certified versions installed I'm not sure if that's likely to be an actual issue. The good news for me as I won't have any money for anything for a while so I get to let the rest of you be the early adopters and test everything out.
  15. Today's flight for 2018

    In my it's always windy in Oregon theme... I headed out to Aurora to Pacific Coast Avionics today to get my IFR Cert done and my Garmin 430W/530W units upgraded to software more recent than 5 years ago. So, Chris and his guys helped me out, even when I got there and handed them an Autopilot Disconnect switch and said "hey, can you install this too". The flight out was a nice boring VFR flight with rain... The flight back I had managed to pick up a 54kt breeze with 43kts on the nose... But at least I was still able to keep the ground speed of a 172. Got a nice ILS into Newport and while I'm glad my King Autopilot works again, I can't wait for the Garmins...