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  1. The 275 doesn't need any adapters. You can look at the pinouts on the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness, it has every pin imaginable already there. You just have to pay the upcharge for the Autopilot version.
  2. I'm of the opinion that just because you could remove the Airspeed and Altimeter, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't. The full glass panels I've flown have always had at least Airspeed and Alt somewhere else. And of all the things on the panel, they're probably the most reliable. Spinny gyros not so much.
  3. "320 x 240 pixels (QVGA)" Which would make it 4:3 Square would only increase it to about 6.12 square inches. It sounds like the 12-ish square inch number for the G5 is the entire face including the 'giant' bezel and not just the active display area, where the 3.5" diagonal on the G5 and the 2.7inch diameter for the 275 are both just the active display.
  4. What? The G5 Screen is 3.5" Diagonal in a 4:3 ratio. 2.1" x 2.8" or 5.88" screen area, it's about 8% bigger. Sure, the whole box is much bigger, but difference in screens is not much at all.
  5. My guess is that's a chart error as the KAP-150 is exactly the same just without a flight director.
  6. Nah, I could install 2 G5s without any dealer supervision. If they had just made a dealer-only adapter to hook the G5 to the KAP 150 then that would have been great. And I'd only need them to do that one bit.
  7. Ooo, look, they actually announced something. Oh, dealer install only... well that was nice while it lasted.
  8. Given an attitude input signal, if CAN or ARINC I could probably build a box to emulate the King AI signals for $200 or so in parts. A little more to add the Flight Director stuff. But that's ignoring the years of time and tons of money to certify it. I was hopeful the AV-30C autopilot box would materialize, but alas that also looks to be years away.
  9. Much like King's announcements of the KI-300... 'By The End of the Year', yes, but which year.
  10. Nah, just the continuing persistent rumor. Since they just announced new stuff last week I'd expect the next set of rumors before Sun 'n Fun. and then we can all be disappointed still.
  11. The KI 300+ KA 310 is $4688 from one website. The G5 is $2249. So, $2k is reasonable, $2500 just so I don't have to buy any more King gear and can rip out my entire vacuum system.
  12. Would be nice if the install manual were available, as the G5 is restricted to NOT being the primary attitude instrument if the autopilot has a flight director. Would seem to make it difficult to install a G3X in any usable manner if it had the same restriction.
  13. I got the RC Allen digital and battery backup to replace my old electric backup AI that had no battery. Per AC whatever I also moved it to the TC location with an Inclinometer. Then my JPI got the old AI spot. No idea how it flies, but it sure looks pretty. Only headache was finding a place to secure the battery as it's not small, ended up ordering a longer harness for it.
  14. Yea, the trim interrupt/disconnect switch is a known issue on the KAP/KFC series. Here's the thread with the tear-down of mine from the KAP-150 which has basically the same failure mode:
  15. All J's whose wiring diagrams I can read also use the switch. The only difference is early models it's a switch-breaker at 20 or 25A. Later models with wing lights use 2 breakers in the main breaker panel one for landing and one for taxi and a pair of split(not-breaker)switches so you can use left or right sides alone.