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  1. Also, it would be good to ask if your mechanic did a capacity check as part of the annual. Not sure what Mooney says, but the ICA for the Concorde says: "Initial check at 12 months after initial installation (± 1 month). b. As long as the capacity is above 90%, subsequent capacity checks every 12 months in service (± 1 month)." Mine is currently sitting on the floor waiting for its capacity check.
  2. The engine shop just got done last week, short list: case and crank had to go out for build up and grind down, as appropriate, other problems found necessitating it becoming an overhaul, fuel system went out(since it's now an overhaul) and then cylinders took a long time... So, now it's in Tom's hands, again, finally.
  3. I have the Portasol butane iron(I guess it's now the 75 watt version) with the heat end and deflector. But admittedly after starting this comment I remembered I've not used it on solder sleeves, only regular/environmental heat shrink. I like the iron shape better than the mini-torch shape.
  4. Don't bother Tom, he's supposed to be putting my engine back together(well, all the parts that came off for my Overhaul/Prop Strike inspection) and I'd really like my plane back this year.
  5. It was on my list for "as soon as approved" however an unexpected engine overhaul means I may have to settle for doing it incrementally.
  6. Behold the power of relays... And if one aerospace grade high reliability relay was not enough for the manufacturer, put another one in the power line in series controlled from the second pole of the switch.
  7. Luckily mine was easy, it had fried the yoke disconnect switch. Probably the cheapest possible fix. Basically as soon as power was applied it started beeping didn't even get to the beginning of the test part.
  8. I guess I wasn't clear, this is after they become Jeppesenized in a couple years.
  9. There are now 37 different versions of Foreflight and you have to call them with your credit card to get a download code for the proper version and the prices aren't posted and the descriptions are vague about what's included.
  10. Also, at least right now for the cheaper models(not that Trio will be competing for Mooney business), "Flying coupled approaches legally." and "Flying an ILS"
  11. What? No, that's not how this works, that's not how any of this works. The Autopilot gets attitude from a single EA100, if it fails then your autopilot loses attitude, the displays have on-board AHRS and send that to the EA100 to pass to the autopilot and function independently(as mentioned except for shared connections such as pitot-static and electricity). You don't even need an EA100 if you're not driving an autopilot.
  12. Personally I'd go with a RAM ball mount, but then again maybe that's because I already own enough RAM parts to start a store. (And apparently the hangar fairy helping the A&P with the install of my new backup battery made the holes in the panel accidentally match the AMPS pattern for RAM balls.)
  13. I do find it interesting that anyone puts any stock in what the founders/employees say after a purchase. They're under a ton of NDAs as well as probably on the hook for 1-2 years to get a full payout. Of course they're going to continue saying whatever their new corporate overlords want. Maybe it's just that I've been in the tech world and not the aviation world.
  14. Well, a fair number of us J people(like Lizard People, but different) have the siamese mags so we can't use them. Except of course people like you who have done the conversion.