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  1. I think my EDM 900 will be about 100 hours, or so it seems, 80 for me and 10-20 for my mechanic. I'm running all the wires I can safely do and a few other bits and then handing it off to him for the actual sensor connections and important bits, like touching fuel or oil lines. To me it seems the newer your plane is or the more avionics it has the harder it will be, 80% of the work seems to be figuring out where the safe spots are for the wires and apparently all the empty space behind my panel is already filled with wires. At this time I'm not removing all the wires for the existing cluster gauge or fuel flow, it took me nearly 4 hours just to extract the harness for the old Insight monitor, I'll have that done as part of a full panel change out next year when there's more access since a bunch of other wires will be leaving at the same time. Luckily the old fuel flow has the GPS connections so I can re-use those without needing to access the GPS tray.
  2. Steve W

    Folding Bike - Jupiter Bike 2.0

    Only the cheap ones...
  3. Steve W

    Folding Bike - Jupiter Bike 2.0

    I have a Tern Link P24h, not sold anymore, but there are similar ones. 8 speed rear derailleur, 3 speed hub(and a 12lb front ebike hub+battery on order), but mostly I like that it has full racks so I can load my luggage onto it. Longest I've done was 10 miles, on flat roads. And yes, the photo was taken at one of those fancy FBOs with carpet and toilets that flush.
  4. Steve W

    Folding Bike - Jupiter Bike 2.0

    60lbs, both look like a handful to try and hoist into a plane. The small wheeled folders(like my Tern) do have a little less stability but can be a whole lot smaller folded or at least smaller without pulling wheels and stuff. Of course, if money was no object I'd go get a Bike Friday, stupendously expensive but fully customizable.
  5. Steve W

    Runaway trim!

    Also, in almost all(maybe all?) King autopilot planes the yoke disconnect button also removes power from the trim servo, so the process is press and hold the red button, retrim manually, then turn off the trim switch on the panel and/or pull the AP breaker.
  6. Steve W

    "Medeco" Ignition Switch

    I enjoy the KAP-150(and others) with the yoke disconnect pushbutton that you should never actually use because it's not designed for the current they run through it.
  7. Steve W

    Cross Country SC to Oregon

    Also realize that California is beginning its fire season, which even if you don't hit any TFRs can cause wide spread smoke and general abysmal conditions, so although the coast is nice, I think I'd also choose the more northern route. Last year I did Denver to the Oregon coast, I found the most useful part of the airplane was a full tank of fuel, which meant when I did need to dodge the thunderstorms that had popped up I could divert as far as I could possibly need.
  8. Steve W

    ADS-B / FlightAware question

    IFR is an interesting question. Can you actually get an IFR clearance today(or for that matter flight following) without a Mode-C transponder outside of Mode-C rule airspace?
  9. Aspen, G500(TXi), Mythical KI-300, wait for the GFC 500(or other Autopilots) for Mooney. I'm not sure where the "Remove the Vacuum pump and lose the ILS" came from. Without the Attitude indicator the KFC 150 is totally inoperative. I'm waiting for the GFC 500.
  10. Steve W

    ADS-B / FlightAware question

    There are 2 codes. The call-sign which can be changed by you(depending on the unit) but usually defaults to your tail number. And a 24 bit (6 hex digit) code that is programmed in at install time. For the US the 24 bit code maps 1 to 1 with tail numbers(Enter: your_tail_number mode-s into google to see it). The only way to get rid of that transmission is to turn off your transponder or use a UAT unit with anonymous mode.
  11. Steve W

    New Avionics Wiring

    If it's like the guys who wired my Mooney, it's 5 feet to get to the antenna and 95 feet under the panel occupying all the possible space.
  12. Steve W

    Vacuum Pump replacement

    Replacing the battery wouldn't be a problem, it wasn't a lifesaver to begin with, thus the only real option was to replace it with something else, either the Lifesaver or another unit, or buy a special backup battery like the MidContinent MD420 for nearly the same price. And I like the extended battery life for the RC Allen digital anyway. The hardest part is to find someplace to fit the damn battery.
  13. Steve W

    Vacuum Pump replacement

    I'm installing an RC Allen 2610 (not the 2610P) and their battery for my backup to my eventual Glass Panel. No Pitot Static or GPS dependency. The previous owner had a Mid Continent electric AI as the backup but a battery for it was almost as much as the RC Allen unit and battery. They didn't buy the lifesaver with built-in battery for some reason.
  14. Steve W

    ADS-B / FlightAware question

    There are plenty of sites(ok, at least one) who aggregate ADS-B data without using anything from the FAA and without blocking anything.
  15. Steve W


    I see my policy of not living in cities continues to work in my favor, although it was about an 18 month wait for a $200/mo hangar.