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  1. Not a toy or RC but James Avery (jewelry company) headquarters is in kerrville Texas. They produced a line of airplane pendants that had the tail on the proper way. Some have been converted into tie tack - earnings etc. I have the hat pin on my flight bag - earrings and pendant for my daughter when she gets older. The current production is of more generic airplane so you have to find the Mooneys on eBay etc now. I know this doesn’t answer the OP question but I was happy to find them. You can get them with J bar - bladders. - LOP/ROP all the same if you can find them.
  2. I put a 830 in when I did engine overhaul a few years ago. If I could go back it would be a 930/900. Instal is almost the same and it’s all I look at for any engine info. anyway. As gsxrpilot and others have said - can’t fly if original gauges are inop anyway. Which can happen more often than we like.
  3. Got mine in the mail today as well. Fantastic job. Thanks! Chuck
  4. Trying to get on GFM page too but cant. Need the down lock block. Deadline is tomorrow so guess I’ll keep checking. chuck
  5. The gentleman’s father I purchased my F from was a crash investigator for aviation. They both were pilots. After years on the job he purchased a Mooney. His biggest reason was that the Mooney didn’t shed parts if an unfortunate incident occurred. He passed the aircraft on to his son and I purchased from him. He shared many interesting stories with me about structure, efficiency, speed, etc but never mentioned inferior handling compared to other aircraft (especially the V tail). If I had only known !
  6. 69 F model 9615M waiting to upgrade to G5’s until autopilot is approved
  7. I had the same “who would put an airport here” thoughts!!!
  8. I went in on 12 with four on board my F model - picking up a Mooney that my friend purchased. It’s defiantly not a place you can be sloppy on approach and speed. Remember the taxiway was even tight with rock and fences. Worth the effort to talk Jimmy and David - good folks.
  9. Used them last week - $10/night tie down still. More planes than usual. Think a nearby airport is having runway work so they’ve got some extra planes from that. Have had overnight hanger space in the past but not this time.
  10. Pulled one off my F and didn’t loosen or remove anything else. Edit - possibly the oil filter was removed but can’t remember for sure.
  11. I know I must be doing something wrong - I usually feel like computers don’t like me. The link gets me a google map but no information on it. Any suggestions?