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  1. CWM20f

    JPI Oil Temperature Probe Question

    There is a dedicated ground wire from the JPI unit the should be grounded to engine block. If not or if bad connection it could cause crazy readings.
  2. CWM20f

    JPI Oil Temperature Probe Question

    Is the JPI grounded to the engine block?
  3. CWM20f

    JPI Oil Temperature Probe Question

    This is the spot I used. Mine is IO-360 but the front looks identical as far as oil ports.
  4. CWM20f

    JPI Oil Temperature Probe Question

    Lance - this is where mine is (photo above co-pilot side port) and works fine. Ran wire along top of engine and out co-pilot side baffle. Side note - got led light yesterday. Works great Thanks!
  5. CWM20f

    McFarlane Throttle cable

    I’m not positive at all about price I paid (been sometime). Think it was around the 275 - 300 range but I did have three made so could be mixing prices. Didn’t do much filling in of forms I just sent cables in and let them do it.
  6. CWM20f

    McFarlane Throttle cable

    I sent the cable in to them for my 67 F model. I didn’t pay much attention to thread size but they produced same cable with cutout for around $275. Works perfect and I had great experience communicating before and during process. (Had mixture and ram air cable done at same time). Will use them again when needed.
  7. CWM20f

    Foreflight flight category

    Same thing here. Just showing around route.
  8. CWM20f

    Raptor's LED Torpedo Retrofit

    I was going to go with Raptor’s conversion originally - looks great. I ended up using the battery powered pucks with remote. Put one in each footwell - one under each front seat - and one on headliner above back seat. You can get individual ones on or off when needed by different aiming of remote. I usually leave the ones under the seats on in flight - gives passengers enough light for activities. This is view from baggage door
  9. Been to two shops in central Texas several weeks ago to get estimates on panel rebuild/upgrade. Nothing from them yet. Anyone have recommendations for the Texas area?
  10. CWM20f

    LASAR maintenance review

    I’ll have to take the other side. I’ll pay for services rendered when the job is complete. Sometimes this is the only way to light a fire under someone to get the job completed (not specifically aviation).
  11. CWM20f

    1967 M20E parting out

    Ok. I’ll take it if you have it. Does anyone know if parts are available - specifically the threaded shaft that goes through center?
  12. CWM20f

    1967 M20E parting out

    Any Shaw 431-9 fuel caps. Price?
  13. CWM20f

    Kool Scoop Fit Issue

    The kool scoop is thicker than pilot widow so I just swing arm enough to catch the edge.
  14. CWM20f

    Kool Scoop Fit Issue

    That is correct. Will get some pics and post them around noon. I used a Dremel with the thin cutoff blade.
  15. CWM20f

    Kool Scoop Fit Issue

    I cut the hinges off - trimmed the bottom to fit above the hinges of original window and use the swinging arm on top to hold in place. When not needed its not in the way.