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  1. 69 F model 9615M waiting to upgrade to G5’s until autopilot is approved
  2. I had the same “who would put an airport here” thoughts!!!
  3. I went in on 12 with four on board my F model - picking up a Mooney that my friend purchased. It’s defiantly not a place you can be sloppy on approach and speed. Remember the taxiway was even tight with rock and fences. Worth the effort to talk Jimmy and David - good folks.
  4. Used them last week - $10/night tie down still. More planes than usual. Think a nearby airport is having runway work so they’ve got some extra planes from that. Have had overnight hanger space in the past but not this time.
  5. Pulled one off my F and didn’t loosen or remove anything else. Edit - possibly the oil filter was removed but can’t remember for sure.
  6. I know I must be doing something wrong - I usually feel like computers don’t like me. The link gets me a google map but no information on it. Any suggestions?
  7. If I read it correctly a GAD 29B adaptor allows G5 heading bug with gpss roll steering for many century, Honeywell and s-tec.
  8. I thought G5 had a list of other brand autopilots they would run including century.
  9. There is a dedicated ground wire from the JPI unit the should be grounded to engine block. If not or if bad connection it could cause crazy readings.
  10. This is the spot I used. Mine is IO-360 but the front looks identical as far as oil ports.
  11. Lance - this is where mine is (photo above co-pilot side port) and works fine. Ran wire along top of engine and out co-pilot side baffle. Side note - got led light yesterday. Works great Thanks!
  12. I’m not positive at all about price I paid (been sometime). Think it was around the 275 - 300 range but I did have three made so could be mixing prices. Didn’t do much filling in of forms I just sent cables in and let them do it.
  13. I sent the cable in to them for my 67 F model. I didn’t pay much attention to thread size but they produced same cable with cutout for around $275. Works perfect and I had great experience communicating before and during process. (Had mixture and ram air cable done at same time). Will use them again when needed.