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  1. I have one. I bought as a backup including the CDI a few years back. I paid $250 for it and would let it go for that. It as in good condition. I can send pics if you would like. Happy to sell it as I no longer need a backup 170b for my plane.
  2. This sounds like a really good solution. My boost pump sound like it is struggling and going to need an overhaul or something soon. Do you mind sharing the cost for the overhaul?
  3. Interested. How much did you want for it?
  4. I have a polished spinner from a M20J McCauley I would sell. Its in perfect condition.
  5. I've been using WingX for 4 years now. Great program. I had Foreflight prior and really liked Foreflight as well just wanted something with an open system for the ADS-B in. Plus WingX gives there full package including advanced IFR and Synthetic vision to CFI's for free. Can't beat that! I did prefer Foreflights options for preflight planning over any of the others I had used. Foreflight would automatically load in Forecasted winds aloft and it seemed very accurate. WingX only calculates in current winds aloft. If you are planning a trip for the following day it won't calculate in forecasted winds aloft.
  6. Don thanks for coordinating this. I am going to try to attend. Would be good to meet some more mooneyspacers face to face.
  7. I'm interested in learning more about the timing. So what should the timing be set to in on an io-360 with a dual mag? I am wondering what my mechanic is setting it to. At 25 will you get more power than at 20? I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this and feel like it is something I should know and do want to make sure I am getting optimal performance from my engine.
  8. I have a 77' J. It flys straight and TAS has always been closer to 150kts TAS at 8,500 at 75% power. A little faster if I am lightly loaded. What altitude were you flying at for the 138kts TAS?
  9. Pireps are nice. Who doesn't like a pirep. Thanks again helitim!
  10. Not bad mouthing anyone. Just thankful for the Pirep. Don't understand why some FBO's at class C airports charge while others at the same airport do not. I'm just asking what have they done to deserve a fee on a quick turnaround? The runway and ramps are built and paid for with tax dollars at the class C airport I am talking about. Why should an FBO be able to charge for a turnaround with no services offered. In a PC-12 the fees are $100 for a quick turn around. Just doesn't seem right to me. Why do you think that it does?
  11. Your right it's life. Luckily we have AFD's and pireps like this to help us navigate to airports that don't have meaningless fees. Thanks for the pirep helitim!
  12. Hey buddy I don't think you are a "total boob". Annoys the hell out of me too when an airport that is paid for with tax dollars has an FBO on the airport and charges fees like this. The FBO typically does not own that ramp space. It is paid for and maintained by tax payers and the FBO should not be able to charge a ramp fee for someone not using any of their services. If it is a private airport then that's a different deal but for a public tax payer supported airport why should an FBO be able to charge a fee for nothing when that ramp space has already been paid for by tax payers. If that $20 fee went to actual airport maintenance that would be different but I've experienced FBO's at public airports charging me for a turn around without using any of their services. The fee gets really high if your in a turbine.
  13. I did not know there was an option to stay anonymous. That's good I like that!