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  1. In Canada we record our flights in a journey log book which forms part of the technical records for the aircraft. We record start to stop time for your pilot log and record time up to time down for aircraft total time. Clarence
  2. At my home field landing on 08, making the intersection in my Mooneys was easy, as are the RV4 and 400. Clarence
  3. Nice work on the felt sealing. I'd suggest some safety wire on the alternator tension arm bolts though. Clarence
  4. With the cowls off, carefully put your finger into the alternator housing and hold the cooling fan with your finger tip. With your other hand carefully turn the propeller, if you can hold the fan and turn the engine the drive coupling is slipping and requires replacement. Clarence
  5. A former instructor I know used to say "if you're not on the line, you're out of control" Clarence
  6. Tom, Actually the Mooney was running extra LoP because he was following a Comanche 400, which we all know leaves a huge fuel trail. Clarence
  7. A rag left in the intake system? Clarence
  8. From the Cirrus forum. The other day this guy in some old tin bucket pulled up and passed me all the while leaking fuel and corrosion dust everywhere, and he had to hand fly it. Just awful the things you see out there!! Clarence
  9. We've had the same thing happen here with an older pilot landing on the parallel taxiway. Luckily no one was hurt, just his pride. Clarence
  10. Friends don't let friends fly plastic airplanes, or play with plastic toys. Clarence
  11. Unless you get to fly a Comanche 400 with little fuel in cold air. Clarence
  12. It wasn't really steep, just a long slow incline. I would imagine the brakes are a hydraulic line lock of some sort. The lamp post is still bent. I looked for the picture I took but can't find it. Clarence
  13. Sadly this one will likely turn into a donor for the rest of the fleet. Clarence
  14. A fibrescope will allow internal inspection of the muffler and flame tubes. In the shop we use an old filter queen vacuum with a plug in the tail pipe to pressurize the muffler with the jacket open, then spray with a soap and water solution to find leaks. Clarence
  15. They should include AoA in the kit. Clarence
  16. Setting the parking brake on a warm set of brakes is a disaster waiting to happen. Many years ago a King Air 200 stopped at the hangar up the hill from my old shop. The crew set the brake and went inside to wait on the passengers, the brakes cooled and released, and the plane started rolling. It came to rest against at lamp post and a Piper Cherokee, just feet from my office window. The crew learned that chocks were a great invention. Clarence
  17. Shouldn't we be banning religion as well as politics, neither have anything to do with Mooneys or aviation. Money is still allowed, especially when helping others spend theirs. Clarence
  18. I will be attending this year, hoping to be in Zepher Hills on Tuesday night, departing Sunday. Clarence
  19. There are generally 2 different systems, one with a power supply at the wing tip and tail, and one with a central power supply in the fuselage behind the cabin. Have you switched leads or boxes to determine the trouble? It can be power supply, wires, or flash tube. As noted parts are readily available. Clarence
  20. I'm only guessing, but I think Andy95W may be referring to the now nonexistent "Rants and Raves" forum? Clarence
  21. With such a beautiful airplane why not just put in a new engine and fly on? Clarence
  22. This accident is a sobering lesson for us all. Would those who have electronic CO detectors mind sharing details about which models are being used? Clarence
  23. Guy Ginbey a poster here does hose assemblies as well as a bunch of other neat things. www.csobeech.com Clarence
  24. The tachometer is driven by wires connected to the ignition switch, not a cable. You'll need to remove it to verify the part number. Clarence
  25. It does work combined with a good bit, better than a drill and screw extractor. Clarence