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  1. M20E First Upgrade

    I hope that the wrong sized plastic hub cap on the nose wheel doesn’t break and jamb your gear in the nose wheel well. Clarence
  2. passenger seatbelt of doom

    It is also possible that the bottom ends of the pilot and passenger are just too wide for a Mooney with manual gear. Clarence
  3. Crazy annual (paranoia)

    While you have the engine off are they going to flush or overhaul the oil cooler? Also I’d have them replace the four bolts that hold the engine mount to the airframe. Clarence
  4. I'm having issues with a J model which has low oil temperature. We installed a newly overhauled engine last summer with all new baffle tapes, sealed every conceivable gap in the metal baffle tapes, all engine accessories were overhauled. The engine is operated at normal cruise power setting with CHT values of 300+/- and the oil temps on the G4 between 125-150. Lycoming say it sounds normal for OAT in the 20's to 30's and suggested a call to Weber Aircraft, who were equally stumped. Any ideas? Clarence
  5. What is this device in the tail?

    I thought it was the LoP sensor which is why Mooney’s are so efficient. Clarence
  6. Low oil Temperature

    We get plenty of that in summertime. Clarence
  7. Mix. Mixture joint swivel

    The ball and socket rod ends are obsolete and have been replaced with a rod end bearing, a bolt and spacer. Clarence
  8. Stall warner inop

    So when your “repaired” stall vane doesn’t work and you or your plane in someone else’s hands crash and hurt someone, I hope that you and your maintainer have plenty of insurance at the ready. Clarence
  9. AD Search

    Agreed, however I can sign out an Annual, miss an AD and not face enforcement action because it’s the owners responsibility to ensure compliance. Clarence
  10. AD Search

    The FAA could do maintainers a favour by making AD’s the responsibility of the owner, that’s how it is in Canada. The owner may delegate the task but not the ultimate responsibility for compliance. Clarence
  11. Electronic Fuel/boost Pump

    Equally irritating is when things do go wrong and the maintainer is accused of breaking it, when it was dying when it arrived at the shop. This has happened to me, during the annual the leaking vacuum pump drive seal was replaced, the pump fails afterward, whose fault is it? Mine for identifing and replacing the seal which would have killed the pump anyway, or the owner’s whose seal was leaking and killing the pump anyway. Clarence
  12. New Mooney owner with battery question

    The panel is on the left side of the fuselage, behind the wing trailing edge. You’ll need either a Phillips #2 or a1/4” common blade screwdriver. Clarence
  13. Strip & Seal Fuel Tanks

    For those who want bladders, they don’t exist for all models so repair or strip and seal are the only option. Clarence
  14. Strip & Seal Fuel Tanks

    That would be hard to miss during an Annual Inspection. Clarence
  15. Alan's Hangar

    Will Alan be sacrificing one of the visiting Mooney’s? Clarence
  16. Cost of ownership "budget"

    No sales tax on real estate, no capital gains on my primary residence, no annual property tax on my airplanes. Clarence
  17. AD Search

    I think the complexity of producing an appliance list is being overstated, you only have to make the list once, and you’ll have a much better understanding of your plane when you’ve completed it. Your engine will have magnetos, starter, alternator/generator, vacuum pump, (standby vacuum system, possibly), a fuel pump, a carburetor or injectors, a prop governor and an air filter. Most of these only have a few brands to choose from. The airframe has more possibles, with avionics, instruments, switches, circuit breakers, lights, battery, strobes etc. but it’s not impossible to compile the list. Even with Adlog you need to provide them the equipment list so they can do the research. Clarence
  18. Cost of ownership "budget"

    I thought that you guys get to write off interest against income? If so why not finance a portion and get a better airplane? Clarence
  19. Many control tubes have welded rod end bearings, under owner produced parts can you carefully grind the weld off and weld in a new bearing? For the pinned version can you turn down a bearing and redrill and pin it under the same opener produced part? Clarence
  20. This Ovation. Any good?

    From the Ad, it would appear that the Annual is due again. The top overhaul makes sense based on the low hours versus calender time, as long as it’s flown enough since the top overhaul, corrosion should be less of a concern. It sure looks like a nice plane in the pictures, but then picture lie. A thorough PPI should tell the story. Clarence
  21. AD Search

    You guys are obviously in a different snack bracket and not true CB members if you’re spending $38.00/ year. Make your list from the free data on the FAA site. http://www.airweb.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgAD.nsf/MainFrame?OpenFrameSet An interesting difference in the list from the FAA site for an E model: http://www.airweb.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgAD.nsf/MainFrame?OpenFrameSet and the Transport Canada site for an E model: http://wwwapps3.tc.gc.ca/Saf-Sec-Sur/2/cawis-swimn/awd-lv-cs1401.asp?rand= Clarence
  22. Blue Wire going into cylinder?

    There is little value in replacing with a TAS 100, if you plan on installing an engine monitor system you’ll need that hole for a CHT probe. Clarence
  23. I’m not criticizing the people who arrived at the crash site for what they didn’t do. As none of us were there we don’t know the circumstances. My point is the posting to the internet. My feelings would be different if the person who filmed the accident had simply passed the video to the NTSB to further the investigation, instead of posting it. Clarence
  24. It’s the modern world where everyone wants to post their sh*t on “Brag Book” Common decency and thoughts for the people involved in an accident don’t even register anymore. Clarence
  25. M20K Rebuilt Alternator bad already?

    For all of you who abandoned the Queens English so many years ago, this should help.