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  1. M20Doc

    Defrost blower

    Wondering if anyone has any insights on repairing the defrost blower on a 2005 Ovation? The front bearing has failed and doesn't seem to exist anywhere other than buying a new one for $2000.00. Clarence I
  2. M20Doc

    Defrost blower

    The motor is made by Globe electric motor, who will overhaul/repair it for $500 plus shipping to and from the US. Seems a lot for a $5 bearing. Clarence
  3. M20Doc

    Exxon Elite 20W-50 Oil - PENDING OBSOLETE

    Our local flight school uses Aeroshell W80 & W100, no additives other than Lycoming LW16702 in their 76 series engines in a few older 172’s and Piper Seminoles. They routinely get 3500-4000 hours before overhaul on their O-235’s, O-320’s, O/IO-360’s. They swore off multi grade oils years ago. The local engine shop is overhauling one of their engines which has run 10,000 hours on Aeroshell and the crank still measures at new dimensions. Clarence
  4. M20Doc

    Landing Gear Shock Disks Source?

    I’ve considered the discs from an Ercoupe from Univair as a source, or taking one from a current Mooney and seeing if it could be machined to fit the Mite. Clarence
  5. M20Doc

    Defrost blower

    There is no part number on the bearing. It measures 3/8” OD, 5/32” ID and 5/32” tall. I’ve had several bearing suppliers try to figure it out with no luck. Ill snap a picture of it this afternoon. Clarence
  6. M20Doc

    M20 F - T Complete Install

    Try this one, http://www.csobeech.com/ or this one http://www.csobeech.com/GeeBee.html Clarence
  7. M20Doc

    M20 F - T Complete Install

    Looks good! To fill gaps between the metal baffles and the engine case you can use silicone in a caulking gun. Sometimes you have to put one bead on the metal, then after it dries a bit add a second bead to close the gap. Clarence edit, the screw in the front right cylinder looks like a 1/4-20 NC rocker box screw. It should be a 10-32 screw threaded into a barrel nut which is inserted into the hole in the cylinder head. The hole is crossdrilled in some 5/16” round bar stock.
  8. M20Doc

    ATC Professionalism

    Not sure but perhaps @ohdub one of our members here and a Toronto area controller might know. Clarence
  9. M20Doc

    Today's flight in 2019

    My daughter is Amanda, our dog is Igor. She has flown with me since she was about 1 year old. She is working on her Recreational Pilots licence, (similar to a Sport pilots licence) then hopefully on to her PPL. On the Recreational licence she will be able work her way up our RV4 and the Comanche 400. Clarence
  10. M20Doc

    ATC Professionalism

    The professionalism crosses both sides of our border. Nav Canada controllers are buying pizzas for FAA controllers during the shut down. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/canadian-air-traffic-controllers-buy-pizza-for-u-s-peers-going-unpaid-during-shutdown-1.4251623 Clarence
  11. M20Doc

    Today's flight in 2019

    Todays flight wasn’t mine, but was the proudest day of my recent life. My 15 year old daughter soloed in our 150. Clarence edit: My wife found a picture of Amanda flying our second Mooney E model.
  12. M20Doc

    Drone damage

    Hank, No offence taken. As you point out there are even greater threat to lives than guns or drones. Point taken. Clarence
  13. M20Doc

    Drone damage

    Far more people are killed each year by firearms, (registered and not) than by drones. Let’s start with the most serious thread first. Clarence
  14. M20Doc

    Getting really close

    Nice! What’s going in the empty hole? Clarence
  15. M20Doc

    Travel Boards

    The Mooney boards are 1/4” plywood with aluminum stiffeners for the longer ones. My Cirrus set are cut from aluminum sheet, to prevent scratches I ran a strip of 3M electrical tape along the edges. Clarence
  16. Did you remove the mounting end cap and clean and repack the gear box as well? Clarence
  17. M20Doc

    Oil cooler spacer bushings?

    Most installations use the long bolts. For bushings buy aluminum tubing from Spruce. Clarence
  18. M20Doc

    231 electrical question

    The alternator is low on the back of the engine. My finger is pointing at the field terminal. You can check for power at the terminal with a volt meter, or turn on the master and alternator switches, then using a few paper clips linked together to form a chain, swing them near the back of the alternator to see if its created a magnetic field. Clarence
  19. M20Doc

    Check your exhaust

    I took these pictures of a 231 exhaust today. We pressurized the exhaust with a shop vacuum and sprayed it down with soap and water. I scrubbed the areas with a stainless brush and the hole just kept growing, it is just ahead of cylinder 5. The second picture is a small crack in the stack for cylinder 1 Clarence
  20. M20Doc

    Check your exhaust

    I’d say it’s common to all exhaust systems regardless of which airframe. It spends its life heated to upwards of 1600 degrees and then being vibrated by the engine. Clarence
  21. M20Doc

    Prepurchase inspection in New England

    This thread really shows the difficulty for all parties involved. In the end no one here wants to see anyone buying an airplane with a load of problems which may bankrupt you, or worse kill you. Clarence
  22. M20Doc

    New brakes I think I need

    It is possible that something was assembled incorrectly, the lining faces may have been contaminated during reassembly. There are 2 different types of brakes installed on Bravo airframes, single and dual pistons. The linings may need to be reconditioned. Clarence
  23. 500 hours is quite impressive!! Clarence
  24. M20Doc

    New brakes I think I need

    Here is the lining on its own.
  25. M20Doc

    New brakes I think I need

    When the indicator disappears, the lining is worn to the rivets. Clarence