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  1. M20Doc

    Prop Damage help

    I’ve seen damage in this area when a screw fell out of the cowl, but the pin hole at the bottom is interesting. Clarence
  2. I subscribe to both TCM and Lycoming manuals and S/B’s through ATP. Many are also on the respective websites. Some form of method to add links would be helpful. Clarence
  3. M20Doc

    I'm not sure who to believe

    Over the years I’ve adjusted many TCM fuel systems. The thread on the aneroid adjustment screw is very fine and doesn’t take a lot of torque to secure it. I’ve never seen a pump as you’re describing it, all that I have seen have a female thread in the aneroid housing and and external check nut on the adjustment screw. If you’re able to get it a picture would be helpful. Clarence
  4. M20Doc

    pic of scrap m20c

    The Grim Reaper, Quebec style. Clarence
  5. M20Doc

    Lycoming Cam Issue Poll

    The Lycoming 76 series engines installed in the C172N and Piper Seminole have removable valve lifters like a TCM engine. When I worked on flight school plane we pulled the lifters every 200 hours and replaced any showing signs of distress, they all went well beyond normal TBO. Clarence
  6. M20Doc

    Uh oh

    David, In your own words this is a Mooney forum? Do we really need the name calling? I’ve disagreed with people on this forum, I don’t block or ignore them because some of their posts contain good points which I learn from. Clarence
  7. Can it be added to the downloads section? Clarence
  8. M20Doc

    It might be overhaul time...

    The only TCM engine that you can’t pull the lifters that I know of are A65 thru O-300. 360,470,520 &550 are all easily done. It’s as easy as pulling a cylinder on a Lycoming, and just as necessary. Clarence
  9. This one? https://www.lycoming.com/sites/default/files/Piston Pin Plug Wear Inspection.pdf Clarence
  10. M20Doc

    Uh oh

    I’ve always wondered, in the event of a gear up landing that you knew was going to happen would you pick grass or a runway? Clarence
  11. M20Doc

    I'm not sure who to believe

    This picture of your pump might help. Clarence
  12. M20Doc

    Backfire on short final

    Possibly an intake leak from the recent engine work? Clarence
  13. Depending on you engine model the induction system is quite different. In the G series engine the induction system is a long log with the priming nozzles in the front of parts 4&6, in the S series engine induction tubes are equal length. Clarence
  14. M20Doc

    P-Lead Length

    It’s only “unloaded” if you did a live magneto check as part of your shut down checks. Clarence
  15. M20Doc

    Braking After Landing

    Correct, then it would require bleeding. Clarence
  16. M20Doc

    It might be overhaul time...

    Ouch! Sadly this is quite common in both brands of engine, just in a TCM you can pull the lifters. If the cam lobes aren’t beat up badly you can install new lifters and fly on for some time. TCM has an SB covering this situation. http://www.tcmlink.com/pdf2/SID05-1B.pdf Clarence
  17. M20Doc

    Braking After Landing

    Assuming that the issue with sluggish brakes is gelled fluid in the hot part of the system(the caliper) then simply pumping fluid from the reservoir through the master cylinders and out the bleeder at the caliper would be the shortest method of displacing gelled fluid with fresh fluid. Done it more than a few times. Clarence
  18. M20Doc

    I'm not sure who to believe

    I’d be curious to know which adjustment slipped, low unmetered pressure or high metered pressure? In 35 your of working on TCM engines I’ve never heard of or seen this sort of thing. Your engine is a plain Jane 340/414 engine if I recall correctly. General rule of thumb fuel flow should be 9% of rated HP for N/A engines and 11-12% of rated HP for a turbocharged engine. Clarecne
  19. I start all fuel injected engines the same way. Throttle wide open, mixture full rich, fuel pump to High, on TCM engines or ON for Lycoming engines, turn off when you see a flow indication, throttle to idle, crank engine, little need for busy fingers. When you last shut down the engine it was Hot, all fuel will evaporate out of lines and the engine pump. Using the prime circuit does nothing to fill the lines and injector nozzles, hence they sputter and stumble until the lines fill up. Priming the engine with the pump fills all of the lines for a smoother start. Clarence
  20. M20Doc

    Braking After Landing

    But if you’re trying to displace old fluid, why not pump it out the bottom? It’s way closer to the bleeder port than the reservoir. Clarence
  21. M20Doc

    Oil Leak at Prop Hub

    Not all pre J models have a doghouse. Clarence
  22. M20Doc

    Prop paint issue

    It’s part of rejecting the Queen’s English. Clarence
  23. M20Doc

    My second annual

    Unless it was an unrecorded cash transaction. Clarence
  24. M20Doc

    lawsuit in Philly

    Do you suppose the othe names are fake also? Clarence
  25. Replacement of the entire top would be overkill. Some form of reinforcing doubler on the inner surface of the cowl should stop further growth. Clarence