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  1. Are you referring to the piston cooling nozzles? If they were missing how was the oil pressure? I've heard of the nozzle coming loose while the engine was running, it makes a big mess inside. Clarence
  2. I'd hate to see someone's plane damaged because of being poorly secured. No offence meant. Clarence
  3. A number of planes that flipped during Sun n Tornados were tied (or not) by The Claw. Similar to the earth nails above. Clarence
  4. Mooney could also bring back the "D" model conversion kit for all models. No more gear ups, period. Clarence
  5. Piper SB 866 called for removal of the back up gear extender system. SB 866A provides an AMOC to keep it installed and working. Clarence
  6. Note 7 on the Mooney Type Certificate covers the restricted range as well. Clarence
  7. Once per year for the 16 fine wire plugs
  8. Well, they will pay for some of it, leaving the maintenance shop and the owner to argue about the portion not covered. Clarence
  9. Parrot porn, next thing we'll be seeing pictures and videos of them in airplanes. Clarence
  10. Some form of deflector to direct the oil into a bucket, then punch a hole in the bottom of the filter radius beside the nut. Let it drain while doing other stuff. Pre fill the new filter with new fresh oil to help establish oil pressure faster on restart. Clarence
  11. I just saw that Nav Monster is back up and running again. It's been down for years. Clarence
  12. See you at the concert. Clarence
  13. Start with the simple, check the connection on the thermocouple in the cylinder head and on the back of the gauge. Then if needed the thermocouple is available from Spruce if it's a Rockchester. Clarence
  14. A client of mine had work done by both Gulf Coast and Central Florida Avionics. It will end up have most of the wiring replaced due to crappy workmanship. Clarence
  15. You might want to try these guys as well. https://aircraftsecurity.com Clarence
  16. It's time to clean out the cupboard in the hangar, so before I put this on EBay I thought it may helpful for some of you. I'm open to reasonable offers. Best to email me at pa24md@gmail dot com Clarence Apollo GX50 GPS, King KX155 TSO, 14 volt nav/com with G/S, p/n 069-1024-01, with tray and connectors, s/n 50336 Bendix King KI209 G/S indicator, p/n 066-3056-01, with connector. S/n 68969 King KA 134 TSOaudio panel with tray, p/n 071-2009-02, s/n 7930 King KMA 20 audio panel, Apollo MAP 360 GPS, with antenna, Bendix King KT76A transponder, p/n 066-1062-00, with tray connected and harness for Ameriking encoder, s/n 114325 Ameriking encoder, p/n AK-350,s/n 50714 King KN62 DME, p/n 066-1064-00, with tray and connector, s/n 4328 Mitchell directional gyro, p/n 52D154M s/n A13458G RCA turn coordinator , p/n rca80a-9, s/n TC-6568 WAAS GPS antenna, made by Sensor systems, p/n S67-1575-135, from Lynx 9000, s/n 818-6065 WAAS GPS antenna made by Aero Antenna Tech. p/n 013-00261-00, A33W, s/n 5939 GPS antenna made by Aero Antenna Tech. P/n AT575-9UW-TNCF-000-05-26-NM, Garmin p/n 590-1104, s/n 37701 GPS antenna made by Aero Antenna Tech. P/n AT575-32W-TNCF-000-05-12-NM, s/n 6303 GPS antenna made by Aero Antenna Tech. P/n AT575-9W-TNCF-000-05-26-NM, s/n 26716 GPS annunciator control, made by Mid Continent, m/n MD41-728, s/n 12053 Narco Com 810 mounting tray, Flightcom portable voice activated ICS,
  17. Doing an Annual inspection is no guarantee of success either. As with a PPI, the annual has as many variations as there are maintainers performing them. I believe that the ENTIRE airplane should be inspected, every cover with a screw should be opened for inspection. Clarence
  18. Maybe there are a few gallons of PRC sealant steeling some of your tank capacity? Clarence
  19. It may be a pre-programmed response "pull this handle if something goes wrong". When I've flown in a Cirrus the pilot made a call when reaching CAPS altitude, below that it was glide and land like the rest of us. Clarence
  20. SB M20-230A is relevant to this, http://www.mooney.com/en/sb/M20-230A.pdf
  21. The first step would be confirming the accuracy of the oil temperature gauge. Boiling the oil temp bulb in hot water or hot oil with a thermometer should tell you if it's accurate or not. Is the new oil temp bulb the correct part number for the gauge and engine? The vernatherm valve is installed in the oil filter housing, a worn seat or valve can cause this, or a dirty and clogged oil cooler, poor fitting or leaking baffles can cause higher engine temps as well. Clarence
  22. Yours must be defective, it sounds normal with some Mooneys. Clarence
  23. To be legal IFR the GX GPS series needs to be connected to an external CDI or an HSI. The data base updates are available, there is a quirk about data bases not needing to be current as long as the approach fixes have not changed. Clarence
  24. Sure glad I fly a Piper Comanche, refuelling a Mooney seems as difficult as flying one. When I fill the tanks and there is no air left the tanks are full and it doesn't settle to some new imaginary "certified full" level. Clarence
  25. The fuel pick up isn't in the very bottom of the tank. When the engine quits due to the fuel tank being empty, there will still be some small amount of "unusable" fuel which can be drained from the tank drain. Clarence