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  1. While you have the magneto off, relocate the engine ground bck to the governor drive adapter stud. Clarence
  2. Electrons traveling down the ingnition wires is the easy part, before that they have to jump an air gap within the magneto. Clarence
  3. I'm having issues with a J model which has low oil temperature. We installed a newly overhauled engine last summer with all new baffle tapes, sealed every conceivable gap in the metal baffle tapes, all engine accessories were overhauled. The engine is operated at normal cruise power setting with CHT values of 300+/- and the oil temps on the G4 between 125-150. Lycoming say it sounds normal for OAT in the 20's to 30's and suggested a call to Weber Aircraft, who were equally stumped. Any ideas? Clarence
  4. Concord batteries are not really "maintenance free". They still require removal, cleaning, capacity testing, recharging and re installation. The battery box drains and vents still require cleaning which means removing the battery. Just because the battery will crank the engine doesn't mean it has it's rated capacity, especially important for IFR operations. Clarence
  5. As with an Annual Inspection, a PPI has many variations. Some based on the inspector's version of what is needed, others are based on the purchasers version and finances. These pages continue to have stories of grief some purchasers encounter through botched jobs. Why don't we come up with a suggested PPI list for use by purchasers? Clarence
  6. You could always have Maxwell fly to the plane if the owner is unwilling to move it. Surely Maxwell must have a plane at his disposal? Clarence
  7. Here are the fuel values for the TSIO360LB per SID97-3G TSIO-360-LB 700 2700 RPM, 40.0 IN HG, Unmetered fuel pressure 6.25 - 6.75, 34.0 - 38.0 PSI, metered nozzle pressure, 14.7 - 16.7 PSI, fuel flow 135 - 145 LBS/hour, 23.0 - 24.7 GPH Clarence
  8. We plan on flying to Zephyr Hills on Tuesday, departing on the weekend. Clarence
  9. I have always understood it that sealant was applied over the joints after the wing was assembled. Clarence
  10. I would guess that you'll need an FAA AMOC to get hose testing and reused approved. The AD specifically states replace hoses each 5 years. Clarence
  11. Yes this engine has an oil vernatherm valve, which was replaced with the engine overhaul. Another was installed just the other day. The oil cooler does not get hot, which suggests no flow to the cooler as the vernatherm is not hot enough to close. Also taped over have of the cooler face, with no real change in oil temperature on the following flight, we're reluctant to tape over fully. It appears that the engine simply does not get warm enough to need oil cooling. Clarence
  12. The black burnt smelling oil is a sure sign of blow by from the rings. Chromed cylinder walls are generally known for poor breakin with resultant blow by and higher oil consumption. Dirty car boned oil flowing through your engine can't be good. As Andy says above look at replacing those cylinders with nitrite steel. Clarence
  13. Pull the spark plugs and look at them as well bore scope the the cylinders. The faulty one should evident by the burned and blackened piston crown and spark plugs. Clarence
  14. The OWT really messes with my 3 blade MT on my 8 cylinder Lycoming. Clarence
  15. It sounds like the spar corrosion problem has migrated to the pilots. I see an AD coming. Clarence
  16. Isn't a propeller an airfoil spinning in a different plane? And still making "lift" Clarence
  17. Or an aircraft maintenance technician. Clarence
  18. That's an impressive collection of hardware! Clarrence
  19. More blades equal more induced drag. Clarence
  20. Very few airplanes have this feature. I haven't looked at the schematic, but I would think there should be a small wire on the powered side of the starter solenoid leading to the fuse and then to the annunciator. Clarence
  21. Why not a Cessna 421C model? It offers more performance in all aspects, a quieter cabin, simpler landing gear, a simpler fuel system and a safer exhaust system than a 414 all in the same cabin. I've taken care of a pair of them for more than 15 years with no major difficulties or engine shut downs. People are down on the GTSIO 520 series engine but as with all engines careful pilotage and careful maintenance are the keys to success. Clarence
  22. I like the picture of your big girl more than Marauder's big girls. Sorry Chris. Clarence
  23. My post was purely "tongue in cheek" I agree that there is nothing inherently wrong with the design, it is poor maintenance practices and poor parts quality in most cases. Clarence
  24. Here in Ontario we would fill the infield with wind mills to generate almost free power from the wind. Clarence
  25. This should be good for the already poor reputation of these magnetos. Clarence