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  1. Oil level and pressure

    Grooves cut into the case above the camshaft bearings eliminate oil leakage at the case halves. Normal case sealant and a silk thread are still used to seal case halves. Clarence
  2. M10 is on the move

    Buy this really nice T- shirt for $224,999.00 and we'll throw in this equally nice airplane should get some interest. Clarence
  3. The evils of the Touch and Go

    Some form of proof would settle the debate over premium increases. From the many times premiums are discussed here on MS, I'd say you guys are getting a good deal on insurance with many reporting lowered not rising premiums. Clarence
  4. ECI and Continental

    ECI cylinders have been the subject of a number of ADs over the years. Clarence
  5. The evils of the Touch and Go

    Perhaps those who have had the misfortune of a gear up landing as a result of a Touch & Go would tell us how much their insurance went up and for how many years. A $100,000 hull loss, less the salvage value divided by the total insured fleet of say 250,000 airplane wouldn't be noticeable. Clarence
  6. Engine mounts.

    That poor car!
  7. Engine mounts.

    That's not too bad. You should see what a 720 does to them. About every 500 hours is all they last. Clarence
  8. I don't charge more to make an entry that says "An Annual and 100 hour inspection was carried out........." and enter it in the airframe, engine and propeller logs, perhaps I should. Clarence
  9. Aveo engineering wing tips

    From the pictures, I don't see how they plan on dealing with the external aileron balance weight?? Clarence
  10. The evils of the Touch and Go

    I remember when someone here typed that Comanches have a high inflight break up, but was never able to provide any proof. Lots of people on these forum type stuff they no little about and have no first hand knowledge. It's just the way it is. You'll have to sort the good stuff from the BS. Clarence
  11. Best carburetor

    I don't think he's suggesting that, he's looking for and exchange carb. Clarence
  12. The evils of the Touch and Go

    Is a no flap landing in our small relatively slow GA airplanes really an emergency? I will land both of my planes with zero flap to full flap for practice, but have never felt that a no flap landing was an emergency. Clarence
  13. Mooney down in CT - N53CP

    We had a Comanche go into the forrest very similar to this, both survived. In looking at the pictures I don't see shoulder belts. Clarence
  14. Baffling

    I don't think that the Vans piece is required. Sealing every possible hole in the Mooney baffles will do just as well. Some form of sealing from the front right baffle to the alternator will help. Also the alternator cooling flan and cooling tube are not Mooney installations. Alternator cooling flow should be from the front and out the back below the cylinders. Clarence
  15. Here is the 1968 wiring schematic.
  16. Fuel paranoia or concern????

    You might want to install some Parker 600-001-10 Stat O Seals under the screws. Clarence
  17. The evils of the Touch and Go

    There are many other stupid tricks that pilots do daily which have a far greater impact in insurance premiums than a simple gear up on a touch and go. Just plain old gear up landings(oops I forgot) VFR into IMC, CFIT, run out of fuel etc. etc..... The ones with fatalities have a far greater impact on insurance companies than a gear up landing. Clarence
  18. The evils of the Touch and Go

    From all of the threads on this subject which I've read here I've come to the conclusion that the biggest fear is not loosing control but rather grabbing the wrong handle and raising the gear instead of the flaps. I would say that cock pit familiarization is the issue and nothing more. The gear does not generally raise itself, it takes the command of the pilot. Clarence
  19. Best carburetor

    You might take a look at www.msacarbs.com this is the factory web site. Clarence
  20. The evils of the Touch and Go

    I've met some of them, I know what you mean. Clarence
  21. The evils of the Touch and Go

    Conventional gear airplanes are very old, archaic and dangerous, more so than a Mooney. The small wheel was clearly installed on the wrong end of the plane and always wants to be at the front. Im glad you survived your flight. Clarence
  22. Now this scared the hell out of me

    Except that the early 172 series have an AD which says to switch to single tank operation above 5000'. Clarence
  23. Touch And Gos Poll

    I regularly do them in my RV4 for fun and practice. Sometimes it not actually a landing, but controlled flight as close to the runway as possible at the slowest airspeed I can maintain in ground effect. Clarence
  24. Touch And Gos Poll

    I've done them in every airplane I've owned or been checked out in, including my RV4. Clarence
  25. Sad Mooney

    Is that Alan's saw I hear idling?