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  1. Here is the maintenance manual tab from the Continental website. ATP account required to access manual other than SB and IPC. Clarence
  2. Bulb removal

    So if your Gear position light bulb burns out in flight you’re not allowed to take the one out of the compass and replaced it? God bless the FAA for their logic. Clarence
  3. I’ve run in to numerous guys from England while sitting beside my plane at Oshkosh, they cruise the rows taking pictures of planes making notes etc. Clarence
  4. M20 F Fuel Selector Label

    I looked at the 67 manual, doesn’t show the placard. This is from the 68.
  5. I think that’s RPM plus MAP. Clarence
  6. I agree fully, but that is exactly what a Lycoming overhaul show. No details to share with the purchaser, it must be secret stuff. Clarence
  7. Did you receive my PM? Clarence
  8. The most common failure in a Lycoming engine is the camshaft and lifters, are they new? Are there tags for the other components, records of measurements, records of service bulletins and letter complied with at overhaul. The devil is in the details. Clarence
  9. G-OBAL refit

    Hi Andrew, I’m guessing that there was no airframe damage with the prop strike? Along with the engine work, they should be overhauling your magneto(s) and replacing the vacuum pump. Clarence
  10. The Challenger/K&N for your E model is different than the Challenger/K&N in David’s new nose bowl conversion. Clarence
  11. In your first picture it looks like the hose clamp on the induction tube coupling is loose. Acetone on a Q tip will dissolve the fuel dye. Clarence
  12. A stiff bristle brush and some varsol are in order, then a run up to see where the leak is coming from. Clarence
  13. Challenger is the STC’d version of a K&N. Your filter is likely the same one Vans Aircraft supplies for the RV8. Clarence
  14. Bulb removal

    Hold the knurled housing in one hand, pinch the base of the bulb with your thumb and finger nails and pull it from the base. A quick Google search of GE330 bulb pulls up LED versions as well. Clarence
  15. News on the street: NO avgas in Canada

    I’d be curious what charges were applied to you collector. It’s supposed to be HST applied to the value of the goods once converted to Canadian dollars. It should be no different than the person who drives the parts across the border themselves. It could be as simple as the customs broker messed up. I know the UPS and Fed Ex aren’t going broke importing goods from the US. Clarence
  16. G-OBAL refit

    Hi Andrew, Sorry to hear the news about your Mooney. Are you thinking about AD2017-16-11 and SB632B concerning loose connecting rod small end bushings? https://www.lycoming.com/sites/default/files/SB632B Connecting Rod Identification.pdf Clarence
  17. News on the street: NO avgas in Canada

    We had better transfer the fuel soon, once Trump cancels NAFTA we’ll had to dispose of the fuel ourselves. Clarence
  18. No Start Issues

    The Mooney uses a Bendix 10-357-210-9, there’s one on EBAY
  19. No Start Issues

    Here is the switch parts break down.
  20. No Start Issues

    His switch is a Bendix TCM, that kit is for an ACS Gerdes, which won’t work and the ACS is not approved for the Mooney. Clarence
  21. No Start Issues

    This piece is supposed to be fastened to the back plate of the switch, the other bar connects the two terminals together providing the ground in the start position. Clarence
  22. No Start Issues

    That’s supposed to be the right P lead wire and the little bar is the grounding jumper which grounds the right mag in the start position. Clarence
  23. It cost me around $1000 per year to access Continental and Lycoming on ATP, they sure don’t give it away. Clarence
  24. News on the street: NO avgas in Canada

    Cyril, I called Flite Line Service, they are uneffected by the fuel situation. Their price was $2.05 plus 13%HST per litre as of yesterday. Clarence
  25. The Teflon tape is an added bonus to a crappy design. The oil cooler should have straight threads, a counterbore and the elbow should have an O ring and a check nut. But this is aviation where the quality goes on and on. Clarence