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  1. M20Doc

    M201 / M20J DUCTS CUSTOM

    Guy, Any hopes of intake ducts for the Mooney line up, opportunity knocking. Clarence
  2. M20Doc

    Intake Duct Needed

    Isn’t it time for Gee Bee to start making these? Clarence
  3. The voice I heard on the news sounded like a female, not a male. Don’t know if it was a two crew operation. Clarence
  4. It’s like painting and replacing the carpets for the next owner. When the time comes sell it as is. Clarence
  5. M20Doc

    Loss Of Engine Power Thursday Night

    I noticed that too, I didn’t think anyone even did channel chrome cylinders anymore? Clarence
  6. M20Doc

    Garwin Prop Governor?

    From the C model type certificate here are the approved governors. I don’t know if a Garmin is the same as the Edo Air?
  7. Our local engine shop who is winding down, has a 500 TTSN IO-360A1A for sale, ideal for you E &F owners. Contact Ron at519-648-2398. Remember it’s in Canadian dollars. Clarence
  8. M20Doc

    IO-360 A1A

    I’m not sure, you’ll have to phone Ron and ask. Clarence
  9. M20Doc

    Ever See a Caliper Crack?

    I’ve seen several calipers crack at the tapered pipe threads at the fittings. Clarence
  10. M20Doc

    Shoulder harnesses installed!

    I hate the be critical of your metal working skills but that is a horrible looking cut out. More effort is needed in smoothing the edges and adding a radius to the corners. Sharper jagged edges are the start of cracks. Clarence
  11. M20Doc

    Help finding the right 201

    I’m guessing you’re missing the humour of WD40? Clarence
  12. M20Doc

    IFR or VFR Chart?

    How would you find your carrier if you are airborne for some time and it steams away some distance? It’s position isn’t on a chart. Does it have its own VOR for you to find it, assuming you could be hundreds of miles away and out of radar coverage? I can understand that once within radar range you can be vectored through an arrival pattern to final, does it transmit an ILS. Clarence
  13. M20Doc

    IFR or VFR Chart?

    Your GNS 480 will make it even easier. Clarence
  14. M20Doc

    IFR or VFR Chart?

    I understand this for IFR over land, but how do you Navy guys fly IFR out at sea during carrier ops? Clarence
  15. M20Doc

    New fuel pump

    Yes, but they are becoming quite busy now that everyone send their pumps to them. Clarence
  16. M20Doc

    Mooney spar design

    Except that the wing is loaded to the negative G which is much lower than the positive G limit. Clarence
  17. Apex Aircraft in Toronto has a number of F models listed. Clarence
  18. M20Doc

    Help finding the right 201

    Perhaps the contact cleaner damaged them, have you heard of WD40? Clarence
  19. M20Doc

    Help finding the right 201

    There are two J models for sale on the field I’m located on. One is listed here, it’s a 1978, Owned by Steve Dawson, the other is a 1981, pm me for details. Clarence
  20. M20Doc

    Help finding the right 201

    The IO550-N engine in the Cirrus SR22 has the highest rate of cylinder cracking of any engine I’ve seen in my 35 years of maintenance. The airframe is not a problem. I think that Cirrus would sell even more if they installed a nice grey Lycoming engine. Clarence
  21. Yes, that or the fact that the market is so small there is only enough work for only a few shops. Clarence
  22. M20Doc

    My "new" Mooney

    Perhaps he doesn’t know it’s a retractable? Clarence
  23. Paul, I would drain/check the sumps. check the fuel caps for O ring condition and sealing. SB M20-229A applies to caps and O rings. take a rubber hose and hold it over the vents under the wing and blow by mouth into the tank, you should hear air enter the tank with the cap removed. Check the gascolator for contamination. Drain the carburetor bowl, and check the carburetor inlet screen. Clarence
  24. M20Doc


    This guy still repairs them. http://kx170b.com/ Clarence
  25. M20Doc

    Alternator belt "reversed"

    That would take some special skills to put the belt on inside out. Clarence