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  1. Well,,,,,,it might be frugal owners who find the lowest cost Annual, maintainers who oblige them with $500.00 inspections. These pages are full of owners who brag about their low inspection costs and other owners crying about their lost airframes. Clarence
  2. Is the system weight listed on the original factory W&B and equipment list? It should involve a reasonable weight if you remove the 4 servos, and their mounting brackets, hoses, valves and controls. Clarence
  3. Our system used to have even more categories. For example “P” used to cover propellers and powerplants, it was broken into sub sections for different types of engines. Rotary wing was also its own category. My M1 license also covers gliders but not hot air balloons. Clarence
  4. I’m not sure why they replaced the spring, but there was an SB on the distributors. The mags come back like new, and haven’t missed a beat on this Mooney. Clarence
  5. That would be interesting if they do. There are still lots of D3000 magnetos in lots of airframes. Clarence
  6. I’d be far more concerned with the stresses that the rest of the engine is enduring than the magneto case which is only supporting spinning parts not reciprocating parts. From these pages, my guess is that more mags fail to say attached to the engine because of poor installation, than mags that fail internally. Clarence
  7. Strange differences in the 2 systems. No oral exams or practical exam issued by Transport Canada, they have eliminated influence and personalities from the process. If you go to school for 2 years and pass with high enough marks you only need to write the air regulations exam at the end of your 30 month apprenticeship. You submit your task log as proof of your experience for the licence you are seeking, “M1”covers piston and turbo prop, “M2” turbo jet, “E“ covers avionics, “S“covers structures. Clarence
  8. Longevity and reliability of magnetos have a lot to do with who does the work. This is what gets replaced by Aircraft Magneto Service in Montana, and what they look like when they’re finished with them. Clarence
  9. Does the FAA have a log book for A&P’s to track their completed tasks? Transport Canada has us use one that is broken down by ATA codes. Clarence
  10. I was assuming that it was already removed as part of his JPI installation, but if not, yes removing it would help. Clarence
  11. Thanks Anthony! They run better right side up. Clarence
  12. Sorry I’m late! As others have said, many electrical items are between the firewall and instrument panel, above the copilots knees. Access can be a challenge, removing the seat, or the circuit breaker panel helps. Clarence
  13. While Mooney was busy putting an IO-360 in an E model, Piper was putting an IO-720 in a Comanche and a pair of IO-504’s in a Twin Comanche. While efficiency is nice, sometimes brute horsepower is nicer. Clarence
  14. Mine was built in 1964, while there are lots of newer Mooney models none have the overall performance of the 400. Sure a Mooney airframe may be more efficient in fuel burn, they can’t lift as much weight or carry it as far as my Comanche. Just say’n. Clarence