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  1. The trough method works fine for almost every engine with the filter between the magnetos. The D suffix engines don’t work quite as well, but can still be done without spilling.
  2. While Beechcraft still makes the G36 Bonanza, they don’t post a price
  3. Generally, Lycoming engines use internal star lock washers, MS35333, while Continental engines use split lock washers use MS35338.
  4. I’ve heard that retirement is OK, one day I’ll give it a try. As for the hole punch method we do that on IO-550 engines, never tried it on a Lycoming.
  5. I'm not sure that my customers would want to stay over night while their filter drains.
  6. Hopefully your new engine comes with a few spare oil filters. Supply chain issues are affecting everyone as badly as the labour shortage.
  7. That’s @Sabremech those baffles along with the new cowl he’s developing for older models.
  8. A sheet of aluminum and an English Wheel might allow you to make your own filler for the oil cooler hole.
  9. A budget oil filter cutter for those in need. https://flyboyaccessories.com/product/toms-oil-filter-cutter Available at Spruce as well.
  10. I use my drill(either electric or pneumatic) for drilling holes, I use a Snap On ratcheting screw driver to turn screws and Snap On wrenches and 1/4 drive sockets to work on things once they’re opened. Your airplane was lovingly hand crafted, leave power tools for auto mechanics.
  11. I’ve noted in my years here that reading, understanding and comprehension are things missed by many.
  12. There are limitations to the Owner Maintenance category. No border crossing to the US as there is no FAA equivalent category. Here’s the list of approved models: https://tc.canada.ca/en/corporate-services/acts-regulations/list-regulations/canadian-aviation-regulations-sor-96-433/standards/standard-507-flight-authority-certificate-noise-compliance-canadian-aviation-regulations-cars#App-h
  13. Yes it’s like rebuilding 2 IO-360’s, except for the camshaft which was about $9K USD. The rest of the parts were normal.
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