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  1. More likely to have a cracked head on a Continental than a Lycoming, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Lycoming with a cracked head. Clarence
  2. My Chinese wife and children would agree. Clarence
  3. I was waiting for the bit on the Lord mounts and caught a glimpse of the tyraps, I replayed it paying more attention. The tyraps are holding a cover on the wastegate and there is a sealing cap on the turbo. Clarence
  4. I had to watch a few times to note that at 1:15-1:20 the left tail pipe is missing. Clarence
  5. With the cabin stuck between the wing root ribs, we now have to alter the wing and so on. It becomes a giant snow ball. Clarence
  6. My guess on the width issue is that Mooney is expecting us to start mass dieting, but I have no proof. Clarence
  7. AN4-11A, 1/4” diameter, 1-1/8” long, no hole in the shank. Clarence
  8. Mine was away to Aspen for 5 weeks, it went with one from another customer’s 340, it has since died and the s going back. He is not happy at the moment. Clarence
  9. While true, Jose’ would treat his balls with some special concoction of flame retardant chemical from Walmart! Clarence
  10. You could fill the wings with ping pong balls, buoyant, non toxic and easily removed.
  11. The Van’s Quick build airframes are assembled in the Philippines. Stamped, folded and welded parts are sent over and almost complete airframes are sent back. Lower labor costs are part of a winning package. Lower parts count sure helps too. I remember hearing that a Piper Comanche had twice as many parts as the Piper Arrow which replaced it. The 1972 flood was the death of the Comanche. Too high an empty weight and too low a useful load are problems as well. My Comanche 400 weighs a lot less than most Mooney long bodies, despite its large engine it has a useful load a Mooney can’t come close to. I don’t know what the answer for Mooney is, but having the fastest piston powered airframe isn’t doing it for sales. Clarence
  12. I believe that the Globe Swift Type certificate and production rights is held by the Swift Museum Foundation as an example. Clarence
  13. I didn’t look at the market pricing of completed and flying RV10’s, but a kit is north of $60K this does not include engine, propeller, avionics, paint or interior. Two guys on my field have around $200K in theirs. Clarence
  14. Here’s one, Turkish Airlines 1951, stalled on approach in Amsterdam. Clarence
  15. It’s a special formulation of piss, WD40 and the stuff you can’t sump out of Monroy equipped Mooney fuel tanks. Clarence