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  1. Sorry to hear that you’ve had to resort to a lawyer to resolve this mess. Hopefully if all gets resolved and you get flying again. Clarence
  2. Does anyone know what the outcome of the OP’s engine problem was. He hasn’t posted much since. Clarence
  3. So if during said PPI inspection the wing spar is found to be corroded to the point that failure is a real concern. The inspector informs the buyer and recommends that he pass on the purchase of the plane. The seller flys away in his airplane, the wing fails and he is killed, the widow of the owner along with her lawyers might want to know why he wasn’t informed. I think the inspector would have a moral obligation to point out to defect to the owner both verbally and in writing. In a case like this a call to the regulators might well be in order. Clarence
  4. It’s a Mooney, therefore it is more complex. Harder to start, harder to work on, harder to slow down, harder to land, harder to do anything with. I know this because I read it on this site, there are pages of these problems. Clarence
  5. Accuracy of old mechanical tachometers is questionable. See if you can borrow a portable optical tachometer to check the ships gauge. When you cycle the propeller control the rpm should fall, manifold pressure should rise and oil pressure should drop momentarily, all should return to normal when you push the prop control full forward. Clarence
  6. I remember some years back there was a fund raiser for a maintainer who was hit by a propeller while working on a running engine. It’s a very dangerous why to check an engine. Clarence
  7. Don, Ive seen tyraps leave an impression in both steel and aluminum tubes.The nylon locking serrations will cut into4130 steel over time. I’ve seen it several times. Clarence
  8. From the AirPower Website: Clarence
  9. Superior cylinders for your angle valve Lycoming? I didn’t think that they made them for this engine. Clarence
  10. Lycoming Service instruction 240W covers minimum parts replacement at overhaul. https://www.lycoming.com/sites/default/files/Mandatory Parts Replacement at Overhaul and During Repair or Maintenance.pdf Clarence
  11. Here is the trouble shooting chart from Sky-Tec. https://skytec.aero/aircraft-starter-performance-issues/ Clarence
  12. Not my 400, it’s down waiting on the Aspen to return. Clarence
  13. Who’s insurance pays in the case of an accident during training of a check ride? Is the accident recorded against the pilot or the examiner? Clarence
  14. I should have qualified it with the model year. Certainly pre 1965 models have more screws to remove and no Camlocs. Clarence
  15. All Mooney short and mid body lengths tend to be noisier than other brands in my experience, despite having equally poor firewall insulation. Clarence