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  1. M20Doc

    Runup on Snow

    Not to be picky, but if the flow is as little as you suggest, how does the crankshaft get so full of sludge? As I understand it there is continuous oil flow from the governor through the front bearing and the crankshaft transfer tube. Clarence
  2. I use an Aussie Zenfone 4Max, dual sim card and a long life battery. It was $300 Canadian. Clarence
  3. M20Doc

    Runup on Snow

    Now I’m confused. Oil under pressure from the governor causes blade pitch change in constant speed propellers. In our case when we pull the prop control toward coarse, the governor high pressure oil displaces the piston in the prop causing the blades to coarsen. When we move the prop control toward fine we drop governor oil pressure, springs within the prop as well as aerodynamic twisting moment of the blades move the blades toward finer pitch angle. If the piston is being displaced, oil is entering and exiting to prop via the governor, so oil of what ever temperature (presumably warmer than the propeller oil) in the engine is mixing with oil in the propeller piston and dome. Clarence
  4. M20Doc

    Advice on this M20C

    Don’t even look at the IO720! The camshaft alone is 10K. I could buy a J model for the cost of the engine in my 400. Clarence
  5. M20Doc

    Advice on this M20C

    Brian, Its AD 96-09-10, http://www.airweb.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgad.nsf/0/5DE5ACBD6CBC8B2A8625684D00643AC1?OpenDocument&Highlight=96-09-10 If the factory will accept the core engine, (Lycoming is a bit more strict than Continental), they don’t generally have charge backs that field overhaul shops have to deal with. For example Continental accepts non VAR cranks without penalty. As Lycoming will take their faulty cranks back under 2012-19-01. Lycoming can also recertify and reuse roller tappets that field overhaulers have to replace. Clarence
  6. M20Doc

    Advice on this M20C

    As an example the oil pump AD on Lycoming has several compliance times. 1) Replace at next engine overhaul (not to exceed the hours specified, for the particular engine model, in Textron Lycoming Service Instruction 1009AJ, dated July 1, 1992), at next oil pump removal, or 5 years after the effective date of this AD, whichever occurs first. Others like Continental VAR crankshaft replacement are due at overhaul or when next removed. There are many possibilities. Clarence
  7. M20Doc

    Advice on this M20C

    Starting with 62,000 asking price then add a factory engine for 30,000 more, go buy a nice J model and be real happy. Clarence
  8. I don’t have one on my phone at home, but will take one tomorrow. Clarence
  9. Welcome to Mooneyspace and Mooney ownership. An alternator is a spinning electro magnet. An easy check is to turn the master switch and alternator field switchs “on”. Then using 2 paper clips joined to form a chain hold them in front of the alternator pulley nut, if the field circuit is working the nut and shaft will be magnetized. If there is no magnetism open the right engine cowl, check for broken field power or field ground wires, both are common failures. If these are OK using a volt meter check for battery voltage on the field terminal, if there is no power you have to investigate further. Old wires, bad switches open fuse or circuit breaker etc. If there is power at the field terminal you could have a bad brush, they are easy to remove from the alternator for inspection. The brush block is held in with 2 screws or small bolts. Clarence
  10. M20Doc

    Runup on Snow

    If you have enough ramp space, bring the plane to a stop and bring the power up a bit. The prop blast will clear away much of the snow under the prop and engine area, reduce the power and taxi in a circle ending up on the area you just cleared. In many cases you now have a clear spot to do your full run up. For those who advocate for a pre flight run up not following the PoH, if you have an accident and the FAA or your insurance company downloads your engine monitor, are you not opening to possible enforcement action or claim denial? Clarence
  11. M20Doc

    MooneyMite Pics

    You’re close, Brownsville Texas to Watertown South Dakota, almost 1500 miles in a Mite! Clarence
  12. M20Doc

    Spray on Passive Deice Boots

    But it only works on Mooney’s with AoA. Clarence
  13. M20Doc

    Defrost blower

    Thanks Cyril, I’ll check with them. Clarence
  14. M20Doc

    Landing Gear Shock Disks Source?

    I’m not really sure, but I believe that they were flat when new and become tapered over time. The set from my Mite are hard and tapered as well. Here is what I thought I’d try from Univair in Colorado. Clarence
  15. M20Doc

    Landing Gear Shock Disks Source?

    Here’s a drawing I saved from the old Mite Site. Clarence