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  1. It used to be about $250 per year to access everything the CMI had, ATP charges more and its harder to access. Lycoming has gone the same way with ATP, they soon will be the only source for manuals. Clarence
  2. SB's and AD's

    There are cases where the AD say that you must comply with SB # such and such, then the manufacturer revises the SB. The AD is now having you comply with an obsolete SB Unless you had the presence to keep a copy of the original SB you may have some difficulty complying with the AD in the future. Clarence
  3. Does the Annual Inspection log entry include determined to be “Airworthy”. I’m curious because it’s not something we have to to attest to here. Normally an aiplane is determined to be “Airworthy”(meeting its type certificate and supplemental type certificate(s) when it’s C of A is being issued at manufacture or for us during import. Other than that we are stating the maintenance meets the applicable standards. We can release an airplane after completing the Annual Inspection, together with details of the work completed, and a list of outstanding deficiencies if there are any. This list goes in the journey log book so that any pilots may review the list and determine if the airplane is fit for flight. For example, one could say the position lights don’t work, fine for day VFR flight. Or the left wing spar is cracked at station123.5, the pilot then knows he can’t fly the airplane in that condition. Clarence
  4. Here is the maintenance manual tab from the Continental website. ATP account required to access manual other than SB and IPC. Clarence
  5. Bulb removal

    So if your Gear position light bulb burns out in flight you’re not allowed to take the one out of the compass and replaced it? God bless the FAA for their logic. Clarence
  6. I’ve run in to numerous guys from England while sitting beside my plane at Oshkosh, they cruise the rows taking pictures of planes making notes etc. Clarence
  7. M20 F Fuel Selector Label

    I looked at the 67 manual, doesn’t show the placard. This is from the 68.
  8. I think that’s RPM plus MAP. Clarence
  9. I agree fully, but that is exactly what a Lycoming overhaul show. No details to share with the purchaser, it must be secret stuff. Clarence
  10. Did you receive my PM? Clarence
  11. The most common failure in a Lycoming engine is the camshaft and lifters, are they new? Are there tags for the other components, records of measurements, records of service bulletins and letter complied with at overhaul. The devil is in the details. Clarence
  12. G-OBAL refit

    Hi Andrew, I’m guessing that there was no airframe damage with the prop strike? Along with the engine work, they should be overhauling your magneto(s) and replacing the vacuum pump. Clarence
  13. The Challenger/K&N for your E model is different than the Challenger/K&N in David’s new nose bowl conversion. Clarence
  14. In your first picture it looks like the hose clamp on the induction tube coupling is loose. Acetone on a Q tip will dissolve the fuel dye. Clarence
  15. A stiff bristle brush and some varsol are in order, then a run up to see where the leak is coming from. Clarence