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  1. What about a new richer fuel nozzle to cool the CHT’s on C models? Clarence
  2. A good friend of mine with a Comanche 180 has no issues with high CHT's on his Insight G2 after reworking the baffle sealing tapes. It's the same basic engine as the C model Mooney. I'm not sure about carburetor models but it does seem to be unique to the O-360, likely the carb jetting is too lean as both airframes have similar cowl designs. Clarence
  3. All that we can do is speculate as most of us volunteer our time and knowledge and don’t make house calls. Please point me to one post here where Don offered any help or advice. Clarence
  4. The glass tube in the turn coordinator has an air reservoir on the left side. Sometimes during installation if the instrument is turned the wrong way the air comes out of the reservoir and into the tube on the wrong side of the ball. Removing it a rotating it will put the air back in the reservoir. Clarence
  5. If the problem can be repeated on the ground I would bypass the ignition switch and P lead wires. Disconnect the P leads and run 2 new 18 gauge wires (with alligator clips on one end) from the magnetos, through the vent window. Start the engine and ground the the wires one at a time to the seat rails. It’s exactly what the magneto switch does. Clarence
  6. And some of Jose’s WD40! Clarence
  7. Cessna flap actuators are 20:1 as areComanche gear actuators. Clarence
  8. Thanks Anthony, I sold these a while ago. Clarence
  9. From the Ovation maintenance manual.
  10. He has flown a few times in the Comanche but he’s still a light weight at 112lbs. We hook his harness to the rear seat belts, I don’t really want him in the front with me? Clarence
  11. Here is the list of “owner maintenance category” airframes under Transport Canada. https://www.tc.gc.ca/en/transport-canada/corporate/acts-regulations/regulations/sor-96-433/part5-standards-a507sh-1837.htm Only the Mooney M18, M20,A,B Clarence
  12. Sorry it’s a typo, it should have been re grease the bearings. Mooney uses more shim washers in fittings than any other type I’ve worked on. Very often the ones on the elevators and rudder go missing when they are removed for repairs, it’s easy to spot. The fittings on the stabilizer get pinched when the washer is left out, shining a strong light from below reveals bolt shank where the washer should be. In the picture you can see that the outer sides of the fitting are not parallel, the inner side in slightly bent. Loosening and removing the bolt allows the washer to be installed. Clarence
  13. Good point. There is also an older AD on the gasket, 2002-12-07. Clarence
  14. There’s just no replacement for excess horsepower! Clarence