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  1. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Hank, Add a piece of heat shrink tubing for added friction. Clarence
  2. No good deed goes unpunished

    Be sure to tell him about leaking fuel tanks, corroded spars, corroded steel structure and the need for a thorough PPI. Clarence
  3. Why worry? All of those caution arcs and red lines are for other people to worry about. If it hasn’t blown up yet it’ll be fine. Clarence
  4. Even more insane than a $1500 composite cylinder is the $250 metal crush gasket required to install the regulator. Clarence
  5. Turning Mooney into a Partnership/club

    It sounds like you want a “shot gun clause”. If so it should work both ways. Clarence
  6. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    As a starting point, with the control wheels level in the cockpit, the mass balance at the tip of the aileron should be evenly spaced in the wing tip cut out. The outboard ends of the flaps should line up with the inboard ends of the ailerons. Aileron trailing edges may be bent down to correct a heavy wing. Some people do make a mess of control rigging. The Mooney travel board for the wings will allow you to be more accurate and to,set the travel stops. With the plane levelled laterally and longitudinally the ball in your turn coordinator should be centred, mis adjustment and sagging panel mount effect this. Clarence
  7. M20E First Upgrade

    I hope that the wrong sized plastic hub cap on the nose wheel doesn’t break and jamb your gear in the nose wheel well. Clarence
  8. passenger seatbelt of doom

    It is also possible that the bottom ends of the pilot and passenger are just too wide for a Mooney with manual gear. Clarence
  9. Crazy annual (paranoia)

    While you have the engine off are they going to flush or overhaul the oil cooler? Also I’d have them replace the four bolts that hold the engine mount to the airframe. Clarence
  10. What is this device in the tail?

    I thought it was the LoP sensor which is why Mooney’s are so efficient. Clarence
  11. Low oil Temperature

    We get plenty of that in summertime. Clarence
  12. Mix. Mixture joint swivel

    The ball and socket rod ends are obsolete and have been replaced with a rod end bearing, a bolt and spacer. Clarence
  13. Stall warner inop

    So when your “repaired” stall vane doesn’t work and you or your plane in someone else’s hands crash and hurt someone, I hope that you and your maintainer have plenty of insurance at the ready. Clarence
  14. AD Search

    Agreed, however I can sign out an Annual, miss an AD and not face enforcement action because it’s the owners responsibility to ensure compliance. Clarence
  15. AD Search

    The FAA could do maintainers a favour by making AD’s the responsibility of the owner, that’s how it is in Canada. The owner may delegate the task but not the ultimate responsibility for compliance. Clarence