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  1. Zoom in on the picture, it sure looks like a 77611 spiral wound blow proof gasket to me. A large number of maintainers use RTV, not really sure if it really improves things or not.
  2. I’m not a welder, but I suspect the the hole is some form of relief hole required when welding the doubler over the main pipe, most that I’ve seen have this hole. Clarence
  3. Personally I’d avoid the Beech, and consider a Mooney or a Comanche.
  4. Or install a second one and make Jose proud!
  5. From the K model IPC, but this assumes the pump wasn’t changed as part of the Rocket conversion.
  6. You’re correct, I fat fingered it. MS29513 series is correct.
  7. I think it would float longer and further with the gear retracted. The ground effect cushion is pretty good with the wing mere inches from the ground. Also I’d have to wonder about the friction of three tires versus metal on asphalt.
  8. Don’t forget the cotter pin in the nose gear axle nut.
  9. Welded would be the best long term solution, but there would be nothing wrong with leaving the old probe in place, I’ve also seen Monel Cherry max rivets used until welding is available. By the way you normally shouldn’t secure engine monitor wiring to ignition wires.
  10. If you zoom in on the picture, it appears to have only the standard fuel filler cap, no long range tanks.
  11. M25988/1-010 and M25988-1-338 blue or MS29513-010 and MS29513-338 black nitrile. The small 010 of either type wear out first allowing water in. From SB M20-229A pressure check your cap for proper sealing, a length of 1/4” surgical tubing pushed over your vent a small squirt of soapy water and your lungs are all you need. NO SHOP AIR!
  12. No shop is perfect, any time a human is involved there is a chance for an error. When they fly your plane after maintenance is no guarantee that things are done correctly. It just means it didn’t fail on their flight. For example this nut on an aileron control didn’t fall off on the test flight or the next few flights, it’s waiting to kill you later.
  13. Here is the new version of the Mooney inspection checklist. https://www.mooney.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/100-HOURANNUAL-Inspection-Guide.pdf
  14. The AMU hasn’t been adjusted for inflation in all the years I’ve been here. It’s got to be around $1250.00 by now.
  15. It should be pretty basic knowledge, with or without the Mooney checklist.
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