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  1. Nice thing about GA, no toilets and no galleys. In my forty years only had to fix one pee tube, yuck!
  2. Long body elevators require a different version.
  3. You have to remember that there is no discount on parts for an MSC, we add to the factory price a mark up that covers the shipping costs, (in my case international) plus a reasonable profit. Through my Diamond and Cirrus service centres there is a discount off MSRP.
  4. Do hangar fairies have to be supervised and kept records of their training?
  5. The propeller type certificate also has information concerning RPM restrictions for propeller, blade model number when paired with certain engines. https://drs.faa.gov/browse/TCDSMODEL/doctypeDetails?modalOpened=true
  6. Can overhaul an engine, but can’t replace a leaky diaphragm and add fluid to a compass if I remember correctly because it’s an instrument.
  7. You won’t need fuel systems if you only work on gliders. But would if working on hot air balloons which are a separate license here.
  8. Your maintainer is correct in needing/wanting travel boards for the trim system, especially since he’s had them apart for maintenance. Flaps and ailerons can be done with other means, but trim can kill you. Reach out to Top Gun or some of the other MSC’s in the state. Welcome to Mooneyspace
  9. I would question the installation of the probes, are both indicators sharing one probe. Heating the probes in a can of water with a thermometer would be a good first step. It’s also not impossible that the new vernatherm is defective.
  10. Which is the case for almost every screw in every Mooney.
  11. When I started 40 years ago we had six different classes of fixed wing licenses, depending on size, complexity, powerplant etc. There were rotary licences, engine overhaul licenses, propeller overhaul licenses, avionic licenses and structural repair licences, each with sub categories. Over the years Transport Canada has narrowed airframe maintenance down to two major groups, basically with propellers and without, (plus a few exemptions). Some of the other categories still exist, but not all. In my opinion the older system worked better as it recognized your increased experience in the different groups with pay differences easier to justify.
  12. It’s not uncommon to see light scuff marks from removing and installing the inspection covers, nothing to really get too worried about. On some models you need to watch for screws rubbing and damaging the aileron push rods.
  13. Windshield mod is about 40 hours plus the kit. I’d hate to even guess on the cowl mod.
  14. This link to Continental might help you. Select TSIO360-LB, then select sub model/specification, then select ignition system. http://continental.aero/support/illustrated-parts-catalog.aspx
  15. Yes 7200, we don’t have a half way stop as an A&P. Ours is equivalent to A&P IA on completion. You either have a licence or you need someone who does.
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