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  1. I looked after an old 1954 model, it used a Bendix PS5C pressure carburetor which has a fuel return path which had a second transducer in the return line. Clarence
  2. I’ve only seen this once on a Bonanza that had a pressure carburetor. All other TCM engine use only one. Clarence
  3. Your engine can be set to idle smoothly at much lower RPM. In my experience TCM fuel systems suffer from maintainers not knowing how/ what to do, more than they suffer system failures. Look for a PM. Clarence
  4. A few questions/ comments. Why are your fuel pressure transducers not connected to the pressure port on the fuel servo finger screen? Normally the fittings on the flow transducer are supposed to be straight not 90 degree elbows. There are preformed 90 degree hose ends which reduce turbulent flows for tight installations. Clarence
  5. If you’re crafty, and can’t find a Mooney sniffle valve, you might be able to make one, or buy a Piper one. Mooney S the lower one. Clarence
  6. From the IPC item 29, I don’t know where you’ll find one. They’re a special Mooney part. Clarence
  7. There is a small cost to the TKS system during annual your shop should be running the system as part of the inspection, so some fluid will be used and the shop will need cleaning afterward. Air-conditioning, like your car only needs work when it’s broken. Oxygen system will likely have a composite cylinder which has a 5 year hydrostatic test and a 15 year hard life. Oxygen will need to be replenished based on usage rate and leak rate in the system. Clarence
  8. This guy has installed a Corvette engine in several Republic Sea Bees. http://v8seabee.com/about-us.html Clarence
  9. The shouldered nylon insert is correct, it insulated the sender from grounding as the inner and outer senders are in series. Clarence
  10. The sniffle valve screws into the bottom of the intake plenum, looks like this. Clarence
  11. The double vent in the cowl, should have one hose leading to the vent fitting on the mechanical fuel pump on the engine, the other should go to the intake manifold drain fitting on the bottom of the engine. Clarence
  12. Your gear should not retract if the anti retraction system is working correctly. If it’s not working correctly all bets are off. Anti retraction has nothing to do with extension. This sad video should reinforce to everyone the need for proper jacking procedures with proper jacks. Clarence
  13. If it’s an electric gear Mooney, jacking high enough to lift the left main off the shop floor would put the gear in the “flight” position, bypassing the anti retraction system. Clarence
  14. There are a number of crucial service bulletins on your gear transmission. They are free on www.mooney.com Best to familiarize your self with them. The 20:1 gears in your transmission are subject to wear when not greased properly. Clarence
  15. Three to four days of labour for a 100 hour and annual inspection would be typical for a long body Mooney, plus consumables, snags extra. Clarence