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  1. That what I was going to suggest, someone “helps” Jose build some kits to sell and a few spares, the parts are pretty basic. I’m sure he could use the extra cash flow. Clarence
  2. While Mooney instrument panels are a challenge to work on, I doubt that many owners say leave half the old system and old wiring behind. Orphaned systems and wiring make an already crammed panel even worse. Clarence
  3. Time for a more thorough and educated maintainer. He’s left the old Precise Flight SVS system in place, plus the vacuum regulator at the firewall, likely left the central gyro filter in the panel as well, but that’s just a guess. Clarence
  4. I was given the opportunity to loan my Comanche to S-Tec for certification of their new autopilot system. Loss of use for 3 months with only a discount on the new autopilot wasn’t attractive to me. Clarence
  5. It not really that difficult to import from the US, it’s a process, we’re doing a newer Cirrus as we speak. Aside from the usual measures before actually buying the airplane, a fresh Annual inspection in the US and issuance of an Export C of A by an FAA DAR, will void the need for another Annual in Canada. Most FAA 337’s have been accepted in my experience. The real difficulty is that most US logs and paperwork are a mess and require work to correct. Happy to help out, pm me. Clarence
  6. If it’s the one I remember, it did find a new Canadian owner. Clarence
  7. Aside from Andy’s suggestion, the only other thing that comes to mind is the rudder travel stops have slipped badly. Clarence
  8. This may be helpful. Some steel cylinders as well as composite cylinders do have a retirement life. Clarence
  9. I’ve got a 77 foot Kevlar cylinder mistakenly ordered when I need a 115. I’d love to see it gone. Clarence
  10. I looked through the manuals and also drew a blank. There are a few versions of paper gaskets used by both engine manufacturers, the one I quoted is a standard gasket but has a built in screen to protect the governor. Clarence
  11. The AA9144 screened gasket and DC4 on both sides if you don’t have DC7. The prop shop I use sends a small vial of DC7 with each governor. Clarence
  12. And you suppose that the Mickey Mouse AoA systems from Spruce are the end all and be all to perfect landings? Clarence
  13. Just like a Mooney, it’s trailing link, the only difference is an oleo versus and shock disc stack for shock absorption. The bounce characteristics of a Mooney doesn’t mean it’s not trailing link. Clarence
  14. It sure looks like trading link landing gear to me. It’s not oleo gear, the pivot point of the gear leg is forward of the axle upon which the tire spins, hence trailing link design. Maybe yours is different? Clarence
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