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  1. First thing, does the mixture arm hit the ICO pin? If the controls travel fully, then sending the servo for a bench check seems proper. Clarence
  2. Some crankcase overhaulers mill a small (1/32”) groove above the center camshaft bearing journal in one case half. This is supposed to relieve oil leaks from the backbone above the bearing. Clarence
  3. Not unlike an exhaust system repair. Send them a hole and they’ll build you a new exhaust system around it, but call it a repair. Clarence
  4. I haven’t been following your rebuild closely. Are you not adding the oil relief groove above the centre cam bearing? Clarence
  5. That’s the engine driven fuel pump and it appears to be leaking from the mixture control shaft. Clarence
  6. Don’t use any solvents or chemicals for cleaning your TKS panels. For localized dry spots use a paper towel soaked in TKS fluid and rub the dry spots to re wet the internal membrane. If normal flow isn’t restored you may have to connect a pressure pot with fluid to the back of the panel to re wet it. Clarence
  7. There aren’t a whole lot of parts that make up an elevator. I’m sure that the processes that any manufacturer would have to follow are a lot more involved than we’d expect. Clarence
  8. If there is air flow with the heater closed, either the control is mis rigged, or the gasket in the firewall shut off is missing or broken. Clarence
  9. Just a guess........airframe overspeed warning! Mooneys take a few minutes to accelerate to cruise speed. Just kidding of course, stall warning system seems the likely candidate. Normally the 2 “Sonalerts” for gear and stall warning are in the overhead console. Clarence
  10. Oh please get off your high horse! No one is perfect. Your attack on Anthony is unwarranted, he is the senior statesman of MooneySpace. If you can’t say something nice, please remain silent. Clarence
  11. I’ve installed one on an RV4, which has since moved away, and another on an RV10. The RV10 over took it off and sent it back, he was never happy with how it worked. None of the certified airplanes I look after have one installed. Clarence
  12. I question whether the bolt will retain correct torque. The cable terminal is copper and fairly soft. Clarence
  13. Either a broken ring, or one that was installed backwards. Clarence
  14. I use a length of hose which is a slip fit over the vent tube, then with the fuel cap off and your ear at the opening, blow by mouth into the the hose. You should feel no resistance to air flow and should hear/ feel air in your ear. If not, investigate. Clarence
  15. Here is the link to the manual revision status page from Mooney’s website. Older legacy models haven’t seen a revision in decades, so yours may be current. https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/4147179/TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS DOCUMENTS/Revision_Status_2019.pdf Clarence
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