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  1. I believe that I have a new one in stock. I’ll check tomorrow. Clarence
  2. It won’t fit your C model unless it’s been converted to a J model engine. Clarence
  3. Nice to know where it ended up. Clarence
  4. Its quite a job. You have to remove the interior window trim plastic to access the clips or screws that hold the windows in place. Depending on what type and how much sealant was used when the windows were installed last time, you can be in for hours of scraping, picking and cleaning PRC sealant is bad, silicone is even worse. If the lower windshield retainer strip hasn’t been replaced before you have to drill out dozens of rivets which fasten it to the forward skin. Often the retainer does not come off easily. A recent one was bonded with 1422 fuel tank sealant and oversized Cherry Ma
  5. Keep these technicians happy, they got your doors working beautifully. Clarence
  6. Search Donaldson-Airmaze filter adapter, just over 200.00 Clarence
  7. Well........since you asked, it’s my mother’s fault. She took as job working for a guy who had a collection of airplanes, named Howard Hughes. No not that Howard Hughes, a different one but still an aviation nut. My mother got my older brother a job as an apprentice AME working for Howard. My brother leaned to fly and took me flying in one of Howard’s planes, a J-3 Cub. I swallowed the hook quite deeply. I played with numerous Cox line controlled model airplanes as a kid, with the dream of one day becoming a pilot, never dreaming that one day I’d be able to own one. My brother we
  8. The way that Lycoming machined the lower mount area means a shim is required. Mooney made shims in different thicknesses to change engine position and angle during installation. Don Maxwell cuts a slot in the washer, essentially making it a “U”. Loosen the lower bolts, lift the engine to relieve the pressure and slide the modified washer in, torque the bolt. Clarence
  9. In Canada the ATPL covers both. My best friend did the ATPL just for the challenge as he had the required time and other ratings. He followed that with an instructor rating just because. Clarence
  10. It takes 48 months between school and shop to apply to write the final AME exam and if successful be licensed in either M-1 (gross weight less than 12000 lbs) or M-2 (over 12000 lbs jet powered). Once licensed you can sign out the airplane, including Annual if applicable. Larger M-2 required a type rating. Clarence
  11. Only south of the border, here you’re either licensed in category or you’re not. Clarence
  12. As long as it can be saved at 73” for a J, it should have some value. Clarence
  13. I don’t know why anyone would want a vernier cable for the throttle? At most altitudes your not adjusting the throttle, it’s wide open. Save your money and turn it into more flying. Clarence
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