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  1. M20Doc

    Importing a plane from Canada

    With a 30-35% difference in dollars it is worth squeezing. Clarence
  2. M20Doc

    Importing a plane from Canada

    The FAA / Transport Canada bilateral agreement covers compatibility of STC’s. Clarence
  3. M20Doc

    Importing a plane from Canada

    Overhaul status of the engine doesn’t matter for private use in Canada. Constant speed props must have been overhauled in the last 10 years, fixed pitch must have had a corrosion inspection in the last 5 years. All AD’s must be in compliance. No life limits can be expired. Must meet TCDS All documents covering Mods, STC’s, 337’s, ICA’s, weight and balance must be accurate, missing technical history(log book) is acceptable as long AD status and life limits can be proven. Current PoH must be present. Search MSI26 for details. Clarence
  4. M20Doc

    Importing a plane from Canada

    In my experience it’s easier to import to Canada, than to export to the US. Not because of regulation or process, but because of stupid finance requirements. Many banks won’t finance an airplane unless it has an N number. I had a customer whose money was not released until it was N numbered, he lost complete control of the situation, luckily he did get paid months later. Clarence
  5. M20Doc

    Importing a plane from Canada

    Normally upon arrival the owner accepts the aircraft, the vendor cancels the Canadian C of R, Transport Canada confirms the cancellation with the FAA, the escrow company releases funds to the vendor, the purchaser applies for a new FAA C of R and the shop who is doing the import for you does what ever importation work is required for issuance of a new FAA C of A. Removal of the Canadian marks and application of the new N number and any other FAA requirements etc. In Canada Transport Canada has a process which must be followed, I’m sure the FAA has a similar document. Clarence
  6. M20Doc

    Winter's coming... That means *DISCOUNT*

    Hey! This is a politics free zone. Clarence
  7. M20Doc

    Importing a plane from Canada

    Normally a fresh annual inspection and an Export Certificate of Airworthiness issued by Transport Canada should be acceptable to the FAA. You should confir with your local FSDO to be sure. Clarence
  8. M20Doc

    electric fuel pump, Where?!

    Mark, You can take it apart for cleaning and inspection. You’ll have to measure the O ring to work out the part number. Clarence
  9. M20Doc

    Question about cylinder pressures

    It’s the most recent that I’m aware of. I certainly would not be removing a cylinder based on one compression check. Flying it and rechecking would be the norm, unless inspection reveals something else wrong in the cylinder, like burn valves or excess oil. Clarence
  10. M20Doc

    Question about cylinder pressures

    Here is Lycoming SI 1191A concerning compression testing. https://www.lycoming.com/sites/default/files/Cylinder Compression.pdf Clarence
  11. M20Doc

    IO-360 A1A Oil pressure

    The first step should be to verify the accuracy of the oil pressure gauge with a known test gauge plumbed in parallel with the ship gauge. Old oil pumps were a 2 piece body, newer are a 1 piece design. The are several AD’s on pumps as well, most should be complied with long ago, but it does get missed. Gears made of sintered metal and some with woodruff key drives and 2 piece bodies are obsolete. Pumps generally don’t wear out unless your cam and lifters are failing and hard bits of metal are chewing the pump body as they pass through. This and worn bearings will lower oil pressure. Clarence
  12. M20Doc

    Oil leak on the back of an IO-360

    Glad you were able to locate the leak. Was is a hose or metal line? If a hose check for a metal ID tag with the manufacture date on it. If a metal tube check it for abrasion and corrosion from contact with Scat air and defrost ducts. Clarence
  13. I’ve bought screw kits from Spruce for the Mooney airframe. Application depends on model year and while a good deal on a price per piece I ended up with hundreds of wrong screws in the end. Clarence
  14. M20Doc

    Oil leak on the back of an IO-360

    Oil from refilling the engine would have a hard time finding its way into the cabin. I would suspect that the oil line/hose from the firewall to the gauge is leaking. I would suggest removing the instrument panel cover forward of the windshield for a closer inspection. Clarence Transport Canada AME, M1
  15. M20Doc

    Monroy Tanks

    A client of mine had the Monroy tanks installed by Houston Tank Specialists. The workmanship sucks, steer clear of them. Clarence