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  1. Neal, Can you post a picture of where its supposed to go? There are several different ones in use. Clarence
  2. Isn't Duluth still in the USA? Clarence
  3. Yes but we get more of them, more often. Clarence
  4. I'm awaiting the return of the plane to do further digging at the next oil change. Clarence
  5. That would be a good policy, other than the screwing Lycoming has given many owners for years. The only issues I've ever had with the many engine done by my local shop is the odd loose crankshaft seal. Clarence
  6. While you have the magneto off, relocate the engine ground bck to the governor drive adapter stud. Clarence
  7. Electrons traveling down the ingnition wires is the easy part, before that they have to jump an air gap within the magneto. Clarence
  8. Concord batteries are not really "maintenance free". They still require removal, cleaning, capacity testing, recharging and re installation. The battery box drains and vents still require cleaning which means removing the battery. Just because the battery will crank the engine doesn't mean it has it's rated capacity, especially important for IFR operations. Clarence
  9. As with an Annual Inspection, a PPI has many variations. Some based on the inspector's version of what is needed, others are based on the purchasers version and finances. These pages continue to have stories of grief some purchasers encounter through botched jobs. Why don't we come up with a suggested PPI list for use by purchasers? Clarence
  10. You could always have Maxwell fly to the plane if the owner is unwilling to move it. Surely Maxwell must have a plane at his disposal? Clarence
  11. Here are the fuel values for the TSIO360LB per SID97-3G TSIO-360-LB 700 2700 RPM, 40.0 IN HG, Unmetered fuel pressure 6.25 - 6.75, 34.0 - 38.0 PSI, metered nozzle pressure, 14.7 - 16.7 PSI, fuel flow 135 - 145 LBS/hour, 23.0 - 24.7 GPH Clarence
  12. I should be there Clarence, just give me a ring if you still have my cell #. Stewie coming this year?



    1. M20Doc


      Hi Mike,

      We are planning on coming down in Stew's twin Comanche and are towing a V35B with 2 friends along.


    2. mike_elliott


      the twin commanche...isnt that one of Al's designs? Look forward to seeing you guys!

      Fly safe!



  13. We plan on flying to Zephyr Hills on Tuesday, departing on the weekend. Clarence
  14. I have always understood it that sealant was applied over the joints after the wing was assembled. Clarence
  15. I would guess that you'll need an FAA AMOC to get hose testing and reused approved. The AD specifically states replace hoses each 5 years. Clarence