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  1. Combined with this one you have enough to save one. https://arnoldofficeauction.com/product/aircraft-n2933l-1967-mooney-m20c-closing-2-november-2020-74025/ Clarence
  2. Looks like a Comanche may be in his future, might I recommend the 400! Clarence
  3. How do expect to gain any credibility if you don’t sign your post with a name and credentials? Clarence
  4. When you spend most of your time cutting them up, maybe it’s harder to imagine someone wanting to to save one. Its still a project worth considering. Clarence
  5. It still a project worth considering, you’d have a 4000 airframe with some missing history. Proving compliance with ADs is easy, look for an engine and prop, install them do an Annual and you have a decent plane. Used engines come up often. If the airframe checks out make him a low offer and see what happens. Clarence
  6. That is a really odd failure, I’ve never seen this type of failure before. Please post pictures of it when it’s removed. Clarence
  7. From the IPC, the deflector is installed on carbureted models not fuel injected models. This is from the 1965 IPC which is the model year of the OP. Clarence
  8. The Mooney has a Lycoming engine, the Beech does not, the Mooney cowl removes completely to work on, the Beech does not, the Mooney is roomy and easy to work under the panel, Beech put the wing spar in the way making it a PITA to work under the panel. If I were selling my Comanche, I’d be going back to a Mooney, not a Beech. End of discussion! Clarence
  9. From reading the first post, it sounds like a C model that need and engine and propeller reinstalled. Not a huge job physically or financially. Clarence
  10. With no offence meant to the OP, but if he gets his A&P based on restoring this one Mooney which at most is a few months work the FAA needs to revisit the requirements for issuance of the A&P licence. Clarence
  11. To save yourself money buying expensive parts which are at times hard to get, don’t let you lower cowl hang from the air inlet coupling. Clarence
  12. Asking $12K and getting it are different. If the airframe is sound and you have the skills required and you have a cooperative A&P, go for it. You can’t buy a kit plane from Van’s for the money you’re talking about and you still have to to ALL of the work. Clarence
  13. The late F and early J are essentially identical. Same gear systems, same flight control systems, same fuel systems, same basic engine but different magneto/s, can have the same propeller. Different engine cowl, different windshield and side windows. Your insurance broker needs to go to the underwriter for you. With 40 hours in a J you’d have no issues with an F. Clarence
  14. I’m not sure why everyone worries so much about fuel lines in the cabin. You’re sitting between the 2 fuel tanks and the only thing that protects you from that fuel is the upholstery, as well under the floor are even more larger fuel lines. Clarence
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