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  1. Are you referring to the piston cooling nozzles? If they were missing how was the oil pressure? I've heard of the nozzle coming loose while the engine was running, it makes a big mess inside. Clarence
  2. I'd hate to see someone's plane damaged because of being poorly secured. No offence meant. Clarence
  3. A number of planes that flipped during Sun n Tornados were tied (or not) by The Claw. Similar to the earth nails above. Clarence
  4. Mooney could also bring back the "D" model conversion kit for all models. No more gear ups, period. Clarence
  5. Piper SB 866 called for removal of the back up gear extender system. SB 866A provides an AMOC to keep it installed and working. Clarence
  6. Note 7 on the Mooney Type Certificate covers the restricted range as well. Clarence
  7. Once per year for the 16 fine wire plugs
  8. Well, they will pay for some of it, leaving the maintenance shop and the owner to argue about the portion not covered. Clarence
  9. Parrot porn, next thing we'll be seeing pictures and videos of them in airplanes. Clarence
  10. Some form of deflector to direct the oil into a bucket, then punch a hole in the bottom of the filter radius beside the nut. Let it drain while doing other stuff. Pre fill the new filter with new fresh oil to help establish oil pressure faster on restart. Clarence
  11. See you at the concert. Clarence
  12. Start with the simple, check the connection on the thermocouple in the cylinder head and on the back of the gauge. Then if needed the thermocouple is available from Spruce if it's a Rockchester. Clarence
  13. A client of mine had work done by both Gulf Coast and Central Florida Avionics. It will end up have most of the wiring replaced due to crappy workmanship. Clarence
  14. You might want to try these guys as well. https://aircraftsecurity.com Clarence
  15. Doing an Annual inspection is no guarantee of success either. As with a PPI, the annual has as many variations as there are maintainers performing them. I believe that the ENTIRE airplane should be inspected, every cover with a screw should be opened for inspection. Clarence