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  1. Either the gauge or the transducer. Have your maintainer plumb a second gauge in the oil pressure line to the transducer to verify the readings. Clarence
  2. Mark, The slipping will eventually get to the point that the engine won’t turn over and won’t start. Best to repair it while it’s realatively cheap. Some airframes are a real pain to work on, the Ovation is not difficult. Having changed lots of them on Cirrus airframes I would suggest getting rid of the tiny Iskra starter and buying a better more powerful one and accepting a slight weight gain. Another cause of metal from a starter adapter is kick back during start caused by poor magneto timing or magneto internal issues. Clarence
  3. Welcome to Mooneyspace! I don’t see a picture of Ms. Thang, I assume that she is a Mooney? It’s OK if she’s not, these guys let me participate even though I own a Piper Comanche. Clarence
  4. Oil flow diagram for a typical Continental engine from Tips on engine care manual, http://continentalmotors.aero/xPublications/Maintenance Manuals/TEC-1/ Clarence
  5. I would suspect that your newly installed cable is not adjusted correctly and is not allowing the scissors to lock “over centre”. Adjusting the outer sleeve, the cable end or both may be required. Clarence
  6. You can see the shop floor through the spot where the shop removed the lower wing skin to belly fairing. It looks like a nice repair. Clarence
  7. I’m told that the new style gears are in short supply at the moment. Clarence
  8. The parts as other described should be easily fixed or fabricated. I’m surprised that S/B M20-250 and the associated FAA AD don’t apply to the E and F models as well. https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/4147179/technical_documents/service_bulletins/sbm20-250b.pdf Clarence
  9. To be fair the comparison is the same power, same propeller type, same gear type and same seating capacity and see what the outcome is. If budget is brought into the mix we’ll need to compare purchase cost as well as all of the other budget considerations like steel cage corrosion repair, fuel tank repair, spar corrosion repair and overall operational costs. Again I think the winner will be the Grumman Tiger. Clarence
  10. For those who watched Ice Pilots, Mikey McBryan is leading a group saving a C47 from WW II. https://www.planesavers.com/ Clarence
  11. I have a Brittain Accutrak system removed from a J model for sale. Includes the turn coordinator and power supply, the Accutrak control head, the BI805 valve and four servos all with good seals. Clarence
  12. Sadly every airport has one of these pilots. Ours landed on the taxiway, now affectionately named 26L, then on another occasion cleared the runway and had no idea where he was. He has passed on now and been replaced by another. Clarence
  13. The comparison I made is airframes of the same seating capacity, the same horsepower, the same gear style, the same fixed pitch propeller. The Grumman would win in this case. Clarence
  14. You are correct, I missed the oil temp gauge. Clarence