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  1. The engine mount half with the ring in the rubber goes aft on the top and forward on the bottom. It shows in this picture from the IPC. Do you have a maintenance manual for this? Clarence
  2. M20Doc

    Alternator offline

    Some airplanes have a split master/alternator field switch, others have a single switch with two sets of contacts, one master, one alternator, sounds like you have that version. Some switches have push on type electrical connectors which also come loose making for no alternator output. Clarence
  3. M20Doc

    Gear handle spins

    From the IPC.
  4. M20Doc

    Alternator offline

    If you can see the alternator pulley, clip 2 paper clips together making a 2 link chain. Turn the master switch ON and alternator field switch ON if your plane has one. Leave the mags OFF. Go to the front of the engine, while holding the upper paper clip the lower one should be drawn to the pulley. This magnetism tells you that the field circuit is providing field power. No magnetism, no field power. Open the left side cowl and look for broken field wires. Clarence
  5. M20Doc

    Electric Fuel Pump Abuse

    That along with a blue switch cover, on mine. Clarence
  6. M20Doc

    Electric Fuel Pump Abuse

    Cheap when compared to the cost of a pump rebuild! Clarence
  7. M20Doc

    Electric Fuel Pump Abuse

    We don’t have Auto-zone, so I bought a Weldon pump. Clarence
  8. M20Doc

    Electric Fuel Pump Abuse

    Weldon pumps are good but also do fail. The one in my RV4 quit after 450 hours. I use it for take off and landings and for the many circuits I do in it. I took the pump head off the motor and disassembled the motor to find the bearings had dried out. I re-oiled them, reassembled everything and it works great again. it too has a panel mounted annunciation light. Clarence
  9. M20Doc

    Electric Fuel Pump Abuse

    This light mounts in a standard switch hole. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/elpages/lsdimled.php?clickkey=3026739 Clarence
  10. M20Doc

    Lycoming io-360 Engine odyssey

    Hello Hoot, In my experience, a Lycoming filter adapter works very well. Air Wolf remote adapters work, but are mounted very poorly, and add 2 additional flex hoses and further clutter to an already tight engine compartment. With a Lycoming adapter you can fit either the standard 48110 filter or the longer 48111 filter, you just have to learn to change the oil without spilling . Clarence
  11. M20Doc

    G1000 WAAS Upgrade Cost?

    I think I’ve found a used GIA63W, anyone interested in it and if it’s worth chasing? Clarence
  12. M20Doc

    500 Hour past TBO Rocket gets OH

    Hi Tom, After pulling the cylinder, they found some camshaft distress. The owner is having them install a new engine from RAM. Clarence
  13. M20Doc

    Electric Fuel Pump Abuse

    A few questions. Why does a carbureted C model need a fuel pump turned on for starting? The fuel bowl should still be full from the last shut down. A few pumps of the throttle should be the only thing required. Why do some many use the fuel pump when switching fuel tanks? With your engine at run up power, turn the fuel selector to OFF, note how long the engine runs before stumbling and beginning to quit. If you can switch tanks in less time than that, you shouldn’t need the pump on. Clarence
  14. M20Doc

    500 Hour past TBO Rocket gets OH

    Great news Tom, Id be curious to know what the rod that they found does. I’ve worked on lots of NB series engines, but none in a Mooney. Clarence
  15. Potentially bad news for you. If the engine did indeed make 3000 RPM you’re looking at ena engine overhaul. Lycoming has an SB which tells you the actions required at 5% and 10% overspeed. At 10% or greater it’s an overhaul, unless they’ve changed it. Do you have an engine monitor with speed recording, this would confirm the overspeed value. As Cody points out, at 3000 you should notice a big increase in performance and noise level. Clarence