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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm having the CHT probes swapped this morning and will give that a shot.
  2. I have a factory reman IO-360-A3B6 installed with GAMI injectors and have completed the break-in process on the new engine. I also had a new EDM-900 installed with the engine. I now have 50 hours on the engine, but I have found an issue which has my mechanic and I perplexed. I can only fly with full rich mixture or with cowl flaps fully open to prevent the #1 cylinder from quickly go to 400 degrees if lean the mixture to POH specifications. I have spoken with GAMI twice and sent data over to confirm the injectors are fine and leaning appropriately. Today the injector was removed and cleaned again as well as the fuel line was blown out. We also tweaked my baffling. I took the 201 up 6500, the settings were 24/2600, cowl flaps closed, ram air open. I leaned the mixture to 11.2 fuel flow and the #1 cylinder again went immediately above 400. The EDM900 probe appears to fine, the injector appears to fine and allowing more air to flow to the cylinder by modifying the baffling didn't help. At this point I am at a loss and welcome any sugestions you guys may have. I really like flying with a fresh engine and get 165kts true, but not at 17.6 gallons per hour.
  3. Gene