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  1. I am sure this could be buffed out in no time; the logs apparently as well.
  2. Thanks all for the helpful information...
  3. I have visited some prior discussions related to this but I am now faced with the possibility of having a good plane but have some concerns about the engine which has less than 20 hours in the last 6 years (plane has been hangared in a climate controlled hanger). One earlier thread suggested budgeting for a top end. I plan do do a PPI if I go forward but not sure that this would completely catch any potential issues. Is the main concern the cylinders or is this a deeper concern (i.e., crank and bearings, etc) that might involve an OH? Also if just a top end, what would be a good budget number
  4. Thanks everyone for all of the great info. Very helpful.
  5. I am looking at a J with an engine approaching TBO and would consider buying the plane but need some cost estimates because I would opt to have an engine swap upon purchase. I checked out the 2015 posting here on MS by (DHC) and it seems like a pretty big ordeal (oil lines, hoses, prop governor, ...). Any insights into the cost for going with the factory IO-360-A3B6? Also, a shop recommendation for that price? Any other considerations? Thx.
  6. Any additional thoughts about this product? Function? Reliability? Maintenance/costs?
  7. Not my place to price another person's plane. The total hours look attractive but there are a bunch of other planes out there that seem to be better buys. I keep coming back to check mooneyspace each day and yes I will buy. I have spent enough time (and travel costs - lots btw - coast to coast and multiple times down south) looking at Mooney planes to know what I want and what is or is not a fair deal. This is btw a great place to sell your plane. I had an opportunity to buy a 201 last summer advertised here that I passed up and I highly regret. I am now much more educated and eager to buy. It
  8. FWIW, I just looked at the Eagle that was on EBAY. It is now on Trade-a-Plane. The plane is physically located at Kenosha (WI). https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=MOONEY&model=M20S+EAGLE&listing_id=2316036&s-type=aircraft Plane is nice; a few cosmetic issues. UL was 970. The questionable: 1) Sat a while (10 hours since 10/2014) and sparse hours since 2010. 2) Oil changes seemed to have been too expensive for the first owner. Entries indicate 60, 70, 90 and 130 hours between some of the changes. Long stretches of
  9. Off topic for someone wanting to sell their plane, but... since you all started :-) ... the ability to have gun while flying over Canada toward the far reaches of Alaska has been on my mind. DBX, your mention of a 45-70 had me looking as Canadian laws and it looks like this might be a good option. Thx :-)
  10. You mentioned it being cheaper? Any ballpark of the costs that you can share? Looking at a plane today where this will be a consideration.
  11. I used the nano 2 which came with an antenna (it is about 3" tall and quite thin). I seldom pick up a tower even though I am at 3-5 K and have the unit on the dash.
  12. Wow... I too built my own stratux for bidirectional and yes it cost a little more than $75. Seems like mine is a little more finicky about reception (my antenna choice?). If this really does have the reception that mine seems to lack, I just wasted my time. Thanks for posting. I need to visit their booth at OSH this week.
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