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  1. It is a struggle I have been through the last few months; 182? 172? M20K? M20J? M20F? M20C? Grumman TIger, Maule, Zenith 750 homebuilt, Avionics, Autopilots, Belly-ups, Engine Rebuilds, Top Overhauls,... the list goes on. You have done some good research I expect and these people here on this board are helpful (they have been for me). I am in the final stages of buying a plane and after all of the research and second guessing, I am back at a Mooney. Not an easy decision by any stretch. The one thing I can tell you that might help is that I visited a Mooney shop on the east coast where they took me into the repair area where they were working on a Mooney that had experienced a gear-up. I was impressed (and so was my wife) by the undercarriage of the Mooney - it has a frame unlike like any plane I have seen (I have been helping build a Zenith 801HD BTW). It is built like a tank. Combined with the roll-cage, it makes for a little more peace of mind about the safety aspects of a Mooney especially given your family situation.
  2. Neonbjb - Then there is the "I just want my own plane" reason which is fine by me...
  3. Thanks Marauder. I don't think this is a big deal for me, but this is my first plane and buying experience so appreciate others' insight on this. Thanks again, Stan.
  4. OK --- I have a situation where I am looking at a plane where the early engine log book is missing. The airframe and more recent engine logs are otherwise complete. How concerning is this? I am mostly wondering how this may impact my ability to resell should that ever be the need.
  5. Thanks guys for the input. As I have narrowed down my list of Mooney possibilities, the whole sales thing/registration/legal stuff is now coming to the foreground.
  6. In looking at the AOPA website, there is a recommendation for various searches. The one that caught my eye was the title search. This costs $75 which is a drop in the bucket, however, wondering how this might fit in the buying process; i.e., should clear title be listed as a condition to be met in the purchase agreement? Seems like possibly a good thing to do. Comments anyone?
  7. Thanks everyone for the feedback; this was very helpful. Paul, yes I did look at the 252 in Robinsville and will take you up on the offer to PM you about the 252.
  8. Hello all - Looking to buy a Mooney and have been coast-to-coast after doing lots of online research. (Actually a little depressed as I didn't expect this to be this difficult). Just trying to find a good plane... My focus has been 201s primarily but have also looked at a 252 and a Rocket. I have some questions where I would appreciate some sage input. I want copilot brakes, an autopilot that can hold altitude. 1) A great looking airplane, low time engine and great avionics but I notice a long streak of oil residue on the undercarriage that ran from the front of the engine where it looks like some breather tubes are located toward the back of the plane. Is this normal? I looked into into the engine bay with the oil-check window and noticed some oil at the base of filler tube that might have been the cause but I am suspicious. 2) On take-off it seemed like the front wheel might have had some shimmy. I did check underneath and noticed that there was (lots of) excess grease in the well. The linkages seemed tight and the pucks looked like they they were newer but am wondering about this. 3) Just got home this evening after checking out a Rocket. Nice solid plane with low time engine, well maintained (Top Gun) but am wondering whether this is the best option or sticking to 252s. Thoughts? Can this really be anything near as economical as an unadulterated Mooney? 4) I have stayed away from anything that has had damage history but there are some otherwise good looking 252s. I spoke with someone at a Mooney shop in Robbinsville NJ who seemed to think a gear-up is no big deal but am still a little hesitant about this. Any thoughts? 5) An alternative is to buy an C or F model that is run out and redo the engine and avionics but this looks like it might not be a wise investment unless I plan this to be my last plane. Any comments/thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers! Stan M.