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  1. Looking to Buy an Eagle or Early Ovation?

    FWIW, I just looked at the Eagle that was on EBAY. It is now on Trade-a-Plane. The plane is physically located at Kenosha (WI). Plane is nice; a few cosmetic issues. UL was 970. The questionable: 1) Sat a while (10 hours since 10/2014) and sparse hours since 2010. 2) Oil changes seemed to have been too expensive for the first owner. Entries indicate 60, 70, 90 and 130 hours between some of the changes. Long stretches of the oil sitting due to sparse usage between 2010 and 2018. Disappointing as I had high hopes on the way to see it. The seller mentioned a recent bore-scope that showed the cylinders to be fine...
  2. low priced flying m20c

    Off topic for someone wanting to sell their plane, but... since you all started :-) ... the ability to have gun while flying over Canada toward the far reaches of Alaska has been on my mind. DBX, your mention of a 45-70 had me looking as Canadian laws and it looks like this might be a good option. Thx :-)
  3. You mentioned it being cheaper? Any ballpark of the costs that you can share? Looking at a plane today where this will be a consideration.
  4. Stratux Mount

    I used the nano 2 which came with an antenna (it is about 3" tall and quite thin). I seldom pick up a tower even though I am at 3-5 K and have the unit on the dash.
  5. Stratux Mount

    Wow... I too built my own stratux for bidirectional and yes it cost a little more than $75. Seems like mine is a little more finicky about reception (my antenna choice?). If this really does have the reception that mine seems to lack, I just wasted my time. Thanks for posting. I need to visit their booth at OSH this week.
  6. N1163Z has a new home

  7. TSMOH

    Thank guys. Went through the logs again and yes the tach was replaced. Now all the numbers do make sense.
  8. PPI Reference

    Thanks Bob! Maxwell would be my choice if TX were closer. Still may go this route though so you just answered one of my questions about delivery. Thanks!
  9. PPI Reference

    Hi - I am needing to do a prepurchase on a Mooney in the Kansas/MO/IL area. Any recommendations for a good shop in the area (ideally KS or MO). I have considered getting it down to TX but it would mean having to get someone to fly it down so hoping for a shop that is good quality but closer. I found one shop in Illinois (Byerly) - anyone have any dealings with them?
  10. TSMOH

    Thanks smwash02. This makes sense and more in line with what I had thought. I will ask the seller about the numbers they published. The TACH is less than the TSMOH figure they posted. Funny but Googling the topic brings up some varying opinions.
  11. TSMOH

    Paul, Controller uses this in any ads posted there so I thought it was clear to me until the figures and acronyms I see in these specific logs. Thanks!
  12. TSMOH

    OK - this was clear in mind until I ran across log books for a plane (1990 era Mooney) I am looking at. TSMOH is listed in the sales ad but I am having a difficult time correlating this to the logs. I see TT as a higher number than Tach but lower than Hobbs. Reading up about this, it seems this is less definitive than I thought. What should the TSMOH hours be based on? Thx.
  13. Nice plane. Very nice plane in fact. If you have (cash) this is an option. If I had $150K lying around, this is the plane I would buy. Problem comes in if you have to finance as the vref becomes a point of contention. Not being negative in any direction but this is the fact of life in trying to go upscale in your choice of planes. After many false starts I am going to see a plane (a Mooney) this weekend that looks really good. Hoping for the best but I have been in this situation multiple times so am very pragmatic. I know in the past many have posted how easy this is and how you should not be picky, however, this is a major investment for many of us. I wish everyone who is looking for a Mooney success.
  14. Hi KLRDMD, back in the saddle looking and have come across the following plane. You had mentioned that you would be glad to help so am reaching out. It does have a gear up in 2005 timeframe but otherwise the current owner has had it for about 10 years. Any thoughts about pricing or generally about the below.




    1989 Mooney 201

    1989 MOONEY 201 • $127,500 • FOR SALE 1989 Mooney M20J 201 2860TTAF, 1050SMOH, Prop 950 SOH, Garmin 430W, KFC 150 FD/AP, Garmin 396 GPS, 200HP IO 360A3B6D Mattituck Red/Gold Overhaul 2006, Speed brakes, JP 700 GEM, Garmin 330-ES (ADS-B out compliant), King KX 155 N/C/Loc/GS, electric trim, Tanis preheater, CO2 detector, Custom cover and tow bar, Built in ANR David Clark 20-10X headsets. 155KT cross country economical IFR cruiser, Leather interior 8+, Paint Original 6. N10194 • Contact Geno Berchiatti, Owner - located Greenville , SC USA • Telephone: 8649795234 . • Fax: 8642868822 • Posted February 23, 2017 Show all Ads posted by this AdvertiserRecommend This Ad to a FriendEmail AdvertiserSave to WatchlistReport This AdView Larger Pictures

    scaled_d9c8_106x80_1224679-IMG_1751_58af scaled_f1d8_106x80_1224679-IMG_1752_58af scaled_e45e_106x80_1224679-IMG_1761_58af scaled_8345_106x80_1224679-IMG_1763_58af scaled_b34e_120x67_1224679-N10194_028_58
    1. KLRDMD


      I'll look at it and get back to you.

    2. KLRDMD


      It has the A3B6D engine, not converted to the A3B6 so that's an issue. Is this the prop with or without the AD ? Who has been doing the maintenance and can you get electronic logs ? If all checks out, it looks to me like it is worth pursuing further and is a $110k airplane.

    3. smlynarczyk


      Thanks KLRDMD! Much appreciated.