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    Enjoy all aspects of general aviation. Own and operate Integrity Airmotive, LLC at H68 (Wagoner, OK). Like Bonanzas and now Mooneys. Like old Mercedes Benz 300D's.
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  1. I've been fighting a pesky oil leak on our '62 M20C in the same location or very near to that adapter drive plug mentioned a few posts back. Was never sure if it was the plug or the gasketed joint between the adapter and the gov'r. It got to the point that during the recent annual I took all accessories off, including the gov'r. and drive adapter and meticulously cleaned and re-sealed all the surfaces only to start up right after the annual and find the leak again. This time I pinpointed its location using a borescope (It's so easy to access that area of the Mooney you know... : ). There was s
  2. Just flew another 1.7 hrs off the insurance 10 hr requirement and things are looking progressively better with me and that Jbar relationship. Speed does seem to be the critical aspect, just as most replies have advised - initial climb out at 80-85, raise the gear and it's no big deal. On one departure though, didn't get the gear up before reaching 100 and the difference was significant. Some time previous, I had spoken with my partner about gear up technique after exceeding 85 and he said no biggie, just do the Mooney "dip" (???). After explaining its simplicity I tried it yesterday and at 100
  3. My first departure in 62DX left some ground viewers wondering if this was s good thing for me or not. I have since, after about 4 or 5 take-offs, managed to make a continuos smooth and flowing transition of the Johnson bar such that it is no longer a thrill to watch me depart. Everything takes a little getting used to and I guess I'm getting there, gradually. Your tip is a good one because that's exactly what I was doing, I tended to use the yoke as reaction point....not good. Thanks for your wisdom.
  4. Thanks all for your input. Excellent advice and I can see a lot being learned here for the care and feeding of my new acquisition.
  5. As the topic title implies, I'm a newby with a Mooney. That is, I've been flying Bonanzas - three since 1984 - but this most recent venture was somewhat of a departure from my norm...and have to say I'm glad I did it. I became a 50% share owner in a '62 M20C about 3 weeks ago and am currently flying insurance time off with an instructor - weather permitting in Okla. I have a few questions that perhaps some of you can help me with. 1) I don't have maint. or IPC manuals yet but am getting them ordered (I'm an AP/IA and will be doing all the work that I can on it for the 50/50 partnershi
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