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  1. @jamesmI like your setup! Looks very clean. The only thing I'd point out is that those annunciator lights are supposed to be on the pilot side. The 30-P and 30-C displays will have red numbers and other visual indications of out-of-range readings if you happen to be looking over there. I find that's not always true. For example once established in cruise sometimes other things take my attention completely away from the engine monitor for an extended period. Also in certain critical phases of flight you may not be watching the monitor closely. It's only because I have my annunciator front and c
  2. Just realized that I can install an CGR-30P without getting a new Engine Data Converter. I can't find a price without an EDC listed anywhere, but hopefully it'd be a significant savings, especially in install cost. It was a real pain to find a good spot to mount that thing, and required fabrication of a custom mounting bracket. That would leave me some empty panel space down where the original cluster gauge was. What would be useful in that space I wonder? If I could I'd put J style flap and trim indicators there. Flaps aren't a big deal since I can just look out the window, but I'd love to s
  3. Well whatever you do, take care... and get yourself some flaps back!
  4. I'm glad I can provide entertainment. At the moment I seem to have money to spend and nothing to spend it on... @gsxrpilot Interesting suggestion RE audio. I'll think about that one. If I don't choose that option quite yet I could still run the aux input cable over the top of the panel instead of through in order to, as you say, avoid drilling holes which may become useless. The dual CGR setup would likewise be interesting. By condensing another two copilot instruments into once spot I'd open up another space. Not sure if there's anything I'd want to put there though. At the moment
  5. I think the tablet mount should be one of these. That way I can drill the standard AMPS holes into the panel (for addl. future proofing). It's not very thick, but hopefully just thick enough to get the minor amount of pilot-facing tilt I'd want.
  6. Haha thanks @carusoam. I should look into that. Not sure I need it though since this part is already milled to specs. What old mechanical gauge? The CGR-30C is a certified replacement for the original cluster gauge. The JPI bar graph gives me all four CHTs and EGTs. New switches would be a good idea if I'm replacing that plate already. Some of mine have gotten rather floppy. I like the idea of some lighting, although it would be more useful I think to illuminate the lettering around the switches. Afaik on the big iron they do that by mounting in plexiglass, which they matte
  7. I think it may make sense to move the USB power over to the right of the tablet so that there would be the option of replacing the smaller JPI with a full size instrument if I or someone else desires it in the future.
  8. Well, I'm shut up at home without much to do. Fortunately, in a moment of inspiration, I bought an aluminum copilot panel blank last time I was at LASAR. My current copilot panel is a mess of chopped up plastic and holes made for things that are not longer present. While I can't have the panel machined yet, I can decide where I want everything to go. Here's what I'm thinking about: First, out with the GPSmap 496. It was great back when it was the only device in the cockpit with full color, WAAS, and terrain alerting, but now the IFD440 has taken over those responsibilities. My plan is to to
  9. We befit from doing something that harms other people. I don't see how trying to avoid the ethical quandry makes anyone a chump. Certainly it would be important to ensure that the money goes where it's supposed to, but it's silly to say that money can't help slow or stop climate change. As to 201MK's response, I find it rather cynical. We're all here because we think that flying is worth the costs, which are high. To take the most simplistic view possible, if we ran the earth out of fossil fuels what do you think we'll put in our engines? But at that point the sea levels will have risen so
  10. I was just thinking to myself about the environmental impacts of my aviation activities, and I ended up writing a post over on FlightAware's forums. In short, I think it would be really cool if there were a way to automatically make carbon offset donations when you fly, and also to show off those donations publicly or as forum flair. If this sounds interesting, here's the link to what I wrote: https://discussions.flightaware.com/t/ga-green-flights/57492. If it gets some activity, maybe the right people will see and consider it! Does this sound like the sort of thing people here might wan
  11. I’m going to continue to investigate. The battery still seems to read low, but the behavior has gotten markedly better since I flew the plane to Denver and then today to Waterloo Regional in Iowa, so I’m pretty sure there’s some battery involvement. I’ll hopefully be rolling into Vintage camping tomorrow morning. Seems like perhaps I could have made it in tonight, but unfortunately the text message updates failed to include the fact that Vintage camping opened at 6:30 today. Looking forward to meeting some more Mooneys and associated pilots at Wittman!
  12. It started! I didn’t whack it or anything. I have no idea what was or is going on. I’m gonna buy a new starter at OSH.
  13. Yeah low battery would seem to me enough to spin the prop a little. A tiny bit. I’m seeing no movement at all.
  14. I’ve never had this happen before. I’m at KOAK, hoping to leave for KOSH (or more precisely for the leg to KBMC). I turn the key to start, hear the normal grumbling whine from behind the panel. Then when push, i can hear the click of the starter gear being pushed forwards, but then nothing else happens. Nothing like this has ever happened before. I have a Sky Tec lightweight starter, currently trying to figure out which model. Battery seems fine, i’m reading 12.0 volts on my digital engine monitor. Does this just sound like a dead starter?
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