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  1. I’m going to continue to investigate. The battery still seems to read low, but the behavior has gotten markedly better since I flew the plane to Denver and then today to Waterloo Regional in Iowa, so I’m pretty sure there’s some battery involvement. I’ll hopefully be rolling into Vintage camping tomorrow morning. Seems like perhaps I could have made it in tonight, but unfortunately the text message updates failed to include the fact that Vintage camping opened at 6:30 today. Looking forward to meeting some more Mooneys and associated pilots at Wittman!
  2. It started! I didn’t whack it or anything. I have no idea what was or is going on. I’m gonna buy a new starter at OSH.
  3. Yeah low battery would seem to me enough to spin the prop a little. A tiny bit. I’m seeing no movement at all.
  4. I’ve never had this happen before. I’m at KOAK, hoping to leave for KOSH (or more precisely for the leg to KBMC). I turn the key to start, hear the normal grumbling whine from behind the panel. Then when push, i can hear the click of the starter gear being pushed forwards, but then nothing else happens. Nothing like this has ever happened before. I have a Sky Tec lightweight starter, currently trying to figure out which model. Battery seems fine, i’m reading 12.0 volts on my digital engine monitor. Does this just sound like a dead starter?
  5. Rest in Peace At first glance it would appear to be classic CFIT. I remember the first time I was in the dark looking for mountains I knew were there and how impressed I was that they were complete invisible blackness. Stay safe up there!
  6. I love watching the pace pick up on these! This is one mod that I don't think will evaporate from lack of demand. When (if?) you get around to us 65'ers, you'll have a customer here.
  7. After a little (not much) soul searching I asked them to take a look at my plane so that I'd have full confidence in it when I do my checkride (soon). They found a bolt in one of the main gear linkages working it's way out of the joint, which could have prevented a side from locking down. They also fixed my master switch, which I had just discovered did not actually turn anything off in flight. And every time I called for an update, Robert had not just the papers but all the details of the relevant systems available to him seemingly off the top of his head! I'm in for the meet and greet.
  8. Fortunately mine is not intermittent. On the ground it always goes off when you move the switch. It's easy enough to feel for the buffet in training, but I need my stall warning to work reliably. I'm not going to leave an intentional hole in the swiss cheese. It's good to get confirmation that weight and balance definitely play a role in exactly when (and maybe if) you'll hear the warning.
  9. There exists documentation of a minor modification to allow the rear seats to fold down. You definitely want to look into it! Look here: You want to be the caretaker of a true piece of engineering, so I predict you will definitely end up buying a J bar Mooney. There's no alternative!
  10. @takair I would not say I felt buffet "well before" the wing dropped. Nor did the wing drop very aggressively. I went back out to the airport today to inspect the switch. It is utterly normal in every way. It has the correct angle, it's clear that its mounting position has not migrated, and it definitely engages the horn a bit before it reaches full travel. What I did find is that when I pushed the tab against either limit of its travel with just a little force, it had a bit of stickiness. Most of the time for example it would fall right back down from the upper stop, but in once instance it stayed there for perhaps a quarter of a second before falling. Though it's harder to quantify stickiness in the down position with no constant force like gravity to calibrate, I imagine it was similar. The cause of the stickiness was a thin layer of CorrosionX mixed with dirt coating the tab. Through creative use of fingernails and wiggling the tab around, I was able to remove enough of the coating that there was no longer any detectable sticking. It still seems a little bit unlikely to me that this would cause the tab to stick under normal circumstances, but perhaps circumstances were not entirely normal on the day in question -- temperature or water could have been present on the tab causing extra stickiness or adding surface tension, and the plane was definitely quite light meaning there was less airflow over the tab at the critical AoA. I'll report back once I'm able to do another test under similar circumstances, and assuming the horn goes off I'll also pay close attention to how much a margin over stall it's actually giving me.
  11. Yesterday was the first time I've ever practiced a power off stall without an instructor in the plane. Gear was down, full flaps. I had about half fuel in the tanks and I'm not a particularly large person, so the plane was light. I tested the stall warning horn both before and after the flight and it definitely works (the horn engages when the tab is fully up), but I heard nary a chirrup before a wing started to drop around 55 - 57 mph (visibly below the white arc on my ASI). I'm pretty sure I've heard the horn on landing relatively recently (when more heavily loaded). I assume that when the plane is approaching stall AoA at a higher airspeed there's enough shove on that tab to trigger the horn, but I don't think the scenario I've just reproduced will be unusual in my flying so it worries me. Should the horn trigger before the switch reaches full travel? Should I lubricate it and see if that helps before I go having it adjusted? The tab isn't bent. It hasn't been adjusted since times when I know it was working as expected. I didn't feel any resistance to pushing on it, but a finger is a rather coarse tool for that evaluation.
  12. Nooo I loved this plane. I'm so sad.
  13. Why would you need to remember ANDS in a Mooney anyway? ...unless like me you're soon to be doing a checkride. Just sync the DG and turn with that. While technically legal my compass deviation card has such large and varying values that it's not possible to use it to know when to roll out of a turn anyway.
  14. @bonal I just put it on youtube and embedded it in place of the earlier MOV link. I think you should be able to see that!