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  1. JasonW

    Bismarck, North Dakota

    I use King Aviation in Moorhead KJKJ and have been really happy with them.
  2. JasonW

    So whats too cold for the plane

    This is a good read if you haven't seen it. https://www.lycoming.com/content/operating-cold-weathe
  3. JasonW

    Geographic member locations

    Send the link and add me also please.
  4. JasonW

    VFR flying is it right?

    Hello from ND. Just do it and plan on some flexiblity. I made several trips from Fargo to Denver before completing my IFR. Learned a lot. Had to change schedule + and - a day 50% of the time. Stranded in KRAP once, blizzard. The kids loved the water park at the hotel. Ended up just adding to the adventure. The 50% changes to the schedule was motivation to complete the IR training.
  5. JasonW

    Yoke Mounts & FAA?

    Just more info. I did my IFR check ride Jan. 3rd 2016 with an iPad mini on the yoke as my charts. No issue with the examiner. On a less factual basis, what is the difference with the yoke mount paper chart clips that have been used for many, many years?
  6. JasonW

    Donation Drive 2015

    Donation on the way. Love Mooneyspace!
  7. JasonW

    GTX345 installed today

    How much was the quote for the GTX 335? I've got three quotes locally that are all around $4100 with new encoder.
  8. JasonW

    Finally.... Instrument Rating

    Passed my ifr check ride last month. My experience was similar to yours. The first 20 hours, especially the approaches, was challenging and I had doubts about gaining the needed ability. But, the next 20 hours was amazing and things really started to click. Most of my ability and confidence came in the last 10 hours. It turned out I learned as much about my airplane as the IFR environment and I am a much better pilot overall because of it. Hang in there!
  9. JasonW

    2015 logbook review

    35 flights, 55 hours, and an instrument rating last Sunday. Looking forward to 2016!
  10. JasonW

    Switchbox Troubleshooting

    Another option for the SIM card is http://www.alarmsim.com/ T-mobile Service, $30 SIM card, $0 monthly fee, $0.15 per text. It seemed to good to be true when I found it but after a purchase 1.5 years ago with $30 prepaid there is still over $20 left in my account. I'm a CB also and bought a cheap low power switch and added my own higher amp relays.
  11. JasonW

    Upgrading to a Mooney?

    1. My transition was from a rented Archer to a rented Comanche at 55hrs and then purchased my J at 85hr. Did not have an issue at all and am currently working through my IFR in it. I LOVE MY J. The only thing that I feel needs a little more attention, emphasis on little, compared to the pipers I flew is landing speed and x-wind. Speed, efficiency, IFR stability are all better. 2. A frequently flown, low time engine, gps, ifr M20J for 60k is going to be hard to find. 3. The J has a lot of great attributes (I am bias) but I wouldn't discount the earlier models. There are several threads on this topic. Good luck and welcome!
  12. JasonW

    Someone help what starter?

    +1 on the Skytec
  13. JasonW

    Hot startup

    I've owned my 81' J for a little over a year and had the same problem initially. Many on this site suggest to leave the throttle at 1000 rpm at shut down and don't touch it. For hot start up leave the mixture closed and turn it over. When it fires push the mixture in. Works every time. I do the same on cold starts with the added step of 5 secs of boost pump the the mixture wide open before closing it for start. It really seems to help to have the throttle open to that magic 1000rpm mark.
  14. JasonW

    Building a towbar

    I used a cordless drill and a drill bit made for metal. Marked both sides and drilled from both sides. It didn't take very long.