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  1. Ok, now there is a new Tailbeacon, This one will be Satellite Based and will be a Mode S ES transponder. This could also explain why the AV30 is taking a little longer to get certifiedhttps://uavionix.com/tailbeaconx-launch/
  2. Garmin is going to announce these on Wednesday but I found this link tonight https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/719027/pn/010-GI275-00
  3. I own a 73RG Cardinal, along with a 68FG Cardinal. I wanted to purchase a C model Mooney, but the better Half was used to the large doors on the 68FG. I told her that the Mooney was much faster than the 68FG and we could be there 30 to 45 minutes sooner. She said that the comfort was more important for napping so I found the 73RG Cardinal and now I am faster than the 68FG and a little slower than the C. What I learned about the Cardinal RG was if looking for one get the latest year model you can find. The early 71 and 72 model have a dragger cowl and electronic down locks actuators. The 73 Cardinals got Hydraulic downlock actuators. The electronic down locks are costly to overhaul, and the Hydraulic's just have a few o rings. I have had the 73RG for a year now and am really liking it. But a nice Mooney taxi's by and it still snaps my neck.
  4. corrupted mine also, If they are going to go in and fix that I wish they would allow the 660's logbook to be uploaded to fly.garmin like Garmin Pilot does.
  5. Does anybody know if the AV-30 will have Glideslope and CDI indicators to be use with the GPS175 for an LPV approach?
  6. They already have that, it is called a GTN635 GPS/COMM
  7. Just a lurker here, "I have a Cessna Cardinal, drooling over a Mooney" One thing in common between the Cardinal and the Mooney's are wet wings. My 68 Cardinal has only leaked from the fuel sender's gasket and the rest of the Cardinal fleet seldom report leaking fuel tank's. Now that is not to say that some in the fleet have not had wing tank leaks but they are the exception not the rule. Both Mooney's and Cardinal's wing flex in flight, but the Cardinal's landing gear are not attached to wing's where the Mooney's are. " just trying to find a correlation between leaks and weak landing pucks"
  8. Back a number of years ago, the late Russell Stallings then owner of Southwest Texas Aviation had looked at that F over in Lockhart. He stated then that it would cost more to put in the air then what he could part it out for. A number of people have talked to the owner about buying it. One of the "old guys" that man the FBO on the weekends "a prior mooney owner" would pull it out and wash it down, and keep the air up in the tire's even offered to run it around the pattern from time to time to keep it going but the owner wanted none of that. So it sits and draws the curiosity of visitors..
  9. On a positive note, it is not a V tail Bonanza with magnesium ruddervators
  10. Someday, I hope to build out there. I have lot 14, got it before the taxiways were built.