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  1. Thanks to all have given their input. I'm going to remove the plastic and fabricate an aluminum overlay that will look a lot nicer. i will also figure out a way to get the dimensions recorded for future use by the group. Question - does anyone know how to remove the landing gear switch? I don't think the plastic will go around the "wheel" on the actuator, so I either need to remove it, or remove the switch somehow. Is the wheel just threaded onto the switch? Or do I need to remove the metal ring? And any idea what the hole in the ring is for?
  2. Hank, I've sent you a PM with a question.
  3. Hank, For sure I'd be willing to help in this regard. We aren't doing the work until the end of the year though. If I decide to DIY this and make a tracing I'll definitely get in touch. My thought would be to measure, then make a cad drawing. Sounds like a good rainy day project. I could even just upload the file here so others can use it.
  4. Thanks to all, lots of good ideas here. I asked my IA about fabricating a new panel but he said it would require sign off by FSDO. But maybe if it is just an overlay then that is a different story? I have reverse engineering and fabrication experience, I could do this and am willing if legal. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. We have a 74C with the plastic cover on the panel. Considering an upgrade to the garmin G5. Am concerned about the "look" of this since the G5s mount on the surface and the plastic would need to be cut. I'd like to just remove the plastic altogether but the previous owner informs me that behind the plastic, it is pretty ugly. Has anyone else been in this situation? Are there other covers we could get in lieu of the plastic? have asked Lasar if they have panel blanks but they do not. I swear I've seen some vintage Mooneys in here with nice clean looking upgraded panels...would love to see pictures if you have them.
  6. The NTSB splits these into two categories, accidents and incidents. This report is filtered to accidents. I could probably add another filter to allow you to choose.
  7. Glad you're finding it useful; the rendering on mobile devices is not ideal. I'll see if there is a better way to scale this.
  8. So, I think we have a poor visual here- the donut chart's scale makes the exterior labels a bit misleading and they run together. You can verify your selection by the tooltip that shows when you hover over a slice, or expand the donut chart with the icon that shows up in the top right when you hover on the chart (it says "focus mode"). The R and M are neighboring slices and it is easy to pick the wrong one. I checked the filter and it seems to be working as designed...if that isn't the issue then let me know.
  9. Can you tell me a tail number of the missing plane? I will investigate against source.
  10. So, the model data is human entered so there is not any consistency to the pattern they use. Sometimes it is M20R, M20-R, etc. I have a script that attempts to normalize this. I'll have to check why some of them are getting mixed in. As for the missing aircraft, I'm not sure on that one. The data is current at least of as Friday. Might be something with the make or model pattern. I'll look into it later and reply back. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. I wanted to learn a new data analysis tool (Power BI) so I decided to build a simple dashboard based on the NTSB database. I thought it might be interesting to the Mooney community so I am sharing the link with you. This is the same data you'll find in lots of other places, but hopefully this visualization makes it easy to slice & dice. I'm working on some other similar ones that include the GA fleet at large and one that is focused on Van's RV aircraft (GA is here and Van's is here if you're curious).A couple notes:- The data source is the XML file on the NTSB site. They update the data once per day. At this time I'm not sure if the link I'm posting refreshes against that data or if I have to trigger that refresh on my side.- The report is fairly interactive, for example click on the model donut to filter the heat map and grid. Same thing on the heat map, click to filter by phase of flight. Click again to clear your filter. - Right clicking various objects gives you a few more filtering options including raw data.- If you click any of the links to the final report and don't get a result, it is because there isn't one issued yet. I'm just building that URL based on the accident number.- I'm certainly open to feedback/suggestions but this is just something I'm playing with so I can't promise I'll do anything else with it. I am hoping to publish some other variations at a later date.- I don't care if you share the link.- If a moderator wishes to move or delete this post, I'm fine with that, too. I hope this is educational. Blue skies. John
  12. I can't find any info if Mooney will be on the STC List? Do you know for sure?
  13. Our shop quoted 6500 and offered 250 for our GTX327. Guess I should keep looking. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Not sure if this is still a possibility but +1 for a mooney customer. Looking to ditch a Brittain system in a 74 C model. Had already been planning on an aspen.
  15. We have the Brittain Accutrak in our 74 M20C. I have personally never witnessed this device to work when tracking a nav source, so I thought I'd throw out my observations and see what you guys think. First: I verified PC operation doing the taxi test. Works as expected. In flight, I can command a roll using the accutrak knob. Works fine in either direction. Pretty rapid response. What I can't figure out is if it is properly tracking the nav source. The CDI is hooked up to a G530. If I turn the unit off and let the plane go right of course, when I turn the autopilot back on it seems to try to pull me back. No noticeable response when I go left of course. No real difference between high/low sensitivity. But, I just don't really know how this thing should behave. For example, how far off course will it let you go before it responds? One dot deflection? Two? The original owner of the plane insists it works...and in somewhat recent history the entire system was checked out by Brittain. So maybe it did work, but I'm not seeing it behave as I would expect. Granted, I've never owned a plane with an autopilot before. My first C model only had the regular PC. Thoughts? Anyone have similar experience? Thanks, John