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  1. Nice little airport??? I visited it by car about a year ago and I would not recommend it. The runway was full of cracks and rundown. My 2 cents. It would be a nice alternative if they put some money into it.
  2. I fly into AVL about once a month. They do not advertise this but they have a self serve pump that will save you a lot of money. I agree with the above, they are way overpriced.
  3. Airport managers have to provide information on who is renting there hangars for taxes. They will find you.
  4. Call me at+1 (423) 432-5426 and we can discuss the KI209A. Troy
  5. Just looked in my closet and I ask have a KI 208 yellow taged. Not sure if that helps ?? Troy
  6. I have a KI 209A that I need to sell at some point. Not sure if that helps ? Troy
  7. Love mine. Agree with all the above except the smell. Cool in the summer and winter Troy
  8. I fly a fair amount into Asheville and they don't advertise but they do have self serve pump gas for about $2.00 less and it waves part of the fees. The fees are ridiculous, but Sierra Nevada is less then a mile away. Cheers!!! Troy
  9. Alan, how do you know if a KX 155 has a glideslipe by looking at it ?
  10. I have never done an inflight mag check. How do you do it, besides the obvious?? Thanks, Troy
  11. I have a KX155 12V. Message me if interested. Thanks
  12. Can you share more details on making the panel itself. The right side of panel is plastic and looks terrible. I would love to have another panel made instead of the plastic one. Thanks, Troy