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  1. My version (rev D) doesn’t have that requirement. Are you sure is says AND and not OR. I have never seen a 900 install with the RAD, just the light.
  2. More like $200....I just order 4. BTW, 2 of my old mounts had blown out their silicone gel inserts. So if your engine sags a bit, it might be the bad mounts.
  3. I would not throw old parts away , just in case.
  4. teejayevans

    don't text and fly?

    You look happy to be on the ground! I be curious of the reliability using it’s own antenna.
  5. teejayevans

    Any J's in New England (MA) I can check out?

    True, but it’s less than his price range so the savings can be put towards a future overhaul, it does have almost 1500 hours on the engine.
  6. teejayevans

    Any J's in New England (MA) I can check out?

    For that price I would look at something like this: https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/28161547/1967-mooney-m20f-exec-21?dlr=1&pcid=17527&crmid=614667&if=1 Personally I would add a G5 HSI before starting of your instrument training. ADSB, good autopilot, little less than your price range, but you can use the savings for a future engine overhaul.
  7. teejayevans

    Any J's in New England (MA) I can check out?

    I don’t see where you mention price point? That might narrow your search.
  8. teejayevans

    Electric Fuel Pump Abuse

    But I would say running through your checklist is not aviating, navigating or communicating. And to be clear... Turning on the pump in case of engine pump failure, is aviating, because it’s required for flight. Turning off a pump because you don’t want to wear it out, is a nicety. Like turning on the cabin heat or turning off the landing light.
  9. teejayevans

    Electric Fuel Pump Abuse

    I’ve forgotten it, because I’m interrupted by ATC around the time I would do the checklist. I’m going to ask my mechanic about adding a light.
  10. Can’t you lose the steam gauges all together? Lose the airspeed and nav indicator. If you want super redundancy, add a G5.
  11. teejayevans

    Crazy EDM-830?

    He has problems with MAP, OAT, Oil ....plus multiple CHT and EGT probes, it’s not just 1 probe. Probably just a loose ground, easy to fix, hard to find.
  12. teejayevans

    Crazy EDM-830?

    I thought of that, but the MAP is erratic as well and that means both P2 and P3 would be loose. That would indicate to me the avionics guys are sloppy or careless to have 2 loose connections. How many others?
  13. teejayevans

    JPI Oil Temperature Probe Question

    You are not suppose to tie the wires together with the ignition wires, it can cause erratic readings.
  14. teejayevans

    Crazy EDM-830?

    You can set the tank capacity yourself, see the programming section of the manual. I would suspect a bad ground is causing you problems.
  15. teejayevans

    To Powerflow or not to Powerflow - That is the question

    Compare yours with this one (maybe the Js are different):