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  1. Garmin G5 Flush Mount $50 / 75

    Does anyone know if the panels are all exactly same dimensions for all Js, or since the planes were hand built, is there some variation?
  2. Newly Overhauled Engine, No Existing Logs?

    How do you go about finding a gypsy A&P?
  3. Looking to purchase a Mooney M20J

    You don’t do the emergency extension?
  4. $100 Engine Montitor

    I’m curious, has anyone looked inside a JPI to see what kind of hardware they use (processor)?
  5. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    I’m going to be a contrarian. If you have 1 factory sender gone bad, that’s $350, or replace them all for $1600? I’m in the same boat, I’m going to fix the 1 sender, if I had 3 failing senders, then I would go with CIES. I also have fuel flow, so my totals are accurate to within 1 gal, plus I have wing mounted gauges. So that’s 3 ways of calculating my fuel levels not counting flight planning estimates. I’m not going to go up and run a tank empty either, that seems like asking for trouble. I have 64 gallons and most I used is 50, I start looking for fuel when I have used 40. I am not going to open the door for Murphy to enter.
  6. Looking to purchase a Mooney M20J

    I’m following in your footsteps, at 2100hrs and haven’t done the engine yet, 600+ hrs and counting. I will add, if you plan on upgrading avionics, etc, a J will give you “ a better return on your investment”, since they have a higher value.
  7. Garmin G5 Flush Mount $50 / 75

    All these plates look like they will overlap with surrounding instrument holes? The screenshot of the Garmin manual shows a bracket with cutouts.
  8. Over voltage!

    I would clean the voltage regulator,alternator connections, if there is a poor connection it would not be able to sense voltage correctly (it would appear lower). Get electronic cleaner and pull apart and clean any connections.
  9. Looking to purchase a Mooney M20J

    There is a 81 J for sale at Cable for $70500 I would look at since it’s in your backyard. The reason it’s cheap is it has 1800+ hours on the engine, so it’s priced as a runout. I think this is preferable, maybe you get lucky and it goes another 500 hours, if not no big deal. Better than buying an mid time engine that you don’t know how the previous owner treated it.
  10. Tips and Tricks

    Or check your airspeed indicator.
  11. Electrical Problem - Please Help

    Did they redo the windings on rebuild alternator, otherwise you would still have the short? why kinda of voltage regulator are you using? Is it connected via plug? If so I would replace the wiring harness, they can short out internally. since it’s intermittent, you’re left with replacing components until you find the right one. Start with the cheapest (wiring, circuit breaker).
  12. GTN 650 or IFD 440?

    Agreed. By the time you add up insurance, hangar, avgas, and maintenance for every year for 10 years, then sell the plane, even if it’s at a loss after all upgrades, the total yearly costs will dwarf the money you spent on purchasing and upgrading the plane. If you want to save money, fly a PC simulator.
  13. GTN 650 or IFD 440?

    I think he was talking about the $200 for FF ($150 for GP)...about the price of a fill up of avgas. I tried looking up the database costs for Avidyne boxes, they don’t list them, they require you to call them, what’s the big secret? From I gather from Internet forums, they are more expensive than Garmin.
  14. G5 with KFC 150

    Supposedly they will start Mooney certification in the next 12 months (planned).
  15. G5 with KFC 150

    Guess what, if you install the GFC500 you get it,direct from Garmin: The flight director function is only provided as part of a complete autopilot installation with G5, GMC 507, servos, and properly configured gains for your aircraft type.