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  1. teejayevans

    Does an F Nose Bounce more than a C?

    Removing valves to ream them out sounds invasive to me. A truly non-invasive way, add MMO, go flying for an hour or more, if oil has 25 hours, replace the new oil.
  2. teejayevans

    430W TAWS?

    Yes... BTW,you can remove the extraneous TT Pro advertising if you want.
  3. teejayevans

    Trutrack Update

    Given you fly a 252 with a nice panel I agree. For those old panels, TT is the way to go. If you want an updated panel, G5/GFC gives you a price point below what a AP alone used to cost. In the end, the upgrade costs (some will be recovered when you sell) will be dwarfed by normal long term costs (hangar, insurance, avgas, maintenance) over time. Is this your forever plane? Do you want electronic AI/HSI? I’m thrilled to have a chance to upgrade...remember not long ago we were stepchildren (DFC 90).
  4. teejayevans

    430W TAWS?

    FWIW, GTN 650 provides this for free with latest update: The addition of new audible and visual terrain proximity alerts, including “terrain ahead, pull up,” “obstacle ahead, pull up” and “wire ahead.” An aural “five-hundred” annunciation is also available when the aircraft is on approach to land.
  5. teejayevans


    Not in the early stage, when it’s still rising, I had a WX10, it had a lot of false positives and seem to only pick up visible lightning. Their picture even shows anvil top for 1st stage?
  6. teejayevans


    We do, in NC you can have benign clouds & precipitation with thunderstorms scattered around. In Florida (except during winter season) it’s sunny or baby cumulus, some grow up and some don’t, you can get thunderstorms popup and disappear. We are surrounded by water and the jet stream is north so the upper atmosphere is generally warm and humid. Only 1% of my PIC time is in IMC. SS shows them when they’ve started to mature, but not when they are developing. I’ve flown through a few that didn’t show up on nexrad or SS, and didn’t like the ride, so I’ll pass. Since I’m retired I don’t have to fly if I don’t like the weather and have done so on numerous occasions, spending an extra day in hotel waiting for weather to clear or simply flying around it.
  7. teejayevans

    Drain Test

    So far so good, including forgetting to turn it off on a 2 hour cross country.
  8. teejayevans


    I avoid them all and trust only my eyes. BTW, why is the gear unsafe light (red) on?
  9. teejayevans

    another panel arrangement thread

    I would move the stormscope over to right side, you don’t need to manipulate the controls, and use it so rarely, that should give you room.
  10. teejayevans

    another panel arrangement thread

    JPI allows you to turn on pre-alarms, the EGT pre-alarms are 1550, the regular alarm is 1650. So that’s just indicating #4 is approaching peak EGT as I was in a descent.
  11. teejayevans

    another panel arrangement thread

    I’m going to disagree with Bob who may have too many map displays [emoji2], I spend more time looking at the engine monitor than my GTN (once setup I rarely look at).
  12. teejayevans


    You might want to take a picture of the 901 labeling, I think they’re configured internally by the factory for different HSI/DG or GPS modes.
  13. teejayevans


    I would check Beechtalk as well, An MSer bought my WX10 just for this reason.
  14. teejayevans

    another panel arrangement thread

    I would leave 1, just in case the Aspen fails, I did what you thinking about: Removed all legacy instruments top and right side.