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  1. You going to have to pull the probes, etc. And unlike the 830, the 900 has to go back to the factory to be reprogrammed. Sounds like a lot of $ & work, ever consider just keeping 900?
  2. teejayevans

    Anyone owned a Van's RV6 or RV7 before?

    Even flying single, I use the backseat for luggage and my portable O2. Golf clubs and bag don’t lie flat, add a folding bike, it fills up.
  3. teejayevans

    Considering Mooney purchase NE Oklahoma

    I would skip the temporary plane and find your “forever” plane (6 seater, you may not need the 6th seat, but you’ll need the useful load that goes with it), probably a twin. If I had 3 kids, that’s what I would do. I would upgrade it so it’s fully capable of handling any IFR conditions: WAAS GPS, stormscope, capable autopilot and engine monitor of course.
  4. teejayevans

    Seat Rollers

  5. teejayevans

    IFR Setup

    If looking at absolute cost of an avionics upgrade it will scare you. But figure you’ll get 25-50% back when you sell the plane. if you spend $40,000 but log 2,000 hours, get 50% back...that’s only $10/hr. It doesn’t seem as expensive does it?
  6. teejayevans

    Cross the Atlantic with a Mooney

    Hendrik, I couldn’t help notice you have ice on the leading edges of the wings, what time of the year was that?
  7. The EGTs you have drill, everything else is bolted on,off. You have route all these wires, carefully, otherwise you’ll get noise if you just tie to the ignition wires for example. Unless you’ve done it a few times, 20 seems pushing it. I was present for some of the work, the fuel calibration procedure alone took 2 hours, and we had to do it twice because of a bad sender. Of course I had stuff removed, so that took time. I help with some of the work. I know everytime I work my plane or boat, it always ends up taking twice as long I think it should, I can’t explain it
  8. teejayevans

    JPI 900 Manifold Pressure Problem

    Did you ever get this fixed? I’m having the same issue.
  9. Only 2.5X? Maybe fuel only but maintenance has to be 10x with 2 jet engines, pressurization I would think [emoji848]
  10. 20?! 6 cylinders with a turbo: 13 sensors (CHT, EGT, TIT) OP,OT, MP, Tach, fuel flow, ammeter,OAT. Fuel level senders That’s 22 probe connections. Plus GPS connection and associated configuration changes, fuel calibration. Not to mention removing old gauges . That’s less than a hour per probe? That’s some book!
  11. How many hours? Seems high but I only done upgrades and on a 4 cylinder with no turbo . 900 is more expensive because it has more senders and the fuel calibration, which the 830 doesn’t have. Both require connections to your GPS. I’m guessing they came in around 100 hours of labor.
  12. teejayevans

    low egt reading # 4 cylinder

    That would affect all cylinders.
  13. teejayevans

    Got my renewal insurance quote today...

    I have Global thru AOPA and did not get this?
  14. teejayevans

    monster electrical gremlins

    Modern avionics with dual voltage capability can usually handle transient voltage spikes (not counting lightning). First generation 430s are 14v only and don’t have voltage regulators.
  15. teejayevans

    monster electrical gremlins

    Is your 430 a dual voltage type?