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  1. Donuts are fine on the short, lighter bodies, they seem to last for 20+ years, on the heavy long bodies, not so much. I'm pretty sure if Al designed the Acclaim and Ovation today, they wouldn't have donuts.
  2. You'll need to get a ferry permit to fly the plane to wherever you are going to prebuy and annual. Personally I would price the engine as a runout (assume you'll have to overhaul it), moisture left from ground runs with rust out engines and mufflers. Was it hangared?
  3. I've added,subtracted as required, For example I removed the ram air so don't need those items, and first item on my hot start checklist is "receipt", since I was leaving the fuel receipts as the self serve pumps. I also have everything on 1 laminated page, key items are highlighted.
  4. The number of owners on this board with new engines with roller tappets probably can be counted on 2 hands, so that's no surprise, let alone those with new engines that are anywhere close to 2000 hours.
  5. From an engine builder, roller tappets dont help much. 20° timing is stamped on the A3B6 engine, so your kinda of stuck with it. I already have a A3B6, new from the factory 20 years ago, currently at 2000 hours, will O/H when the time comes.
  6. Whenever it turns black, 25+ hours
  7. I made some covers for the vents to prevent insect problems.
  8. You talk about fuel flow but don't mention the fuel pressure? Turn on the boost pump for cold start and note the pressure. Check pressure after start. Could be a failure with RSA fuel injection: broken diaphragm, etc. Bits could have clogged the injector #1.
  9. The switches have normally open (no) and normally close (nc) connections, that's why 3 terminals. I would get the mil spec version, if you find a replacement let us know, they're cheap enough to order as a spare part.
  10. Wouldn't the heat,pressure affect both spark plugs?
  11. According to the chart, the 2500 is about $6000, either the chart is in error or that's a steal of the century.
  12. All that power and it still barely got off the ground.
  13. I thought you could with a serial interface, if you look behind the panel you might see a dangling 9-pin connector, maybe someone with the 700 can chime in.
  14. Does have a engine monitor that he can download the data from?
  15. It's cheaper to just overhaul the Duke, the Weldon required extra installation work and parts in some cases, although someone mentioned they just put a compatible model out. You would have to check. Someone else mentioned that after Aeromotors gets done with it it's capable of continuous duty. If you lose your engine fuel pump on takeoff or landing, not having the electric pump on is going to cost you dearly.