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  1. I've never flown a Bonanza, but from what I hear, they are much easier to land, hard rubber pucks vs oleo struts, I'd take the latter.
  2. Oil level and pressure

    I have an oil leak there as well, my AP look at it and said it's coming from the oil pan seam, apparently this is common as engines get older. I might try to address it in upcoming annual, hopefully I just need to tighten a few bolts. But mine is not as bad as yours appears to be.
  3. LOVE my J, HATE starting it.

    Would not this show up during normal operations? When the engine is hot (magnetos don't get much cooling air), an in flight mag check should fail miserably if this was the case.
  4. Props Driving Engines Thought Experiment

    The pressure inside the cylinder is what, 1000s psi during combustion? And you're worried about the MP 15 vs 25?
  5. Oil level and pressure

    Wow, I know would blow out the the oil level down to 6.5 qts in a hurry. I have JPI, my OP varies from 70-80, depending on RPM.
  6. Fuel paranoia or concern????

    Where did you send them to be overhauled?
  7. The evils of the Touch and Go

    I use 1/2 flaps and open cowl flaps on approach, no carb...so all I do is power with right hand and trim with the left. Even if you forget, the slow climb will be a clue you forgot something and engine monitor will let you know if you forgot the cowl flaps, no big deal.
  8. LOVE my J, HATE starting it.

    Yes, BP off, if you have master on, you can watch fuel pressure drop, takes about 10 seconds, wait until it drops to 0, then you can do normal hot start: throttle 1/4-1/2", mixture cutoff. It takes a few blades because it has to get fuel flow going again, I usually turn on the BP for a second to re pressurize the lines, I think needs less revolutions. The big plus is there is no vapor lock, no doubt what state the engine fuel is in, it results in more consistent starts. P.S. My AP came up with this method, he flys a 78J
  9. Cruise RPM

    I agree with Bob, IIRC one of the Mooney evaluation articles mentions that the 2500 rpm was where it's most efficient. I have 20° timing, 2300-2600 is where the engine sounds the smoothest. I don't see why CHTs should be lower unless they are getting better airflow, if burning the same fuel amount, then the heat generated will be the same. Actually lower RPMs should have slightly less friction losses.
  10. LOVE my J, HATE starting it.

    I push the throttle and mixture all the way in for 10+ seconds, this dumps the hot fuel, then I do normal hot start. This results in all my hot starts, whether they are 2 minutes like in Maxwells video or 25 minutes in the real world, consistent...I always start from the same state: hot engine and empty lines.
  11. Then Marauder must have the quietest ride. [emoji38]
  12. The evils of the Touch and Go

    1. They have a lot in common with a general go around, just at lower altitude. 2. Runway is unexpected slippery. 3. Wind has changed to a tail wind. 4. animal(s) have run onto the runway. 5. Arm men in trucks are speeding towards the runway, you realize you have landed in the middle of drug trade. 6. Earthquake has caused a fissure to open up. 7. You realize the runway is not wet, but flooded (possible here in Florida) ....
  13. The evils of the Touch and Go

    I used partial flaps (only requires full throttle, every thing else is set), or long runways where you have plenty of time. Most of the time I'm with a CFI as well. They do have speed/squat switches that is suppose to prevent accidental gear up when on the ground, definitely an annual item.
  14. Hurricane Irma

    The ability to fly over the traffic, priceless:
  15. Did you try varying the RPM?