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  1. PO overhaul it at Atlanta Propeller/Sensenich Propeller Service, 600 hrs ago, no issues.
  2. If the dataplate is stamped 20°, then you legally can't change it, correct?
  3. A good sealed job should last 30 years, search past threads on pros and cons, but yes the bladders should last longer.
  4. The AGMs have different voltages, there is a different battery minder.
  5. If you want to save money, offer to do the work yourself with the AP supervision, there is a thread about somebody doing just that.
  6. First there is an option to see VFR flights if you have an account. Second I still don't see all, but do see the ones in the busy airspaces along the coast of Florida, but not when I'm flying inland. Third, I have ADSB so it can associate me with my tail number even if not talking to ATC.
  7. New version (8.6.1) supposedly fix the issue, cannot confirm yet.
  8. I thought GAMIs minimum is 1/2 gallon, many get much better, I know I do, but only have 4 cylinders.
  9. For those of us over 40, I didn't see any mention of it with the new rule, did I miss it? As long as I take the online course and get a exam every 4 years Im good, no matter age?
  10. I lost my glide rings, anybody with 8.6 have this problem?
  11. If you need someone on the east side, a mechanic at KFPR owns a 78 J, Ive had him work on mine.
  12. My iPad handles 2 BT connections, 1 to FS210, other to audio panel.
  13. Works for me, what were you doing that cause it to crash?
  14. This is the problem with ground connected to negative side of the DC system, I prefer to see a separate ground connecting engine, fuselage, and static wicks.
  15. That is why I didn't bother to sync mine.