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  1. teejayevans

    No sound from stall/gear horn

    On the 78 J, they are 2 separate circuits, including different circuit breakers. But they might share a ground connection.
  2. teejayevans

    Help finding the right 201

    Higher engine time (runout) is good if priced accordingly. Less risk, if engine needs overhauling you lose nothing, but you could get lucky and go past TBO.
  3. teejayevans

    Weekend commercial pilot courses

    FAA just change the rules, you no longer need to use a complex plane, ie you can use a 172 for all of it.
  4. teejayevans

    IFR or VFR Chart?

    I use both, on the ground, for planning purposes.
  5. teejayevans

    Looking for some Denver area advice

    I’m worried about leaving my plane tied down outside, hence the question. Thx
  6. Mine are exactly same size, same position. If you gently approach the stall you will feel it, in the real world stalls, not so helpful, and I like to know how much they are slowing me down.
  7. teejayevans

    M20J RAJAY Turbo STC

    Is there a summary of what is required for installation? Cowl mods? Ram air removal? Etc... Does this increase max gross weight (especially if installed on older Js with 2740 limit)?
  8. teejayevans

    Looking for some Denver area advice

    That’s the plan, do I have to worry about hail?
  9. teejayevans

    Looking for some Denver area advice

    What’s the weather like in early June? Specifically chances of severe weather (including hail) and expected winds especially at 12000’-18000’ ? TIA
  10. teejayevans

    New fuel pump

    $500? They were $400 a year ago.
  11. teejayevans

    Help finding the right 201

    I wonder if the lack of a separate propeller (rpm) control contributes to this problem?
  12. Does IRAN imply reseal and repaint, or do they need to be requested as well?
  13. teejayevans

    Garmin G5 GPS Clarification

    I’ve turned off my GPS to test this, it was fine.
  14. While you can’t check the cam for early signs of spalling,corrosion; you can check if cam is in bad shape, removing rocker covers and check the valve openings are to spec.
  15. teejayevans

    Empennage Fairing Order

    When tied down, without that piece you could get mice making a home in the tail, interesting Js don’t have it, I wonder what the long bodies look like?