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  1. NC has personal property tax, about 1%, every year.
  2. I thought it was from the difficulty of hot starts. I have never done it but wouldn't want do it at lower altitudes.
  3. I could do without the $29K air conditioner! But would need long range tanks and FIKI.
  4. It's TIS-A from the KT74, to get TIS-B you need a 978 capable box.
  5. Anyone know what they cost?
  6. Assuming you have a hangar, you can post flight the plane, check controls, oil level, fill fuel tanks, etc. That will cut down you preflight for next flight to a quick check of tires, fuel, and check for insects blockage in the various vent,tubes and you're done.
  7. Speed of electricity is slower than the speed of light, but you're not going to notice it, for those who design computers it matters. Back in the good old days, we fixed prototype computers by adding lengths of wire to slow signals.
  8. Just a follow up, my pump works great but it surges (like there is air in the lines) for a few seconds then seems to smooth out, my AP thought something was wrong, but it's always done this. What's y'all experiences? There are no fuel leaks.
  9. How did you measure performance? Gills requires maintenance, Concords don't, how often did you check it? Sometimes the problem isn't the arrow, it's the Indian. The crude voltage regulators we use tend to be harder on wet cells, they need to be topped off with distilled water on occasion. I've got 3 years on current gill, previous lasted 7. But will go with a Concorde next time just to save me some hassle of removing battery box cover.
  10. From POH:
  11. You definitely will need some way of getting IAS and OAT data to the GTN before it can calculate the wind speed.
  12. You should check out the 1981 restoration J in Daytona beach, see the thread here on MS
  13. You don't need a turbo, so I would eliminate the K. I assume you are at Eglin, there might be someone with a J in the area you can look at. Make sure your wife is comfortable flying in a small plane, take her up in a rental first or your friends F, include her in the buying process.
  14. You mean top left?