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  1. You need to clean your JPI screen, your fingerprints are all over it. Especially if taking photos [emoji3]
  2. My first year, after a good PPI, I had to repair, overhauled: Muffler Gear actuator Gear donuts Magnetos and spark plugs Main tire Battery Flap switch All fluid hoses 2nd-3rd years: AI Starter Voltage regulator Nose tire Magnetos again after 350 hours Another main tire And on my 3rd year anniversary, boost pump. Then there was the upgrades: 650, 255, 830, 74, 88, 210 (avionics buffs will recognize these numbers) New interior LEDs all around except recognition lights which I wigwaged Removed ram air Oh yea, my engine has 1980 hours on it...
  3. I notice the Eaton actuator isn't mentioned, looking at the service instruction 901, it uses Aeroshell 22, no mention of Molybdenum Disulfide, I therefore assume all of the anove doesnt apply.
  4. Kinda makes you wonder why they didn't design it to accept a sump cup anyway?
  5. Wasn't there just a guy who passed out and the Mooney landed itself?
  6. You can't make a J work, a 60K J will require 20K of maintenance. No matter what, save 10K for unexpected expenses and possibly an upgrade.
  7. That's a bit low, should be more like 13.8-14.0
  8. Maybe owners don't want to sell their Mooneys, I have no data to back this up, but I would think MSers hang on to their planes longer than average.
  9. They are more expensive than the Aspen Pros, I don't see why you would buy one today.
  10. That's what I heard for Continentals, their fuel is recirculated, not Lycomings. Some fuel gets in, that is why we can start with mixture ICO.
  11. My Duke pump was overhauled by Duke Inc back in 94, and mine is 1499-00-19, notice no A, so don't know if non A is candidate for Weldon swap. I only use it for start and takeoff, assuming 50 flights per year, that's maybe 2 hrs per year, or 46 hours of operational, assuming POs used it the same way. But even though not operating it's still in the path of fuel flow, and seals are probably more time dependent than hours used. If this fails in short time, I will go swap route next time.
  12. Saves some resolutions just to have the manual fuel pump bring the system up to pressure. Wear and tear in boost pump or wear and tear on starter?
  13. Too much used equipment to compete against.
  14. Breakers and relays can appear to be closed, but not making good connection, check all with ohmmeter function.