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  1. M20E First Upgrade

    Makes it tedious to check tire pressures, no?
  2. Pirep - G5 (2), GMU11, GAD29B + Century IIB

    Anyone flown with their G5 HSI at night yet? Mine in auto mode is quite dim and have to go manual, the AI is fine. Might be because the black background of the HSI, I’m wondering if the auto mode can be adjusted.
  3. It's Raining Planes :-(

    Crashing almost on top of 2 police vehicles?
  4. Looking to Buy Mooney M20F or J

    Has anyone ever looked at gear ups and compared manual vs electric? Or is this one of those myths that gets repeated.
  5. G5’s installed - pickup tomorrow

    After some research, I had a nsd360, the G5 emulates the 55, apparently the stec has a jumper or resistor to select the hsi it’s connected to, Im betting they didn’t change it. I checked online for STEC 50 install manual for more information but no joy.
  6. G5’s installed - pickup tomorrow

    I just flight tested my G5s. Didn’t do an exhaustive test, but went up for a short flight: A couple notes: They connected the G5s to the master, not the radio. Very readable even in sunlight after I cleaned off the fingerprints. Same GUI as GP, GTNs... I have an irresistible urge to bypass knob and select items using fingertips. I’m having a problem with my STEC 50 tracking in heading or GPSS mode. It swings left and right, full standard turn constantly, this is with heading mode set on the autopilot, but if I switch to approach mode it stops? Any ideas? Could it be a setting issue?
  7. Something like this: A 10000mah should last about 4 hours under maximum load for 1 tablet (tablet uses as much as 2400mah. The above example has a 2.4 and 1.0 mah port, the 1.0mah should be ok for most phones. If you need 2 high capacity usb ports, you want a 15000mah or bigger. These are great if you have passengers and your charger is being used by the pilot.
  8. You can buy a large lithium battery with USB ports, they should be very quiet.
  9. G5’s installed - pickup tomorrow

    What is a radio coupler?
  10. Insurance

    That’s what I thought, AIG has been anti retracts for some time, ask then to check with Global.
  11. Pirep - G5 (2), GMU11, GAD29B + Century IIB

    Couple of things: Does the fact that the yoke shaft is so close to the HSI knob cause you any problems? the G5 stick out a bit, I bet they would look nicer flush mounted, if I ever do major upgrade I go that route, what do think? do you have any trouble reading the display? Especially the heading bug seems small?
  12. Pirep - G5 (2), GMU11, GAD29B + Century IIB

    Which is the same reason they won’t allow G5s to act as backup to G500, they want you to buy 2 G500s.
  13. Insurance

    Did they say who the underwriter was?
  14. G5’s installed - pickup tomorrow

    There are 5 wires connected to your AP, so you would need a double throw, on-on 5 pole switch...don’t know if they make those.
  15. Insurance valuation

    A lot of this belly landing discussions assume they pay for full repairs which may not be the case, if the engine is past TBO and prop is way overdue for an overhaul, wouldn’t they adjust the amount paid. I expect they say your engine,prop values are minimal and they would only pay for the belly repairs. Yes or no?