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  1. Headed to Vegas - Recommendations

    I assume your conference is down town somewhere. Henderson or North Vegas are good locations for that. Flying into Vegas I prefer Henderson because they have a free shuttle to the strip and it’s a secure airport. North town isn’t the best area but it’s just as close to the strip. I live in Henderson if you need help with anything. Mike
  2. Partnership in 1967 M20F in Las Vegas

    If only the damn this wasn’t a unicorn haha
  3. Partnership in 1967 M20F in Las Vegas

    Hey Richard, yes I’m actually in Henderson now. Haven’t bought another plane yet but I have been flying with @SantosDumont safety piloting for him while he prepares for his instrument check ride. He was also kind enough to let me use 1HP to do my instrument currency. It’s a great flying bird and will make someone a happy partner.
  4. Multi-engine add on

    Not really. You just have to do a simulated single engine ILS. Which is a non event sense you are coming down off the power anyway. 8k is extremely high. I did my multi commercial/instrument ad-on in 5 hours. There are no minimum hours. The oral is all about Vmc, nothing else because you already passed the comm. oral. I’d say I spent 4K total and that includes checkride fee.
  5. Speed control and trim the airplane all the way to the ground and hold it off as long as possible (runway length permitting) also descending... plan way ahead or you won't get it slowed down
  6. Today's flight for 2017

    Busiest municipal airport in the country... also home of the documentary One6Right. Was based there for a year and a half. Fun times!
  7. 1975 Mooney M20F May be coming on the Market

    Waiting for interior pics
  8. SOLD - 1966 M20E SUPER 21 FOR SALE

    Thanks Richard. It's bitter sweet. Something longer and much faster
  9. Hangars in Las Vegas

    Santos! We met at SMX fly-in " I was the guy talking about moving" well I moved to Vegas. Hangars are scarce out here. I've been looking. There are a couple for rent ... $550 range at VGT, wait list for covered parking $100, and tie downs $45. I'm on a tie down right now because I couldn't find anything. When are you coming out? Mike
  10. Nevada Pilots

    Awesome! Good new!
  11. catalina airport

    Yea and those same people don't even realize the vital roll it plays in the goods that are shipped over there every day on planes.
  12. catalina airport

    I was there a couple months ago, still rough. Make sure to dodge the pot holes. You would think with all that money over there they could repave it. Idk
  13. You mean TPP right? It would be pretty sweet to have a SID "like" chart with the ODP. Paint a picture in your head before departure. Mike
  14. So the way I have approached all my flight training is the old school way of paper charts, plotting, plugging in winds with e6b and becoming familiar with the af/d and all it has to offer and then into instrument training you learn even more about these publications as well as the ifr low/high charts and TPP for odp's, sid's, stars etc... I found that learning these well made it easier for me to apply it with my EFB. But I had to spend a lot of time getting familiar with my app (foreflight). I still spend time with the app planning flights that I may never make just so I stay fresh when it comes to being able to find the information I need. IMO, anytime flying IFR a pilot would only be doing himself a favor by looking up ALL available Information on the departure and arrival airports (not to mention it's required). And being familiar with the apps you use really makes it easy. Mike