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  1. Yeah I was able to register my airplane for the weekend and then I was going to just buy gas there, fill her up for the flight back and keep her parked there for the weekend. I think because a friend of mine who took care of the registration for me this weekend, and he handled all the communications from the FBO and me - and he's also an Air Canada 787 F/O, so he may have gotten me the hookup. I've always gotten airports to give me discounts like that. It's one of the few reasons I"ll actually fly to my base and park there for 3-4 days, fill up and head home!!! Of course now I'm at work for 2 weeks on and then off for 2 weeks, but for 3-4 days, it was a quick ride to work, no sitting on the jumpseat to start a 4 day trip!!! I knew what was wrong with the airplane if there was anything wrong with it, I usually knew how to fix it if something did go wrong, and training these larger Class B airpspaces into realizing that Mooneys can keep up with jets on final!!! Then I don't get there within 30 minutes only to slow up and fly around for 20. Canada is pretty good about that. I love flying up there.
  2. Oh thanks Tony!!! If you have a hangar I need to use it one of these days now that it's getting hot out. My boost pump does not work at full throttle any longer either. I figured it's just a loose connector. I might need your expertise on that one. And I am just about due for an oil change, so I'll be up in Dalton to see Joey here shortly.
  3. iPad Charging on a 28 volt system

    Both of the specs on those say 24V.... So are you just chancing it on the 28V system? I'm not that into electronics, so I don't know much about wattage and amperage but I try and do my best. I know what my work plane needs and puts out, and what the Mooney needs and puts out. lol. Anything else, I'll call an electrician!!!
  4. FAA ADS-B Performance Review (Failure)

    I changed the settings on my KT74 and did another compliance check. All good now. The shop just didn't set up the settings for the Garmin unit correctly. I forget exactly what I changed, but it's all working now!! The one thing I don't understand, is lets say I'm flying at 10,000ft. On the 74, it may say Press Alt 096. So how does ATC know I'm flying at 10,000 and not 9,600ft? I've always been curious about that one. But now that it's working great and I don't have to mess around with it, I'm so happy I upgraded, and I'm very happy with the unit itself. -Ryan
  5. I'm also planning on flying into CYTZ in June, from Atlanta. Has anyone been since this thread was started? I was born in Toronto and grew up there until I was 7, then I moved to Atlanta with my family. I'm a US citizen, and by default, a Canadian one as well.
  6. Ryan,

    Our report indicated some fails too. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Have someday off this week. I have KT-74 and 430W. Do you recall your settings? How to get into that menu? 


    1. IrishTiger


      Sorry for the delay!! I haven't been on here much. But I did get it fixed, and I got another report from the feds and everythig looks great. Next time I'm out at the airplane I will go through the setup screen and write down all the settings for you. I'll probably be going over there tomorrow to fart around, and maybe fly.


      See ya later!!


  7. FAA ADS-B Performance Review (Failure)

    Can anyone tell me if the KT-74 does both the UAT and 1090ES? When I was in the configuration menu today it asked me about both. I couldn't remember if it utilized both types, so I actually called Bendix/King and asked someone about it. He said yes.... But it doesn't mean that he was right. I trust you guys more than them! But because he was on the phone with me at the time, I went ahead and turned both the 1090 and UAT to ON. Lance I found several settings that were incomplete or just wrong. Here's a couple of things...... 1. Squat switch was set to "Low when Ground," - and I don't have a SS. I have an airspeed switch that changes it from GND mode to ALT. In the TRIG manual it isn't that specific, but the Avidyne one says to use Low when Ground if I have an airspeed switch... So I kept it on that. 2. TIS Output. It gave me the option of using TIS 1 or TIS 2. It was set to 1, so I just left it there as I am not familiar with TIS 1 or 2. 3. GPS System Design Assurance. It was set to Level D, even though both manuals say for Garmin it should be set to Level C. I changed that to Level C. 4. NACv Data was not set. According to the manuals, it should be 10 meters per second for Garmin units, even though it may be ignored since the Garmin units dynamically set it automatically. I went ahead and set 10 meters per/sec and if it ignores it, it ignores it! 5. I went ahead and updated the aircraft speeds, the length and width units, and the GPS antenna offset number. I was just very perplexed at the option of telling it that 1090 and UAT were both installed, so I said yes to both. I think I want to go back out there tomorrow and look at that stuff again. I didn't mess with anything on the Garmin unit as there were no clear instructions on how to enter the configuration mode and what I might look for. So based on the information I mentioned, do you think I made any progress? Anything you can think of that I may have missed? Thanks again for the resources!! I hope this solves my problem!!!!
  8. When it comes to them.... Don't worry - I surrrreeeee will!!!!!!
  9. FAA ADS-B Performance Review (Failure)

    Thanks Lance!!! Sorry for the lack of posting!!! I took a new job at a 135 charter carrier in December, and with training, and then my new schedule, it's been busy and it's taking some time get used to. I fly two weeks on and then have two weeks off - and I'm technically Atlanta based because we have a "floating fleet," so my company buys my a ticket on Delta (98% of the time since I'm in ATL, which is awesome because it lets me keep my medallion status) to and from work - wherever the airplane I'm assigned to is at. I'm going to go over and mess around with that stuff today and see what I can come up with. I know there's a configuration menu on the 430, so I'll try and take a look at that too. Hopefully it's something simple.
  10. FAA ADS-B Performance Review (Failure)

    The installation manuals are hard to come by on the internet... And I have no clue why. I'll search and find one though. Thanks for the tip Lance!!!
  11. FAA ADS-B Performance Review (Failure)

    Thanks all for the replies!! Peyton - I have a KT-74 transponder - but the unit does have a configuration menu similar to this. Sorry for the delays in responding - I just started my two weeks of work - and I'm in South Bend now, broken down, lounging around at the DoubleTree until my landing gear gets fixed or I get a new airplane!! Ugh!! I'll give the avionics shop a ring this week or early next and see what they have to say. Thanks again for all the help and input!!!! That's why I came here first!!
  12. FAA ADS-B Performance Review (Failure)

    I have a Garmin 430W hooked up to it, and the shop updated the software on it so I get traffic in. I haven't notified the avionics shop yet, I wanted to get other people's opinions on here first. Perhaps they didn't configure the transponder properly or something. It seems like everything has been working properly. If it weren't for me remembering this - I never would have known!
  13. Hey all, I've been meaning to ask the FAA for one of those ADS-B checking forms. Even with the results, it still doesn't make much sense to me. All I know is that I failed something. I've attached photos and a PDF from them explaining the values. What's highlighted in red is what failed the "test." I'm interested in your opinions to help me figure this out. Thanks all!! -Ryan ADS-B ACR User's Guide (2-16-16).pdf
  14. Replacement LED Strobes for an M20M

    That's great! Thank you so much Don!!! I really appreciate the photos as well!
  15. I'm not sure if other models share the same wingtip light setup that I have (recog light, nav light, then strobe light) in the plexiglass, then I have aft position lights on the back of the wingtip. My left strobe has been acting up for quite a long time (and I mean we're talking 20 years). The previous owner tried new power supplies and did a bunch of stuff. The left strobe worked intermittently, but it just seems to have some issue. I'd like to replace them with newer LED strobes - so my question is if there is a direct replacement out there somewhere? What say you all? Oh - and when I bought the airplane, before I even picked it up, I had a new LED beacon installed in it because I know the strobe lights can be a pain in the neck, and I was right.