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  1. This is from the Melbourne Area Pilot's Association newsletter: Scott the Fly Guy, LLC. Scott the Fly Guy offers advanced flight training and reviews in your aircraft or in my 1980 Mooney M20J, which is IFR Certified with G-530, autopilot, and HI at affordable rates; e.g., Flight Reviews, Instrument Proficiency Checks, Complex checkouts, Commercial and CFI training, Bahamas checkout, and Rusty Pilot back in the saddle training. Affordable rates. War stories free. Scott Saunders Call or text 321-576-7076.
  2. Brewton is a nice airport. The MOA above it doesn't start until 10,000 MSL. The Navy training pilots practice there a lot, but they usually have a Runway Duty Officer talking on the CTAF who will keep them out of your way.
  3. I've recently found a new one I like. http://meteoblue.com Scroll down to the "Meteogram - 5 Days".
  4. The same thing happened to mine. All of the screws were gone.
  5. Unfortunately I don't have an engine monitor, or even a selectable EGT.
  6. Yesterday afternoon, I was in cruise flight in my M20F. Full throttle, 2500 RPM, leaned to 100 degrees ROP. My feet were resting on the rudder pedals, and I suddenly started to feel a slight vibration that was not there before. Then, I could hear the engine start to sound a little slower. I was able to make it sound more normal by enriching the mixture a little. Not full rich, but richer than normal. Pulling the mixture back much at all from that point made it really rough. I diverted and did some checks on the ground. During a run-up, the engine sounded great. At first it seemed fine at i
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