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  1. Brewton is a nice airport. The MOA above it doesn't start until 10,000 MSL. The Navy training pilots practice there a lot, but they usually have a Runway Duty Officer talking on the CTAF who will keep them out of your way.
  2. I've recently found a new one I like. Scroll down to the "Meteogram - 5 Days".
  3. The same thing happened to mine. All of the screws were gone.
  4. Unfortunately I don't have an engine monitor, or even a selectable EGT.
  5. Yesterday afternoon, I was in cruise flight in my M20F. Full throttle, 2500 RPM, leaned to 100 degrees ROP. My feet were resting on the rudder pedals, and I suddenly started to feel a slight vibration that was not there before. Then, I could hear the engine start to sound a little slower. I was able to make it sound more normal by enriching the mixture a little. Not full rich, but richer than normal. Pulling the mixture back much at all from that point made it really rough. I diverted and did some checks on the ground. During a run-up, the engine sounded great. At first it seemed fine at idle, but then I started to notice some roughness at idle. A slight throttle up for taxi after a couple of minutes at idle led to a little more roughness. I think it was worse with just the right mag selected. This morning, the mechanic where I left it says it is running great. I know there is something not quite right. Any suggestions for things to have the mechanic look for? --John