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  1. DMM

    IO-360-A1A vs IO-360-A1B6

    According to Wikipedia the B6 has impulse coupled magnetos and crankshaft counterweights. I have no idea if these can be installed in an "E"
  2. DMM

    Engine Dehumidifiers/De-Hydrators

    I use a homemade closed loop dehumidifier. This morning the RH in the hangar was 67% at 50 degrees F. The air in the crankcase was 34%. Hopefully this improves my odds - who knows for sure.
  3. If the plane is in trim and flys hands off, I would try cleaning and re-seating the electrical connectors. I read somewhere that the left/right course and HDG deviations provide a voltage differential. A dirty connector can bias the voltage. Take all this with a grain of salt - I'm no expert. Just telling you what I would try.
  4. DMM

    STEC-30 Altitude Hold

    I agree with all the above comments. The same thing happened to mine several years ago. Altitude hold got intermittent and would often oscillate. As a last ditch effort I sprayed the pitch servo with electrical contact cleaner (sprayed the end with the brushes). Its been working just fine since then. I read somewhere that the brushes wear and all the dust causes problems.
  5. DMM