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  1. At 16:35 MAP goes to 25.2 , FF stays around 6.4 and EGT 4 takes a nosedive. Same thing at 18:28. MAP 29.5 and FF seems low at 11.6. Fuel pressure looks good enough and stayed above 22. I believe fuel pressure is measured at the servo so I don't suspect blocked fuel filters since the pressure stays up at full throttle. This is easier to see using the live data than it is down below (time scales are not lined up exactly in the image below). Is this an RSA servo problem and #4 is the first cylinder to lean out and quit firing? I'm scratching my head. Hopefully someone can help solve the mystery. Sorry you are having problems but glad it didn't happen in-flight. Merry Christmas HRM and MooneySpace!!
  2. Interesting. Looks wrong to me too. Compared to the old manual, Cyl 1 and 3 are switched on the right mag.
  3. Hey, it was revised 11 years after my engine came out of the factory. A 1974 revision is recent for us vintage mooney owners:) I don't rebuild 'em. I just fly em.
  4. The Lycoming overhaul manual shows an optional wire routing. Figures 4.7 and 4.8. In both cases each mag fires two top and two bottom plugs on each side.
  5. Sorry you are having issues. Have you tried selecting the "reset configuration" and starting over.
  6. I'm not an A&P but I sometimes pretend to be one on the internet. Check out the attached 2017 technical paper the FAA issued to clarify the FAA 2016 memo concerning ADSB installations. The technical paper has a very detailed sample 337 to use as a go-by. Cheers ADS-B_Out-In_Installation_Tech_Paper(9-25-17).pdf
  7. IO-360 and I am happy with the results. Its close to 100% on takeoff (depends on DA) and appears to be correct at cruise LOP or ROP. Based on FF when LOP it's spot on. Also make sure the MAP is calibrated and the Fuel Flow K factor has been adjusted. These will affect the HP accuracy.
  8. A 3 blade McCauley was installed prior to my purchase. I have no complaints. It is heavier and the RPM limitations are different. According to my logs a Hartzell HC-C2YK-1 2-blade was removed (weight 57 lbs arm -30.16 inches). A McCauley prop B3D36C424/74SA weighing 71.3 (same arm) was installed. Tach marking changed: Green Arc - Normal 2200 to 2700 RPM, Yellow Arc - Caution 1650 to 2200 RPM Placard installed: "Avoid continuous operation below 15" M.P. setting between 1650 and 2200 RPM when above 85 KIAS (100 MPH). PO also installed a lightweight starter and alternator so the weight gain was offset.
  9. Here's some additional info you may find handy. Lycoming Service Instruction 1204D. Exhaust Flange Gaskets.pdf
  10. Software update to 2.6 seemed to fix this fellow's issue.
  11. What Bob said above. I own a 64 E and ADs aren't a problem. Some may have propellers that need crack inspections. Those can be somewhat expensive. A 500 hour inspection for cracks is required on the yokes of my E. Here's some info on the last three ADs. 15-19-07 This AD applies to Lycoming Engines fuel injected externally mounted fuel injector fuel lines. Requires a simple visual inspection of clamps and lines on top of the engine. 76-07-12 AD requires a simple check that the magneto switch works. No cost. Checks may be performed by the pilot. 17-06-01 I had to Google this one. Applies to the Ameri-King Corporation Model AK-450-( ) and AK-451- ( ) series emergency locator transmitters (ELTs). I'm not familiar with this model ELT, but the AD requires periodic checks. If it fails replacement may be required. Note I didn't read the whole AD. Good luck on your purchase. I love mine. P. S. I'm not an A&P.
  12. If you have been waiting, QT Halos are back in stock. Both black and yellow.
  13. Correction: Above I provided an excerpt from the TCDS concerning the version of manual required for the M20E by SN. Mooney rev'd the TCDS and I didn't catch the update. In my case they corrected the name of the document from Owners Manual to FAA Approved Airplane Flight Manual. This matches the title page of the original document that came with my aircraft. TCDS Rev 58 Interior Equipment: (See Note 26): 401. ....... FAA Approved Airplane Flight Manual (a)FAA Approved Airplane Flight Manual, dated September 3, 1963,(or November, 1965) for S/N 101 through 831 (b)Super 21 Owners Manual, dated March, 1967 for S/N 832 thru 670062 (c)Mooney Chaparral Owners Manual, 1968 for S/N 690001 thru 690073 (d)Mooney Chaparral Owners Manual dated August 21, 1970, for S/N 700001 thru 700061. S/N 21-0001 thru21-0023 (Aerostar) (e)Mooney Chaparral Owners Manual dated January 1974, for S/N 21-0024 through 21-1160. See NOTE 2. (f)Mooney Chaparral Owners Manual dated December 1974, for S/N 21-1161 through 21-1180. See NOTE 2. OK, enough internet stuff... I'm going to the hangar.
  14. I missed that. Yeah the website pub looks like a 10th generation copy.
  15. Here's the M20E Approved Flight Manual from Mooney's Technical Publications website. Note the first page states the document must be in the aircraft. I hope this helps. Mark20E_AFM.pdf