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  1. Got it. I learned something today. I was assuming the LPV and LNAV/VNAV vertical guidance couldn't be used for some reason.
  2. I agree with Eric J. The lines of minima are not authorized????? Why not just say the LPV and LNAV/VNAV approaches are not authorized. That's the end result - right? Obviously written by the people who design approaches.
  3. Congratulations on your Mooney. Go to the download section of this forum and find the POH section. Download the manual you need and verify it is appropriate for your serial/year E. See page 21. I attached a pic of my POH showing speeds.
  4. Plugging the M20E 1981 current values of $14k to 25K in an inflation calculator gives $41k to $73K in today's money. Holding their value pretty well.
  5. Did you measure the distance (arm) to the main gear with weight on the gear (L m/r)? 64.4 seems short. When we bought our "E" the previous A&P used the arm listed for the main wheel assembly as shown in the factory equipment list (64.5). Apparently that's the unloaded location of the wheel. Our actual measurement was 65.7.
  6. Interesting knob. Take a look at the bottom of this page. Looks like a Knots2U Mod but I have no idea what it does. https://www.knots2u.net/categories/mooney-aircraft-models/lighting/landing-taxi-lights.html
  7. See attached AC43-6C. I glanced thru the document. A functional check may be the only thing required to be legal. Take a look at the decision flow chart. What GeeBee says makes sense. ac 43-6c.pdf
  8. It was a Narco UDI-2R with ground speed meter. Fancy stuff for 64. It must have had a big power supply since the ADF only weighed 10.4 lbs. Ad in Flying magazine listed the cost at $2550 (in 1964 dollars).
  9. I find the new avionics amazing. Looking at my logs, out of the factory in 1964 Charlie Dugosh installed marker beacon, DME, Dual Comms, Nav with glideslope, ADF, and autopilot... but no transponder. I guess everyone gave position reports. Now we can see traffic (not all) on our Ipads or map display. By the way, the DME weighed 21.2 lbs.
  10. I avoid Sky Geek when possible but I ran into the same situation a few months ago so I ordered all the Flame Master Sealants including CS3330 from them. Order was processed and shipped on time. I had a bad experience once with Sky Geek (slow shipping and no communications) but they came through this time.
  11. I have no personal experience with the A20s but read that the early Bluetooth implementation wouldn't allow music streaming. something about A2DP. I think that changed around 2015.
  12. My first plane was a 1946 Cessna 140. Flew my girlfriend to Cedar Key (CDK), St Augustine, and Jacksonville a few times among other places in the late 70s - we were young. Had a C90, Cleveland brakes, and a Scot tailwheel. No radios so navigation was map, clock and compass only. It was loud - no headsets. Camped out in FBOs or a tent next to the plane several times. What a great time, I loved my girl and that plane. I still miss the plane...... I kept the girl, still married.
  13. @flyer7324Plane Power Alternator SAL12-70 was installed IAW STC SA10682SC.
  14. Sky-Tech Starter 149-NL installed 600+ hours ago, no problems. Plane Power Alt. installed 850 hours ago, no problems.
  15. On my 64E the rudder and ailerons are loosely connected with a rudder bungee located next to the pilot side brake master cylinder. See #28 in pic. Edit: Correction I believe the interconnect spring is item 23 (bottom picture).
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