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  1. Has anyone got a”p6” cable that allows updates on the edm900? And an you tell me why it’s worth .20 amu’s
  2. Morning guys. Roll servo is still available as well as picthtrim servo. im in Canada so make me an offer, it’s been sitting so it should go! Dan
  3. Mis alignment on that tire. Toed out I believe.
  4. Garden tractor with hydrostatic drive
  5. I’m open to offers. Just add shipping from Canada 

    postal code S9H 5E4

  6. Faerospace, were you looking for something I have?
  7. Darrel, looking for 250 us for the pitch trim stuff would throw in the temp gauge. No probe u fortunately. plus shipping.
  8. Many thanks to carusoam and bob Weber for their help so far. I plan to get to the hangar tomorrow and get a pic of the switch. Reading further on the trim switch thread I found that I may be able to adjust it, so that will be the next step happy thanksgiving!
  9. This is the old oem switch with the bar on top to actuate.
  10. I had the gfc 500 installed in my 231 and now the trim switch is intermittent when using it to trim for takeoff. does anyone have an exploded view of this switch? I’ve searched the downloads and found that it is a combination of 3 micro switches and would like to get deeper into this before going to the avionics shop. Thanks Dan
  11. Upgraded my panel and have these parts to move. Any reasonable offer plus shipping. all were working when removed.
  12. +1 on that! Had mine installed by trilogy and Don Hague in chilliwack its a great combo!
  13. I only was watching one side, but when I compared the movement to a Cessna with the same calipers the difference was glaring. I also tried block the brake lines at the hydraulic hoses,and the pedal was hard after about 1 in he travel.
  14. I’ve had the same problem. Cylinders Redone, all ines replace, and flushed both ways. Still too much travel. After watching the calipers, themselves, I noticed that as they applied pressure to the pads,new, that they deflected at right angles to the rotor. Suggests to me that the guide pins and bushings in the torque plates are worn. Removed the pads and tried the calipers for angular movement in the bushings and it is excessive imo. Going to replace them as soon as I get my bird back from an avionics upgrade.
  15. Might want to check out flightsimple aviation in Calgary Ab. Micheal Wilton. Has a nice 231 for sale.
  16. Calipers have been resealed and are I good shape. I was thinking the bores where the guide pins are worn, allowing the calipers to deflect more than normal.
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