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  1. Upgrade from C to K? Should we??

    Thanks for your thoughts, nice plane. Congrats on being a new father.
  2. High FBO fees.

    Let it be known on this day, the 16th of the Month of October, the year of 2017, I, daver328, regardless of the intended sarcasm, agree with a post of one “peeve,” as quoted above.This is like a total solar eclipse and may only happen once in our lifetimes!
  3. pattern etiquette question

    Hi Vance ... I used to live right up the road from you in Windsor. Did you hear about the GA plane that hit a cable going to some sort of weather/testing ballon? Happened right in our area ... 2000-2002 time frame? I’m thinking they just reeled the thing out and up with no restricted area or advising any aviation authorities? And It sheared off a foot or two of the airplane’s wing but he managed to land safely. I recall the guy was about 8000 -10000’ msl when he hit the cable. At first he thought he hit a bird ... then he looked at his wing. If I have insomnia tonight I’ll dive into the FAR/AIM for references. Nothing I like better than spend my days off reading FARs!!! Btw ... I’m an ex military rated senior aviator, ATP with a few types, somewhere around 20,000 hours? and current CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI (Advanced Ground Instructor) ... but I’m getting old and can’t remember a thing anymore ... I haven’t been wrong about anything for almost three hours now .. but my wife just walked in ... so my “being right” streak is near an end!
  4. Virginia Accident

    I LOVE that “ignore user” feature ... sorry I cant read what “Tommy” says! (Snicker)
  5. pattern etiquette question

    Every airport has at least one!!!!
  6. pattern etiquette question

    Just to be clear, while AIM gives specific guidance on common traffic calls, as far as I know calls at uncontrolled airports are not legally required. I understand a crop duster with no radios can’t make calls. I get that. But a guy whose just a moron, has radios, but just isn’t going to make calls, ya ... like I said ... just a moron ...
  7. pattern etiquette question

    Dude ... I don’t know what to say? If people could only see the twisted metal and mangled bodies, maybe they would realize the consequences of their selfishness and poor etiquette...and change their behavior ? ... some would maybe? (same goes with automobile drivers) ... but I guess that’s those wonderful humans for you .... ?
  8. pattern etiquette question

    Not sure what to say flyboy? It’s sad. I think public beatings are appropriate! :-) (it’s scary how selfish and dumb people can be .... it gets people killed)
  9. pattern etiquette question

    Not sure how many REALLY CLOSE “near misses” any of you have had? But I’ve had several. One in a 737 inside class B airspace when some VFR YOLO decided to skirt under the airspace shelves without talking to anyone! (he violated the Airspace). It took very aggressive maneuvers to avoid a collision. 148 people on board. .... and several other times GA near airports when they made ABSOLUTELY NO CALLS. Most times they never even saw me, if I had not taken aggressive action we would have collided. Once or twice they saw me at the last second and I saw them maneuver ... way too late ... if I had not “seen and avoided” ... I’d be dead today. ... had a controller in Baltimore clear a plane onto the runway RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. Immediate go around ... just wow be careful out there guys, always listen ten up and make several common traffic calls. Even if no one answers ... be vigilant. It could save your life!!!!
  10. pattern etiquette question

    Lots of incorrect responses here ... or people that didn’t READ your post? Mooneymite had it right. VFR traffic in the pattern has the right of way. That would be you. Traffic on practice approaches in VFR are obligated to break off their approach and enter traffic pattern. Whether on an IFR flight plan or not. Hello I don’t like it ... but that’s the rules. No wonder the pattern is dangerous... when pilots don’t understand the basic rules? I can tell you I’ve seen it all. Guys that make no calls. Guys that cut in front of planes and go straight in. Turbo props that make no pattern and go straight in (cutting in front of traffic in the pattern. They think they’re more important than everyone else. One guy in Arkansas, made no calls, didn’t enter the pattern and landed over the top of me as I began a takeoff roll. I came very close to folllwing him to his hanger and beating the ever living life from him. I’ve had to break off practice approaches at home in VFR over and over again at home because some bonehead doing patterns doesn’t get it what I’m trying to do ... and keeps coming around the pattern every time right I front of me and I have to break off an approach and go back outside the FAF to try again. After breaking off three approaches at home (VFR) because some numb-nuts keeps cutting me off in the final approach ... I gave up. VFR guys really don’t have a clue. But those are the rules ... he had the right of way. It’s very nice of you to consider the guy trying to get in a practice approach ... although you had the right of way. I wish more pilots were considerate. A few weeks later I was VFR IN THE PATTERN and some guys were trying to get in a few approaches ... I called them on CTAF and offered to extend my downwind each time, so they could complete their practice approach. Then I called them “in sight” and reaffirmed they were clear to continue the approach. It’s so nice to be courteous ... so many pilots are so self centered ... just like many drivers on the road. I wonder how many accidents could be avoided if people weren’t morons?
  11. When do you retract flaps after take-off?

    If you had a J bar ... you’d change your tune
  12. Virginia Accident

    Were you not already doing this? Were you not trained from the beginning to do this?
  13. Virginia Accident

    Unfortunately ... I think more often than not ... the human condition is that we usually learn after we make mistakes and we inherit the consequences. Some experiences are traumatic enough we only make that mistake once. But mostly humans make the same mistake several times before they learn. The human condition. It is the very wise and very few that are disciplined enough to learn from other’s mistakes .... That is my opinion .... fwiw