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  1. one more radical solution is to replace the rack connector with amp series edge connectors available through mouser.com 583859-9 20 pin 1-583859-5 24 pin 583859-7 30 pin 583859-5 36 pin 583859-3 44 pin all use pin 583853-5 pin data sheet for all connectors both obsolete and still in production: https://www.mouser.co.uk/datasheet/2/418/NG_CD_583859_AA1-1254462.pdf
  2. The pins are available and quite inexpensive from digikey.com the molex P/N is 1721601805 and the digikey stock number is WM10632CT-ND A roll of 100 is only $11.64 they are available many places including Aircraft Spruce but this is the cheapest I have found.
  3. The RPM indicator should have an arc marking that shows the do not operate range to avoid a harmful harmonic vibration from the crank counterweight. The rough idle with carb heat applied is normal; apply a prolonged carb heat shot on downwind before reducing power. The primary symptom of undetected carb ice will be an uncommanded engine shutdown when the throttle is closed. After flying other aircraft it is common to flare the Mooney 2 to 3 feet to high because it is slung so low. At alpha floor (prestall) as the warning horn sounds a high sink rate develops; then it kind of plunks in. A little practice and you will begin to feel the ground effect just as you start the flare. I am sure you will love your Mooney.
  4. I will address the hot mag problem first. Early C models use a shower of sparks system and can not be started unless the ignition switch is activated to the start position. Later models have an impulse coupled mag in the left position and rotating a hot mag past the point where a loud click is heard can result in an inadvertent engine start, injury and even death. Others have noted the possibility of an open P lead but it is even more likely that the ignition switch is to blame. Check to continuity of the P leads and check that in the off position both leads are grounded which will adjudicate the switch.
  5. A small exhaust leak or even some lower cowl back draft could have caused the detached hose to draw in exhaust gas. Back draft occurs when the cowl flaps are closed which explains your normal taxi, run up and climb. Larger exhaust. Small leaks usually occur around fittings; to find them wrap the fittings with the thinnest aluminum foil you can find and do an extended high power ground run the leak will burn away the foil. Cracks in the muffler/heater can usually be found with a detailed visual inspection.
  6. Always check the part number against that specified in your Mooney Parts Manual and check if there is any airworthiness directive on that part not incorporated in the Mooney Parts Manual. When ordering aileron links last year if the seller did not post a part number I would ask. Even if a part fits it might not be the right part and installing it may undo an airworthiness directive. In my case there were two sets of parts that fit, one airworthiness directive compliant the other not.
  7. You are probably overthinking the problem. The fuel pump has no pressure regulator and puts out a fixed volume per stroke. As the pressure climbs it will eventually overcome spring pressure. The carburetor feeds the engine the fuel it needs for any given power setting which at idle is quite low and the float valve remains in a nearly closed position causing the pressure to increase. If the carburetor were at fault and fuel flow too low you would have high EGT. Your POH start checklist just asks you to verify you have fuel pressure after engine start; your runup checklist asks you to verify all instruments are in green arc. If these conditions are met the aircraft is fit to fly but if any non green arc readings are observed in flight this is to be considered a non airworthy condition. As the springs in your brand new fuel pump wear in the idle pressure will come down.
  8. Automotive windshield wiper hose is rubber and will leak in a very short time. Aviation Tygon can work well but requires replacing all the fittings. Approved silicone tubing is the best choice for replacement although the wall thickness and O/D is much larger than the other two choices. Remember that a leaky Britin P/C autopilot can cut into your instrument vacuum making your horizon and DG unreliable.
  9. I would be a little nervous that they posted no pictures of the interior. The extensive instrument panel modifications leave a little to be desired. Although the six instrument PFD and the C/B panels are nice locating the manifold pressure and RPM to the far right is less than the ideal location. The old Garwin instrument cluster location is less than ideal and these instruments due to age are quite problematic (will replace mine soon). The dual Glideslope is great that ADF will have to go. It is good that the one piece windshield is not speed sloped which means you still have access to the back side of the instrument panel. It looks like an older S-tek autopilot above the two NAV/COM's it is not a Brittin PC (positive control) pneumatic autopilot. There is a lot to work with here IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT.
  10. This my current antenna location; it may not be aesthetically pleasing but it is low drag, has unobstructed visibility to ground stations from wings or fuselage and gets good ground plane effect from the belly. The previous owner removed the coax leading up the tail to the mounting plate provided under the cover with the slot in it.
  11. 1964-M20E I am glad for the practical experience in knowing a proper antenna system will give me proper range with a splitter. N601RX Yes I understand that I will loose 6db of signal to each receiver but want to maintain at least 50 miles of range which seems to be possible in principal. DVA My antenna is mounted on the belly just FWD of the tail cone, I do have a 2nd position to mount another antenna for a thin wire antenna in the vertical stab but running the cable is a major undertaking. I think I will try the splitter and if I can't get 50 miles at 5,000 feet I will run the extra antenna.
  12. I currently have 2 Comm radios only one with NAV but will be adding a 2nd NAV with Glide Slope. I have a 3 way splitter and as an avionic technician but am a bit worried about reduced range in tracking VOR stations. I understand why most owners choose a splitter over a 2nd antenna or even a 3rd with separate G/S antenna but I am my own mechanic and avionic technician. Has anyone had experience with flying a with a splitter after upgrading and if there is or is not serious reduction in reception range.
  13. Mike, are those Jaeger plastic side panels? I am considering buying a set in beige. Whatever your interior they really look sharp! I will get the armrest upgrade for the pilot position only because on long flights I do notice some left arm fatigue.
  14. Nobody, I like that little story. Does size matter? When I had my F Bonanza 4 place I was always a bit proud of the interior room, the bench style front seat and how much leg room the rear seat passengers had. I was however always jealous of the Mooney owners who got nearly the same performance with only four cylinders and lower fuel bills and fewer cylinders to fail compression checks. Now the only thing I really miss in the bonanza was how much gentler it was in the flare.
  15. Once again this community has been invaluable to me! I now have the correct boost pump installed and the correct fuel pressure gauge and can now move on to cosmetics and make the airplane look pretty. THANK YOU ALL.
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