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  1. First four years of ownership, I was with AOPA, they only provided more than one quote once (and didn’t seem to want me to change). Last year, got a quote from Falcon with 3 underwriters and went with Global.
  2. New Mexico is based on gross weight. For a 2740 lb Mooney it works out to be ~$27. About half what registration is for a car... o other taxes for aircraft.
  3. The local news has identified the pilot. https://www.kob.com/new-mexico-news/ntsb-to-investigate-small-plane-crash-near-santa-fe/5158131/?cat=500
  4. Well done! I’m getting ready for almost the same upgrade....waiting is the hardest part!
  5. Sorry for the delay in responding; I have such trouble with these social media things (really, I’m not that old!). I haven’t decided on a scheme yet...I’d like something “unique”...but I’m not really artistic, so I’m not sure how i’ll Pull it off; maybe a graphical depiction of schrodringers equation? Lots of beautiful paint on the replies; if I can get something half that nice, I’d be happy!
  6. Ok, at the risk of starting something...what are people’s current thoughts on paint shop recommendations. Preferably in the southern US. Artcraft in CA and Hawk in FL are on my list. Any recommendations for shops in AZ, MO, TX or others? I’m planning on a complete strip and paint. Other th8ngs I should watch out for? Thanks!
  7. I bought mine for ~37AMUs. I’ve had it for ~5.5 years (I wanted to make sure I’d really use it before any major upgrades). getting ready for a 32 AMU upgrade to avionics in January maybe paint too... at this point, couldn’t imagine not owning a Mooney! It it worth every penny!
  8. At KLAM, we have 2Cs, 7Fs (including mine), and 1 J. It may be cognitive bias, but I’ve always thought it has something with the analytical bias of people in Los Alamos to favor Mooneys (and F models in particular). Mooneys are about 16% of aircraft on our field. Sadly, at least 2-3 of our Mooney’s on the field are no longer active (but I try to counter this naritave by flying 200+ hrs per year).
  9. I’m bringing my 13 & 10 y.o. boys. I took my 16 yo (now 18) 2 years ago. I found that what I wanted to do wasn’t the same as what he wanted to do. Just roll with it; it’s harder and harder to get the teens to spend time with you, so any time they will spend with you is special.
  10. Ah; some of us just lurk for 5 years and forgot that they had an account!
  11. +3; myself and my two sons, Ben and Sam (donation in hand)